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March 5, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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March 5, 1965

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Page 8 Cheney Free Press A Personal Letter from Ben Curtis This is sort of a lazy man's way of writing a l,rsonal letter. But I would like to say "'llello." to my many friends, school chums and fam- ily acquaintances in and arouil Cheney. As many of yOU may rememlmr, I'm the son of Fred W. Curtis, who was born in Cheney in, 1883. is still active in the community, and is still living on the homestead south of town which has been ir the family for nearly 100 years. It was orig- inally selected by my grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Curtis. one of the area's tittle pioneers. Most of the time since I left Ohe- hey, I've been employed by tha Mc- Collum Ford Ranch, the Frd deal- ership in the Spokane Valley. Frank- ly, I didn't exactly start at the top, but on the grease rack. :Next, I spent three years i the mechanical department, learning about engines from the inside out This was fol- lowed by 19 moths of service with the armed forces during the Korean corfflict. After this, I returned to McCof lores in 1956 and have been busily and very happily engaged in' sell- in Ford products I was married in 1951 and my wife, Doreer, who is a registered nurse, and I live in Spokane at W. 3923 Broad Avenue, in the new Sha- die Park district. We have a daugh- ter, Ireerm, who is nine. and a son, Craig, who is 11. Both attend J. J. Browne elementary school. My wife is on the staff at St Luke's hospital, but stl]l finds time to be very active in PTA as secre- tary arA program chairman. I like my job. I enjoy selling, not cars and trucks, but transportation. I have stayed with one dealer all these years because I think that's the best way to get the best in ser- vice and satisfactio# for my custo- mers. If you are thinking of buying or trading for a new car or truck, I'd appreciate an opportunity to talk to you. Drive out to Dishman or call me collect at WA 4-1000, or my home FA 8-4210 and I'll meet you at your home or farm whenever it's con- veniet. Best wishes and best regards to ev- eryone I knew in Cheney. When I lived there, I honestly believe those were the happiest years of my life. It's a great little city. mr 6-12 Classified advertising does a great at a small cost. WATCH FOR THE Spring Sizzler SALE March 11-20 AT THE Western Auto STORE CHENEY Friday, March 5, 1965 Two Immunization Addition Is Planned Clinics Scheduled Marg0 Lisenbee's E. o. For Fire Disl Three county heaalth officer, this Winning Patriotic ,,o announced that immunL dq ,z00t,,o,n o,,o00o00 Hea uarlers Here I E 9:30 a. m. Wednesday, March y I Published 17, at the Medical Lake pre-i" If present plas are carried school center in the elemen-[thro,ttgh Fire District 3's build- II Margo Lisenbee, Betz school tary school buldin aria resOling at 1321 Second street will I[eighth grad,r, lacst week wo,n at the Spangie pre-sehool cen-/soo n have a ew ll0ok. |/first pMce in the Phoney ter atlWet Liberty elementary [ he co,mmissioners have sp- It Chamber ,o,f Com,me,rce's Lnde- scud . /proved plans and a bid call for pendece H,all essay cns. _ -- --  __.. a 35 foot addition to the exist- Her essay has been entered in Letters To The Edltorling buildin!g. This will consist :the sate conte. She is the of one 15 and one 20 foot bay daughter of 1Vlr. and Mrs. Ralph RESPONSE NEEDED to hhu, se the two tankers owned Beaudreau of C:heney. Fellow- ON LILAC FLOAT by the district. It will .also pro- ing is her essay in full. Editor, Free Press: vide about 550 feet of floor space for storage as well WHAT MY COUNTRY MEANS TO ME TO those who are interested By Margo Lisenbee the Pacific NorthweSt ls An- as ample area for shelves and I think one of the first things I think nu!aL Festival, Parade and cabinets. about pertairing to my .... try is the Float Clin,ic will be held Fri- T%e addition will provide security we feel here I have always felt a sense of security; that nothing could day, March 12, 1965. Sponsored c,ne empev bay far truck main- ever happen to America. Although I re- by the Spokane Community tenance and make a cces, sible, alize with the world the way it is now, that this. of course is not true. COIlcge, Disptay ttou:se, Spo- by parking one vehicle another bay for major over- But as I thik further of what nay lane, and Vaughn's In, c, Min- country really means to me, I think of the people involved ir the making of neapoRs, with the coperati0n haul or manufacture. our democracy. I think of how much tf the Spokane Chamber of Four Units Built George Vashington and the people he worked with in the Revo.lutiormry 3Nor Cmmerce,and the Sg,okane Li- Stance construction ef the or- conlributed to this security we feel; lac Festival Ass'n. iginal building four complete most of them not even knowr to us, although