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February 19, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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February 19, 1965

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NT ADS Pd Rates5 cents per 75c minimum (or Minimum adv. not cash will carry a 15 harge. SALE a fright? Make them sight with Blue Lus- electric shampooer Hdwe. fl9 house 1/2 block of hill beside res- Call Mr. Lehto, Sci- f5x STAMPS of all kinds ordered at The Free service, j 15tf Six four door, Gen,e Ross, tele- 35-6825. fl9 PROPERTY 7 unit apt. each All leased r. Near college. :3 bedroom duplexes =e location. Ken Morlan REALTY Columbia Bldg. MA 4-1288 nl3tf HOMES" lots available. Pla new home in the will arr,nge for or cowrentional MORLAN REALTY MA 4-1288 j8tf FOR SALE old, 3 bedroom, attached storage area. ;heat, &apos;storm win- priced. payment stud payments with P. GESCHKE REALTY, INC. Phone 235-4778 Wash. flBtf TO BUY up to 20 1ed of beef cows. C. Hat- Lake. SA 3-3093, flBp FOR RENT Furnised apt. near campus. 3 rooms and bath. Married couples on,!y. Inquire 605 Elm street, fl2tf New 2 bedroom duplex. In- cludes w/w carpet and ap- pli'ances. Available Feb. 10. Ken Morlan, Widmer Realty, MA 4-1288. f5tf @ BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Enco Service Station. Revolu- tionary new contract. Every- thing consigned. Rent .004 per gal. Maximum margins. Call Pat Fairbanks. KE 4-0627. FA 7-9208 eves. f5-19 SPECIAL For St. Vincent de Paul Soci- ety, things you no longer need or use. Help Us To Help The Poor. For pickups call BE 5-6814. jl8tf Will pay a good price for US and Canadian coins. Free ap- praisal if you do not wish to sell. 414V2 First St., Cheney jl9tf WORK WANTED Guaranteed outboard motor re- PRIZE WINNING PLAY  EWSC freshman pair. Ed's Conoce Serviee. James Mickelson, right, lays a restraining Phone BE 5-4400. tf hand on R. Cedric Colness, EWSC instructor Cheney Electric Sop. Corn- in music, as Dr. Harold K. Stevens, EWSC plete wing & repair. Elec- 4rama department chairman, looks to the trio contracrig. Free Esti- far horizon in a scene from Arthur Miller's mates. No job too sml]. Pulitzer prize winning play, "Death of a Norm Lewis, 235-6528. ERICKSON Spokane 1, Wmh. TO CREDITORS No. 78782 Court of the State of and for the County of of the Estate of deceased. given that the urJder- appointed Executrix in this Court and has and that all persons against said deceased are claims, duly verified, vouchers, upon the 3814-32nd Avene, or upon Harvey Of lC- Spokane & East- gton and file of such service Clerk of the above of Spokane, Wash- moths after the of this notice, or they barred. rat publication of this of February, 1965. Executrix of the Attorney EaStern Bldg., 19-26, March 5) FRIBLL Spokane, Wash. YO CREDITORS 78657 Court of the State in and for the County of Salesman." The play opens Wednesday, Feb. 24, evening at 8:15 p. m. in Showalter Audi- torium at the college and will continue for four performances. Mickelson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Mickelson, 913 Fourth St. A graduate of Cheney high school, he is majoring in mathematics at EWSC. [.0 bey' AppIlyi re Ider Was A Tool for , ng pl, ete repair ad plumbing service. Licensed & Bnded. [hree-mch Siding Asserls Lee Wood Marvin Becker, 321 1st St., 235-6528. j29tf FOUND Fotmd white wedng bartd oat Ce.ney HELP WANTED Nztioat Corporation nw ex- pandig i,n this area desires lve wire math or wo for spervisory capacity m this ua. Challegig poion with uture. Recruiting or training expermnce qhepul. Also sever-i al representatives needed. Vrhite Termin Box 2922 Spo- kane, Washington. fl 9m5 MISCELLANEOUS Frankly, we don't