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January 10, 1964     Cheney Free Press
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January 10, 1964

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THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER SERVING SOUTHWEST SPOKANE COUNTY Cheney, Washington, Frkay, Jarmary 10, 1964 Single Copy 10 Centl fit, ank of ak to I Lake beared ltric. eesr. e e 15-inch Sunmoble solar energy into elee- mmmlpoer. In the Previews 300-watt ta ,m_p is used u&apos;late the sun s rays. As [ht strikes the button- ells, the car moes :ly erss the ble. ,re are n,o plans to pro. re"powered cars in the bl, e future," GM Presi- dn F. Gordon dechres, tic de.monstraton sym. tht conttirming search tists antd engineers for ,rets :of power and i tential Enormous SP ding to Previews lec- aliace Fromhavt, who ,cml,t ere with the SCOUI]L COUllt 9cunt ount cou,t 5UNMOBILE  WATCH IT GOlThe _ ng Sunmobile, a car that runs on sun- is shown in action in this time ex- . The button-like photovoltaic cells on ood turn light energy into electrical t to move the model car. A 300-watt simulates the sun. The Sunmobile is wer Generated .By Sun. eney Convocatnon TOpic Sunobiie--a model shw the scalar,rgy falling wered by sun.light--is on one square mile of ground the exciting demotra- each day is equvalert to the n stare far Cheney High energy of 400,000 gallons of students w'hen Genr- oil The Sunmobile illustrates t ors Previews of Pro- one method of rec0eing Ls presented Tuesday rome of this energy. a. lrl. Among eht ther demon- sira, tfd,s in the Prevmws one of the demonstrations in the General Motors science show Previews of Progress. The 40-minute, admission-free, stage show dramatizes the wonders of science before two million American students and adults each year. bow are a roaring jet engine, a vivid illustration of the g)oscope principles tha safe- ly guide oday's ships, panes ad misses, on an ar-bearing platform th, at slides across any flat surface on a thin layer of air. Designed to inspire geaer interest in science ,and engin- eerin, g, the 45-minute stage sh, ow is presented in non- tec,hncal language by a spec- ially trained two-man team. Seven teams take Vhe pogram to tl parts of the .nation. Since 1946, Previews of Progress has been see, by nearly 33 million people in the United States, Canada and 22 foreign countries. Cecil Charlton Fire Chie! A00ain Cecil Charlton has been re- elected chief of the Cheney Nire Department for 1964. @ther officers, are Bert Cam rath, re-elevte,d assistant chief; Coy Smith, {tuck num- School Board Okeys Vote At Early Date 22 Cheney Bonnie Geschke Directors Agree Project Needed Soon As Possible StudentsOn in Junior Miss o00o00o, woo00 o. Roll at We4nesday mght's meeLing to retain the present Jgh sco(l Honor Event .. Pullman in *any future building phns and o push for a new ,Twenty-two Ch*eney area I The Cheney Junior Clham,ber scttool "as soon as possible." students at Iatern Washing-[ of Commerce announced today The decision came near the end of ,an action packed meeting, bun Stae College have been lit will sponsor Bonnie Ges- marked occasionally by temper outbreaks from members of nmed to he fil qr 'hun- I chke, Cheney s official ,ostess, the audience, who were prodding the directors ito taking a or ro. i  I in the Washington Jumer Miss positive stand for public record. Topping the **lt isMarcenelPagean,t at Pullman Jan. 31- Motion Made L. Flikke, d auglter of Mr./Feb. 2. Mrs. Ernestine Hilt(m, di- the board thinks "the time is artd Mrs. Lee Flikke, . 314 6th, rector, finally moved tha the rigitt!" who received all A's far a 4.0 board sitould go on record to: His remark had been pre- average. 