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March 6, 1964     Cheney Free Press
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March 6, 1964

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Page 8 C, heney Free Press Friday, MarCh 6, 1964 Our Changing Families: is It For The Better, Or Is It A Slow Decline? By Alfred J. Prince ity of the man in the family Assistant Professor of Social- we are not only dmagh him ogy Eastern Washington but harnrg other farnil State College members as well "The wise correct function ,in her fem- OUR CHANGING FAMILY inne role if her husband&apos;s Wat is ,Im0oening to the masculine role is ,taken from Family? Is it deteriorating? him. The family group ca rmot Has it become too demoeraic? furction as a family if its In the past 75 years the natural head is dethroned." American family ihas chaged considerably. A 14st of some of the more importmlt fami17 changes woud include: in- creasing divorce rate and Changed attitudes toward di- vorce; decline in the suitor- icy of husbands ,nd fathers increase in the rmmber of wives in the labor force; in- crease in premari,tal sex rela- tions; increash-g individualism Thus, some feel, our exper- iment with equty and dem- ocratization in family life is not proving %o be an unqual- ified success. What is being suggested by some experts is n.ot, of course a return %0-ptriachaHsm o to the oppression and subjuga- tion of the young by Ee old. "A husband can play the dom- inan role tovcard  wife GERRY LINDGREN 00uY" ,8 ,, Seines 46 46% Barnts 44 d8 HERE MONDAY 3 M's and C 44 48 Strugglers 412 fiOI Refug 41 61 Gerry Lidl, ret.Tl, ,Skllle's Four Seines 2289, Barnts and Four Som 887; K. Robinson 215, Frank Sel- fridge 544; Marco Arndt 212, 506. Bowlerettes ngkty mte dstmme vuner, and his Rgers I-Rgh School coach, Tract Wtters, will speak a Eastern Washmgt. on State College M<mday evemng. "W" The afair is a Club meeting, and Eaer letter- men will have a OlpovtunRy to quesSon IAndgren as weft as Walters, an EWSC alumnus, Terry Bonny, club president, said. Honored guest WIN be retir- ing W. B. (Red) Reese, vetera EWSC basltbMl cach and former .ahec direov. ALLEY ANTICS M N M Drive In 63 33 Hillcrest Fillies 62 34 Western Auto 50 46 Cheney Lanettes 441Az 1]/2 IGA Bairs 441/(z 51fl Cher*ey Homes 4OV 561/2 Holmes Hardware 39 56 Pinehurst Motel 39' 67 Hillcrest Fillies 2466 w/h; M lq' M Drive In 894 w/h ; Janey Dyck 524 wo/h ; Shirley Learner 204 wo/h. Fireball Cheney Bowl 69 .q5 L O. O. F. 58 46 Lutheran Curch 57 47 Bill Hatch Trophy 54 60 Jones' Resort 49za 54/2 System Amusement 461} 57I Beehive 46% 67U2 Poor Boys 35' 681 Bill Hatch Trophy 3054, 1121; Dot* Manor 209, 557. Cheney Businessmen Fire Deepartment 75 29 i Christian Church 63 41 R. O. T. C. 52 52 Outlaws 51 53 I-laciez>a 51 53 Nabisco 46 / 57 ]/"2 Free Press 41 63 Brown &Holter 361, 67z Outlaws 1114, 3104; C. Hair 211; B. Weigel 585. 50elock Mixed Splits and Misses 551/.., 44Vz and freectam of family mem- bers; decline .in the size of the family; trar.fer of pro%ectve, produc'dve, edca.trM, relig- ious, arid recreai,oM func- tions; and wider diffusion of birth control. Family Is Changing lists who .have studied family life admit flm,t the faxn- ily is chaging profmdly, but they d) not agree o what it is becoming or where it ought to go from here. Orm imin of view hokts ,tlm ma.ny of he aforesaid ,chmges are signs of decay in te Ameri- can family and  the fro-ally is likely to cllse in the rot too distan future. Oa wau.ld argue that the fmnfly isnot really disintegrt but simply chagig ts form axtd values to keep u9 wflfll the permanent chages taking place in our society. Though there is a gret ded of disagreement nmng the ex- perts as to heve the Amed- cain family i goin, g ex, most uld agree that we ,trove trav- eled a 1,ov=g way toward the dem0cmtization of the family. The question is nrow being raised, however, wheYher we have not traveled too far in this direction. The focus of ttention in this respect is the position of the husband and her in the lnodrn American family. Iflrlderr the patriarchM sys- tem power was unquesttovbly vested in the male family head. "The father figure was the symbol of ,authority." The democratic idea is to