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March 19, 2015     Cheney Free Press
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March 19, 2015

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Page 4 Free Press Thursday, March 19, 2015 By HARLAN HENDERSON Contributor We all should make informed decisions when we vote. In regard to the need for an auditorium at Cheney High School, I would like to address some points presented in previous letters to the editor. Perhaps on-the- job experience of a 40-year,. music- teaching career will help. Multipurpose room s One one-third of the CHS student population participates in the per- forming arts. Part of the students' learning experience (required by the state) is performance etiquette while watching other groups. The multi- purpose facilities in the district are not large enough to accommodate CHS concert groups and audiences. EWU facilities The only facility usable at EWU is Showalter Hall. We tried the beautiful Showalter facility but had to deal with the following issues: 1. hauling equipment there and back, 2. the costs of transporting the stu- dent for several rehearsals and the performances, 3. students missing a lot of school, 4. paying for the facili- ty and the required staff, 5. knowing that the concert could be bumped for any EWU event that may come Up and 6. not having the seating capacity for many of our concerts. We then resorted to sharing the CHS gym. This created a scheduling burden for PE and sports. Gymnasiums Gymnasiums are built for sports and noise; music is about quality of sound. Gyms are not even acous- tically friendly to assemblies let alone a celebration of music for the performers and audience. So many extra weekends and after school hours were used to add tons (literally) of sound equipment, mats, risers, platforms and chairs to turn the CHS gym into a make-do auditorium (over 200 times in my career). I chose to travel with my students to places where they could perform in a facility that was designed spe- cifically for music performances. In contrast to a gym, these facilities (designed with correct acoustics) gave them the opportunity to hear themselves as an ensemble and the intended listening experience for the audience. It's time We would never overlook the need for the appropriate space that is required for our football or basketball teams. These extracurricular activi- ties are important to our students and community. Yet the excellent music programs, that are part of the daily school curriculum, have been over- looked in regard to the appropriate performance space that is required for them. They have been "making do" for over 40 years. When do they get to be heard, honored and com- mended for all of their hard work? I hope this information will help you make an informed decision con- cerning the inclusion of the audito- rium in the school district bond. Harlan Henderson was the Cheney School District K-12 arts coordinator and a high school music teacher. He retired in spring 2014 after 40 years with the district. Write to the Point Bullying like ing online presence By AL STOVER Staff Reporter Whoever coined the phrase, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," prob- ably never dealt with bullies. May- be they did but never lld Stover told anyone about it. Bullying is one of those problems that never seem to go away. No matter how far advanced we like to think we are as a society, bullying continues to exist in different types of forms. l like to think bullying began in the caveman era. The bigger caveman pushed around the smaller caveman and messed up the latter's cave paintings because he was jealous. The smarter caveman tricked the slower caveman into giving him his food and shelter. Three cavemen picked on their friend across the pond be- cause he decided to wear a tiger-skinned tunic rather than sport the leopard print because that's what was in fashion at the time. Technology and the In- ternet has given us access to an ungodly amount of knowledge, but it also allows us to take our bullying on a grander scale and the world is our plaything, all with a few keystrokes and clicks of a mouse. The Internet allows peo- ple to insult each other with the impression that they are doing it behind an invis- ible wall. Folks can use an avatar and a silly nickname as a way to conceal their identity. A recent incident in Medi- cal Lake has shown us that this kind of behavior can happen in our own back- yard. A student brought to his mother's attention an application called Burnbook, where a few students were anonymously posting hurtful messages and pictures about each other. The Medical Lake School District and Spokane County Sheriff's Office has investigated this matter and things seem to be back to normal. Medical Lake isn't the only community that deals with this type of problem. Sure, if you Google Burnbook, you'll find Medical Lake's incident, but you'll also read about the E1 Camino High School student, in Oceanside, Calif., who was arrested for making threatening statements about his school on Burnbook. See Write to the Point page 5 h individual hould evaluat th WPC' gend March 5, the Free Press printed Dave Daugharty's letter re: Washington Policy Center ('WPC) and six related issues. Dave -- a long time col- league/friend -- and I both wish the best for our country, our state and our people but have differing views on what that means. I wish to address each of his six points. 