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February 21, 1964     Cheney Free Press
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February 21, 1964

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__ Bldg.. Spokane. Wn. n ............... Page5 m ami for the County of Matter of the Estate of A. WILLIAMS, docea+ed. rby glvell tilaL tie ullder- been al, pointed :xecutor The Rev. Charles Dittmar, estate in this Court and accordingly, and that all minister of the United Church claims against said ired to se .... laims L_ . . , , of Christ, tendered his resig- necessary vouch .... Classified Rates--5 cents per I _ _ nation, effective Aug. 31, at a at 1121 Paulsen Washi.t .... uoo word, with 75c minimt&apos;m (or] $ [=OR RENT meeting of the board of trus- slamS'of recordCnnellYat their & Rekofke,office at 15 words). Minimum adv. not ,, -- -- - tees meeting Feb. 11. The an- Buildinm Spokene, paid in cash will carry a 15cl qhree bedroom house, unfurn- nouncemenlt to the congrege-j amt file suChin theclaimofficeWithof billing charge. / ......... ished. 235-6581. n29tf tion was made the following l Court at the Oity [ Three bedroom house for rent, Pautso,n. within six O FOR SALE Sunday by C!h, airman John laublication of this phone 235-4123. dl3f In ,his letter of re,sgnao, be foree barred. New 2x4's $35 M; Pine sheath- icatiorJ of this o64. ing $45 M. Zonol4;te. Insulate Nice modern 2-bedroom house. Rev. Dittmar pointed out th*a estate.Bank the E .... tor your attic nov, 1 to 50 sacks Partly furnished, call Tyler the present situation of the Connelly & Rekofke $1.39; 50 or over $1.35 per 325. jl0ff church }s sound, t'he building | is in good repair, menbeship W,h. sack. Cash & Carry, 309 Union Two bedroom house far ren, s in croasirg ,and the spirit , 6) 235-4584. d20tf close 4o tor. CaLl 25-6343, of C;hristan umty wthin the SCOUT DISPLAY WINNERThis "headkss" during National Scout week. The dummy was Spokane. & BrookeWash. Three bedroom home, ctose to after 5 p.m. fl4,tf organization song, victim, actually a dummy featured in a first "decapitated, by the camera angle. Display cHege. Inquire H.oard 2 bedroom, electric heat, stove The years speRt in CAteey, aid Boy Scout window display, won first place was on view at Edgett Brothers store. Foos, Safevcay sore, Cheney. and refrig furnished. 235- the mi, nter stressed, "kave for the Cheney Falcon Patrol in competition been fullhr as satisfng as amy Court of the State j24tf 4925. f21 in my life. Your accelYmce of m and for the county of tho tate of Ca]f scour pills 20c each. Che- Clean 3 room apartment. Mar- mLe   mr d your __..PTA 00neake Oebale Team ]] Sign Petition decease, hey Drug. f7ff vied ouples preferred. In- love toward me ,and my am- 1" "" r 1V2 yr. ,old (grade) black An- quire 211 K St., IImne 235-fly have ben bl, essings beyond Discu Wins Dislrkl To Remain Inside andC"rtthat"d.,, gUS burL Phone 235-619. 405S. 21 mea,sure. I 'eel that I ,hae SSeS Cheney School Area completed a job of work. Be- aaist enid f21-mlh'p lar ren, t: two bedvom home, fore it should be that I be- Fll- __= !_ A petition signed by 11 Che- ane, Washin Two end ,step tabLes, oe e or- bsemert, au$oma hea, come unable to deliver he job Mental Ills u,amp,0nsn,p ney School District parents & net step ble, bLende oak garage. 224 W. 3rd. Adrian B- of vork tha will meet your w,a,s presented at hst week's at their Wash. finish. Harve J, ordan, 714 7th. fu.s, lhone 657-3506, Endicott, need ,a'rd satisfy my own Th, e second in a series of Donald E. Wade's Oheney School Board meeng asking roof of such f21-28p or write Str Route, Clfax. standard f quality of Service, leotttres on "Growing With High School de,bate temn has that the directors allow their eek of the f21 I choose o ,terminate the re- Your Child" was lresented by [ won h.e District 7 debate area $o remain within the con- o Spokano, 11 foot IHC drill; 4 bottom Dr. Herbert M. Woodcock, Spo-]chznpi,onship. months after the notice, or they 16" IHC plow; 4section 14' Furnished orm bedvoo`m apt., sponsibi'lity of servhag as rain- fines ,of the Cheney distret. of thi IHC springtooth; power take-/ washer & dryer. 