distribute the power among aH members of the family. In theory tkis is an excelleztt idea. "But eviderce is accum, ulating," writes one autorRy, "tlmt in practise t will nz>t work, because dffereattSaian of roles is essellal to good fmfly fuctiordng." He con- ,tinues: All cannot be treated as equals, because in fact they are act so. A man and a woman may be equal as per- sons in society. But as hus- band and wife, acting ou, t their mauine and fem- inine roles in marriage, they are different and comlle- mentary; the co,ace,p% of equality is me,aningless here. A parent and a child sunply cannot be equal, becu the "child needs the protective authority of h paeents to give hm the security wth- ott which he cannot grow heehfly into an adl,t. By undermining the auher- without beng domineering. A Comets 53% 46/ fa,ther .can exercise aulority Pisure PalSFires 52  47V248 in the h:0ne ithou,t being s & w 47% 6v/. Amberites 47 53 auth,oidrian." It is no p0ver Ringadings 46 531 that modern man needs to re- Calverts Reserve 46 54 Comets 2499 ; Amberites 908 ; Tom cover, "but ,the exercise of h Laube , 245, 589; Pearl Weisman 188, prormr function in the lome." Timber Tappers  Bantams (This article concludes the BenCh Warmers 24 15 series on Marriage and the Rats 20 19 Aces - 18 20] Family.) Spunky Stinkers : 151 23% Aces 867 (2 games); Rats 484. Dwight Tavenner 162. Mickey Mar- Reese Era ,oo 304 (2 games) Ko/fee Kap Kefers Shirt TeJes . . 5s % G. I: Jknes 1 Will End 0000 Corny Cobs 44 48 Pill Rollers 42 49]/2 Next June o,o Krazy KaLes 85 57 Krazy KaLes 2232, Shirt Tales 783; An era in sports  end Jean Laube 199; Sabra Stewart 525. Timber Tappers -- Juniors for Iastern in June when Wil- Team 43 27 13 Team 27 13 Ka'm Bryan (Red) Reese reir. Team 2 13 27 Reese, 'at the Cheney college Tm 1 13 27 Team 4 1509, 549 ; Jimmy Dyck 212, since 1930, except for three 5. Cheney Automotive years in mitary service dur- Higgins & Henderson 671 32 ig World War II, has been Ars Chevror Station 641/,2 35/2 atMetie or, football, bas- Cheney Auto Parts 53 47 Virgil's Enco Station 48 52 ketbaH ,and track coach. Sunset View Ranch 46 54 Duvin, g these years, the col- Brown & Halter 42 8 Al'a Auto Parts 41/ 581/2 orful red-head, vlmse 'hair is Hillcrest Stables 881/(2 611/z Higgins & Henderson 2861 ;s Hillcrest now grayed, .has coached more Stables 1057; Dick Weigel 568; Gordon than 1,200 contests, including Young 221. Wednesday Mixed his three years at Cashmere Dis Ables 54 38 High School and one a,t North J. G.'s 49 d3 Cen,tral of Spok:ane, before he came to Eastern. In foot,bail, Reese has a two- year 17-2-1 record t Cash- mere, 7-1 ad a city cham- pionship at North Central, 21- 3-1 Air Force record, and 60- 24-7 at Eastern tlvouh 1946, lls hst year as grid mentor. COMBS AND. SCALP Reese's track record in- DISEASE clades more than 200 mees and 23 coaference ltles. His O. Can scalp diseases be track teams once held a zee- "'passed around" by using ard of 43 straigtrt dual meet toe same comb or hair- dryer? win. A. Infectious scalp diseases But it is in basketball where can be transmLtted among Reese hs rea.y :built his rep- people using the same comb tation.[ In 40 years of coach- and perhaps among people ing, he has a career record of using the same hairdrycr. 549 Wins and 307 osses, a to- Hairdrycr-acquired infections, tal of 856 ctests, although possible, probably occur rarely. His basketbalq career is highBghted by Ms 1945-46 team DECAFFEINATED COFFEE which won 27 successive O. Certain co/lee products games games, and his 500th are advertised as having Ill. victory, which came in 1960. lie or no ca/lethe. Is this Hundreds of coaches in jun- true? i or and senior high seb0ols and A. Some dccaffeinatcd col- in colleges and urAversRies fees are labeled "97% car- have been Red's "boys." Many feine free." Since the average others are teachers, school of- cup of coffee contains about 0.1 Gin. (l/ gr.) caffeine, ficals and tp business execu- this means that by comparl- tives.  