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February 5, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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February 5, 1965

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Writer Attempts to Answer the Burning NT ADSI00 Question: Wha, ls a Forebesider, Really? Altraugh it might be said ever hirr -" . . . yt g was m apple lm Lat the publishmg of that el, as. order " ,, -" ..... ,, Before Cider, and slzma aa in vne tree r'ress of- hence a corru, pon of the term fering for sate a Forebeider became Porebesder with ' a bwltdn He mmffway, Now let yatr cronies walw was just a lot of ron.sens.e, its in their exposed ignorance Rates--5 cents per pub'lica, tion .and the letters that Sincerely, with 75 minimvm (or FOR SALE have followed have proved one Shirley Al*hreaht. important paint. That is the Min|mum adv. not JOB Printing of all kinds. No fact that the old fsh'ioned Letters To The Editor in cash will carry a 15c charge, job too small or too lrge, native Ameri, can .humor  not Qu:ality workmarsp and reas- . ye,t dead, the victim of ,e for- WRITER OBJECTS *" SALE "; -- enable prices. Let us estimate eign, canned ad corny stuff TO TRICKY ADS your next job. eheney Free put out by the entertainment Editor Cheney Free Press SUPPLIES. Packaged Press j29tf trust in his country and dub- Cheney, Was.hington onionskin a.rd mimeo- SOUP'S on, the rus th, at is, so loudly passed off as hu,mor. Sir: papers, Bostitch sp- clean the spot with Blue Lus- An.other ex,ample of the s'ly Are you .aware of the griev- .rd staples, file folders, tre. Refit electric sTampooer bargue-in-ch,e.e,k ntive humvr ou,s, dangerous, pernicious, ter ribbons ad crbon, $1. Holmes Hdwe. f5 of America arrive at the Free heinous, and disturbing effect rrabI Pl, ess ,office M,'oud.ay and just of certain classified advertise- sets, M a, statements Baled grass hay, delivered or about cloars up the puzzle of ments that have ,appeared , columnar pads, pickup, H. F. Kukuk, Rt. 2, What Is a Forebesider? Here hine tape, Seot,h Cheney, RI 7-7683. fS-12p it is: your press? , etc. The Free Press. j29tfx 25 good cows broke to .... t. Su, bject: Forebesiders Pie Any comely w0qntar "on. an , - ..--7---7. 40 head of'cn|pivaf*re'o',' Stretchers and Round SGu,aro, evening, t)us may f,ind herself ouse / bloc -,-.v .......... - Fr - .... aceastecl as "T .... top of hi.l hi,, ,. .rag in soon; 10 ,head of shovel- .. orn Sh)wley Albrec,ht.  ....... ots . Wives. in Call lr.-- L"to . . ng. boars wi*h cops beside;  re: reem, an Frot, Free ownley^ nay.e st leawng " ' : ale ues ., aZ good 00orki.g order were e00i:00d and pe.ect-00t0000g000=0000r00 a fore V*d00 =- ....... -u.eVSlu=, ,u riding heifers =cod as no,,, ca oy ,one ausin Iale wlo on I. -,=2'.utsu ancy at  lille Dill' ' "  " ; " " '-" I ' . 't.-.. l-lem, Can spran outfit can h- ,,ia,n eeated  eomhmation bake  Dram. The .advevtement of a ,eIner _le,t or lk,t- or driven by children 1. hlm, and grog h'ouse alo e Se- ,,wedamg. un, an obsolete . ts 0, sell t" $75 "ca* .... ;+. Z. ....... ' '; -J. ae,mteen .,,, _ -;,._ ,_,. blunderuus," dare,crees tn ih, to s  ,-, pzaym,g nozze nc -, , m u,e tram- --o . -- -. Box B, Cheney Free dr user on,1 wa other attachments; other or- um area in 1899 at the turn .... Y, . s a nbakl jest ]29x ticles. C. C. Kriss, Pt. 4, Box of the century. By the time of eamumed to encourage exva,nt staplr a.rrd 1,000 Ros- 002, Cheney, Wash. f5 president McKinley's death two sams an d deceive rievin ears la,ter, this baker was parents. It was inlimated th, a' . one of the fair "business wm staples only 98 cents, Philleo Lake360 A. 210 widely krrown for  mmm en" home, seA,eel, purse wheattand 150 pasture. Ex- )ies which were afectionately wh,o makes soppig so ease. Free Press. celent four-bedroom home, termed sun,owners, pleasant in CArney, had square coal stoker nd Slmps, Burros, Corral, s, $49,500. The Forebesid'er was this legs. Worse still, ff worse is baseboard electric Term,s, Big Bend Lead Cm- man's work bench equipped possible, an attemlt to encmr- 110 otts, Dick Roos. pny--We 1925 