121 .Fifth, ister of this church." kane pediatrician, at the Che- They said a 'petition had 19s4. off IHC baler; Massey,Harris 235-6647. f21p R,ev. Dittmar eMled as ney Elementary Scheol PTA The ,team defeatod Ea,st been circulated to consolidate minister by he Federated meeting Monrday evening. Valley in a "talk-ofF' at Shad.le the ovthwest portiorr af the side del. rake. Henry Hengen, Two bedroom ulffmmS'hed Church of Chen, ey in the sum-i Dr. Woodcock, Who spoke Park High Selool Tuesday. Cheney School District with Span#e, phone 2453366. family apartment, one hl.oek mer of 1957. W, hen *he feder- on "Growing With Your Child Cheney arid East Valley had the Medical Lake District. A w..--99201 f21-ml3p from EWSC campus. Call 2281 atin,g churc,hes went their sep- Mentally," expM, ined th,a men- .tied for the title in round rob- school director of the Medical Used bathroom wash-bowl, at Fail*field. f21 ,ara,te ways in the spring of tal disturbaltees or impropea" in competion. Ctmny's ree- Ike IMstriet, hey said, had _ sp, Phone 2354423. f7tf RENTAL OPTION 1961, Rev. Dittmar eonUnued men*al development, if dag- or,d vcas 9-2. ea, tvassed the ,section to de- OF ESTATE to minister to ,the nemdy- imsed early ,in an inTan,t, us- The vict)ry earned @heney termine sentiments of he res- of the State of FOR SALE 2 Br. Tri-Level wi 3rd Pr. in formed Un*ited ChurCh of uly can be corrected, where- the single District 7 berth in ide living in the area in- daytite bsmt. 125.00 nm. Dob Ch,vist. ,as prMonged delay in treat- the Washington State High vaDed, the CoaW of 3 bedroom home on car- Wilson. 235-4175. f7tf Prior to coming to CAmney, jnent can cause a permanent School Debate Tournament at The petition was laresened the Estate of ner lot. 2 baths, electric deeeed. Mr. DRtmar 'gave years of set- men,a,1 .hadcap. latliman in May. .by Hov, ard WiltioznS of the County of s heat, Birch kitchen with FOR LEASE[ vice as chaplain to he U.S. Check-up Needed Lynn Hurs, named tihe best Tucker Prairie area of the C he- buiit-in range. Full base- that Morley D. ment. Attached Garage. Nce and clean, small house. Navy, retiring in 1955. FollY)w- He emphasized the import- speaker award winner, teamed hey district. A pblie meeting of the above ing his retirement, he spent an.ce of frequenc medical with Glenn Willoughby in the on the matter will be held FHA Terms. Suitable far couple or sin- two years of st.dy aud travel check-ups of in,ants since ,men- talk-aft contest. Other .team Monday t 7:30 p. m. at the Ed Doten Real Estate gle person Lese. Ed I)eten in Erope. tal development carmot he members were Carl Frasure, County Coulhoue in Sp a such 424 1st St. -- Call 235-4050 Real Estate, 424 1st St. 235- for the dis- 4050. j24tf The services of Rev. Dirt- measured wi, th a yrd stick Cash Fackreil aid Jim MicA- kane by the Slkae, Oourtty which the day or eve. mar, Mrs. Dittmar, ad son, like physical gro. ael,son, comrttee on chool district said Estate, ovgan4zation. to the heir, " @ SPECIAL Charles, are deeply apgreeiat- Daraa,ges from prolonged .,. @ FOR SALE OR, RENT ed by members and friends ,high fever in diseases such as i -- For St. Vincent de Paul Soei-of the chu'rch, ho will en-red measles were also ex-Tyler Four Lakes -. -,.