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January 24, 1964     Cheney Free Press
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January 24, 1964

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] Page 2 Chancy Free Press Friday, January 24, 1964 CHENEY PRESS ESTABLISHED 1896 PUBLISHED AT 412 FIRST ST., CHENEY, WASH. Entered at the Post Office at Cheney, Washington, as Second Class Matter under the Act of March 5, 1897. Issued every N AT I O N A L E O I T O R I A t Friday morning at Cheney, Washington. "----I I AS(CTI N Spokane County Subscriptions ................................ $4.50 per year  kjr:l.w,,,lm:l:aut All Other Subscriptions ........................................ $5.00 per year G, T. FROST .................................. PUBLISHER JACK PIERCE .................................... EDITOR A Silly Subject Sam Parks, .the young John Brcher, and an Eastern Washington State Colaege faculty member were .scheduled to debate a silly subject yesterday (Thursday) in Oheney. They were phnning to waste some time arguirtg on, "Earl Warren Should Be In- peached." Parks faces the monumental and imlxrob - able, if not impossible, task of wrestling the Republican Congressional seat away from the respected and capable Walt Horan. He wanes the Republican nomhmtion for representa- tive of the Fth U. S. Corgresslonal District. Debating on impeaching Earl Warren, ehief justice of the Supreme Court, is some- thing fike arguing the direction which the moon rises. Five thousand scholars may prove R's better for the moon to rise in one direc- tion irtstead of the other, but .that isn't going to change the moon from coming up the same wa? R always has. Neither will a silly debate such as the one planned yesterday change Mr. Warren's sta- tus. If Parks is serious about his Congres- sional ientlons he should choose some reas- onable, and constructive topic. He isn't going ) get anywhere foilmviag this tired, ivri- fixating old Birch phitosophy arid sin.gong. Parks professes he is "an avowed member of the John Birch Society." He ato made this statement, when he announced his candi- dacy: "'There has been a renewed awaken- ing o[ conservative thinking in this area. and we feel most voters are sick and tired o[ politicians who are a[raid to take a strong stand [or [ear it might cost them an o[[ice.'" If Parks is needling Rep. H0,ran, as this rather hasty remark indicates, we suggest .he take a look at the congressman's Wash- irgton report to members of the Fifth Dis- trict, which appears elsewhere on this page of the Free Press. Rep. Horan's remarks are clear and con- cise, as weU as having been written by a man of considerable experience, wisdom and stature. They are not written by a man racked with "fear." Parks should also keep in mind mt his "renewed ,awakening of conservatism in this area," has existed for sometime, and without the fan'tical raings of the John Birch So- ciety. Tg Republicar.,s everywhere are loathe to endorse a candidate whose organi- zation cMls Dwht Eisenhower a Commu- ,nist dupe Parks stmuld not make the mistake of equating Republicanism with Birchism. It just isn't the case. 00ama you interest on the loen and be return your money when the bond "mtures." Unlike Stockholder Unlike a stockholder, the bondhokler usually has no Congressman ,Defends Congressional Record During 88th First Session By Walt Horan tion ,and the C,oagress will u,nite in their efforts o pro- On Dee. 30. 