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January 29, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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January 29, 1965

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I Pate 2 Cheney Free Press ,TA- CHENEY FREE PRESS ESTABLISHED 1896 PUBLISHED AT 412 FIRST ST., CHENEY, WASH. Entered at the Post Office at Cheney, Washington, as Second Class Matter under the Act of March 5, 1897. Issued every N ATIONAt EDITORIAL Friday morning at Cheney, Washington. .. [[AgCTIN Spokane County Subscriptions ................................ $4.50 per year   All Other Subscriptions ........................................ $S.00 per year G. T. FROST .................................. PUBLISHER FREEMAN FROST " EDITOR Washington Bar Association WHO GETS PROPERTY? (First of a series oF 4 articles) Who gets your p,roperty when you die? If you live in the State of Washington, you can leave your propezty to Wh, omsaever you wish if you make a will. If you don&apos;t make a will, the ,state taws make one for you, in effect. Here are eampls of how the state laws work: If you ate married and die withaut a will, owning corn- mummy property, yaur child- ren will get ,all of your poper- ty. This surpris mny people, who lJhirk the wife is the nat- ural heir oi lhe husbard and the htmband of the wife. Community property is everything you own except w'hat you had befare marriage or acquired while married by gift, or by will, ar inherilance. On your death, your wife gets the half share of the commun- ity property which is aIready hers. Your half o,f the com- nmnity property goes to your child o.I" ks divided equally by your children. If one of your children has died leaving chil- dren, they will take the share of their deceased parent. Your parents, b,rothes and sisters, and other relatives, et noth- ing. If you are married and die with a will, your wife will take half of the community proper- ty. You may leave your hall to her or to your children, or to other people, or a charity. You may leave as much or as little as you wish, ar nothing, to any one of your children. Y,ou may leave property to your parents, or brothers or st,stere, or othex relatives, if you wish. If yau ave married, and die without a wil, owmTLg separ- 60 Years Ago 1905 A community sirging pro- grm inaugurated dtwkng lahe ho1'idays by .the citizevJs and students proved $o potmlar tha the meetin,gs vee revived last Stmday at tim NveTal school .anditorium. A large crowd particilaated in the sig- ing. Miss Wylie, head of the Normal music depa vtrnent, di'- z.x:ted he singing, including folk songs .ad melodies of wll known popular composers. So popular have these si exerc'mes Woven that it is e.x- pected they will be continued from time to time. Sad but true is le stary of the detai of the CHS ames with Spo,ngle and Plato , Fri- day ,and Saturday eevngs, re- spectively. The ea,m, accarn- ponied by many studerts, jour- neyed to Strangle via "The Great W;hi.te Way." On the re- turn trip one of the teams be- came intoxicated with te j,oy of ldving and overturned a cut- ter, left its human load i n a snow bank and cantered home- ward without ado. Luckily, the stragglers we,re picked up by a'rmther sled and a few faster walkers wre oun, d within one mile of Chene% 29 Years Ago 1936 A pictu,re .in the Free Press window is brirgmg ,happy re- collections to many Clheney people. It shows Gem:ge Brown in ,a bathing suit as Mi Am. ber, Warren Meyers a,s Mary Pickfard, oance Morgan and Wiliard Bernhard as hum d.anc. e,s, Lynn Peck, Bill Car and Sam Webb v's gypsy traulmdors, John and Dick Ross exlaasing 20 Years Ago 1945 Mrs. Le,se Baxber of C'olfx was rmmed by G'ov. M,on C. Wallgren t,o succeed Richard Muntor on ttre board o trus, tees of Bastern Was, higo College of Education .nd J. E. McGovern was named as suc- cessor to Joel E. Ferr'. The third position on the bout, vaeant since the 40ath in 