-v of 2:30 Newly decorated 2 bedroom ety, things 5pu no longer dearor to make the ,la, six plainod by .the speaker. sam , lmme, attached gaxage, ood need or use.' Illa Us To Help_ months of the fanly's stay in "if there 4s ,a sudden per- Spo- ha, e iocation in Medical Lake. Refit The Poor. For pickups call BE Cheney the helapiest ones soy change in a child, it Hi0hwy Pr0ied cusToM BUILDING and settle- $75. CI,'I evenings, Spokane 5-6814. jl8tf Paulson said. is usuatty an emotional rathe - FHA. VA or Conventional W Ainut 4-4698. j31ff Carpets clean easier wiflx,he than mental Recmves Boost Financing tn w WORK WANTED Blue Lustre EleCtric Sham ..... ha,in= claims against said de- ever, fir the: ematimaml prob- ceased are required to serve elain levi s I corrected or ev F it|m$ the Same. pooer only $1 per day. Holmes duly verified, with necessaXy vouchers, ED DOTEN REAL' ESTATE Guaranteed outboard motor re- Hdwe. f21 upon the undersigned at Spokane, Wash- i, ated it'will'probably deve!op The State Highway C,nmis- 424 First Phone23l0 pair. Ed's Cone Service. ingtor or upon Habmlen. Gilbert arid ilia a mental problem," he "" Brooke the attorneys of record at their stun nnouned Monday it will " tf office at 912 Paulsen BuiMtng, Spokane, said. Phone BE 5-4400. WNTE[D Washington and file such claim with divert $1,243,000 in funds from " " At .t_ tmstness meeting the down, town section of the proof of Such service In' ghe office Of conuc 'by Vice President Spokane Freeway for use in O. B Electric & almon HELP WANTED Will pay a good price for US the Clerk of the above Cotln at the ity of Spokane. Washingtor within "laix Wal, ter L. Powers, a nomin- Ladies o he2p wit spring and Canadian coins. Free ap- onths after the ft,t micati ef ,g cmmittee was elected as the Tyler and Four Lkes area. L + .Vu'shof .Mminess. Full or part praisal ftyou do not wish this .oioe, ohe yiwll beer.bared,.  IXmald E. Sti, drict PERSONALIZED SERVICE time. Car necessary. Commis- ell. zt14 First St,. Chefiey ; :,noticeDate isf21st'the dayftrst Dub]]/tOnof February, &961.el-tht @Uovs: Mrs:Obed Wmn, hilay engineer, s#d the Wiri.g ' ' Ebba Irvine Executrix of the chairvnan; Mrs. W: L. Powers commission will use some Elect. Heat, rs, Puml a sion. Stanley Home Pax)ducts. Luzier cosmetics of BriStOl- abe .... tate. H. M. Hamblen Atterney and Mrs. Sa,m H. Bright. the under- Write MiMred Davis, 911 E. Myers, advertised in Feb. 012 Paulsen Bldg., Spokane. Wash. Wagoner Speaks $250,000of freeway alaea*ions Re. 1, Spokane CH.,4-2705 xecutora Central, Spokane, or call col- Reader's Digest needs consul- (Feb. 21-March 6) School Doard member E, H. to purchase rights ,c:' way need- court and lect HU 3"1143. f14-21 ants in Cherm and Medic ed between TyLer and FoUr ....... and that all Sam de- nun o. snenzcx Wagoner presented he aims Lakes. An additional $1 mfl .... serve elalmms Local correspondent to make Lake. Call or write M+argo 600 Radio Central Bldg., Spokane. Wish. of be school.board as OI]ows." lion may be used o Maet con- credit investiatiorts in Che- King, RI 7-7422, 2015 W. 10th SOTCE OF s.rrLmmT o mST The board recomaxm'nds that rmy and immediate vicinlCy for Ave, Spokane. fTf No. 7337 the prresent high school build- struction on a 13.9 section. ELECTRIC SERVICE In the Superior Court of the State of lOrle diverted rom the AT ITS BEST Dun & Bradstreet on part Washington in and for the County of ig be used for .grades seven downown Spokane Freeway Spokene. Phone BE 5-4410 time fee basis. Write A*t'n: Wanted In the Matter of the Estate of and eight or eight and nine to may mean work will start on ary McPherson, Box 26, Spo- ARTHUR aOBEaW meCOLLIM, de- eimin,ae the crowded codi- ,the Tyler,Four Lakes project State of Washington, County of Spo- tlon in the elemenaT schools . .h.,.tioa karts. Wash. f21tf Farms & Acreages kane.