1. Dave's claim: A super- majority needed for state tax increases will "ensure tyranny by the minority." He then asks if such represents democracy. Of course not. The United States has never been a democ- racy but rather a representative republic - deliberately chosen by our founders to prevent tyr- anny by the majority. 2: Medicaid expansion: Which FREE SS Vol. 118-No. 48 Press Production Manager Randy Warwick Pressman Mark Cordes Sales Steve Barge DeeAnn Gibb Front Office Venus Bratsveen Dawn Chemak Editor John McCallum Reporters Paul Delaney AI Stover Graphics Brittani Montecucco John Myers Bookkeeper/Office Manager Debi Labish Publisher Harlan Shellabarger The Editorial Board is composed of Paul Delaney, AI Stov~ Brittani Montecucco, Bill If/t, John McCallum and Harlan Shellabarger The Cheney Free Press is published every Thursday by the Free Press Publish- ing Company, William Ifft, president. Periodical post- age paid at Cheney, Wash. 99004. Published at 1616 W. First Street, Cheney, Wash. 99004. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: Cheney Free Press, P.O. Box 218, Cheney, Wash. 99004-0218. ID PUBLICATION # 102240 Rates: Addresses in Spokane County, $24 per year; $36 per year outside Spokane County; senior citizens in Spokane County, $22 per year. For other rates, call 235- 6184. Subscription cancellations are non-refundable! HOW TO CONTACT US Phone: 235-6184 Fax: 235-2887 emaih cfp @ The Free Press re- quests that contributors observe the following dead- lines, which will be strictly enforced: OBITUARIES. MEETINGS OF GOVERNMENT AGENCIES - Tuesday, 10 a.m. CHURCH, CLUB MEETINGS. ALL SOCIAL NEWS Monday, noon DISPLAY ADVERTISING -- Monday, 4 p.m. LEGAL NOTICES Monday, 5 p.m. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING -- Tuesday, 11 a.m. of the enumerated powers in the Constitution gives the U.S. government authority to offer, let alone expand Medicaid? Charity and philanthropy have histori- cally been voluntary activities of generous people. Paying Medic- aid taxes is not voluntary. 3. Our regulated health care system has not been truly a free market for decades. Yet people from major nations with supposedly superior socialized health systems, (e.g. Canada) come here to get health care. If our system is the poorest of all, why does that occur? 4. As a mathematician, Dave knows that correlation does not prove causality, (e.g. sup- pose I have been at the scene of several auto accidents. In no way does that prove I was responsible for any of them.). Similarly, no single finding of raised CO2 levels during a lone era of increased temperature offers proof that those elevated levels were in any way respon- sible for climate change. 5. With respect to the pro- posed STA trolley system, Dave admits the truth of WPC's claims, but erroneously infers that WPC is opposed to desir- able - but not now necessary nor now cost effective - alter- native energy sources. I under- stand STA's present proposal is for a single trolley serving little/no unmet purpose. 6. The argument that higher minimum wages do not hurt a state's business ranking is a stretch because wages are but one of the complex set of parameters. I agree with Dave that each individual should evaluate WPC positions and support or oppose them accordingly. Don Horner Cheney Cheney Schools should look at alternatives As one of the "Uninformed" voters who live on the West Plains and north of Fairchild Air Force Base, I was one of the ones who voted no on the Cheney School District's last bond issue. This was not be- cause I don't support schools or children's learning, but more about living within a budget. According to my property tax statement for this year I paid $2,087.98. Out of that, $814.47 or 39 percent of all taxes raised goes to schools. Over the last few years, Cheney'School District has come to the voters to approve a $79 million dollar Bond Issue to build two new middle schools and now $44 million for the high school. It's about time that the Cheney See Letters page 5 John McCallum AI Stover Paul Delaney Editor Staff Reporter Staff Reporter Main contact for editorial coverage. Coy- Covers all Medical Lake government, Covers alI Medical Lake High School and ers all Cheney government, community community and school district news, as Eastern Washington University sports school district news and events, as well well as Airway Heights news and Cheney and news. Contact for miscellaneous as Cheney High School spods. High School sports, sports. jmac @ cheneyfreepress, com a/ @ cheneyfreepres~ compdelane @ chene~.._epres~ com