know where this controversy about the Forebesder with built-in Hemingway will end. Latest to get into the argument is Lee Wood, former Pend Oreille county superior  rter, who pparently ha's a heretofore un- suspected kn0wIlge of early carpenter tools. Here is Lee's !etter: Dear Freemn: Eastern Star card party, Ma- sonic hall Feb. 27 'at 8 p. m. Tickets 60 cents. Bridge, pin- oe.Me, prizes. Dessert--Door prize, f19-26 Letters To The Editor CHENEY SHOULD HAVE LILAC PARADE FLOAT Per the past two year Che. ney has not been represented in the Lilac larade in Spokane. 45 Honor $ludenls The  time that we had a ft the Pflm. de was an May Liberty high school, Sl-ngle, .u, z, d it won first prize isted 45 students wt a grade .m rne non-commerci 4ivis po'mt f 3.0 or ,better on the ran. semester ]mnor ml The honor studn are as fellers: In the matter of the now in- [ if trim was not used on the cr- The float lmki a large white famous Forebesider, ju howl nets, it was so calibrated that ,swat floating on a pond fille gullible can you gel' It looks [it made a perfect leftmd corn- with pink a, nd white water ilies to me like you swl'owed Mr. [potmd at the confluence of the ad gld cattails. Albrecht s sry lock, s'tck [angle and you couldn't tell it and barrel Of cau,rse, we all rom a factory job. know Mr."Al'brecht is a fine Too Simple to Patent upstanding gentleman, al- The reason it was never lat- though n,ot a baker. This type of gentleman has been. known to .sometimes take off n too high a frequency and affempt to make something t of troth- ing. Of course there always have been ronnd squares, we know that, and square circles; bu as for a pie stretcher, the only pie stretcher I ever he,ard of is where hey put sawdust in the mincemeat to make it go farther. The whole difficulty sur- rounding this s'mple little gad- get it seems stems from a mis- prenuni:ation, of the word "l%rebesider." Mast ,, people want to pronounce it for be- sider," with the accent on beider. The correct pronunci- ation is "Forbes sider," with the accent on Forbes. J. P. Forbes Inventor This instrument was a device invented by .one J. P. Forbes and was used kn the good old days when many ff not most of the frame houses were sided with lap siding, most f it 3- inch. Nowadays, of eorse, it is either log, shake, aluminmn. concrete, up and down betten, etc., and the use of Mr. Forbes' sider has fallen into the discard. I am indeed surprised that some of the d tine carpen- ters haven't aeady put you straight on this. Maybe there aren't .any old time carpenters above estate. Anthony J. Felice Attorney 1327 Old National Bank Building Spokane, WaShington 99201 (Feb. 19-March ) I,,lit the comnttee, conmented, I was a great emprise to [lemm we 'had wan first prize, land it made all ,the work and worry wort'h,'hile." ented, I undersan,,i was be- cause it was so sime. It con- sis'ted merely of a yoke, a dog and a lever, the calibration be- ing attached to he .oke with one machine screw. As I .say, the two instru- ments, that is, the sider ,ad the He mingway, were ,segara'e, but the Hemirgway, ,not being bult-in, had ,a bad lmbit of fall- ing off ever so often and if the carpenter was up on a scaffold he h,ad to get down and up, up ,and down, and in the course 1 can't Cheney? a doy's work that go kind ...... It ls been es ",timated that a Ola, especiany it ne was a un- lL0t would cost us $500. This ion man. So Mr. Forbes then nay sound like a lot of mmaey, UI-" out with a sider with a, but if each orgazlization in Ohe- - .t-in He mmg.w.y , and he ]ney wmhi contribute to the rm tn.e noe thing p,,td Icuse, this sum cottl be reach- unper his name ,as the FoYbe-}ed eily Man floats in the aer wth built-in Heroin- , d cost