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June 10, 1982     Cheney Free Press
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June 10, 1982

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Page 6 Cheney Free Press Thursday, June 10, 1982 At Your Ubrary It's Summer Reading Time at your library! Kids, stop in to sign up for "Readers of the Round Table" and join the fun. We have lots of exciting events planned for this year. starting with a "Name the Dragon" contest, running from June 4 to 18. Just get an entry blank at the library and think of a good name for the dragon which is hanging in the children's corner snorting fire and watching over the good times we'll be having. The next event will be a puppet show at the library on June 25 at 10:30 a.m. We hope to see lots of kids for the show. Watch this column for other Summer Reading Program events. New books at your library in- clude: STAGE SCENERY, ITS CON- STRUCTION AND RIGGING by A.S. Gillette, excellent directions for scenery construction by the amateur. Includes a chapter on backstage management and or- ganization. A very useful source for church, school or other non- professional play groups. WEIGIIT TRAINING FOR RUNNERS by Ardy Freidberg, for an all-around fitness program for runners and joggers. BETTER LISTENING by Hans Fantel, a practical guide to buying and enjoying stereo equipment for the home or apartment. TRAVELING GAMES FOR BABIES by Julie Hagstrom, a handbook of games for infants to five-year-aids, easy to do in the car or camper. ilOW TO DRAW & PAINT, at last an instruction book for the adult, showing how to do pictures in many media: oil. watercolor, acrylic, pastel, pencil, pen and ink and tempura. TIlE BOOK OF INCOMES by Gerald Krefetz. fascinating infor- mation on how much people make; shameless, out-and-out figures for the income of sport figures, TV and movie stars, millionaires and many more Adult fiction includes: KAItAWA by Donald Westlake; the story of the boldest smuggling caper in the history of the African continent, as a mile-long train carrying 1/6th of Uganda's annual production of coffee disappears into the wilds of East Africa. A WOMEN OF" HER TIMES by G.H. Scrimgeour; Elizabeth Win- gate moves from the life of a young British colonial wife in pre-World War I Ceylon, to a politically active society matron in London in the '20s, to the fabulous world of Holly- wood, in this novel. Master Gardening tips by Harry L. King M.G. Master Gardener Your lawn is a battlefield fighting both visible and invisible enemies. Some visible signs that you are losing the battle are-- an assortment of weeds have invaded, the grass under the trees has thinned out, there are browned out areas in the lawnand you suspect there are creepy-crawly things under the sod. There is something basically wrong when a lawn goes bad. Killing weeds in a scraggly lawn is not the answer. Sod "Trouble comes when there is too much thatch..." -. Harry King e elo HII lee i*oll I* may temporarily solve the problem as well as seeding the bare spots helps for a season. You will never get along with ' your lawn on friendly terms until these basic requirements are met: the variety of grass in the lawn must fit your climate, soil and degree of sun and shade available. Air and water and nutrients must be able to penetrate every square foot of soil to a depth of eight to 12 inches at the same rate. Sod surface drainage is essential so that water does not stand on the lawn. Good drainage throughout the soil is a must. Aerate the lawn if you haven't all ready done so. Poke holes in the lawn with a sharp stick, pitch fork, garden fork or do your lawn work in your gold shoes. You may rent a power aerator to take plugs from the lawn. Anyway to get air and water fo the grass roots. If your lawn feels spongy when you walk over it, check for thatch. Thatch is the build-up of undecomposed debris and plant parts between the grass blades and the soil surface. A modest amount of thatch is actually beneficial. It shades and cools the soil, deters some weeds and helps give the lawn a cushiony feel when walked on. Trouble comes when there is" too much thatch. More than lz inch is too much. Thatch can build up to where it acts as a "roof" over the soil. This "roof" makes its hard for air, fertilizer and water to penetrate to the lawn roots. This thatch or "duff" can actually become so thick it will form a waterproof cover over the soil. Since the lawn roots cannot breath, eat or drink sufficiently, the grass becomes listless and frustrating to the gardener. If ),our lawn is acting tis way after you have done everything else Correct- ly, check for thatch. A good stand of grass in a mild -  summer area loses about one inch of water a week. In I0t areas with dry winds blowing, ab two 'tches a week. Sixty gallon:.'ater appl to 100 square feet of l4quals ab0d['one inch of water. The average sprinkler delivers five gallons of water a minute. So if you use one sprinkler per 1,000 square feet of lawn the sprinkler would run two hours before it could replace the inch of water lost that week. Using these figures you can roughly figure how much time your sprinkler should be running. Put some cans under the the area covered by your sprinklers. Check and see how many hours it takes for lVz to 2 inches of water to accumulate. This test will also tell you your sprinkler's wetting pattern. Some sprinklers deli- ver