--ss.Ceased" sooner than expected. Stein EDGETT BROS. be forever BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY I specialize in properties Notice is hereby given that James R. and that .a new .hgh school be said. of this ' , ' 9s4. Small investment can make south and west of Spokane. McCollim, the Executor of the above buiK in Cheney. estate, has rendered nnd presented for WaOTler aso said a steer- - If your pl, ace is [or sale, settlement to, and filed in the Superior you $500 per year part time call JAY SMICK, RI 7-8659. Cout of Svokane testy, State of ins committee, representing of the from your lme. We will fi- Washington his Final ..c.eount as such  SCheOZS in the Cheney dis. THE UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST Executor and a petzor xor ne & Allisor nartce right mn. When writ- WILL ROGERS AGENCY distrihutior of said estate, in wAtch trice, is being appointed to de- ing for in, formation, inc'ude thedistributecoUrt iStheaSkedpropertytO settletoaldtheEState.heirs termine and hep prome the AN N UAL Wn. 99201 name, address, teleph0e n, um- f7-21p or Persons entitled to the same, and type of educational program ber, .age, marital stattts, hours anddischargethat Friday,tAn saidtheJames20th dayR' of.McCollim'March, parents at for their chil- g DO (I mor-as'-ar" now working. Write o box ItS cash, within the hours Dreseribed by 1964, at the hour of 9:30 o'clock a. rn., dren. He requested six vep- law for Sheriff's" Sales, to-wit: At ten " ' e/o this newspaeer, f14--m6 o'clock ..... on the 27th day of march, to:ht? iCUt?ery off ;olaaLt, SnPea resen*a, fives from e Elemen- 1964 at South Courthouse Door Spokane County, has been duly fixed for tary PTA. These are to be ap- Spokane, in Spokane County, in the the hearing and settlement of enid Final pointed "by the president, of the State of State of ashinglon, all the :right, title Account and Petition for Distribution, the County of above estate, has rendered and Dresented and interest of the above named de-at which time and place any person Peter J. Smith. ru 00Cem'ruar'" .'q 1964 for settlement to and filed in the Superior fendants i and to the following de- said estate may appear and Estate of Court of Spokane County. State of Wash- scribed real Droperty, to-wit: file his exceptions in writing thereto ingtc his firl account as such xec- The East ][{alf (E/i,)of the Suoth-and contest the same. Bard's Work City Hall ut ..... d a petition for Ithe distributiory east Quarter (SE+A) of Section Six Dated this 18th day of February, 1964. -'eney of said estate, in which the Court is asked (6), Towrship 29 North, Range 43, Gee. E. Fallquist County Clerk and o settle said Estate, distribute the )ro- E. W. M. Spokane County, State of Clerk of the Superior Court. .and that 0erty to the heirs or p ......... title(] Washington To satisfy a judgment in By la]l)h V. Renwlck, )cl)uty. Set .00lL'a" EWSC to the same, and discharge he said favor of Dart Truck & Tractor Co., (Feb, 21-March 6) Executor, and that Tuesday the Inc. and R. H. Mills and against Robert 24th day of March, 1964. at the C. 1"ay .... d Charlotte O. Payne. bus- Hamblen, Gilbert& Brooke 5:00 to 7:15 p m hour of 9:30 o'clock a. m., at the ban<t and wife, Amountin to Nine Thous- 91Z Paulsen Bldg., Spokane, Wash. @ a UDo Paul Court room of our said Super- arid Six Hundred Eighty Two and 10/100 Shakespeare's first tragedy, : ior court, in the City of Spokane, in said ($9,62.10) Dollars with interest at 8 NOTICE TO CREDITORs "Romeo and Jutiet," with Spokane County, has beenm duly fixed per cent per annum from Jan,uary 1, No. 6567 Adult, $1.S0 for the hearing and settlement of said 1964 and $500,00 attorney's' fees and Ir the Superior Court of the State of cast of 24, will be presented in ............................................................................... Final Account and Peti:ion for Distri- ;25.80 costs and increased costs. Plus Washington in and for the Cbunty of four evening perfo'mances Children 5 to 12 .................................................................... 