over 1. .... g IPar e $.000 nfl way. ty the way,  saw not l$5,000, so you can see that neg ago where Forbes died at IS500 'n t ma umormbe e ge of 81. l amoula. LEE S. WOOD' As far as workiag an the Why hasn't Cheney been ,able t,o hve a float since then? I can't tlk of any good rea- son. Cheney  a popuhti<m, of over 5',000, which is lrger than m, any of the other cities represeed in the parade. Ao, Cheesy is far closer to Spokane  mary who must trmastmrt a float torg distances. Seattle, Wenatchee, Clvilie, and even 12ax all have floats in the parade each year. Why You can relax when you're covered by Victor Wilson Insurance THE BEST WAY TO INSURE YOUR MOBILE HOWE 11 " 10 v-tj PACIFIC INSURANCE I/ " " COMPANY A POLICY DESIGNED U SPECIFICALLY FOR MOBILE HOMEOWNERS CALL US NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL FOR BIDS Bids are hereby called for furnishing to and lot Sopkane County Fire Pro- tection District No. 3 one comprehensive liability insurance policy covering the operation of Spokane County Fire Pro* tectior District No. 3 and all its mobile equipment, limitation of the policy to be $100,000.00 for one injury, $300,000.00 for one occurrence, $5,000.00 property damage ; property damage to contalr $50.00 deductible provision. Alternate Request: Bids are also re- quested for comprehensive liability pol- icy, $250,000.00 one injury, $500,000.00 for one oceerence, $25,090.00 property damage; property damage to contatn either $50.00 or $100.00 deductible pro- vision. j The District operates 19 fire trucks, eep and one station wagon and said allicy shall specifically cover Person- a y and includes drivers of all fire trucks under the State Financial Re- sponsibility Act and Officials and Of- ficers of the fire district in private cars when on business of the district. Policy to be in effect from and after April 1, 1965. . ... thIt is to be explicitly understood tna e District does not waive nor shall it waive nor shall insurunce cover any acciden or damage for which there s no liability by reason of Government immunity of the Fire District. (the same being a muncipai corporation.) It is further understood that individu- al firemen are covered either hy State left or maybe they ave too in. Volunteer Firemens Relief and Compen- of the Estate o$ sation Insurance or hy State Industrali different. I a,m not an old time .Insurance. No recipcrocal or assessable carpenter but I .am not so given that the under- insurance company bid can be accepted. Pointe i Administrator m this Oourt and has  Addtional in,formation may be secured dumb .that I don't know what zrom Elmer Luiten, Secretary of the a Forebesider is. ly. and that all per. District, at his office at the Cheney Hemingway Described o against said de= Grain Growers, Inc., Cheney, Washing. serve clalnm, duly rosary rtlchers upon ton, on or before 12:00 o'clock reen, Well, aRyway, it was a rath- March 13, 1965. at South 11 Mooe Bids shall be filed with Art Bean, (T s1w process putting this .Washington or upon Chief of said District, until 12:00 o- siding on one 3-inch strip at .ae attorney of record 'clock noon, March 13, 1966, at the 11 Monroe District office, 1321 Second Street. Che- a time, so Mr. Forbes put his and file ney Washington, and bids will be pub- ferns brain to work and came licly opened at a regular meeting of the of the commissioners of said District to be up with a device that wuld held ir the above mentioned office at the enla)]e one man to put on not after the hour of 1:30 p. m. Saturday. March 13, only one but four strips OF sid- etics or they 1965. The Commissioners reserve the right il .'at atilTle, Lll equally Publication of th to relect any and all bids and to waive