more water up close, others at their fartherest range. Remember, shallow watering gives shallow roots, deep watering gives deep roots. If you raise a new lawn this year, deep watering is a necessity. Watering frequency will have to he increased on established lawns during thb'h0t ea- son:  :" Be sure to shampoo the lawn with a hose-end sprayer and 1 ounce of liquid soap (bin-degradable) per 10 gallons of water. Do this monthly, and wash your ornamentals with this mixture too. Bugs don't like soap, and this is an inexpensive way to get them to move on. If you haven't done so now is the time to raise the lawn mower adjustment. Lawn grass two and a half to four inches tall is not too tall for our area. This avoids mowing off the crown This taller grass protects the lawn's roots, cools them and helps to conserve water. Since this tall lawn prevents many weed seeds from touching ground, they are prevented from sprouting and growing. Many weed seeds will be vacumed up directly into the grass catcher. These seeds and grass may go directly into the compost pile where the heat of the pile will kill the seeds. If you haven't fertilized your lawn as yet, do it now. All of the cool season grasses go into a summer slump where summers are hot. The blue grasses almost stop growing but stay green in mid-summer. Send these grasses into summer semi-dormancy as green as possible. This can be done by a monthly feeding at half the manufactures recommend- ation of by following the manufacturers suggestion on the label. In which case you will only feed the lawn three or four times a year. Whichever method you use remember to cut the spreader recommendations in half and go back and fourth over the area. First in one direction, then the other. This way there are no missed or burned areas. Gypsum will check many of the problems that are often mistaken for lawn diseases, as well as fertilizer burn. I.A. Cunningham & ,&slc, P.O. Box 535 Medical Lake, WA. 99022 (509) 29%5196 Singers Thefts keep police busy Cheney and EWU campus police have been busy with numerous thefts, among other calls, in recent weeks: May 24-CPD recovered three fire extinguishers stolen from Eastern Washington University. May 24--Fritz Rosencrans reported the theft of four stolen stopwatches and one calculator at Sutton Hall. May 24-Tina Jones, 213 D. St., reported the theft of a bike tire at the Cheney Junior High School. May 25--John Schafer reported the theft of three sprinklers and-a hose from Martin Hall. . May 25::Namgo Chan, Mayer St., reported the theft of a BMX Mongoose ' bike. ' May 26--Jeff Wall, Gary St., reported the theft of a dirt bike. Memorial Weekend-Campus police reported the theft of $450 in a burglary at the Outdoor Equipment Rental room of the Phase Complex. May 27--Colleen Quigley, 304 2nd St., reported the theft of her wallet from the EWU Phase Complex. May 31--Yolanda Gomez, 506 3rd St., reported the theft of her locked bike at 100 Washington Square. May 30--Victor Wiseman, 2015 1st St., reported being hit by a beer bottle thrown from a vehicle while walking along Hwy. 904. May 31--Bobbi Swenson, College Hills Apts., reported damage to pinball machine and jukebox. June 1--Ralph Adams, Cheney Laundercenter, reported damage to three washers. June I--A theft of a desk phone was reported at Showalter Hall. June i-Barbara Rush, 1221 Holladay Dr., reported the theft of two bikes from neighbors garage. Six juveniles were arrested and released. June t--Gleyn Bledsoe reported theft of concrete steps at College Hill Apart- ments. June 2--Debbie Taplett, 1122 Oakland St., reported the theft of a bike. June 2-Patrick Walsh, Spokane, reported the theft of jacket and keys at men's room at the Art Complex. June 2-Randall Sleight, Anna Maria Apts., reported the theft of warm-up pants, motorcycle face sheild and saddlebags from his cycle. June 2--Susan Nelson, 28 W. 2nd St., reported the theft of a tennis raquet and eight-track tapes from her vehicle, which was parked at the Garden Manor Apts. June 3"Debbie Washburn, Pearce Hall, reported the theft of a wallet. lan Cunningham can help you with insurance for your: Home Cars = Farm Business Chancy Junior High School's Trojan Singers gave a special concert before the student body during the school's annual awards presentation last week. the only agent in the Medical Lake/Chancy area representing: [ I)Un=Bard Insurance Group Corporate Headquarters: Seattle, WashinRIon Court Report Airway Heights Municipal Co u,'t Judge Pat Warn;ok June l, 1982 Bobby E Mounce was fined $60 for not having an endorsement and for following too close; Trudy M. Jessup was fined $24 for speeding; Robert D, Goertz was fined $19 for defechve equ*pment; Richard M*chael Brown was fined $30 for o modified exhaust system; Catherine irene Bond was fined $24 for defective equipment; Vance Allen Reynolds was fined $165 for reckless dnving; Terrance Alan Johnson failed tO appear on a speeding charge; Lorry Allen Be[lard failed o appear on o speeding charge; Donald N Welch faded to appear on charge of not using headlights; Kenneth M Shostod had tr*al set for July 13 on a neghgent driwng charge; Jason M. Haddix was fined $165 for reckless driving; and Charles Dean Bush was fined $37 for not having hcense tabs. Chancy Municipal Court Judge Daniel Nlaggs May 27, 1982 Roger M Hotrum had a 90-day sentence suspended and was given three months probation on a minor-in-possession