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February 3, 2011     Cheney Free Press
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February 3, 2011

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Page 4 Free Press OP 00ION Unity needed for team U.S. to '%in the future" Maybe it was just early onset obsession with this weekend's Super Bowl matchup, but last week's State of the Union address sounded a lot like a halftime pep talk. In the role of coach, President Barack Obama focused on how we need to "level the playing field" and "knock down barriers that stand in the way of our success" if we're ever going to "win the future." This moment, soon after a midterm election that reset the political clock, really is a sort of halftime for our country, and most Americans would probably agree that our government needs to make a few mid-game adjustments. Our educa- tion system is in desperate need of an overhaul and many companies are continuing to send scarce jobs overseas, causing us to falter on the way toward a new age of innovation. Discouraged by these and other brutal hits to our offensive line - the prolonged recession and our fading role as the global superstar among them - many of us "feel like the rules have been changed in the middle of the game," as Obama pointed out. But as easy as it might be to pin our problems on a whole host of international opponents, in- cluding rising competitors China and India or looming threats Iran or North Korea, "no one rival superpower is against us," Obama said. "We must defeat determined enemies wherever they are, and build coalitions that cut across lines of region and race and religion." While he alluded to divided political parties many times in last Tuesday's speech, Obama should also have singled out Democrats and Republicans when making his list of must-build coalitions. "We will move forward together, or not at all - for the challenges we face are bigger than party, and bigger than politics," the president said. Whatever personal political leanings you may have it's hard to deny that a united team is much more effective than one divided by self-centered convictions. As any decent coach will tell you, a bunch of big name players in pursuit of self- promotion will gradually break down a team's effectiveness. Winning teams become winners through a strong sense of shared identity and a unified set of goals. While many politicians ignored party lines and sat together for Obama's address, he called on them to do more than make a meaningless showing of bipartisanship, joining hands for a "hoorah!" in the locker room. "What comes of this moment will be determined not by whether we can sit together tonight, but whether we can work together tomorrow," he said. If the second half is going to trend our way, if we really are going to start "out-innovating, out-educating and out-building" the rest of the world, we need to start reforming our govern- ment right now. But the first thing we need in order to complete that Hail Mary pass is for our lawmakers to set aside personal interest, put their heads together and jog back out onto the field as a cohesive group. "The future is ours to win," Obama said. "But to get there, we can't just stand still." And we can't stand divided either. Write to the Point Our choice of friends could have deeper implications My parents used to tell me, somewhat incessantly, that who we choose to surround ourselves with determines what kind of people we will become. This comment usually paved the way for a lecture on the many my future. Not only am I not in prison, but I have a steady job and absolutely no desire to huff glue at the end of a long workday. Now a recent study suggests that my choice to pal around with "That feeling that you get that you're just going to like . somebody or not going to like them - a lot of times we'll have those instincts about people and we're not sure where they come from," he told BBC News. "We reasons certain friendsof mine ..... miscre.antsmaynot have:.been; a '.i' live inn sea of the genes of oth- might be a ' .......... choice at altbttrather aresult of bad pick if I  iti  ing me to wonder about myselfCertain innate tendencies, leav- i a little. >" U.S. researchers analyzed data from two long-running independent health studies that collected DNA samples and asked participants to name their friends. Ryan Lancaster After tracking the frequency of six ever wanted to make it past the age of 15 or run for public office. Espe- cially that one kid with a fondness for setting cans of Aquanet alight and smoking cat- nip because he heard somewhere it would result in a "wicked high." I much preferred the com- pany of my best friend anyhow, whose name I won't reveal just in case he's a congressman now. There was a guy who under- stood more refined pastimes, like stealing, giving himself homemade tattoos or painting "destroy" across the hood of his car. Fortunately, I eventually wizened up, started hanging out with a more cultivated crowd and my parents turned out to be wrong about how my choice of friends would ultimately shape genes linked to personality traits, researchers found tentative evi- dence of a genetic component to friendship selection. For instance, people with a gene called DRD2, which affects how much pleasure we get from alcohol, cigarettes and other addictive substances, tend to be attracted to others with that same gene. While obvious caveats to this, such as the reality that those who hang out in bars are probably going to start up friendships with one another, professor James Fowler of the University of California, who led the study, said genes may at least partially explain why we often intuitively like or dislike those we meet. Thursday, February 3, 2011 GUEST COMMENTARY Rep. McMorris Rodgers responds to State of the Union FREE PRESS Publisher Harlan Shellabarger Sales Steve Barge Carol Campbell DeeAnn Gibb Graphics John Myers Karen Robinette Editor John McCallum Reporters Paul Oelaney Ryan Lancaster Becky Thomas Bookkeeper DeN Labish Circulation Manager Sharon Tennison After President Obama deliv- ered his State of the Union speech on Jan. 25, I am more hopeful that he and House Republicans can work together in a bipartisan way to grow our economy, create jobs, and put our fiscal house in order. In the few short weeks the 112th Congress has been in ses- sion, the new majority has al- The Editorial Board is composed of Paul Delaney, Bill lift, Ryan The Cheney Free Press is published every Thursday by the Free Press Publishing Company, William Ifft, president. Periodical postage paid at Cheney, Wash. 99004. Published at 1616 W. First Street, Cheney, Wash. 99004. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Cheney Free Press, P.O. Box 218, Cheney, Wash. 99004-0218. ID PUBLICATION # 102240 ready shown our commit- ment to trans- parency, ac- countability, and returning America to its founding principles. On our second McMorris day in office, I joined members of !; ers. We are not just influenced Conexess in readin  the U S Con b our own enes We think Y g ..- ' stitution on the House floor for that we are going to fred more the " . " first time in history. We also and more bmlogcal processes a . p ssed a rule requiring a state- underlym the social networks g ment of constitutional authoriW that we live in .... for every piece of legislation. In other words, genes influ- * Why s there a renewed focus ence our friends' behavior and on the Constitution in the 112th our friends' behavior influences Congress? Is it just symbolism? us. Looks like mom and dad No, ifs because we believe the val- ues and principles contained in the Constitution are the key to keeping the American Dream alive for our children and grandchildren. In Eastern Washington - and across America - there is a grow- ing sense that the American Dream is slipping away For generations, the American Dream has included the opportunity to study hard, remain in school, earn an education, pursue a career in a chosen field, marry, live a middle- class lifestyle, raise children, watch one's children strike out weren't exactly wrong after all. These days, my friends are pretty darn good people. None of them have a propensity for low-grade pyrotechnics and they all have fairly short rap sheets that I know of. A recent get-together resulted in a well- balanced discussion of beer, healthy food choices, the best qualities of our significant oth- ers and sports, in no particular order. I like to think that, just as my choice of friends has evolved over the past decade or so, my genes have as well. That way, I won't have to lecture my own kids on their choice of friends. At least not as often. VOle 114- No. 41 Press Production Manager Randy Warwick Pressmen Mark Cordes Ed Geary Sergio Reynaga Front Office RuN Geary Rosa Lopez Letters on their own and be successful age gracefully, and retire without unmet needs. In recent years, we have begun to wonder if we can still pass along these and greater opportunities to our children and grandchildren. In my opinion, these concerns are justified. What makes the American Dream possible is the Constitution - and specifically, the individual rights which are its foundation. These individual rights protect us from harm and open doors of unlimited opportunity regardless of one's race, sex, religion, or eco- nomic background. Just as impor- tant, the Constitution places limits on our federal government so that it won't crowd out the freedom, ingenuity, and moral worth of the individual. To move forward as a ' country, We mus: return to ttiese fundamental values which have made America the greatest nation in the world. To keep the Ameri- can Dream viable we must revive our economic engine and rein in unchecked government spending. We must create an economic cli- mate in which small businesses have the confidence to grow and create jobs. As a newly appointed member of the House Energy and Com- merce Committee, I will be able to play a leading role in this effort by shaping America's policy toward health care, technology, and en- ergy. The committee is already planning hearings to pass health care reform based on common sense, market-based solutfons. Energy independence is also a critical issue. I look forward to advancing a thorough energy in- dependence strategy encompass- New EWU dorms I have a few concerns and a few comments regarding the recent Cheney Free Press article, "Eastern steps toward semester system, new dorms" (jan. 27). Are new dorms really needed? We've all seen the number of new apartments being built in Cheney, and there are always ads in the Cheney Free Press for rentals available. Most students that I know would rather rent an ing conservation and innovation while utilizing and expanding domestic energy production. As important, we must re- duce government spending and borrowing. As a first step, we should roll back federal spending to fiscal-year 2008 levels or less - a move that would save $100 billion per year. Following up on the commitment to smaller, smarter government, this Con- gress passed a 5 percent budget cut for members of Congress, committees, and leadership, and voted to repeal the catastrophic health care bill that was signed into law last year. In the long- term, we need a pair of amend- ments to the Constitution -- one that would limit federal spend- ing as a percentage of the U.S. economy (GDP) and another that would require a balanced budget every year. As the mother of two young children - including a daughter who was born just last month - I pledge to be a leader on these vital issues. As the 112th Congress moves forward, please be assured I am committed to doing what is good and right for Eastern Washington and America. No political party has all the answers. I will listen to you and make decisions that positively impact our future and opportunities for our children and grandchildren. Together we can reenergize the values of our founding fathers, change the di- rection of our country and keep the American Dream alive. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodg- ers represents Washington's Fifth Congressional District in the U.S. Congress. unecessary, wasteful of limited funding apartment than live in the dorms, so why spend what little money is available to build something that the majority of the students won't use? Students that had their tuition increased in 2010 will now have their housing and dining rates increased, just to pay for this project. I am reminded of the phrase, "he spends like a sailor." Lowell A. Mock Cheney See Letters on page 5 Send letters to the editor at I John McCallum Editor Main contact for anything regarding editorial coverage. 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