son, the decaffeinated coffee would contain only 0.003 Open Age Swimming Gin. caffeine per cup." temember--the diagnosis and treatment of .disease Meeting At EWSC is the Junction of the pa- Slated March-14-15 tient's personal physician; An open age swimmi'ng meet V;'eprescriptionmaintaindrugsfUll stocks. . havef will be hetd at the laern the professional skill to dis- Whin, gton state CoRege paM pense them promptly March 14-15, Norman Stone and the reputation to do so announced ttris week. at reasonable prices. The event,  .ages 8 'Out West' tbdough 17, is S!o-sorod by tb Eastern Wskhigtn Rec- d I rekm Ass'n, R is an Amateur Feature n /tt-ti Union sanctiored 'GilC r -. 7 meet. Entry forms have been rag'" led to swimming clubs in Washington, Oregon  Mon- tana, Stone Said. The pubh' is The musical comedy  In,ted without charge. "Gil Crazy," to be presented Preliminary even will by Clmney High Scheol tu- start at 9 a. m. both days. Fin- dents, is set ins geograli<ml ale will he held at2 p. m. One area that has always mtigac- meter and three m diving favorite with theater  events will be held ,between W H Westerman es---the western Imrt of the and fixings. United Staes. The story xevolves around ..... the activities of a make-'believe ex-T. V. cowbey Who opens a dude ranch and is elected Sher- iff of a small Arizona , ,and of a worldly night-d,ub singer wlm erie to win his Mfections. With music by George Ger- s'hyin, the musical produeti>n Smith le elers includes ,such song 'hits  "I'm Bidi' My Thne," "I C_rat W .... Em, hraeeable You,' and Sr'fle 408 FIRST ST. CHENEY Up *he Band." The cast features Gene Kin- nick as the sheriff; Tevri DR- e -s levsonastherdg00tcl00ubsiage00; G d ill Industri Lynn Hossom as the Hunger. DO W Jan piar00 p00ye00, LU00a EMPLOYS THE HANDICAPPED man as h'e  postre; Bill Whitney as an Fstewn "Have you ever wondered what you would do if you "Big4ime-aperr;" md Tom could not get a job due to some handicap. Today 125 Samons and Don 1Mrbanks as handicapped folks, Inland Empire people, working at the owners of a croked gam b- Goodwill faced this problem. Your repairable discards of ling house. The show is d[- clothing and household items gave them an answer. reeted by Miss Leor.a Webber Send eli repairable items to Goodwill where they help and Harold Harvey, both of the to do the most for people  handicapped people/" Cheney High School aeulty. CALL MRS. VIOLET SHARPE, BE 5-()8 FOR A "Girl Crazy" will be present. TRUCK PICKUP.  ed in the 'high school auditor-  ..... ium Mrch 19 ad 20 at 8 p.m. ' ..... ANDREW MARTIN SERVICES HELD Funeral services or Anew J. Maa'tin of Cemey wre eld in Spokane  Tuesday  the H,aztm  Jeager funeral home wih Dr. WoolSey Bridge affiatig. Burial was at Spo- kane Memorial ardems. Mr. Martin died in Spolae last week. He is survived by a daughter, M. tester Gibson of Cheney; one son, Iarold 1V[atin, of Ameran Lake three gvandehI ,re one sister EWK-KH0 IV Plan Journalism Workshop April 18 Bastern WaShington S/rote College and KHQ-TV will ,be jint sponors of the ir an- nual Elecones Jouzaaaldsm Workslop for high sh,ool stu- dermis to be leld April 18. I,witatos are being sent to all high seh,oOl journalism anld five brothers. Stencils--make your own signs--1 inch to'6 inch let- ters. Free Press Printshop. Al. so stencil brushes. We NEED the many things You no longer NEED For those who are in NEED Our trucks will be in your vicinity 2nd Friday of each month Call Mrs. Maddux, BE 5-6814 for collection St. Vincent de Paul Society and Salvage Bureau 2901 E. Trent Ave. Phone KE 5-2491 CHENEY HIGH AUDITORIUM MARCH 19 AND 20 - 8 P. M. Adults 50c Students 25c ni6-13 CHENEY MANOR For Relaxing & Enjoyable Living These Fresh, Modern and Spacious 1 and 2 bedroom apartments with comforts you want and need: Close to Downtown Shopping yet you live in a quite Park like setting in a small friendly city where the stress is left behind yet you are still Only 20 Min. From Spokane and a[[ its facilities. Private Outside Entrance for each unit on the ground floor. No stairs, designed for the senior citizen. Attendant on Duty 24 hrs. to assist you when needed. Ground Recreation Building to be enjoyed-by all. " Contect: Mr. OR MRS/WARBRICK CHENEY NURSING HOME CHENEY, WASHINGTON S00rky says: - If 00tdl<es ou00 Home... %eachers in he I.rfland F_anpire for them and their suden to attend the all-&ay vovkshop to be held at the KHQ sludis d at EWSC in Cheey. SLudents win meet .at KHQ whe, re