of February, 1955. any and all irrezuyarities. Bidders shauld spc nd properly staggexed. L Adminixator of furnish the Commissioners with a sam- The Hemingway originally was pie policy if possible. By Order of the Board of Commission- a separate device, originated by Wash. era of Spokane County Fire Proction one Hemingwy but nvver pat. District No. 3. H. T. BROWN, Chairman ented, that  used to square Attest: the ends where they butted FELICE Elmer Luiten, Secretary. Wa (Feb. 19-26) agllt the casing or trim, or CRRDrIORS CALL FOR BIDS CALL FOR BIDS 78803 Notice is hereby given that the Town of V(ashington, Council of Medical Lake, Washington, will entertain bids for furnishing the Eastern Washington . of the Estate of Town. of Medical Lake, Washingtor*, on aeceased, umt prtee basis, approximately 6000 State College given that the undar- cubic yards of crushed rock, approxi- Executor mately 4000 cubic yards of which are Separate sealed bid prop- this Court and to be spread upon certain streets of the als are available for education. and that dl Town of Medical Lake, and approxi- against maid de- mately 2000 cubic yards of which are al equipment and/or supplies BeIwa to be stockpiled within the Tow of by Eastern Washingtoh State Medical Lake. Copies of specifications may be oh- College in the office af the Di- teined at the office of the Town Clerk, [ Town Hall, Medical Lake, Washington. rector of Purchasing, Room Sealed bids may be submitted up to ]21. Show.lter Hall,. 8:00 o'clock p. M., March 3, 1965. at which time and place all bids will be Proposal orms may be Oh- opened and publicly read. The Town tained at the above office. of Medical Lake reserves the right to T. "c Wall reject any and all bids and to waive mi- " nr irregularities in bids. Director of Purchasing. By order of the Town Council : Approved by A. . Denton, Mayor (July 1, 1964-Jly 1, 1965) publication of this E.A. Brewer, Town Ulerk-Treas. of February, 1965. Executor of the Medical Lake, Washington ( rob. 19, 1955) ,Free Press want ds sell. Member of United Paclf|a Insurance Grou Home Offic TaGoma, Wash. ED DOTEN AGENCY CHENEY, WASH  235-4050 Friday, February 19, 1965 Clmney Free Press Page s float ie, there are 00.,l(amp.Fire m Leaden There isn't much work ff ]Assoaahon Meets ating it can be fun. It ao ! gives our community a chance to work together on a project AI 0rl0b Residence that will be apprechated" by many when it is finiVhed and The Camp  lea@era asso- to slow our pde n ur won ciaian held the monthly meet. derful town. ing  the :lme v Mrs. W. J. With the cooperation of Orlob on Wednesday Feb. 17. everyone, it will be possible to IV=formatio on the amm m.t have a Heat.  beginning on Vtarch 6, was Let's not et tlis year go by ussed arid c0mittees wiLl, out our being represented phnned. Relresentatives from in the anatra Spokane Lilac the Spokane office were p'es- Parade. e. Let's shay everyone what A s tlm rom our: great city of Cheesy can he heey Camp Fire council do if we really put our minds met at the :home of Mrs. F. J. :to it. Scha, hat week. Mrs. Fran Katlw Dh,ger Akers of Spokane office WaS @heney, Wash. pesent t,o help outlie the year's phns  the approval Pesticides Survey The new Cnp Fire grmp Aids Nli0l SIudy with Sue Jwm_son leader met ; at the Johnson .home ht , to complete the plasti handi- cMt project ad : for a A survey of pesticides used group council fire. by farmers ad how they are Election Held ucd, will be made in Spokane The Oda K Ya Camp Fire county during Febrtary and group met at the lmme of the 5arch, accor4ing to Emery C. leader Mrs. YYed Johns last Wilcox, .state statistician, week. The lmsiness meeting Spokane county is one o 400 included election OF new