1. Use the l.d .hiSh school as ceded by one by Mrs. Eudora Others named to the honor part of the overall, future Mumaw, a,lso a director, wto roll, all with a 3.25 average or buildnlg plans for either the said, "they've ad three ohanc- higher, include Cbaa'ies Chat- seventh and eighth grade's or es ow," meaning three prey- burn, Lawrrme E. Gttierrez, eigb_h or ninth grades, de- iaus school ballots re- Earl L. Hilton, RoriMd N. pending on what kind of pla jetted by the voters. Kn.ositaug, Rbert L, Kruljac, is eeentually affpted. Dr. Drumm. ond said Oe cur- Dorothy L. Malik Will- 2. Push for "additional rent school board, a new one tam S. McKeehan. [  buildings" (a nev high school which Itas't clled a e,lec- James N. McMulle, Anion being the prime cncern)" as tion, "has a reslnsibitty to J. Miller, Shirlee B.:ooney, soon as possible," for grades give the voters a chance to Thomas Nisen, Bty M. nine through 12 or 10 through vote." Parker, John R. Reed,Kendalt 12, also depending on even- Jack Crabb, a regur mem- L. Rehn, Mary E. Slley, Wil- tubal devel<pments, her of the audience at the mer R. Spanqr, Robert S. The bard's action fllwved meein, gs, said he didn't hink Stevenis and Thomas W. Wfl- several exchanges---often bit- tite board ".had maple any pro- son. ter ones--between the direct- gress in its discussio,s since One student from Marshall, ors and members of an audi- last Seember." Karen J. Chase, and two from enee of about 20. Plaza, JoAnne L. I4lling and Dr. William H. Drummond, "Vote For Kids" Janice G. Green, were .also BONNIE GESCHKE diree[or of graduate studies Dr. Drummond reasserted listed on the honor roll. The pagean,t, which is held at Eastern Washington State s opinion mt voters of the ' annually by the Pullman Ju- College, told Board Direct(r district, given the facts and Chester he,, ior Ottamber of Commerce, se- Carmen Stewart, members of given them dearly, " vote lects the ideal "Junior Miss" a democracy "h, avea right to for their kids," rafimr Omn be bet one captain; Ray Steiner,   Con, testats range, in a, ge from agn, but they should be giv- "I, i'r one, he conthmed, Harold Roohey, ta, uck number 16-19, and are usualls, chosez en a chz)ice t) say something." "am willing to help the board, three captain. ,u ,, ,,ITaUe- -IR" Aflack in their home towrs in a Jay- He was referring to remarks if the board is inereed it, Dwayne Paul is chapman, cee sponsored contest such as by Stewart that a school bond having my help," ,he stated. Chuck Site,pard secretary- the recent Miss Cheney con- or levy vote will be offered Another member of the treasurer, Harvey Rupp, trus- Funeral services were held test. Each girl. must perform patrons of the ddstrict vchen adiece said the directors tee, and DonMd Smith incur- on Thursday f, or C%ester W. in .the following divisions: "should come u,p with some .ance commissioner. Chavlton (Chet) Sbepard from the Mere- sporLswear, evening wear, tal- idea, maybe two or three of appoirted Harold Craf<rd or'ml Chapel of Jevue Funeral ent and judges conference. In Maude 6arne them, but they should come flower citairman ad Jim Bar- Home with Rev. Clair Grube :ad<fiin they are juiged on r forward publicly with some her laublicty chairman, officiating. Burial fallmved at tho' y'outh itness, schohsic kind of tn'ogramI" Spokane Memorial Gardens. achievements, personal ap- Services Held; Richard H. Hagelin, @heney Mr. Shepard, Who was born >earane and poise, city councih-nan, said he want- Dimes Drive Monday in Peoria, Ill., April 26, 1901, The winner in the sta con- gllglRH'|| .A' Sprague ed .to make it clear he died Tuesday morning at his test wi,l.1 represen Washing- oppose any effort by the sChool The annual Mothers March itome at Fish Lake ocer suf- ton in the nona.1 pgeart in district to acquire the City Park adjacent ,to the present of Dimes in Cheney will be feting a heart attack as he Mobile, Ala., M,rch 14-21. In Funeral services were held higa school buildings. He was held Monday from 6:30 to started to his work at EWSC ad, diti,on to receiving a ip to for Mrs. Mude M. Garner on 7:30 p. m. by members of in Cheney. Aabama, VCashinton's Jun- Sunday at 2 p. m. in the Men- assured by the board that no Beta Sigma Phi, assited by He ws past noble grand of ior Miss will receive a variety ,ori, al chapel of Jerue Funeral such ackm was pl,av.ned. "This the Associated Women Stu- IOOF Iodge in CheneT; mere- of other sitable awards, Home, with following clears the air, as far as I'm dents from Eastern Wash- bert of Four Lakes grange, and .among which is included a at the Macabee cemetery at concerrted," H, agelin said. ington State College. served in France during World scholarship from a soft drink Sprague. She was buried be-i Director Richard Russell War I ,after enlisting t the company which will assks,t bet! side .her husband, wito pre-c(mmen,ted slmrtly before the directors adavted their raO- age of 16. At the age of six he wih