Fourt, h, So- with a trio of his invenins--- 'age child labor ,by falsely- ad- -IP kae. f5p the Hemingway, Pie Stretcher, verising help at ,a critical time ' ....... and Round Square. He ws (federal offense) shows the sa- old a,d, circulated and FOR RENT kn,own as the origin,al triple- dstic recklessness of the ad- sirgles or rolls, CLEAN sleeping rooms. Mid-,threat man of ,his time for vertiser. ;. and Canadian, lso some men or Penoaers these time-saving devices. If you continue to allow such ad'vertisig to appear, sets. Sed yor want list Eyeing meals avail- The Hningay was a device Sir. we Sha, ll appeal to the leg- G. Trowbridge, 3221 N. abl. Phone ater 3 p. m. 235- for sa[ing the edges of his ishture and the .Federal courts. Rd., Spokane, Wn. 99206. 4658. j29-f5 pies, aRd giving a fancy scal- loped edge or hem to the fin- Despite the cey that any f5-12p ONE bedxoom apaxtet. Tote- ished product. He was finn- action by either body Will be STAMPS of all kinds lhon 235-41.14. j29tf ous for the soft, flaky crust u,npredictable aml sure to be ordered t The Free cause distress, such an appeal of his" tis which was aecom- Fast service, j15tf New 2 bedroom d,pla;x. In- eludes w/w carpet gnd ap lhe.with uiorn ,baking is preferable to the present INCOME PROPERTY pl.ees. AvNlabM Feb. 10 heat of crust under ,tensio problem. Casfied adverting has al- Ken Morlan, Widmer llty, The pie-stretcher accomplished .ays been a soporific over 7 unit apt. each MA 4-1288. f5tf this. 'hieh to doze and ulrmte,v The Round Squ,are was a 2 bedrooms. All leLased r BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ha,dy gdget for msrig sleeg: With .high hopes that year. Near college. you will restore its past vues the correct munt of dough :and .prevent us from havirdg to Enco Service Staon. RevUe- for which the proper sized su.bseribe to a Spokane paper and 3 bedroom duplexes tionary new contract. Every- square could be rolled rand fr thah relief. I am. location, thm,g consigned. Rent .004 per rounded for a pie sml by'use . Very truly Ken MorAn gal. Maximum margins. Call of a ci'rular knife with little WIDMER REALTY Pt Fairbank.s. KE 4-0627. FA or n,o waste. , ,A Betrayed Subscriher 603.4 Columbia Bldg. 7-9208 eves. f5-19 In the grog shop the feature " Phone MA 4-1288 SPECIAL of the 'house was 'bard eider, Dear Betrayed Subscriber: arid it was traditormi .Nat be- Alt,hough it's ain - ' icy 0f m6st new0apers .to rr13tf Woman to sell ph.,0togralh cer- fare the sh, ep wouM open for print un,ffgned letters, we are tificates. Good commissmn the everting, the pa wea, e to making .an exception m your Write "Aun Ma,ry Birthday be finished by su,adown, nd ease:re feel tlm your letter FOR SALE Club," E. 507 Everett, Spokane., the bake shp ele ,aed ua, ad is of such high quality at. it Give plone if possible, f5p should be printed, regardless NCOME PROPERTY, 4 For St. Vincent de Paul Sect- hiJd Protectioll of rules. Besides thot, we hope DROOMS, 2 BATHS. ety, things you no longer need or use. Help Us To Help rol Dogs Requested this special treatment will dem- onstrate bow ,higMy we regard RY GOOD RENTAL. The Poor. For pickups call BE Principal IRoy Ishe.rwood such paid-in-advance subi,b- DOTEN REAL ESTATE 5-6814. jl8tf last week issued a request to ors a,s yourself. parerts to heIp protect cAll- As for child hbor laws ten- Will pay a good pre.for U IST. ST. 235..4050 ana canadian eoi's. Free ap 'ren frOff'dogs on the play- acted at the turn of the cen- praisal if you do not wish t( grund" 'We 'have had see- tury to protect chil'dren from ilSff sell. 414 First St., Cheney eral packs of 6 or 7 d,os in 12 hour days slaving in fac- jl9t the pack bothering the stu- t.ories) haven't you hemxi of dents at coon. recess, and on "The Right to Vork" in th FOR SALE  WORK WANTED the way borne. Plea, se try to atomic ,age? -- keep your dog close to hone. As for the sawed off hunder- 3 bedroom, :. Guaranteed outboard motor re- as a fine family pet can be- bus, my betrayed friend, you bedone ,adj,oiin mas- P pair. Ed's Conoeo Servie come a real nisance when he are so wrong. It is a high grade room. Nice 1.ivia & hone BE 5-4400.  