75 button, aL which time and plaee any 26.00 Title Expense. Interest at 6% Spokane. 0erson interested in said estate ma from February 11, 1964 to sale on In the Matter of the Estate o starting Wedn,esday by the Children under 5, no charge appear and file his exceptions in writ. attorney's fees and costs. EUNICE M. SMETHERAM, a widow drama department of Eastern Ing thereto and contest the same. Given under my hand, this 18th day deceased. MENU Dated this 13th day of February, 1964. of Febmary, 1964. Notice is hereby given .that the unde Washington State College. Administrator George Fallquist County Clerk and William J. :Reilly, Sheriff signed has been' appomted Executor Each performance will, be Turkey, Ham, Meat Balls, Thuringer, Pickled Herring, Clerk of the Superior Court. By Evelyn' Fordyce, Deputy of the above estate in this Court and has By R. D. Tucker, Deputy Ernest A. Bentley, Plaintiff's Attorney qualified accordin'ly, and that all per- in Shovcalter Auditmhum on Cheese of all kinds, Baked Beans, Scalloped Potafees, (Feb. 21-March 6) (Feb. 21-March 13) sons having claims against said de- the EWSC cmpus in Cheney Potato Sal'ad, Tossed Spring Salad, Cranberry Salad, Shrimp ) CLARE E. TURNER HEMOVICH & BANTZ ceased are required to erve etaims, duly sary vouchers verified, with neces , upon +and will start ,at 8:15 p. `m. 417 Paulen Bids., Spokane 4, Wash 418 Symons Bldg., Spokane, Wash. the undersigned at 7748 Ridge Drive, Tickets will be avable t Salad, Tomato Aspic, Fruit Salad, Celery and Carrot Sticks, N. E.., Seattle, Washington or upon' H. Relishes. Pickles, Homemade Breads and Jellies, Cul:.:akes, Slmlran, NOTICENoT ? CREDITORS NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE M. Hamblen tho attor nnnYBof record at the door. 76611 No. 60669 his office at 912 Paulsen uUding, So- Origirmlly lanned /or only Coffee and Milk. In the Superior Court of the State I the Superior Court of the State of kant, Washington and file. such claim in and for the County of Washington, in and for the County of with proof of such serv m the office hree prfnes, h St- Spokane. of the Clerk of the abo v Court at the ofnthecountyState Off AINETTEIn the M.MatterscHOPF,f thedeceased.Estate of MARIEIn theM. Joy,Matterdeceased.f the Estate of City of Spokane, Washington, vithin urd+ay evening lresentaion six months after the f rat vublication was added because of the 4Y signedNtiCehasiS herebYbeen giVenappotntedthat theExecutdxUnder- cae.--s.State of Washington, County, of Spo- of this notice, or they will be forever widespread interest in Lhe pr of the above estate in this Court and Notice is herey given that Alvin F. tarred. Date of the first publieation of this duction. has qualified aeeo:rdingly, and that all Sehoeberg, the Executor of the above notiee is 21st day of February, 1964. ! persons having claims against said de- estate, has rendered and preeented for F. Edwin Smetheram 'Xecutor of the teased are required to serve e]alms, settlement tO, and filed in the Superior above estate. Charles Diflmar duly verified, with lecessary vouchers Court of Spokane County. State of Wash- H. M. Hamblen Attorney upon the undersigned at S. 2114 Wall, in glen his Firl Aecount as such Execu- 912 Paulsen Building Spokane, Washington or upon Clare E. tor and a ]petition for the distributio of Turner the attorney of record at his said estate, in which the Court is asked Spokane, Washingto 99201 office at 41, Paulsen Building. Spokane, to settle +aid