1963, the first tect the rights of the individ- .session of the 88th Corgress ual citizen by limitirg federal adjourned, rounding out near- ly ,administered programs, thai ly 12 continttous months of administered programs, that corgressionai session,. One they will unite in their eforts week later, the second session to maintain a sLrurg, forceful oi 'the congress convened. All foreign policy necessary to bills not considered during the preserve peace .throughout the first session carry over to the world, and that they will unite second session. /kiLl the apovo- in holding the ti*ne ,against un- priation bins proving funds necessary Federal spending in for the 1963-1964 budget were order to protect our economy. firmg.y ,passed, .some of them in To these ends, I pledge my the final hours before ad- full support ]ouvnertt. There is presently On behalf of Salty and my every expectation that the entire office staff, I wish all second session will be every our Fifth District residents bit as wearisome and baffling :the best for the coming year. as the first session. Much criticism ,h'as been Count Agent voiced about the activity, or lack of activity, of this Con- gress during the first session Gives Farmer I agree tlat the tead, ership f S the Congress was ineffective in guiding the Administration- TX Return Tips. backed bills through the Con- gress. In a great many gases, Filling out income-tax forms however, this was probably a this year won't be" much of a good ,th, m,g, ,and has given us chore for at least one group one more example of the of Spokane County farmers, strength of our checks and ale Gurtle, county extension balances system of govern- agent, reports. The reason: ment I he,eve an atitude of they have ke a good set of caution preled in Congress- farm records designed to make ionl consideration of the num- repoing easy. erous controversial proposals Gurtle says this is especial- which were introduced in this ly true of farmers who use Corgress. There was a sharp Washington Stare University's divergence of opirion between farm record book and 10-year Corgress and the Adminira- inventory book. tion on a variety of basic gay- The WSU farm record beak ermental questions. This was has these features to .help sire- true i'n spite of the ct tha pfify tax re,porting: the Administration's party Special income tax summar- controlled the House of Repre- ie s to fit Form 1040F and sentatives and the Senate by Schedule D on capiM1 gMns. substantial majorties. Functional farm business It occurred to me during the summary to .help calculate cost la session that .perhaps the of production for each enter- basic character of the Co prise, and to determine the Letters to the Editor,.. i Chenrey, Washirgton January 20, 1964. To The Free Press: An article appearntg on the fro page of The Free Press on Friday, January 17, shld stimulate same thought by every citizen of Cheney. I refer to the resolution pre- pared and presented to the City Council by the ,Ministerial Associ.tion of Cheney. This distinguished group of citizens deserves the, high- :est commend, alien for recog- nizing and protesting against :a decision of the City Cuncil resulting in licensg of dane- iing in taverns. Undoubtedly, any church member, in lacular, and, in fact, m ot other citizens, who are honest with thenselves:, will admit that .this as a stared on the part of re'misters which would be expected of them if they met the st, and- ards we hold for men of he profession as well as all whe are seriously interested in the bet welfare of society. Some referen, ce was made tlat the Couvmil was within its legal righCs to issue these lcenses, which was, no doubt, co/'reet. May I suggest that our de- mocracy is built upon the premise of freedom, which we highly prize, but closely re- ated to the exercise of those freedoms are responsibilities to use them discretely. It is not difficuR for any o,f u.s to enumerate istances, in which a person ,or group of inviduals may perform a voice in how the corporation gress has been forgotten, at most profitable combination of give act and be perfectly is mana ed or in selection of least by the Administration enter- .... a -a ..... * .............. g ...... ..o..o --,-, taau-. Wl[nln our te,gai rlgnts aria the car oration officers How Congress ts .ne excmsve taw ............ p ' ' . - ' ' ' .... ': . : Expense pages provide co,l-vet to do so, under the par- 40 Years Ago [riero,aa, alect m ever, ghe bendholder receives making body of our feoeral unms for easy record k eepingiictarr circumsbances, could [w,ttmln, gton, I. u., or a ,near[ his interest payments before government. It is electea oy of expenses The expense pag-, be detrimeltal or even harm- Wrestling 24 be a new I!eYmemenlu:tteondning ndr?n spadb edStevC:n ller:hexPe:2:e'tnd'theoet,rf e,ePVni:ebe r Pacde qt:an'_ [ furor example there are cir- s art at the Normal school. In- _ P " it' ,there i then nothin lef to people on the functioning o of items ,u'hased Whe co  I ....................... , .... struchon and tryouts Will new,pavane wv, ,, .'"s pay dividends ..... to the sock their government rne powers umns for recordi,'as annual I-. v,h,ie]o ..... mav haw_ a ,_,na.feet ......... ", " -,Brown Mrs C J Coati, Mrs -" re o  arefull   "- ....... - .... the su erwston of VlC , Cong  ,r c 5 c r  I , under p " ., I,, D .,i.2. ",,o  .... :i lmlders, i - ': . :   2 .. .'ca atzon expnses are ke,t,l,:gal right to cross an inter- tar Smith, Maury Nelson ana I 1" i;" VZanda:VI's "F." I:a - If the corporation qu,its do-' pened ?u} m. our., separa,te from capital expels-1 sectionl to asse:rt this right, Ernest Cash. . . .e er u . . . " ing business or goes bankrupt ..... tion, .a,n,a i.iKeew1se rle llmrts es when.. ........... n- ;,-" .... V.unneilT' ..... ....... Aiwer Coach W W Pierson pre- !crlffe: ........ the bondholders are re,id for of Ps pwers The C,onsttutmn Receipts Ke-t i __, ........ r -';- *" _ _ " ,'V. ..... . I ]'e(i IfalK IIooert ana uean F" "'  " -- "/ "' .. " .... 1 1  [CI'oJses Idle llIL0 S'c2tl, o'ii itlc,,- send,ca honor letters io me IOf _ .' . . ; . their loas beSor rv of the Q1Te[. mat Item time to Reeeint aos r,vnvide onl l ] .... . .... ], ;. ;.; .... lowing .hgh school football ?crogle attenaea the _anque investment of the stockholders the President shall, glue to the umns for each Idnd of receipt I death. Ernest Hemvmh Hu h tar oustanomg n ClUD mem Con ress lmorma, uon on ne men: ' ' ' g I" ! '_ N " ! . . ." is returned.  J g  ' i This is needed for tax report-i The licerLes issued by the Alexander, Rusty Ad ,ares, Mike tmrs ,at ne aveport 2otet. You have heard of "prefer-IState of the Union and recom- irg .and far analyzing the an-[ Council happen, s to be closely Burke, Asa Rathlmn, Ernest . uraves, z rownsnlp oncers., red stock ." Usuallr Y,- vureferred . mend for consioeradon_ _ sucn ; nual figureso for .the__ farm. , r.:_c,o,'to ......... to n rmtr,rpri]Lr.r._z ..-i , Ted W nstra Ernest mr uaa are bruce mcray, , measures as ne may oeem necj The 10 ear mvento b k  , Womach, Y '  , '  . '. . ........ stockholders 'have a right to[ . ' . .  . ", -Y " ' , ry  oo Iue of long standing, the sale' on Lester Hartle Arthur tmmrman, ,,ome Faro, v iVlll essa ano expealem tu no z ke a * ' East ,  Y, . . :,_ _.  ,.^_ ,:. ^a" collect a partloular fixed ! _ ry.   ".... . "[ n'a , s it e sy to keep a com-i of intox4"cathg liquor. Easton, Chyon tyan, byie ,, ,c, vu,, ty ,=eu, amount .... of dividend before the where in [ne uolNlUtlOn floes plete .... and accurate lnvea-ltw" ,IV. I Mnnv__ or vmr ei.omt_ who Graham,  Hensinger, c!erk, Gace Humbert, sur; "common" stockholders re-lit ate ,fl. ose men-lit eliminaes the tiresome job! have- 'esdeci-in-'C'hyn--e'y "'f- k Reed Victor WllSOn er, en nunoer[, jus[ice oi ctaaons NIUb'I' De carrlefl Ouz, of reco in I Fran , " . ._ m  .... ceive any dividend. There are : .. '., : _ .. ] py" g machinery and many years, recall When re- and Roy Huse. i mepeace; t,.  ,cxay_co,n- mny possible preferred stock or tna[ .vn.ey may o pe alter- [,other individu,ai inventory  strictions existed on the dis- ran ewels will be e statue, ana betto7 tteeo, ed, modinea, cnangeo, or re I ttems each Vete j ": pr" : . *," l aargements. But frequency, ' . ' - " year. The inen-tanee permitted between the sensed to three I. O. O. F. ] punamasver. .... [in return fur their first chance jeceu.  . . i bory puMication is designed i local business selling intoxicat- members, T. T. Land, a lodge lvirs: Anna irmr ( ea pe.