her future e.ducai)nall ceded her in dearth in N(vem. came with his laareaCs to Wash- needs, i bet, 1962. Rev RonMd Ross of- tion to push ahead, that the ington, where his father hoe- Weed Fien--'--:---d? of school has a respon, bilty to teaded in the Fish Lake area i friends and, rainires a,ttended. ,' "came up wth the be edw- in 1910. , I He had made his home in I She was born in Kansas n, caiongram) systemtha theCaUiMinvoters ''Pr C Jan. 27, 1877, .and died in a i buy ' ot tly srha th the .area for he past 54 years. I Spokane bospitM last Friday 1 Survivors re his wife, Ber-[ ONSIDER THIS after .a brief iIness. She came] 'shoLfld' by. neice, t the home; one daugh- i ter, Mrs. Jeanne Henderson, [ High School smokers ttsua, lly .o Washingt- State as a girl I Temper Flares Spokane; two sons, Charles S. l lag far htnl n)n-smokers in and1893.mazTiedTaey livedE" J.inGarnersprague I a,'in I His commetD was followed .m by r. Drummond, Shepard, Cheney, and Richard their studies, Cheney sch)ol f. many yea,rs until coming whys e temper had flared sec- urer someone's sahry sched- L. Shepard, Spokane; eight officiaks revealed this week. to Cheney, where hey 'have eral ties while  was ad- ule Jhan tryirg o get a school grandchiMren; (me sister, Mrs. A recent report, "Studes made their lmme for seven dressing the board, th@t: Roy (Maude) Hart, Spokane, Learn Good, Like Good Stu- years. She was a member of "I'm not enly otoosed to for our kids!" and one brother, Raymond .denis Should," when they ,the Cheney Christian church, what you say . . . but if you Stewa, saying he was try- Shepard, at Fish Lake. don't smoke) sitews the 'differ- Survivors ,are 0he son, W. mea what y<m say, you have ing o explain wttat Russell ence, the report reveals. Edward Garner of Cheney and an )bligati)n to make a too- meant, tried to explain the WINDSOR HEAD u was repoed to the Tacoma; three dau,gitters, Mrs. tion to your board to get this American Ass'n for the Ad- W. T. (Ed:ith) Nesbtt, Missou- ma.ttex g}ng. If you wait n- salarYthe scitoolSChedUlesystem.em'pl<yed i,n RFS|N S POST vancemen, t of Science by a la, Mont.; Mrs. Hem'y (Masme) other year, it will 'be just that Bill Moore, a teacher at Sun- The resignati)n of Dr. E. RoChester, N. Y., biology Sol of Rattan, Mont.; Mrs. Fred much worse." Keith Collier, principal at tea'er. (Myle) Miller of Amber; five "Let's put it this way," he set Scitool and c,h, airman of e Windsor Sch.ool the past eight The report covered a study grandchildren and five great- went (m, "a half a .loaf isn't as salary committee for the Che- years, was accepted "with re-af 340 high school studen grandchildren. ney Education Ass'n, said the gret" 't Wednesday rht's half smokers and half n(m- The family suggests memor- good as a whole .loaf, but if yu don't get a chance to eat salary schedule of tile advnin- Cheney School Bvard meeting, smokers. I't Slowed that non- istration, principals and teach- Dr. Collier's resignacion is smokers were up front, wit'h I ial gifts may be sent to the the half laf, you starve!" ers "aren't correlated." offective at the dose of the average grades of "B." The l Cheney Nursing Iome, where Those present then agreed smokers, on the average, gt[ Mrs" Garner made her home that a "un, .nimous," state- Earlier he said, "our com- current scitool year. Dr. Rich. "D." None of the smokers l for some months, ment of inent by the board mittee doesn't worst to be pu:t ard Langton, superinndent, .achieved an "A" and only] was the first hurdle to cross. in the position of dittoing the recommended ,approval of the .three got a "B." ] .t that point M,s. rneine superi, nende,nt's salary." But, resignation "with the utmost TRUSTEES NAME Hil'bon made 'the motion which he said, "if we take one per- of regres." was approved and .the audi. son off a salary schedule, Mrs. Ernestine Hilton, PIX RE$CHEDULES OMAK PRINCIPAL ence ended the discussion wRh we've set a precedent, speaking for the board, said BYE BYE BIRDIE "Then," he went on, "the she wanted to "express our ap- Michael Rowe, principal od a round of applause for the tuesion comes to my mind preciati, on to Dr. COllier for his Due to a mixup in bookings, Omak High ,Smhool, has been board's acti(m. named to membership on the 'who's next?' " years of work wthh us." His "Bye Bye Birdie" will not Wagoner, Mumaw