without them we would not One full day will be devoted fire fighting units h,ave been have won the Revolutionary War. to,all phases ,of festival, parade built there on new track c has- I feel that we have a tendency to think lightly or not at all about the fore-and fIoat work. Festival leaders sis and new btt0ms have been sight these I)eel)le had. They tried the from the Northwest will dis- pat in the tanks of three other hardest possible to maintair lheir place with England as colonies. They knew that eU'SS: rules & regul,ations, fi- units, at the same time revis- if Britain would g ve them their rights n, ancinig, parade organization, lag the mounting system to pre- ("life, liberty and the lmrsuit of happi- tress") that they could avoid all the judging & awards, committees yen tank faiture in the future. trouble that they knew they would have. community rel, aios, stree{ Practically all of the ever- Also, they knew they could not go o as they had been. They needed their decorations, fire & safety reg- laul, repair and service of the freedom and they were going to get it utatioas, district s 20 units is done in or die trying. I truly admire these men that contributed ..... h to ...... fety Experts To Speak this building. and wen being. Exprts in float designing Pro,visions were made for A Wonderful Constitution buKding for such c eLebra- tkis addition a the time of the Armther thing that strikes me is Constitution. With very few changes as the Miss America lag- originial planning by extend- it is still governing our country today, in Aflartic City, Rose ng and completing the faun- nearly one-hundred severity-six years later. I respect these men. not vnly Parade in Pasadena, Ommge dation as it was an, Ucipated at because of their ideals in making this Bowl in Miami, Portland Rose Constitution but also for the very fact that it is practical enough to be used Festival, and nny otthevs wil that time ,an addition wul'.d be aecessary. Also included in to govern a leading nation like America bring a hst of exciting ideas the original plans were pro- for so long. We can tell why they made the Constitution by looking at the Pro- fr use in your celebrations, visions for an apartment or amble: "We the people of the United The schedule WIll be as for States, in order to form a more perfect Union ; establish justice, insure domestic ]loWS: 8 to 8:50 a. m., registra- dormitory in case conditions tranquility, provide for the comm0a de- :ionls at the Coeur d'Alene H would require the satio,n to fence, promote the general welfaxe, and. be open 24 hours a d(ay or if secure the blessings of liberty to our- xl; 9q2, festival & parade clim lves and our posterity, do ordain and C a't lotel; 12-1:30, no h.os a full time pNd fire de,art- of the possible opemng oi establish this Constitution of the United sometime in the future OakLand street ,across th States of America." This is the reasor lun, cheon; 2-5:30 flat cfinic at merit would be mandatory that This is also the reason so many people the display house; 7-9 feat ....... !school site, and of the new ac died in the war. This is what they stood clinic cOninued. .. - for ; why they ..... .tiling; to give of - , l cess highway being pro,pose :heir time, talent .... ealth, and, yes, Response Requested Ilm00n U;Ifl|lf farm [fer Eastern Washingto,n S,tat ven their lives in this war. They want- r[In dt has be.on no VlllVl, ,U*.., ,u,. t C, ailege tLough the ;area ad ed peace, or a small ..... t of calm at h school least; a country that would be a sym- bol of justice, security and mt of all. response to Miss DeAninger'sl,, _ _ . _ a_,,L 4]jacent to the hig site I[ t0[ fl[[ 1 ][ I Mrs. Hilwi move,a trial te aa *"  'ministratiofi be directed to re 'letter in the last Free Press today.This'I feelI believethat AmericaiS whatisAmerica "ar dtaking it is almost impossible foul big strides toward fulfilling the provis- ] Four speakers will rin,g th, quest the city to keep OakLanc ions outliwed for her in the :Preamble a few of us to take on the of the Constitution. VlO]e udertaking. If you are dinner bell for beef on UnioY street vacated where it er0se Words of Lincoln In another aspect of our country's in'terested will you take it up Pacific's agricultural imDr0v( sc.aal property, to sa!te th history, Abraham Lincol helped to get closer to the real meaning in the fa- with yo'ur various oganza- ment car vchen it visi hene- board's concurrence in the miliar portion of the Declaration of Ir- tiOlS? Let us know; we can't Mlac,h 12. c,pening of 8th street north tc dependence: "We hold these truths to be self evident; that all men are created put it off much longer leeause Dick Sneddon, Unio,n Pe the city limits, ,a,d in the cn if you wan a float, it:me is g cifle's agricultural a, gent, h struetion of the :access' ro0 equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable; ing flst, panned beef programs on h,' to the ollege :a$0ng tle north that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." He