1943 i.of James P. D',ffi':ard,  nt i been fi, lled. David E. Eaon, 75, died Jan. 24 at ,the Park Hill hospi- :tel as the result of a stroke. He had been a resident of Cheney for 40 years, coming west as a sclol Ceeher 'afCer gada0ion from Whittentburg college in 9hiD. Oheney Hih's Blaclhawks came tlough for a 37-20 vic- tory over Spongie ,hi,h in Ohe- hey Friday night. Spogle put up a goad mp most of the first half but Chene$ eme off the floor at half time wicha 17-9 lead. 10 Years Ago 1955 Lester M. Peuck was elected Jan. 20 as president of the Spo- karm RetaU Credit ass'n, n, or- a,nizatien ,of more than 1,000 businesses in hat city, Cheney, Medical Lake and vicinity. Tihe son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Peuck of rou.te one, C,heney, Lc*ster is comptroller for Brooks and Emvy's cl, othi,g stores n Spokane. Tke an, Cheey plice department's yearly re,tort made by Chief I-ltarry Petrick showed 14 arrests far drun- kenness with resultant 2in, es to- tafing $92.50, one case of rolled silk hose. It was a pic-drunken driving carrying a 20 ture of he cast o.f "Vamping day jail sentenee and 87 tvaf- Babies of 1929" put o,n at the fie eases brin,ging in $1,070. Normal school audftorium. (Ed. t There were 231 illegal and note: The,re was a,n amusing overtime parking fines netting aftermath of this e-ent but $256.50 for the city coffers. we'd prefer you ask Fl, orane Fire Chief Elmer Luiten's ann'u,al Mora,.n or Willard Bernard persenally.) Believe it e nal but C. B. Viles (f route four brought in a pair of solid cow ,horns ,he h, as saved for 10 ye,ars. They were taken from a two year old Hol,stein heifer ,and are displayed wi'th a orraal pair of boIlow horns in the Free Press window. lay Fox, w'ho was badly burned in an accident at t,he Brown & t-Iolter garage a few weeks ago, is improving rap- ,idly though sill in the hospi- tal John Llewellyn, son, of Mr. and Mrs. George V. Llewelyn of Cheney, k now taking over as re,ringer of the Cheney Safeway stove. He had been head salesman 'at a larger Pull- man Safeway store. (Item from S, ee n' Heard column in the Jan. 31, 1936 is- sue): Young wife wa'lking down Normal (Collc, ge) avenue with husband overheard sang, "You know darned well you can't get away with that stuff with me." report far 1954 lists 17 alarms answered wi.'h an aver- age of 14 firemen trvmng out or each fire. Total loss from the fh,es came to $3,050. Mak- ing up the alarms were five building firs, seven gass fires, one ear, one truck and three miscell, aneous blazes Walter Rup'p wonders if he has set some sort of record by serving as treasurer of P,ioneer town,ship for 39 consecutive ears. Walt was relieved of hose chores at last week's town,ship efectien when he was L:nseated by Don Lambert o route three, (eney. Miss Flore,nce Rue ea'}led n Mrs. G R. Maxwetl, widow o,f the late Free Press publisher, at St. Lukes 'hospital on SUn- day. Mrs. Maxwell is slowly re.eoverin,g from injuries sf- fered when he fell in th,, 'now here some days ago. Mr..and Mrs. Harve Jordar ,ere Friday ni'ght guests of her ister, Mr.. Mark St:uart, in Spokane. On Sunday they were dinner guests of the Clarence YJillers of Amber. ate property, leaving a wife and orm child, .half goes to your wife and ,half to the chKd. If you have two or more children, your wife .gets ha of the personal property but only a third of the real estate, and abe children share the other twothirds of the rea,1 proper- ty equ=atly. Your separate property is everything you owned before marriage and what you ac- quired during by gift, or by will, or in.hevitance. If you make a wil, you can leave your s:epoae property as you piease, and no one, not even your wife, i's entitled to any of it. (This column is wrRten to inform, not advise. Facts may change the application of the law.) Conservation News_ The Umted States. De?art- ment of Agriculture's Soil Con- servation Service a,ssisled near- ly 19,000 liandownevs ad