- at the profits, the preferred The ongress n, as. a .clear fo accompany the yearly WSUi in liquor ad the State Col- member for 30 vein's, arm J F onu sureet ooservea net uutn ao o ,m ,= f and distinct responsiohiw at Farm R or loa - _ . .....  . .... stoclhoLrs o-re -v , .-" . . . .  J d Book --s-. Strange ,and J. B. Rhodes, yho onY s aVaa(nersm. Jmg rights or 'ability to control ,s own, :a responsabily to Accurate records will be Those rastricows have, step have been I. O. O. F. members w^.re lvi.r=,oy  -::2.:: [the company, rep.esem__ ne peopm at ms needed for Income Tax report- by .step, been relinquiShed un- 25 years. If it turns out that the car- ' - ing in 65. He offers these sue- til it is now sld in our gro- Mrs.  Yun, Miss Cecil S,tr)up, Mrs. Daisy Webb and potation is fbulously success-: gress fails to act on its own. gestions: cery ,stores where the is no Dryden, Miss Charlotte Lang, Miss Virginia Dickinson and Miss Kuykendall attended the Stum Walker prodation at the American theater in Spo- kane Saturday night. A baby bay was born to Mr. ad Mrs. Carl Johnson last Wednesday. A baby girl was barn to Mr. and Mrs. John Furman on IVlonclay. Margaret Hair, little daugh- ter of Mr and Mrs. Hair, is ill wth chickeapox. 30 Years Ago 1934 More than $100,000 of wheat allotment checks were received by caA farmers week as the irst payment on the government's crop limita- tions agreement with wheat producers. A strong finishig heney hoop team trounced a Whit- man couaty opponent, Colfax 6-27, Sa.urdty nght. Chc- ney's line-tp 'included P. WeSt, Van Paten, Chambers, Rudolf, M. West, Hale Conley, Rosenz- weig, Peo and Luedtke. The SecurRy Naimml Bank of Cheney lias .been taken over by the Spokane vd EaStern Trust Company ,and will be operated as Cheney Branch, Spokane and rn Trust Company. The Niche club will meet Fid.ay ,afternoon with Mrs. Nolan Brown. Mrs. Forest Brigham and Mrs. Clark Fras-i ier re assistant ',hoStesses. Christopher Moley,s, "The Rehearsal" wR1 be presented by the Ihigh school dramatics class un,der the direction of Miss Eleanor Albi. Incl,uded in the cast are Theresa SChmidt, Marjorie Newton, Wmie Dun- uhy, Anna Laura Hawk, lae Bowers .and Dorothy Lane 20 Years Ago 1944 B. William Lean was install. ed as president of the Cham. ber of Commerce. Other offic- ers are L. W. Lee, Milton Hunt, and Robert Brumblay. Retir- ing officers are George Fisher, O. W. Freeman, B. William Lean and Ed Betz. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Ottomeier received word that their son, Mrs. L. N. Wet. 10 Years Ago 1954 Francis Schadegg, Cheney weather observer, reported rain, us 6 We@nesday nih,t. Ern- es,t Landry s:d the mercury registered 20 below ,t 11 p. m. Wednesday at ,his .home at Fish Lake. Members of the Cheney school board, Dr. Wilfred Gamon, Jack P, hilleo, R.E. Michaelsen, Kyle Pugh and K. H. Contey, were special guests at ,the January PTA meeting. The American Legi,on will hold a card party to raise funds for the March of Dimes. Committee chah'rnen are Mrs. Clk Frasier, Mrs. Carl Cruse, Mrs. Cleo Thompson, Mrs. Her. bert Goertz Alnd Mrs. Ernest Iarr. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Betz at- tended funeral services ia Spe- !kane Saturday or Mrs. Betz's brother, Lewis Henry Lillen- thal. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Ke'rT spent 10 days in the Hawaiian Islands. The rvip was avarded to Mr. Kerr in a contest of the Ford Doalers association. Washington 8at Association STOCKS AND BONDS The phrase "stocks and bonds" is pretty familiar to most Americans, tree many peoole do not realize the dif- ference betwee 'stocks and bonds. When you .buy a slmre of stock in a corporation, yu be- come a pat am-her of it. You own a share of everyting the corporation 1. If there are 1,000 shares outstanding and you own one share, you have an "undivided" one thons- and:h sare in the corporation. This means ht yon .have an interest in every piece of the corporation's' property. When you buy a coep,ora- tin's bond, you ,are lending money to the corporation. You do not own any part of it. The corporation promises to pay / ful and earns