eomes to school, he said. 12 gauge marksman rifle witd room 'area. Dou,ble d-hvasher and Cheney Electric Shop. Corn- conversi, on telescope unit de- wail carpet in living plete wrin,g & repair. Eec- Bill Lean Here For signed to prevent dLastes and F. H. A. appraised tric contracting. Free Esti- i$ UncJe'$ Funeral fit various eecasivs. $18,275.00, min. dwn. mates. No job too small. As fr insulting the friendly 1,ady by inferring she had 5'0 years. . Norm Lewis, 235-6528. Wim B. Lean arrived yes- square wlking gears, wrong WM. p. GESCHKE j29tf terrify from Brmerton to at- againget .hop, Boy--haven't Tri-State Realty Inc. Wash. Cheney Plumbing Shop. Com. tend funeral services fur his you heard that "Wag" of the unlde, Jack McLean, today (Fri- Cheney Department Store has RI 7-3047 pl, vte repair ad pl ,bSng day). ,service. Licensed & Bnded. Lean, supervising engineer ins with horizontal parallels Marvin Becker, 321 1st St., on order ladies' square stock- "CUSTOM HOMES" 235-6528. j29tf in he misle department of in the llatest spring shades. Bremevton sMp yards, is a Regarding your fervently LOST charter member of h,e Chenev, lots avibe.  st Weim _ Jmior Chamber of Coan mere', J expressed request that we re- your new home in the   _ rmer mum. which Ire helped organize al-]store the elassffil department I will arrarge for ,sxvrs to name ot :re. most 30 ,ears ,, ,to iCs staid oId status, we have FHA or cowcentional /lvin Tesdal, route 2 Cheney,   ..... s,-. _ [good news for you. We are at RI 7-7763, lOn eallt. To Affen J " [least temporarily out of ideas j29-f5 a 3esslon [anyway. However, if you have KEN MO ---ua-'a-----A I Two members of the EWSCisome suggestions please rush WIDMER REALTY ........ ' [ department of business will at- them down to The Free Press MA 4-1288 Wnted respmble party tel te.d  Naion Association office. j8tf assume sml nmnty pay-I of usmess TeaCher Education Guyel T. Frot, Publisher raent on spinet piar, o. Also I convention }n Chicago next eectric organ. Cntact credit I weeK. manger, N. 1915Division, Spo-I_ They ,are Russel J. Smith, ::: Chask  Lar, ns Irene. Phone FA 5-3933. ,Jr., .assistant profesvor of ae- Skane, Wn. ov SETTLEMENT OF ESTATB j29-f12 eounng, and Norman S. 440 Thompson, associate professor Court of the StAte of Babysitter, full  "time, came to of business education. and for the Couwty of O llne dlaily. Contact Russ be tat of Curvan, Box 266, Cheney. ARRIVAL f5 County of spe-  Mr. and Mrs. Don Nusser are that Ruth Helm- parents of a baby gift born rendtred of the CALL FOR BIDS Sunday morning at the DeC- presented for , and the Subtler Eastern Washington eoness hospital. State of Wash- xecu- .,.o. for%hCistribu. State College CHENEY HOT LUNCH in which the Court SEE to Estate, distribute Separate sealed bid propvs- Feb. 8Frosted meat 'oaf or mrsons on- als are available for education, brown gravy, ealbage-marsh- Vic Wilol and discharge the said Thursday, the 4th equipment and/or supplies mall, apple salad, baking pw- 1965. at the hour of Eastern Washington State der biscuit, pudding. AGENCY a. m. at the of Our said Superior College in the office of the Di- Feb. 9---Baked potato, wet- City of Spokane. in said rector of Purchasing, Room ner, carrot st'ck, raisin bread, sAt. srSTAT  I$URANCI nty. has bee duly fixed and settlement of said ]21, Showalter Hall. plums. Petition for Dis- . Proposal foms may be ob- Feb. 10--Pizza, green beans, About SAFECO'S place an- estate may tained at the above office, jellied peaches, peanut butter exceptions in writ- W. T. Wall bars. /'Broader contest the same. Feha. 1965. Director of Purchasing. Feb. 11 Special Valentine /.,''',Coverage Perk and (July 1, 1964-July 1, 19651 dinner. Court [ Feb. 12--B,aked beans with [ __',., )at Lower (Feb. Deputy. The Freeway from the Co- tomato sauce frozen pas lumbia River to the Canadian e0,rnbread, crea,my raisin-rice just before you are gen- border covers a distance of cusrd. s.Sheridan. 