oper- ators of Washkgton's 69 oil and water conseati<m dist- ricts in pnnirg and carrying out conservation measures on the lard in fisca,l year 1964. Orlo Kauter of Spokane,, [WaShington State COnserva- tionist far the Soft Crsevva- tion Service, said that 2,300 ew eonse,rv&tion l]lan wre prepoed in VCafl_iItgon d'ing the year, Kran4ar said. The State's farmers and ranchers built 3'37 farm ponds and de- veloped 225 .springs. Moe than 3,000 .acres ,of range were seed- ed and 300 a'eres of trees pl,ant- ed, ,a, nd measures to Ieserve wil'd,fe were established on 68,000 acres. I.n addition, 28 miles of terraces and diver- s'ion were built, and 116 miles of concrete-lined hTiatoa ditch constructed. Imposing Total Acreage Soil mapping was completed on 711,600 acres o land in co- operation with Va,shingt,on tate Univeisity and o;hr agen+cies, a port o the 65:8 mi.1- lion acres mapped natiomlly. With proper interpretations, these soil maps can be valuable as a guide in urhan p,iannJng. The trend is tovcard multipl.e developme,nt in small water- sbed projects. Constru,ction was completed on one project, and three othevs are ude,r con- struction. One new project was authorized for planning, bring- ing the to,Val to six in various stages. Comwehnsive river ha.sin planning, in cooperation with var,ious other state and federal agencies, was begtrn in the Puget Sound area. Easl+ Cheney By Anna Phillips [ I East Gheney Grange cance.1-I led the card prty las Satur-[ day evening due to r stormY[ weather and ([rifted roads. " [ Mr. ,and Mrs. Vern Harring- ton ware last Sunday evening din,ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oheter Philps and 3ohnny. Mr. ,and Mrs. Joe Labish and Jennifer spent last Friday eve- ning with Mr. and Mrs. Tom ]abish and family. Mr. and M,rs. E. H. Franseen of Hayden ,lake were reeen guests (ff Mr. and Ms C. W. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Gavnett Boots Johnny ,and Mary were Suncay evemng visitors of Mr. and Mrs. J.oh M. B,abb and found some drifted s:now banks. Our news is scarce this week due to s'n,o;vbound conditions. The first lee:son a c'h$1d learns at his mother's knee is to be careful of her stockings. Childron a'e often expected to learn good manners with,out [seeing any. Windsor News By Mrs. James Widner Since I hadn't complete- ly dug out from the big snowstorm over the week- end and with more snow falling today (Tuesday) my reporting for the Free Press had to be by long distance telephoning and consequent- ly, quite brief, and I hope to. get all of you in next week's news. 2 ELECTED BY WINDSOR GRANGE Windsor Gvan'ge members elected Arm Getrum .a:s secre- tary and Doric Hew.son as Ceres at the last meeting Mrs. ld Rup:p wars taken ilI suddenly M, onday morning and rushed Vo the Deaco.ness hos- pital. E, IRTHDAY PARTY Mrs. Flora Smith was hon- ored ,on her 85th birthday with a surpris,e party l:ast Sund+ay. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Era- mett I4ampa ,and Je'ry, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rupp, Mabel Wayne, Mary Hewson and Daisy ttieks. A potluck dinner was served and large decorated b,Lrthday cake was furnished by the Ru:pps. Four Lakes By Lenard Mace RI 7.7606 Startirg this week and every other week from now until ,spring .there will be a series of special acticles. Bad weather has Mrd:ered mu, ah activity ad therefore the personal men- tion.s have been short. Pers,ora'l items will be gathered every other week. 4.H CLUB MEETS PROMOTION of Prescott Eaton, Eastern Washington State College Reserve Officers Training Corps instructor, to major in artil- lery has been announced by Lt. Col: Edgar R. Fenstemacher, EWSC ROTC commanding officer. Major Eaton is being co.ngratulated by President Don S Patterson Ma i. Eaton was assigned to the EWSC ROTC fall. He is a graduate of the Washington, where he was com through the university ROTC pro 1953. Maj. and Mrs. Eaton live in They have two