Silent future plans were not dis- sitow at the Pix Theater Sun- Eastern Wa, sla gton State JUSTICE COURT With questions still coming cl,osed, dlay as planned. Oollege advisory council on ACTIVITY LIGHT from th, e floor the mothon was The film has been re-sched- teacher education. put to a vote and carried 4-1. MARKETS uced for Jan. 16-18. As a re- Harvey Erickson, Spokane, Cheney Justice Court attic- Directors Wagoner a,nd Mrs. Soft White, bushel $2.07 placement, the B)wery Boys chairman of the EWSC board ity continued ligh the past Mumaw sat silent through the White Club $2.07 will be seen Sunday in "Ho,ld of trustees, said tttat Rowe ,two weeks, following a trend proceedings, which tok about Barley, ton $42.00 That Line." In additi,on, three will be a representative of the of recent weeks. Action was 15 minutes. Oats, ton $41.50 cartoons have been secured. High School Principals Asso- taken on the following cases: Mrs. Hilton cortcluded the The package will show Sun,lay ciation, region 1. Rowe suc- James D. Reveal, Seattle, matter by addressing Russell @ WEATHER hi low prec. fterrtoon on,ly, starting at 2 ceeds Ted Pills, Okanogan. speeding, forfeited $12; Ken. and saying she "itoped ,he Jan. 3 ................ 38 27 -.00 p.m. The advisory council was neth M. Baune, 1242 2rid St.. would present an alternadve Jan. 4 ................ 38 28 .00 Sunday evening the first organized in 1956, Erickson Chenet, negligent driving, proposal by the next mee,tinlJan. 5 ............... 36 26 .00 foreign film wil,1 be sh)wn. It said, to advise the college on fined $16; IMnny L. Davis. athe,r than meetly change I Jan. 6 ................ 37 3B .20tic ,an adult film called 'The the lYrepara4don of teachem. Spokaxte, dective eqtdpmenl,_... the existing one." Russell ] 7 ................ 31 16 .00 [ L Shaped Room, and stars The council c(msists of 15 edu. fined $16; Lle A: d'idn't reply, nor did the oth-]Jan. 8 ................ 29 12 .00 I the French actress Leslie caors and f<mr lay represen- Spokane, defective equipment.,-mn# ers.  Jn. 9 ................ 29 20 .02 1Caron. latices, fined $16. Langton, Lowell Poore Off Wage ' Scale ma,l.4ce sr,,tended There s oth more colnt f" scount !"Y Jack Pierce interested in wz)rrying scount wift move Wednesday S00ho;l r. Rcitard C T,.Lang- -: Lovell Poore from the 00her scount  Placed em on a scount ) salary schedule." Russell called :ount moion and spearhead- scount .ction, at leas verbally, twos alroved after scourtt SCussion by a vote o sc)un s. Ernestine Hilton count ai.nst the proposal. ',E for it were Russel, Mrs. Mumaw, Carmen Stew- $4.98  Aloert Wagoner. offered no explarm- he wated Dr. L,a,n'g- Poore put on a ne- h.asis,', except-he zelt zstration is too "per- 4.98 revolved', when it d $4.98 o preparing the bud- cunt unt we would not get the ;count !eeigs in this thlg m tied in with the .salaries,,, he said. ;entment Voiced :ngton and Poore bth a, ey "reseted the im- " they would prepare schedule to benefit :son'allT "I ate tha smply do way," Dr. said. aLd, "I also must say your implicration '/:;::ii  ny integrity . . . that ":S: sacrifice my in, teg- ::z . a few bucks!" said, "there is no ing personal. I just think it's a matter of ethics." Dr. Langton said in order for the administrators to boost their personal sal.aries by jug- gling the budget, thes' would "2 0 have to increase it $ 0,00 or $30,000 to even get a small raise, under the present sys, tern in use." Mrs. Hilton asked Russell why he ws makirg ouch a proposal. He said "I d(m'{, k,rmw until we come up wi'h something." Mrs. Hilton said she knows from experience how "diffi- cult and unwieldy it (arriving at the salaries) can be without a schedule." Beard Chairman Carmen Stewart eper, ed the matter by saying, "This has heen a same- what controversial item," so he was "limiting" discussion from the floor to ne remark from each person present, ,no to exceed to mirmtes." Explanation "Asked Mrs. Frank Nicol, speaking from the audience, asked Rus- sell to explain to her why he was making such a request. Russell then made his remark about Dr. Largton and Poore getting "involved personally" with the salary schedule. Jack Crabb, addressing the board, said in evident an,ge, "How can you people justify spending all this time on a subject tha has been gone over and over? You seem to be