276.5 miles. All meals include milk. Phi Betas to Hear Former Detective On Security Topic Retired Spokane detective Homer .Point, nw security officer ror Spokane School Dis- trict 81, wi be the speaker at the Saturday mor ,nJng,,Fe,b. 6, meeting of the EWSC s Delta Phi ctmpter ,of Pht Beta Kap- pa, international fraternity for men in education. Pointer, whose tlk will fal- low a 9:30 breakf,st in the EWSC Student Unon, was a uniformed officer on the Spo- kane police department, then was in the general detective di- visi, ou and ,served 20 years on the forgery ad fraud de- tail before ,his retement tw years ago. , Pointer was hired by the Spokane seh, oals to do sme- in thing to reduce the cost of van- dafism. His talk wi}l ocver his Friday, Febru,ary 5, 1965 beet, filed with the clerk of said court This action is commenced by the plain- tiff to foreclose a mortgage dated Aug- ust 14, 1953, given by Earl R. Barzee and Antra Lee Brazee, husband and wife, to J. . Cooper & Co., and there- after assigned to ths Plairtiff, which mortgage is recorded in 754 of Mort- gagcs, page 142, and is upon the fol- lowing described property, to-wit : Lot 23 in Block 10 of Cozza Addition ac-! cording to plat recorded in Yolume 1 of Plats, page 63, in the City of Spo- kane, Spokane, County, Washington. It is the further object of said action to bar the Defendant of all right, title, lien or estate in an to said premises ex- cept the right of redemption provided by statute. Hamblen, Gilbert & Brooke By Philip S. Brooke, Attorneys for plain- tiff Postoffice Address : 912 Paulser Bldg., Spokane, Wash (Feb. 5-March 1,2) WILLIAM M. GERRAUGHTY 317 Symons Bldg., Spokane, Wash. SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION No. 177101 In the Superior Court of the State of Washington in and for the County of Spokane. !RAE L. FULLMER, Plainill, vs ESTRELLA C. FULLMER, Defendant. The State of Washington to: Estrella C. Fullmer, Defendant. You are hereby summoned to appear Cheaey Free Pre Page 5 Hundred Eighty Sever, and 6/100 ($12,687.36) dollars with interest at 6 Per cent Per antrum from January 28, 1965 to date of sale and $500.00 attor- ney's fees and $86.50 (which includes $26.00 title -expense) coats amt increasec costs, with interest or attorney's fees and costs at 6% per annum from Jan- uary 28, 1965 to date of saie. Given under my hand. this Zst day of February, 1965. William J. Reilly, Sheriff By Theresa J. Love, Deputy Harold D. Clarke, Plaintiff's Attorney (Feb. 5-261 PHIPPS & PHIPPS 201 columbia Bldg., Spokane, Wash. NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 8677 In the Superior court of the State of Washington il amt for the County ef Spokane. In' the Matter of the Estate of JULIA E. ANDREEN, deeeed. Notice ia hereby given that the under- signed has been appointed F, xecutor of the above estate in this Court and has qualified accordingly, and that all Persons having claims against aid deceased are required to serve claims, duly verified, with ntcesaary vouchers upon the undersigned at 201 Columbia Building, Spokane, Washington or upon Phipps & Phipps the attorneys of record at their office at 201 Colum- bia Building, Spokane, Washington, and file such claim with proof of such lresent work within sixty (60) days after the date of service ir the office of the clerk of the ......... the first publication of this Summons, above court at the City of Spokane, ar-,*- .,. ....... to-wit, within sixty (60) days after the Washington, within six months after IIVI/.U -LU I" Ul" 5th day of February, 1965, and defend the first publicatio of this notice, or KI:IISTRATION the above entitled action in the above they will be forever barred. ......  .-- . entitled court and answer the complaint Date of the first publication' of this lOtlCe I.S, nerey given tna of thaens!airtiff , and serve a copy of notice is 5th day of February, 1965. the precincts of Airway :,'our "er ripen the undersigned utter- Edwin O. Andreen Executor of the " -- ......... ney at his office below stated, and in nelgas, Amaer, aeney r,0. 1, ease of your failure so to do judgTnent above estate. Chen.,, " w -j inc. 2, Cheney No 5., ill be rendered against you accord- Phipps & Phipps Attorneys ....... 