Estate, distribute the pro- ,Feb. +, ,, Named auM..,.mmmm, Washington, and file such claim with porty to the heirs or persons entitled proof of such ervice in the office of the to the same, and discharge the enid " clerk of the above court, in the City of Executor, and that Tuesday, the 17th day pl To Naval A(ademy Spokane. Washington, within fix months of March, 1964, at the hour of 2:00 Corn ere W after the first publication of this r.otiee, o'clock p. rn., at the Court room of our or they will be forever barred, said Superior Court, in the City of Real Estate :l" Date of the first publicatio of this Spokane, in said Spokane County, has notice is 21st day of February, 1964. beeen duly fixed for the hearing and Service Charles A. Dtthnar Jr. Che- )y Lora Morrison ExeeutrPx of the abov settlement of said ]Final Account and -- of this " estate. --__ Petition for Distribution,. at which time Listinas needed for our bu,,- ney High SChool senior, has ]1 tAare . 'lrner _ttorr, ey ann place any lerson interested in said  J y . 1964. 417 Paulsen Building estate may avlmar and file his exeen- ers We Trade Sell All been named third a Pmnmte to ..... ,.. o - .... .- -- , r V ch -. t the Spokane, Washmgten 99201 tions in writing thereto and contest the Tvr f Prrtv and lu enter the U S Naval Acid- The dmtmcuve qumxw J  cettorney (Feb. 21-March 6) ame. J'-  ---  -7 " " " Lt S , ,hi,t_r 1 Buildin _.._. Dated this 19th day of February 1964 Contracts. See, Write or emy at Annatmlis, Md., tins ^ T ;,,, CM,,,;o tr --- ' . lr 99204 - . ..... IT AX UIIuTLEY .... George E. Fallquist County ' Clerk nhone summer  '-v Ir . .rch 6) xurm ez monroe ., upoane, ,wash. and Clerk of the Sueprior Court. " ....... --- -i,-----, .... ctin "as an _1 ....... .1... .^ .... 8.P[ z -- ' rqe, a (Feb. 21-March 6) -- :STAN .'l"lm=kK -- J.)JVb/lll.)l - . .cvi t ,  ' " 1S UL.LWI.,y U11 llq. ral hid " S M-M Real Co., Inc. nounced tins week by en. . . ' dg., Sokane Wash tare of Wash,non. County of So- Hablen. mibe & Broke ....... / ' --.,,. W.. , - The reason is refreahin 1  . ke.--: ........ I m Paal,n Bldg.. Spokane , Wa,h. W. ' pragoe   ..... w__en G. agnus0n, D Wash g Y +, lEN y vlrme ot an ureter ot ale Issued ..... ,   " u t :iriNoO.o4334 1 OF ESTATI out of the Hon. Superior Court of Spo-I NOTICE TO CREDITORS a30tf rdcm Tl,?mas Sandon of .. , clear-- ".ILk the Water I | I1 a." Of fha o.. . Kane ounty on tne l'ln aay ot leDru - I o 76605 lnUtL 2"kIlgtffLL-- LLtO. OLillJ.u'y r,   ' '.]l ]  -" for the mt, e ox ary, 1964, by the Clerk thereof, in the I In the Superior Court of the State of -- Wililnm .f .,mortn were  o i latter . -Y ot [ ease of Dart Truck & Tractor Co., Irc., I Washington in and for the Counecy of 91' " '.'* ." ,':' ..... ":'" "" * * " " ,ml | kRy o the  .... [ ann . rl. Mills Plaintiffs versus Rob- I Spokane.   t ame<l prmcpa nommees. .. i ]hshi.,.eceased. oam otle.rt C. Payne and Charlotte C. Payne, i In the Matter of the Estate of llmmmlklllmrm[ vmm | liffmnr n,n nllsrannd at.h- ,"  .'L' m  .gon., County # o-_ [ ,uand and wife, Defendants No. ROBERT W IRVINE, deceased IFRmmm--, mvvn | . W ........ , .7"" ----7"';- ---- ,T, lll k -------=a #'her-* " v I  and to me as Sheriff directed I Notice is hereby given that the under i ee as wet as a senot, is " i - iveu th" - [and delivered ' ' signed has beer appointed Executrix =.,,.mm$m . I ............ I lUHll lit eeutor at Ted I Notlce is hereby given that I will re of the boy . . ltm  [ne Ls(n O lev. al(.l Jv11-,i. . . + of .................. - I , a e estate z) ths Court and has j , [ . 1 T ....... ' O* OlvmMa Brewtng Company, Tumwatcr, near Olmp., W..h+ngton, *Oly  2-/  ,,= -u o se. to ee nzgnest biaaer xorlquadfied accordingly and that all per-I - liaTLes ll'uLn'lia_r-, OU  o. -- ....