took these if anyane is interested in car for vocational agricultur bouadary of the school site words at their face value wher many the .above cliaic let me know, students, homemakers, civk The motion was seconded b) of his contemporaries either took it for granted or forgot it entirely. I admire even if we 4o ,not have a float leaders  ranchers. Mr. lussell ad carried unan- Abrah tiepin for th stand he took thiS year it could be put to fu- This Ltraveling classroom [ imotmly. o thia tesue and for the fact that he I did something about it. He stood" up tu,re use. which ats 65, is in ts ll" Salary Increases Asked for the provisions of the Declaration of Ms. Bert Coath job Independence. Although they won (mr year of 'visiting faxnin com-I C ,hairm,an Richd Dievcns in the end of the Civil War. today these Cheney, Wash. munities along tle Union Pa- [ e,f tlm CEA salary committee principles are not being applied well, as the rioting in the south aU to vividly portrays. The negroes are not getting LETTER FROM DAVE KIRK laveCific" beenT dateserved205,725,a helpingPerss [f frresented, saary thatiacreasesbody Sfrrequest1965. their right. NOTE: Last week we set a in:ovmatio n .on the ag car, 66. He was informed by the As we look through the records of the history of America, we find that marked copy of The Free Press Sneddon said. board hat any suvh ljust- America h bme a world ower. I to our old 'high schoal j(mrnal- sircerely believe that if our country Speakers Named ment voud dpend upon in- does not soon become a little wiser in ism teacher with the story their handling of international affairs, abou't the ancient Chinese eg The seakers will be Mrs. creased state appropriations this will not be for too long. . We Fought For Prineiple eating event here ad rceived Vaniva Gimlin of Watervflle, or education. Also, and eve mo siifieant to ths brief letter b,ack Wednes- olairmn of the bee eduea- me, are the principles of liberty end ton committee of the Amer- Chevrolet's Caprice peace that we fought for not only in dlay. our country but in and around the Dear Freeman: ican National CowBelles; Jim world. If we had even for a mirmte forgotten these principles I believe that rlanks for the paper that Seebeck, oner of Stcand Makes ow at Show our country would he doomed  "go claimed eggating lonors for Union Stockyards, Spokane, or Chevrolet's luxurious new down the drain." For without them recorded, yet not only recorded but yOU. I kate to cloud your ile, his manager, Ru, ss Gdlart, Caprice Custom Sod'an was in- "written" on our hearts, we would be but we got some eggs on the Sneddon and tle county gen. itroduce d last week ,at the CAt- just as lost as these countries that nre Mrs. Gimlin will show hmne-cago Auto Show and soon will tryir to gain their independence to- market the other clay that were day. True. they have principles, mainly older. " makers how they can get move begin arriving in dealer s!how-; the wish to be free from a dictator or king but they are not eduacted fully Triumphantly, vaue from their beef dollar, rooms across the nation. enough to set up a lasting form of DAVE KIRK Seebeck or Gladhart will dis- government. So, in these examples you CU'S problems in the market- Semon E. Knudsen, general see a country needs two things, a par- manager, said the Caprice em- pose for being, and a practical means of ing of beef cattle, bodies "the greatest luxury. governir*g the people of the country. I County 4-H Group Film on Program and smoothest ride Chevrolet am proud to say that America has both. With all the fighting and violence To Meet March 9 Snedd.on will ups.n" each ses- has every buEt into an ,auto- among the people of the world, I am' very proud and respectful of America because of the role it. is playing in world There will be a county 4-H slon, ex:plaining the eperatio,n mobile." p ...... Although there cannot be corn- council meeting for leaders of the UP car. He will show a He said it reflects the cur- plete peace as long as people are ha- !man. I feel we are contributin at least and junior leaders March 9 at new UP motion picture, "Bee,f rent booming deand for more t little to making this world a better W,aslaington Trust Dive-In Rings the Bell," which pro- sad more automotive luxury flace to live in. These are my feelings toward America branch bank, East 3830 Tren*. sents the modern me,thods of and answers customers "who as far as I am able to express theml Program will be 4-H demon- marketing beef cattle, have asked us for a pal" with This. though is really only a scratch :strtioD workshop: "How to So- Programs will start at 9 and even finer appointments than on the surface to what I really feel to- ward my country. ect ani Demonstrate a Topic;" 1050 a. m. nd 1:30 p. m. The the Impala." use of vual aids in 6enon- car will be parked near the stmtions, ,and judgirg demon- tl depot. David Eccles' Cow Time for Spring Clean-up Is NOW! HEAVY DUTY VI NYL LATEX