children, Brigit, 8, berly, 6. bership .of the Four Lakes Methodist church. This erase from the pvopo,sa'l to merge the Method:st church with the Cheney church. There were al, so the matters o the as,sumption of a large finan- cial obligation and differences ovor matters o doctrine. These various matters: were con, sidered i,n a series o,f mem- berSp meetings called for that purpose. In a final meet- ing in Oct., 1962, which was conducted by t.he Meth.od:st district supt., Ristow, a resolu- tion yeas adopted which provid- (ludcd .all furnishings of the church and parson+age. , Another matter which el'aimed the attention of the bo,ard was the question o,f se- curing a regular posto. he board selected the Rev. Her- bert Anderson as the first reg- ular pastor of the Four Lakes Communlity e,hureh. Rv. A:n- derse,n has rmw be,ca ,aor for abau:t erie yea and six mon,hs. Started in 1895 The orrgmal church, kn,own as the First Metlodist Ch,urch o,f Meadow Lake, was o,ranize,d about 1895 and the present a restroom inatale! 1958. The present memb joices in th fuulfil their anticipation and it may ever s.arve as of lisltian inspiti rites everyone to art vices. Sunday school 9:45 a. m. every. Su+ church service,s start Chm m ks a glow woman which cass a coming light on othe Busy Fintgers 4-H dub met ed for the dissoluitian of the bui'lding was biuilt about 1914.[ f, [ at the Mace home 1,ast Tueeday Four Lakes Methodis churc.h. Later a basement va:s dug, he evening, Jan. 19, with a,hout 20 This was f, olbwed by a SeT'ice d,`irt being ha,uled .out in Wheel- persorm in atten,cance Sara of eommun.lty meetings which ba,rrows by the members of Eay Mfice demonstrated how to re,suRed in the organize,it,on ih, e Young Pe,o.p,lc,s S,undav _ake ch.oeolte puddir, g. iof the Fo,!r Lakes Cammunity I " + [church witch a, charter mere-i:'et'ul clia,s. The il:!tvrior, as PIE SOCIAL HELD ]hers.hip c+f 26 perso,n!s. From it_ now is, was remode,d and [ this gro,p a church board was AT GRANGE SESSION nightpres./in confrol ./e'hasen which bs since beer, =, l the Grange met Friday eerv: n_ wi:h about 20 members after [ A charter of in corlorat:,n ward and $25 was cale,ctefl f,:,r ws .s.e,e.ured from Olympia the March of Dimes GRANGE AUXILIARY Present 'at the Four Lakes Gra, n'ge auxiliary meet,in,g on Thursday at the home f MTs. Ruasell Mace were the Mines. Gretchen Moser, Earl Pendell, Bob ScoCt, Sahn Becker, tob- eat V. Reitmeier and Kent, Robert R. Reitmeier and Her- man Willms. Mrs. Maser von the door prize. HISTORY OF THE FOUR LAKES CHURCH Four Lakes C'ammunty church was started due to 4is- satisfactien within the mere- and a meeting was aran,gd with the Spolane Dis,triet Board of Missiofis of the Meth.1 odist church which an offer o,f 82,000 vas made for the Four Lakes Meth0dist ctmrch pro- perty. Loan Is Repaid This offer was a.ccpted by the mission bard ,arid the sale completed. As the loan,1 church did not have this amount of money in its trea, sury he howard agrged a meeting wih he Cheney bank and sevured a loan, of $l,450. Tbe ]an lms been repaid in full ad h.e property is rmw etre,ly fee of debt. The tmnsactio in- Cheney and J :'SSO |Sion Babb or ,pres anE Joa 3RO" tON( 3rot3 arts mch ,1 Fet the at C He: ayia i, orml div o hc is 2: [a t th rTw s AV as J ned tome :ten tak, noffn hie f Medical Lake Area00% with All Standard 0il Products SPECIALIZING IN HEATING Oi AI Haskins Standard Oil Distributor 235-6378 L00rio00 new look L00rio00 new loom Lavurio00 new ride (discover the difference ) Sporty Swinger! '65 Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe 'o5 Chevrolet Like surprises? Come see some! One is the elegant, trend-setting, big luxurious '65 Chevrolet. The car looks downright expensive! It has more room than many expensive cars have--extra foot room with its rmw frame and forward engine design, extra shoulder room with its curved side windows. 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