offic. counties in the U. S. incktded era who ave president Lain-is in a rmtional study of farm IGe.s; vice 1sient lCky uses ,of pesticides. The results Gcodwin; secrery Kelly Mc- wffl he used to 'lmp asse the Mans; treasue" Terry Arm enmic impact of prese Ahleqnan; scrbe Patty Hgelin. and future uses OF chemical Plans were made  the moth. contrl measures, era tea. Fan operators .tivinlg in e. Saturd'ay fternoon the Oda lected areas of .the cotmty are E]on Ya Camp FLe group ca. behg ked to report on e terLained their  at a sprays ,and 4sts used in 1964 Vlentine teaparty at the Imme aSaast crop and lik in- of Mrs.  Johns leader. The sects and for k weeds. ,tea lble was 4Restated in Val, The survey wig include ques- online  and colo, the Lions on the materiA used, ,gir fg and sevvg costse and meflmd OF applic, refresneuts. A puppet show Lion, ad other rehted farm on  Ctmp Fire ".history giv- characteristics, en by the girlS was the enter- tafnt. Liberty High Lists Union Pacific Road Rushes Development Lnion Pacific R this week ,took action to sthauhte its industrial development .pro. gram. The increased empba Will come from the ppointment of hmon J.W. odfrey to the newly R.Bonnie Bareither. Barbara Gibson, I created ,tmsitia of assistt to jJcKtrlUoea]eA]vlOrvl]eer. Toq Wiley. I the Presidentriai reh- rio ner, Phyllis Hofmaln. Judy Pollock I 1,1 wln laeaaquarters m ann mari,yn Sievers. ' IOrrm.ha, Nebr., ain to Jane nrineke'n)IimmarssCleuse n Lei h Edd H Baile "d Crit ..... ' ...... g I .. y, pres vet OF the nlow, ally u elgennauer, Marha / d. Hein, Bob Pollock, Jerry Schieche Crf ....... : : ....... Dwight Zehm, and Judy Lundstrum zy, LUItzL lil p.rO20on Juniors w?aw district engineer of the Beverly Baden, Pat Cornwall, Carol Toepke, Judy Cornwall, Gayle Roecks, Julie Roellieh and Darlen Wright. Seniors Mary Schmidt. Linda Bliesner, Bob Glausen, Kathy Clausen, Jim Cole, Kay Cupp, Jeanne Goodner, Wayne Har- desty.Bonnie McClellan, Donna Pottratz, Alan Roecks, Virginia Swanson. Sharor Lederer, John Haladyra, Connie Hoff- man, Lois Wittwer and Valerta Wolf. Janet Cheats is the or*ly student listed with a 4.0 grade point average. Additional honor students for the sec- ond quarter are Start Gerhauser. Joe Schmitz. Cyndi Tilton and Ton Wiley, freshmen ; and Joe Rasmussen, and Sharer Lederer, seniors. Firemen and Guests To Cavort Saturday Everything is in readiness for the annual Cheney Volun. teer Fire Department bell this Saturday evening, Feb. 20, according to Chief Cecil Charffon. The annual affair is the department's main method of ,raieing funds for many items not included in the department budget. Tickets at one dollar per per- son may be purchased from any member, mailed in or bought at the door. DAUGHTER BORN TO DON MONSONS A daughter w born to Mr. aad . Dond Mor in a Spokane hospital Wednesday 00rnmg..The nine jo'ms a sster m a ,,er. Mr. !Ion. son is Oheney ,high school ath. lettc coach, ALEX RAJALA BREAKS LEG Alex Rajala, son of Mr. and Ms. CIifford Rajahs, an_Stained a broken leg Feb. 9 v2aile pac. choysSkiing with so-emil boys. were pricing on the wheat *hidls just nvh of town,. south-central disict of UMon lqaeific at Salt Lake City. "Union Pacific ,h lmg beea active in industrial develop. merit througlont the te R seawes," Baley said. "ttow. ever, in order to stimuhte our logram, to co0rdlnate and l expand the eff of he see. erai de.fOments concerned and to expedite the to a successful conclusion of the ofte complex require- ments f industrial expmian, this new lmsiton of sstant to the 'Presidnt.industriai re- lations is betag added ,o my st,aft, effective Feb. 1. "We hope to b "ri new in- dustry into on.x territory even more rapidly than in the pat. At