Interior Satin Finish Extreme resistance to scrubbing. One coat come,age over mst surfaces Self priming No drip apllication Na painty odor Dries rapddly - Comes in 7 beautiful : decorator calrs. AS DEALERS FOR UNITED PAINTS, WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE $5.95 Value $ .49 Gallon BUY YOUR QUALITY PAINT HERE OR USE OUR , PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Pete The Painter PHONE 235-6521, CHENEY Look fc,r the "Pete The Painter" sign on highway at south edge of Cheney city limits. School Board for Electric Heat; Takes Zoning Stand The Cheey municipal pawer system will probably enjoy Large increase in power consumption ulster the new ,high school is buff here as a result of action by the school board at its last meeting. It was revealed that the city light department has guaran- teed a seven mill flat rate far five years for electricity for heating the new building. Joe Doyle, con, su lti.:g engineer, md estimated the cast for all electricity inclufiing heatin'g would be approximately $8200 per year. This amounts to a lit- tie more than the cost of nor- ma.1 electricity usage plus heavy fuel oil fo heating. Electricity Favored However, when other actors were considered, such as ini- tial east, maintenance, ,air con- diti0ning, flexibility of control etc., the comparison seemed to favor electric heating and the decision was unanim0us to in- struct t,he architect to plan for electric heating, provided un- derground service is insCai:ed. In the matter of the county summc rcc'reaLion program, the bard decided to approve of plan No. 3. This includes a swmmir.ig program as in past summers with the district fur- mshing bus ,trarsportation fo,r children in popu.',ation centers ou, tside of C!heney. On Zoning 40 Acres The entro.versiai s,bjeet of the proposed zoning of the 40 acre tract ,across fvom the new high scho0.1 site was: again dis. cssed at length. The .board voted n,aniznouly to g,o n re,cord as vigorous'ly op,posin,g any zoning in the area Lower than R-2, residential including duplexes. Access Road Discussed ALso related to this topi it Lotzenhiser Talk Scheduled Sunday Dr. George Lotzen,his,er, head of the EWSC division of cre- ative arts and c:hai.rman of the department of music, will talk n "The Arts Speak to the Church" ,t Westminster Con- g,regational church Sunday, March 7, even,in,g at 7 o'clock. Dr. Lotzenhiser will apepar in Lhe first of a Lenten series of Sunday evening talks. ART EXHIBITION SLATED SUNDAY Cheney art lovers and stu- dents will have a rare oppor- timity, March 7, Sunday be- tween 11:30 a. m. and 5 p. in. Lo view the work of today's leading European artists, in an exhibitmn to be held at 111 West Third avenue, Sp,okan:e, according to Frank T. Hill, president of Barclay & Brown, unde whose auspices the gal- l,dry exhibition is being held. In the show will include 158 canvases in museum type frames, arid 89 uaframed can- vases, which work of some 109 cross section of being produced irma, Germany, ,and Hol:l,an, d Refresh, mnts at the ga:Hery, s there will be an i by Mary Wi,lxon. charge for Tax Deferm00 Bonds Hel Says Local "Federal men features f ings be,ntis seem son Why more ing bonds," ity savings Edward Betz, week when bond sale.s "In this purchased $416,1 bonds for the statewide sales 950," the "Nationally, s,ales for the million. The "E-Bo,nd ings of so many savings or be reported come tax. bond,s gain fag aneeed loIg as the EMRYS DOWNSTAIRS 200 NEW SUITS REGULARLY. . TO 79.i SPECIAL PURCHASE 49.88 AND NOTHING DOWN 10 MONTHS SPOKANE Serving the Cheney and Medical Lake with All Standard Oil SPECIALIZING IN H AI Haskins Standard Oil 235-6378 stration, s. Motorists should keep a Given High Rating Be a "VCatehful Walker" and w:atclful eye for unwatching remain a live pedestTian, 'says pedestrians says the State Safe- David EccMs ,of Medical Lake the State Safety Ouacil. - ty Council. las recently received spc:ial We NEED the many th recoitto om the American You no longer Jersey Cattle club for the pro- duction recard of Honey For those who are in ChieCs Cousi'n Norm,a, which Our trucks will be in your far exceeds the aeage of all 2nd Friday of each month U. S. dairy eows. This re.gisered Jersey, Call Mrs. Maddux, 235-6814 for year ,of age, pax)duccd 10,460 St. Vincent de Paul pounds of milk and 536 butter- fat in 305 days. The mature Salvage Bureau equivalent would be 11,872 2901 E. Trent Ave. tbs. milk and 608 lbs. butterfat. Special Notice Used-Car Bargains at Ratcliffe MARCH NEW STARTING TIME DOORS OPEN 6:30- SHOW 7 P. M. DOUBLE FEATURE '63 GALAXIE 500 XL 2 D. R. H. 4SP. 390 THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY '59 CUSTOM 300 2D R. H. A. T. JOHN WAYNE NORTH TO ALASKA '63 RANCHERO PICK-UP SPD. 6 CYL. FILMED IN ALASKA  COLOR '63 F-100 PICKUP R. H. 3 SP. 9000 MILES ALSO FAMILY FOLK SONG HIT Hootenanny Hoot Many Other Cars To Choose From JOHNNY CASH -- BROTHERS FOUR Hootenanny Hoot 7 -- Alaska 8:30  Out 11 P. M.