ih prits, fails to exercise its powers as most of the profits will go to an equal branch af our govern- .the common stocktmlders It meat, the people in efect lose is a rule of thu'l that "the right of representation. common stockhoIders take a I do not feel that bemuse the greater risk with their invest- Congress did not see fit to meat but and to make a enact the Admi nstration's greater profit, proposals turin,g the last Ses- (This column is written to sion, thereby compiling a sta- inform, not advise. Facts may tistically bad legisl, ative rec- change the application of the ord, that "do-nothing" is the taw). proper laber to tag or, the Congressional session. Rather, I think the Cen,gress, in mos Conservation News cases, exercised its responsi- bility to the people. The Congress was presented lwith proposals by the Adman- is*italian which posed ques- lions which could not be light- : ly or quickly considered; ques- tions such as, can we spend urselves rich and prospeus? [ Cain heavy tax cuts be justi- , fled without a reasonable cur- tailrment of govenrmert spend- i ing? Are new and questionable government fanctions justi- fied in he face of large def- icits anda colwsatdebt? Which project should be taken over by the federal government and WMh ones slmukl rgntfully CHENY remair, the responsibility of local governme bodies? Do we tba'ow overboard the pres- ert federal.state cooperative program for medical aid for the aged and sul it with So,tkw,t e,,,,. medicare to be eonled fom t hi,h levels a costly and not too effective program of for- By Richard H. Jessen eign aid? Soil Conservation Service During flis Second Session Last week, John Schwendi-]of the 88th Congress, I am .hopeful th, at the Administm- man, Soil Conservaion Service __  Mane maria,ls spechnst from]turd, wet or dry bottomland, [alka soils, flooded s>i, aId erded hil.l%ops or cMy ridges. WSU ,at Pul'lman, was in the office to lIp us develop grass and legumes seed recommen- dations for the "dis'ct. First the district was divid- ed into the three rainaU zones; 15 inches or less, 15 to 18 iehes and 18 to 21 inches of annual preeipition. After the rainfall zones were brok- en out, we listed the soi in- volved with each zone, which totaled about 70 different soiti types. The soils wi,t ,hin the rainfall zones were further divided into groups acording to their m0isture-holding eapaci. Ths put them into deeper, medium.textured cropand, droughthier type or coarse-rex- i Each of lese srnall, er groups were ussed and the grass- es and legumes t were bbest adapted for these different si.tes were listed. ,,Th, e grasses ,and/or legumes that e best adapted for ach of the sites can be tied down to soils. Mix- tures for hay, pasture, green- manure, eosion control, grass- ed waterways and grass seed production have been outlined for each site group. For the spring phnting, we will have recommendations for the best adapted plants for each softs in each rainfall one. List items in your account book to match your cheeks 'and deposit slips. Make a habit fo keeping your accourA book up4odlate. Enter cash transactions daily. Enter checks and receipts from your bank saCement each month. Make checks for the exact mount of purchases. If the farm is hrge, keep two bank accountsone for the farm business and one for the family. Keep .a record of crop yields, fertilizer used, .and other speei, al data abon,t the farm. , Keep your .reformation slips on co-op patron,age refunds. Know when and ,how much of the dividends you have report- ed on income tax returns. If you dont have modern farm record- and inventory books, call the county exten- sion office for a copy of the WSU farm record book and ]O-year inveory. Both are .available without charge. SOMEBODY CARED--Grand. mother and granddaughter in Greece smile their apprecia. tion of CARE food package de. [ivered as gift from Ameri- cans. CARE's Food Crusade drive continues in its appeal for contributions to send $1 parcels of nourishing foods. Contributions from this area may be