4". ;" n ing to the demand of the complaint Per: Harve H. Phipps neney lo. a, as lVlars!nli, lwhich has beer* filed with the Clerk 201 Columbia Building. Espaoh, Four Lake, ardenlof said Court The object of this action Spokane, Washingtor t [ ..... is to obtain a divorce for the plaintiff I (Feb. 5-19) prmgs, mrSnai, m0neer, [ from the defendant named herein on the Rimroek, Rud'oH, and Spece [ grounds of the parties havitg lived set HARVEY ERICSON .......  .... i arate and apart for over five (5) years [ 409 S & E Rld.. Spokane 1. Wad. wlq De cz)sea aalrS origin*all William M Gerraughty [ -- --N-I TO CREDITO] registrations n Feb. 11, 1965. I Attorney f'or Plaintiff | NO. /8626 ,.,  ' [ Office and Post Office Address: [ In the Superior Court ef the State of at t)e end of he business day 317 Symons Bldg. Spokane, Wash |Washirgtot* in and for the County of .at one uou'n,ty Courthouse, and (Feb. 5-March 12) ]Spokane. Feb. 13, 1965, for the deputy --- S--''k ! In the Matter of the Estate of [JEAN E. WOLFE, deceased. registrars in he County pre- 01z Paail 'Bldg., Slmkane0 Wash. Notice is hereby given that the under- signed haa been appointed Administrator cincts, by reason of the special NOTICE Ok" SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE of the above estate in this court and election to be ed within No. 77132 has qualified aceordiagly, arl that nil Cheney Scal District No. 360 In the SuPerior Court of the State of Persons having elairna against aaid de- ceased' are required to serve claims, Washington Jr* and for the County of duly verified, with necessary vouehers, of COunty on Mm'e.h Spokane. 16, 1965. Restratins will re- zn the Matter of the Estate of upon the undersigled at 125 E. Provi- HANN]E U. YEDMANS. deceased, dence, Spokme, Washingto or upo Harvey Ericksen the attorn of tee- main csed until March 17, state of Washington. county of Spo- old at his office at 409 Spokaae & East- 1965. , kane.--. The precincts will remain Notice is hereby given that Old Nat- ern Bldg.. Spokane, Washington and ional Bank of Washington, the Execu- le such claim with proof of euch ,open for transfers of regiStra- tot of the abOVe state, has rendered and service il the office of the Clerk of tior from one rural precinct to presented for sotflement to, and filed in the above Court at the City of SDokane, Washington, within aix moth after the. Sul.or C.o. urt of Spokane county, aoher rural precinct within tate o washington its Final Aceount the first publication of this ntlee, or they will he forever barred. the county tlrough Meh 1 e such ExecutOr and n petition for distrflmtio of said estate, in Date of the first ubliaction of this ]965, which the Court is asked to settl notice is 22nd day of January, 1965. estate, distribute the property Gy R. Wolfe Admirdstrator of the Frank J. Glover, Cuuny the hetra or persona entitled tO above estate. Iarvey Erickson Attorney Auditor nd Registrar of  and discharge the maid Icecu- 409 Spokane & Eastera Bldg. tor and that Thursday, the 4th da Voters for Spokane County of March, 1965. at the hour of 10:00 pollme, Washirum Washington, o'clk a. m., at the Ctmrt Roata_ (Jan 22-Feb. 5) of our aaid Superior Court in the (Feb. 5. 1965) city of Spokane. in said Spokane nOlAlD ]M][ CoXtnty. has been duly fixed for the hsar- 8. 11 Mm St, oko, Wash. lng and satt]rnt of said Final Aeconrt -- Keith. Wimston & ]epold 514 Spok & lgta BMg., Spoka and Petition for Distribution, at which NOTICE TO C]DITOI Ne. 78616 tin 'd place any  ftereatsd In the Superior Court of the State of NOTICE OF SETTLEI]gNT O ESTA in id estate may appear and file his Washington i and for the County of No. 7G15 exceptlo in writing thereto and con- Spoka. In the SuPerior Court of the State test 'e name. In the Matter of the Fatate of of Washington i and for the Coulay bf ted thia 1st day of February, 1965. AtTH.UR E. WITHROW, , "Sltane. GeOrge F_ Fallquist. CO,anty Clerk llotlce is hereby given timt the under I the Matter of the Estate of and Clerk of the Superior Court. signed has been appointed Executor DAVID S. AEMSTRONG, deceased. By Harry Heinze, Deputy Strafe of Washington, County of Slm- (Feb. G-19) of the above estate in this Court and kama.