the ,same time we are de voted to assi.,;mg exdng in. dustries in their expmmtn plaIs." MORRISON & HUPPIN 604  Bldg.. S. W. NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 78731 wasln .the Subtler Court of the St nmgton in and f0 the Cun%, Spokene In the Matter of the Estate *of MANUEL MAYF_R GROSSMAI, de- ceased. Notice is hereby gve that the undel- sg..ed .has b appointed tix ot t.m:,ove etate in this mrt, mad has quaazl accordingly, and that all per- sees navln lalnm   d ceased are required to ve claims, duly verified, with neceseary voueh upon the undersigned at S. 812 Fm, Sokane, Washlnto or Upon C. ] Huppin the attorney of lcord at his office at 604 Fidelity Building, Spokane, Washlngl and file such claim with proof of such n-vice in the office of tte Clerk of the above ourt at the Pane, trahlDton, Withlll moths after the first publication of this notice, or they will be forever barred, Date of the fst lmbltetio of this notice ia 19th day of February, 1965. Fannie Gruuman Executrix of the above estate. O. E. t{uppin Attorue 604 Fidelity Bldg., SPokana. Wsah, (Feb. 19-26, March ) CALL FOR BIDS Sealed bids will be received Until 1:30 p. m. March 13. 1965 at the office r f. Sp__ane County Fire Protection Dis. et iNo: 3,. 1321 S. omi Street, Ch hey, wasa., Ice the following: To and for Spokane County Fire F tection District No. 3 one Fleet Rated Policy of Fire and Theft Insurance for the following fire trucks and fire fighting equipment thereon, all as listed and deathbed hereafter together with I r, ae date o acquisiton of the trucks, type I of equipment and value thereof. Policy [ to cover radios, trucks and fire fighting I umet. Policy to b in amount equal I e cost of each truck and its equip- I ent the mune being the actual te- l P acement value thereof. Policy to be in [effect from and after April 1, 1965. I Trueks and equipment to be covered I by said Policy are as follows: No. Date Truck 1 1964 Ford Statior Wagon. Radio 2 1964 Ford Tanker Radio 3 1945 International Tar, k Radio 4 1962 Dodge Radio 5 1963 DOdge Radio 6 1961 Chevrolet Radio 7 1957 Ford Radio 8 1964 Dodge Radio 9 1963 Ford Radio 10 1959 Ford Radio 11 1958 Chevrolet Radio 12 1958 Chevrolet Radio 13 1960 Ford Radio 14 1965 Ford Radio 15 1959 Chevrolet Radio 16 1960 Ford Radio 17 1950 Chevrolet 18 I950 Chevrolet Equipment Value First aid equipment $ 5.000.00 2 20 GPM pumps 16,000,00 1,50 Gallon G,000.00 Bean 40 700 gallon 13,000.00 Bean 40 500 gallor 12,500.00 Bean 7 700 gallon 15,000.00 Bean 40 500 gallon 9,500.00 Bear 20 400 gallon 9,000.00 Bean 20 400 gallon 8,500.00 Bean 40 500 gallon 9,000.00 Bear 40 600 gallo 10,000.00 Bean 40 250 gallon 9,000.00 Bean 40 500 gallon 10.000.00 Bean 40 700 gallon 13,500.09 Beean 40 500 gallon 9,500,00 Bean 40 G00 gallon 10,000.00 Bean 20 250 gal]or* 3.000.00 eyers 20 200 gallon 2.090.00 19 195g Chevrolet Bean 20 200 gallon 4.000.00 20 1958 Jeep Radio Disc and Blade 3.000.00 Total cost of trucks and equipment .............................. ".., $I6.500.00 o!icy to be replacement type. March 13. 1965 at 1.30 p, 1 ddltion or substitute trucks and[ The Commissioners reserve the right equipment may be added at base bid "RATE." [ to reject army and all bids and to waive No reciprocal or assessable irsurancel irregularities. Sample policy should be submitted with hid if possibl copany bid can be accepted. [ By Order of the Board of Commis. ms will be publicly opened at a reg'. ] sioners of Spokane  Fire Proteec- mar meeting of the Board of Fire Dis- I tkm District No. . trict CorrmHssioners to be held in the[ ffice of the Fire District, 1321 Seeond[ t. T. Brown, Cirnm Attest: Elmer C, Iliteu, Secretary ree, ur, eney, Washington, Saturday i (Feb. 19-26)