sent to CARE, Fred- erick & Nelson, Seattle, Wash., or local outlet. restriction ,against minors en- tering. R was sttggested tlmt places having licenses to sell liquor were responsible for enforc- ing the limitations to minors. There are a}so restrictions on the sale of .tobacco to min- ors but how obvious i is th!at both liquor and tobacco re- strictions are being very oos- ely e rfforced. It :appears, since this has been a c,ontroversy of so long standing, that the Council cou,td have a,t east notified the public that requests ad been submitted ov such lic- enses and gven citizens an opportunity ,to express opin- ions. However, the Council ap- pears to .have chosen to exer- cise its legal rights and tale this responsibility upon tem- selves. Therefore, slould it not logically fo}low that  like por- tion of he,'l'ty to see that the licenses, are en- forced rests upon them rather than imply ,that he sale re- sportsibility of enforcemert rests with the license ho,der. In airness to the CiCy Coun- cil, those wlm have hem pub- hc office are we,tl aware that it is often a thankaess job and that no matter low sincere or how hard they .try to do her best it is impossible to please everybody. Also, we remember tha many ,of our councme.n, in spite of frequent criticism and probably less expressed praise and appreciaon, have served on our Council for several terms, and have promoted many valuable beefRs for our city. i plareciate such devotion to service as I am sure many citizens do. Persorally, I have had few occasions when I felt t neces- sary or expedient ,to approach the City C.ounci but on eve such occasion, I ,have always found them very co,urteous and cc.0pertive and ey iave always responded with saitable and prompt action. No doubt it is ,too late now to revoke the d.aneiig licen- ses already issued for this vear unless therer are viola- tion, but, since the licenses are ssued each year, R is not too late to give serious arian of R another Melvin S. 110 E. 6th St. Cheney, To EdRor Frost: Your editorials aren't in line with the of the m.ajoy of the in the Chene school Remember--we ll just the doctors SC. The school elected by a ma}ority do something a,bou, t the many problems in ,trietincludirg Dr. sa)ary. It is just they sarted the were elected to oesn't suit the somemes rude EWSC. Mrs. Joe R. Rt. 1, Spokane We welcome Mrs. Olaions .and hope .continue to express from time to .time. newspaper's fnt,en .is vide space for commurdty to opinors, even may not agree wth the newspaper. We like to draw her the fact that Sack the editor, not and is the author of toria%s appearing in Pres '.not otherwise Jan. 20, 1964 Myers Pa'rk Formerly FiSh Lake Cheney Free Press To the City bets and whom it cern. A comment was one Cty Cuncil article in the Press on Jan. 14 Lake tha,t I think unfair and deeply resent Fish compared with the a,s a place for the to do their drinking. been no beer sold lake for over one with Slyakne with option the 'here I doubt that will be. We don' and don't intend to. ow what took we purchased but I we intend to make ily place and where lege group and the C:heney can come and: lot of good clean fun. So m,a,.y citizens of and the seem to be under sion that Fish Lake clean hke. At one the reservoir far the Cheey. We had .this hke the tes,ts proved it to of the cleanes We invite the CRy member who made the to come down .and see are doing as it is he hasnCt been here one year and it is minute drive. You businessmen City Council ,should bad enough having ernmertt ,as yotr No comment has made on over taxpayers' money sidered to buy a "fill" worry ,about selling Fish Lake, wrry something that is here. T. E. Myers Myers Park Fish Lake Editor's comment: era" remarks are We feel sure the was in reference to not the present. to give up a few hours for a health checkup? Your best cemcer a thorough checkup every'. and .alertness to Danger Signals. Learn how to guard aga|nst cancer. Write "Cancer" In care of local post office, or call nearest office of .. AMERICAN CANCER