they will see radio and television news being gather- ed, written and hroaeasL They will see and partcte in video taping, filmin aad tw'o- w*ay rt,mote news commuiea- ' tmn. Those ater}dJg wi, ll then be take by bus ,to EWSC for ]unch, where they will vartici- pate in on-the-air broadcasts on the two college s,taiions, KEWC ,arid KEWC-FM. Stu- . dets wll have ,an o1ovun- ity ,to use the EWiSC eavapus arid facilStie and learn about the EWSC academic progran : in radio a,rd telesv*n. .'Cadet CaPe s' Talent Show It Here T0nighl "Cadet Capem,, he annual ROTC sponsored talen,t slm, will be presented tonight a,t 8:15 m Stmwa[ter AudtoVLum.: A pajama dne v'l ll, ow in the  Lounge, sp by the ROTC SlOnsor Oorps. Douglas Hudson will ,be the ovevM1 stride:tit coordirtator of tlm show. Cpbain Mayrmrd L. Nelson is the ROTC advisor to the show. This year's elbow will be a  s,a'ti e on segments of hi--mS r. Ca:isLanding campus talent plus comedy slapstick will prove to give an evening o,f light eatertainment. p,artmelt, Spon:ser Oorps, Music and Dram, a De!part- merits, and BacheLors' Club. There wll be no charge for the performance. GLADYS OTSUKI ELECTED HEAD OF EWSC WOMEN A 1961 ley Hig h Schol gadu,ate has I e']ected preidext of he laern Wasth- in,gton Ste Oolloges Associat- ed Women Studerts 0v the next college year. She is Ctadys A. O%suki, dau.glter of Tsi Neo Otsuki, a unr majoring in business administra,tion at EWSC. GET OUt of the house the minute you discover it or smell smoke I ALWAYS be ready to use different escape routes from any room in your house ! TSV doors before opening. If doors are hot, block them with furniture or wet mattresses to keep out smoke and gases. Get out another way! N|V|R jump from upper-stow windows except as a lt resort! Wait for firemen. HOLD your breath if you have to make a dash through smoke and flame! R|MtBtR, the air is usually better near the floor in a smoke-filled room ! CALL the fire department at oncel They know how to fight fire." Don't waste your time or your life trying to fight a fire, unless it's so small you're sure Fou can control it with the right extinguisher. DONW ever go back to a burning building for any rcaon ! Smoke and fife gases from even the smallest fire can be deadly. G| medical treatment at once, if you're burned or exposed to fire and smoke! Seemingly minor burns or smoke inhalation can have fatal results. DON'T GIVE FIRE A PLACE TO START! [1100001= [ SHARPE. TWIGG & BENNETT W. 1115 Broadway Ave.. Spokane. Wn. Gerraughty the office at 422 Wash.., and file such such service it* the above Court at kane. Washington after the first or they will be Date of first notice is 6th day of Burras W. Nelson the above estate. William M. 422 Symons Bldg.. CLAUSEN & 7Og Fidelity NOTICE TO :No. Io. In the Superior Wasbington in Spokane. In the Matter ARTHUR C. KINLEY, deceased. otiee is hereey signed have been istrators of the Court and have qualii that all persons said deceased are duly verified, with upon the Bldg., Spokane, Gemmill, Attorneys Gemmill the office at 702 kane. Washington claim with proof the office of the Court at the City of i ton. within six publication of this be forever barred. Date of the first notice is 6th day Arthur B. KirHey Joint (states. Paul A. Clausen Clauser & Gemmill 702 Fidelity Bldg., T, G. 628 O.N.B. Bldg., NOTICE TO No. In the Superior Washington in Spokane. In the Matter KATHERINE H. KJ Notice is hereb: signed has keen cta of the above has qualified persons having ceased are required t I verified with the undersigned or upen T. G. of record at his ional Bank Bldg.. and file such claim servlce in the the above court at t Washington within ! first publieaticm of will be forever Date of the first notice is 6th day Washington tar cta of the T. G. Patterson 628 ONB BLDG., (Marc] MARK D. 1004-Old Natl' NOTICE o. lr the Superior Washington in, Spokane. In the Matt(r HANNAH C. otce IS hereby signed have been of the above Court and have that all persons said deceased duly verified, with upon the ional Bank Bldg., or upon Mark D. of record at bis ional Bank in,gtor, and file proof of such Clerk of the above Spokane, months after the this notice, or they " Date at tlxe notice is 6th Manford C. Executors of Mark D. 1004 Old National Spokane, JOHN 417 Paulsen NOTICE No. In the Superior of Washington in of Spokane. In the Matter HARRY V. State of Washin kane.