--a, has qualified accordilly, and that all persons havirg claims against mild de- iWoiee is hereby giver, that E. Law- Hamblen. GJlhert & Breoke uiSed are. required to serve claims, fence Vhite, the Administrator of the 91 Paaisea Bldg.. Spokana 1. Wudt du y verified, with neceasary vouchers, foar,e estate, has rendered and presented "' ' or Settlement to. and filed i the Su- NOTICE upon the undersigned at South 11 Mort- Perlt Oourt of SDoka County, State NO. 78697  Street, SDo. kan WashingtOn or ulm n roward Fmell the attorney of roe- of Washington his Final Accoun as In the Superior Court of the State of or at ms office nt South 11 Moavce such Administrator ar. a Petition for Washington in and for the Coutty of Street, Spokane, Washington and file the distribution af said estate, in which Spokane. tle,court is asked to settle said Estate In the Matter of the Adoption, of such claim with proof of ueh rvlce in the offite of the Clerk of tl above dtstY|btte the property to the heirs or RENEE JOLEE RODERICK, A Minor. r at the City of Spokane, Wash- pettm entitled to the same, and dis. To: Donald Lloyd Roderick, (Nor-con- ington, within" six months after the charge the aaid Administrator, ad that settin parenl ) and to all whom it may first puhlicatio of this rotice, or they Wlneaday, the Srd day of March ,oncern, wflI be forever barred. 1965, at the hour of 10:00 o'clock a.m., You are hereby notifed that there has Date of the first Pubtieation of this at'the court room of our said Superior been filed in this Court a petittnn for notice is 22n! day of Jmauary, 1965. Court, in the City of Spokane. in said the adoption ef the above rmed minor C. R. McCbe, Executor of the Spokane county, has been duly fixed praying also that there be first an noove estate. for te hearing and sattlemen of said adjudicatior that the consent of Don- Howard Frisasll Attorney FinaiAccmmt and Petition for Distri- aid Lloyd Roderick to such adoption S. 11 Monroe St., Spokane, Wash. butio, a which time and place any is not required by law. (Jara 22-Feb 5) per6n interested in' said estate may The hearing for such purlaose will be ,, apar and file his exceptions in writ- held on the 10th day of March, 1965, T.G. PATTERSON ing thereto and eotest the ame. at the hour of 10:00 a. m. at the pre- 628 ONB Bldg., Spokane, Wsah. Dated this 1st day of February. 1965. sidinr department of said Superior Court Gee, E. Fallquist Coutty Clerk and at Spokane. Wasbinon, or at suc[ NOTICE TO CREDITORS Clerk of the Superior Court. other department of the Court to which NO. 78511 By: R. F. McCorkle, Deputy. said matter ma be then ar*d there (Feb. 6-19) transferred, when and where all )el'- watmmgton in and for the Oounty of sons interested shall appear and eow In the SuP?rior court of the State of Spokane. ROBERT A. SOUTHWELL cause why such adjudication, ahould not In the Mattlar of the Etate et 415 S & E Bldg., Ssknc 1,. Wash, be made, and why if made, such peti- JENNIE PITMAN CHAPMAN, deceased. tion slould rot thereafter be heard lotice is hereby given that the uader- NOTICE TO CREDITORS forthw|th and the prayer thereof granted. :No 78558 J Witness the H on. Ralph p. Edgerton :lgnecl has been apDointed EXecutor Tne aove to l Js court and [o the Superior Court of the Stats of uege ot saia :uperior Court, and the a qualified aeoord|lly o, -.-- Washingto in and for the County o seal of said Court hereurto affixed this Persons havin e]airrm g|t said de- Spokane 28th day ef January. 1966. In the Matter of the Estate of Gee. E. Fallqulst, County Clerk :er4z]eo, wlt4neryvoleru ,. vcefiare, rired to erve claims, duly EDDIE OR:EXqT SENECHAL. deceased. J.R. Failqulst, Doputy Clerk. the undersigned at Spokane, Wuh'Tngt'on Notice is hereby ivcn that the un,ter- (Feb. G-19) or upo T. G. Patterson the attorley sigred has been appointed Executrix of record at his office at 628 Old Natior of the above estate in this court and Rldtter. Whurly & Erich ai Bank Bldg., Spokane, Wash., and file has qualified aesordtngiy, and that all Suite 70 4}ld 'tional Bank Building persons having claims against said de* Simkane. ,Whhton  201 nd, claim with proof of such asrvice ceased are required to Nrve claims mne o3zce o( the Clerk ed the above fiur at tae Cit Of Osne. Wash- duly verified, with necessary vouchers. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE __, wlthl mix moatha after the first upon the undersigned at 1616 North 1o. 77524 ncatlon of this notice, . they will Cedar, Spokane, Washington or upon In the Supertor Court of the State of De zorever  Robert A. Southwell, the attorney of ree- Washington i and for the County of Date of the flret Dublicaon of this ord at his office at 415 Spokane & East- Spokane. notice is 22mi day of January, 1965. ern Bidg.o Speksn, Washington and In the Mtter of the ]state of Wayne HaVen Chapman Executor file such claim with proof of ANDREW STROMBERG. decreased, of the above utate. such sarvlce in" the office of the Notice is hereby given that Paul H, . G, Patterson Attorney Clerk of the above court at the City Rchter, the Admiristrator of the above- 28 ONB Bldg., Spokane, Wash. of Spokane, Washington, withia  entitled estate, wtll sell, at private 'sale, (Jan. 22-Feb. 5) months after the fimt publication of and for cash or terms most favorable this nutlce, or they will be forever barred, to the estate, the following described Date of the first DubUcation of this real estate, to-wit: HARRISON M. BERKEY notice is 5th day of February, 1965. Lot 2 ir Block 1. of Bennett's Addi- 1004 ONB Bldg., Simkue. Wmd. Myrah Orest Senechai Executrix of tion to the City of Spokane, in the the above estate. County of Spokane and State of Wash- NOTICE TO CREDITORS Robert A. Southwell Attorney ington (V. 2104 Clarke Avenue). No. V884@ 415 S & E Bldg.. Spokane. Wn. 99201 Bids must be submitted in writing and In the Superior Court of the State of (Feb. 5-19) left with said administrator or with his Washington in and for the County of attorneys, Richter, Wimberley & Eric. Spokane. D. N. Morrin, Morrison &Huppin sen. at their offices at 708 Old Natiorml In the Matter of the Estate of 604 Fidelity BMg. Slmkal, Wdt. Bank BuildinL SPokane, Washington, or ROY H. DROZ, deecased. NOTICE TO REDrJORS nay be filed ir the office of the Clerk Notice is hereby adve that the under- the above-entitled Court. Bids will siffnl has been almtnted Executrix No. /8638 received until the date of sale. of the abo estate in titia eourt, In the SuPerior Court of the State of The sale of said real estate will be and has qualified ueordingly, and that Washingtot in and for the aunty of made on or after FebrUary 15, 1965. all persons having elalm ngaint said Spokane. The admitfistrater herein specifically re- deceased, are required to serve elalms, In ths Matter of the Estate of serves the right to reject any and all duly verified, with nesnlny vouehers ADOLPHUS E. WOODS, deeea.d, bids. upon the undersigned at Route NO 4, Notice is hereby given that the under- Paul H. Richter, Administrah)r Spokaro, Washington o upo Harrison signed has been appointed Admlnistratrix Richter, Wimberley & Ericstm M. Berkey, the vlt or record at of the above etate it this Court and Attorneys at Law nis office at 1004 Old National Bank has qualifie aecordhgiy, and that all 708 Old National Bank Building Building, Spokane, Wathington, and persons havin claims against said Spokane, Wsshtngtor deceased are required to ecrve clal, file such elalm with proof of duly verified, with necessary Voueh. (Feb G-12) uch service ir the office of the Clerk of the above court at the ers upon the undersigned at Box 511, HAROLD D. CLARKE City of Spokane, Washington, within Deer Park, Washington or upon Mor- Spokane, Washington six months atiter the first publication risor & Huppin the attorneys of record of this notice, or they will be forever at their office at 604 Fidelity Building, SHERIFF'S SALE barred. Spokane, Washington and file such claim State of Washington, County of Spo- Date of the firat lublisation of this with proof of auch service in the office of [ kare.a. notice is 22nd day of January, 1965. the Clerk of the above Court at the City  By virtue of an Order of Sale issued Alma Droz Executri of the above of SPokane, Washirgton, within six  out of the Hon. Superior Court of S estate. .m?nths after the first publication of[kane C.ountv on th  o. _   pc- tnis notice or they will be foreve I ........ " _.  .2u uay oz anu- Harrison M. Berkey, Attorney , . xy eo ny rue lerk thereof in the barred ca , , , 1004 Old Nattod Bank Building . . . se of John Hancock Mutual Life Ir notDi e isofSi he f2rstfpub2eatin of th,s I suraroe Company, a corporation, Plain- Spokane, Washington, 99201 _ .. ...- ; -=-.,y, .oo. J tiff versus Hermes R. Smith and Mil- (Jar "22-Feb. IS) Anna sa. wooas, dmimstratrtx of I dred H. Smith, husband and wife Rob- S k THOMAS MALO T the above estate, eft K. Brahrook and Janet D. Brarook, 415 po aria & . Slkans Morrison & Huppir hushand and wife, and Zebra Fireworks -- -- . By: Howard A. Anderso Attorney Company, a corpoartion Defendatts No. NOTICE TO CREDITORS 604 Fidelity Bldg., Spokane, Wash, 176425, and to me, as Sheriff, directed No. 78512 . (Feb. 5-19) and delivered. I the SuPerior Court of the thte of N)tice is hereby given, that I will Washington in and for the County uf Hamblen, Gilbert & Brooke proceed to sell to the highest bidden Spokane. 912 Paulsen Bldg., Spokane. Wash. for cash, within the hours prescribed In the Matter of the Estate nf hy law for Sheriff'a Sales, to-wit: At ESTHER BERRY, deceased. SIXTY-DAY SUMMONS FOR ten o'clock a m., on the 5th day of Notice is hereby given that the under- PUBLICATION March, 1965, at South Courthouse Door, signed has been appointed. Administrator No. 176996 Spokane. in Spokane Cmnty, in the of the above estaCe in this Court and In the Superior Court of the State of State of Washington, all the right, title has qualified accordingly, and that nil Washington in and for the County of and interest of the above named de- Persons having claims against said de- Spokare Metropolitan Life Insnrarce Company, fendarts in and to the following de- eeased are requlred to serve elaime, acribed real property, to-wit: dtdy verified, with neceaary vouchers, a corporation, Plalntiff vs. David Such- The East 75 feet of Lot 4 in Block 2 upon the undersigned at West 715 land, an unmarried man, Defendan, t, cf Maxwetl's Subdivision,, as lV plat Sprague Avenue, Ik. one, Washington Stale of Washingtor to the Defend- thereof recorded ir Volume 3 of Plats, record at'his offtve at 415 Spokane & or upon Thomas atott the attorney of ant, David Suehland, an urmmrried man. pae 16; ALSO, the North 72 10/12 Eastern Bldg., SPokaro, Washington You are hereby summoned to appear feet of the West Half of Tract 29 of and file such emim with proof of in the above entitled court within sixty Opportunity, as per plat thereof re- (60) days after the date of the first such service in the office of corded in Volnme "K" of Plats, lmge the clerk of the above Court at the publie@tion' of th s summons to-wit: 20; EXCEPT the West 240 feet there- City of Spokane, Washington. within Withid sixty (60) days after' the 5th of; ALL situate in Spoakne Oounty, day of February, 1965 and defemi the stx months after ths first Dubltcatk Washington To satisfy a judgment above entitled action in the above en- in favor of John Hancock Mutual Life of this aotice, r thsy will be forever titled court, and answer the complaint lrsurance Company, a corporation and barred. of the plait*tiff, and serve a copy nf against Hermes R. Smith and Mildred Date of the frst publication of thk your answer or the uuderaigned a'ttor- notiee is 15th dsy of January, 1965. II, Smith, husband and wife, Robert. K. W.ashington Trust Bank the Admin- neys for plaintiff at their ptoffic Brabrook anal Janet D. Brabroock, hus- addresa below stated, and in case of band and wife, and Zebra Fireworks Thomas Malott Attorney your fa lure so to do, judgment will; tstrator of the above estate. COmpany, a corporation Amounting to be rendered against you aceo'dir, g to the $12,729.07, less $4171 iu a reserve no- 415 Spokane & Eastern Building demand of said complaint which has count for a total of Twelve Thousaud Six Spokane, N'ashington (J. 15-29}