--ss. Notice is hereby O. Sandahl, the Annexed of the NOTICE TO CREDITORS dered and o. 76643 and filed in the In the Superior Court of the State ef Spokane County, Washington it* and for the County of his Final Account Spokane. tar with Will In the Matter of the Estate of for the A. STRATTON. deceased, in which "the Notice is hereby given that the under- said Estate. sigued has been appoinled admilistrutrix the heirs or J the abo,e estate in this Court and has " '  t 1 same ano qHa fie(i ac,.,,rchnlv at;t t lot  I D,r - J ..-t,1 -. *. sons having claims against said deceas-] n,, ,e a ;I ed are reqmr-'M to serve claims, duly 10"00 o'clock v.rilied, w;th nece},rv V,'llprs. ,it)on [ of'our said S i)e the undersigned at W. 1115 Broadway io f S kane in Ave. Spokane Wash., or upon Willard I b:as en ciut J Sharpe the' attorney of record at his ! and settlemen y , office at W. 1115 BroadwayAve,, P. O. ] and Petition or Box 57. Spokane, Washington, and file[time and place such claim with proof of such service in ] ; ,;a +*o b ................ tbe office of the clerk of t above court I . ; v at the "City of Spokane. Wash., within [ este"ame "'" six months after the first publication] ro ; 'h oi this notice, or they "Ill be Iorever [ /s/ Robert barred. I I loner Date of the first nublieniot) nf this I notice is 6th day of March. 1964. [ Janet Stratto Administratrix of [ the above estate. 12 Paulm Sharpe, Twigg & Bennett By Willard J. Sharpe Attorneys NOTICI W. 1115 Broadway Ave., Spokane. Wash. No. (March 6-20) I I the SuPerior of Washington in KATHLEEN M. TAFT Spokane. West 1015 Garlnnd Ave., Slkane In the Matter JESSE B. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby No. */6608 signed has been In the Superior Court of the State of of the above Washingtor* in and for the Coulld:y of i hae qualified Spokane. all imrsons In the Matter of the Estate of deeeased HELGA S. HAFDAHL. deceased, duly verified. Notice is hereby given that the under, upon the signed has been appointed Executor Nelson, Spokane, of the above estate in this Court and Hamblen. Gilbert has qualified accordingly, and that ell of record at Persons having claims against said de- Building, SpokanS, ceased are required to erve claims, duly file ouch claim verified, with necessary vouchers, upon such service it# the undersigned at 101 West Garland. Clerk of the above Spokane, Washington or upon Kathleer Spokane. Washin$ M. Taft, the Attorney of record at her after the first office at 1015 West Garland, Spa- or they will be kane, Washington and file such claim with proof of such service in the office of the Clerk of the above Court in the City of Spokane. Wash., withir eix months after the first publication of this notice, or they will be forever barred. Date of the first publication of this notice is 6th day of March. 1964. Thomas O. Hafdahl Executor of the above estate. Kathleen M. Taft Attorney 1015 W. Garland, Spokane, Washington (March 6-20) WILLIAM M. GERRAuGHTY 422 Symons Bldg., S@okane. Wash. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Date of the notice is 6th day J. Paul above estate. Hamblen, Gilbert 912 Paulsen Bldg., (M GORDON W. 4 NOTICE No. In the SuperiOr Washington i n Spokane. In the Matter DOROTHY JANE ceased. Notice is hereby No. 76679 signed has been In the Superior Court of he State the above estate of Washington i and for the County of qualified Spokane. sons having In the Matter of the Estate of are required to MARY E. NELSON, deceased, fled, with Notice is hereby gn that the nrgler- nndersigned at signed has been'p[Hed Administrator Gordon & of the above estate In this court ar, d has ord at qualified accordingly, and that all per- Spokane, Wn., and sons having Maims against said deceased proof of such are required to serve claims, duly the Clerk of the verified with necessary vouchers upon City of Spokane, the unlersigned at 422 Symons Bldg., six months after Spokane. Wsh,. or uon Wiliiani M. of this notice, or barred. Date of the notice is 6th day PATRONIZE YOUR Old , Natiolml Eeutor of Gordon  & ADVERTISERS west 24 ,.diana;: !