charge? La;'etta S. Ramsay was found not gudty of a negligent driving charge; Dawd S. Brand was found not quihy of o minor-in-possession charge; Daniel Robert Codd was fined $19 for going the wrong way on a one-way street; Daniel F Klaue was fined $25 for on improper U-turn; David A Louber was fined $45 for speeding and $5 for expired labs; Anthony M. Mocias was fined $19 for fading to stop; Kenneth E. Nonce failed to appear on a studded fires charge; Joseph A. Simmons was fined $19 for going the wrong way on a one-way street; Nathan B. Smith was fined $45 for speeding; Kathy Ullos foiled to appear on a charge of foiling to respond to o perking infraction; Michael W Wolsh faded to appear on a minor-in- possess=on charge and On O charge of possession of a controlled substance: Thomas t. Watt foiled to appear on o charge of fading to respond to a parking infraction; Christopher O Jones was fined $74 in connection with minor*in- possession and possession -of-mariiuana charges; John L Waiters, Jr, had o negligent driving fine payment continued," Danieie Lapierre faded to appear on o snow/vehicle removal charge; Timothy J. Bogon failed to appear on a charge of foiling to respond to a parking infraction; Mordyn R Bordner was appointed o public defender and hod trial set for June 17 on a. bad check charge; Carol L Bowling had o charge of failing to respond to a parking refraction continued to June lO; Loretta Brooks foiled to appear on a charge of failing to respond to a parking infrachon; Donna Buckner failed to appear on o charge of foiling to respond to a parking refraction; Jeffrey W, Oorsey failed to appear on o neghgenl driving charge; James E. German, Jr., failed to appear on a charge at foiling tO respond to a parking infraction; Wendy M. Green was fined $55 for foiling to respond to a parking infraction; Kelly Hamilton failed to appear on a charge of faihng to respond to a parking infraction; James Hammond was fined $40 for foiling to respond to a parking infraction; Emir A. Hardy was fined $40 for faihng to respond to a parking infraction; Robert R. Herbert was fined $15 for not having a required I,cense; Michael A. Honneycult had trial set for July ] on charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct; Guy D. Johnson had trial set for July1 on a charge of contributing tO the delinquency of o minor; Obin Joplin had a charge of failing to respond to a parking infraction dismissed; David l Koros was fined $40 for fading to respond to a parking infraction; Doyle A. Kuest had a minor-in-possession charge continued six months, pending dismissal; Alice C. Lewis failed to appear on a charge of failing to respond to a parking infraction; Todd R. Lund failed to appear on o charge of failing to respond to a parking infraclion; Michael D. Meyer failed to appear on a charge of failing to respond to a traffic infraction; Brian T. Miler failed to appea on a charge of failing to respond to a parking infraction; Morteze Mohammoch failed to appear on a charge of foiling to respond to a parking infraction; Lewis O. Musgrove hod charges of simple assaul and con- tributing to the delinquency of o minor continued to June 3; Pixie Musgrave had a charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor continued; Cameron J. Perry hod o minor-in-possession charge continued six months, pending dismissal; Lorin K. ,obinson was fined $5,$ and had o 10-day sentence suspended in connection with a third-degree theft charge; Clark Thompson hod a charge of failing to respond to a parking infraction dismissed; Ryan C. Moore was fined $25 for failing to secure a load; Kenneth T. Gulliford failed to appear on a charge of exceeding the fish limit; George P. Orne failed to appear on a charge of fishing with illegal gear; David Taylor faded to appear on a charge of fishing without o license; Joseph S. Triano, Jr., foiled to appear on o charge of fishing with illegal gear; Michael W. Welsh failed to appear an a littering charge; Donald G. Young foiled to appear on a charge of fishing with *llegal gear; Jeff Reynolds was fined $74, put on sixty days probation and had 60 days of o 90-day sentence suspended in connection with a charge of unlawfully obtaining o fishing license with false information; Clinton W. Buel was fined $45 for foiling to respond to a parking infraction; Scott V. Anderson was fined $37 for speeding; Carrie R. Chicklinsky was fined $37 for not having an operator's license on his person; Michael F Hogan was fined $37 for foiling to stop; Jocquehne N. Larongo was fined $37 for passing improperly within 1(30 feet of on intersection; Barry M. Miller was fined $15 for expired tabs; and Joan M. Storment was fined SIS for expired tabs Car strikes apartment Support posts for a balcony of one of the buildings at the 100 Washington Square complex in Chancy were dam- aged May 24 when a car, driven by Glenda Conley of Chancy, went off the road. The driver was trying to avoid a cat in the road at the time of the inci- dent. She suffered minor injuries, and no charges were made. Photo by Ever. ett Rockwell. " ' '"'" RATCLIFFE .... 402 2nO St. 235-6238 Cheney I USED CAR SUPER SPECIALS!.Ii '80 Suborn GL - 4 dr., front wheel drive. '7g Mustang - 3 dr. 79 Chevrolet Monza '78 Volkswagen - 9 passenger van '77 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme -- 260 V8 TRUCKS '79 Ford F-250 Explorer - Super Cab '77 Chevrolet - 3/4 ton, 4x4 '76 Cascade - 8' Pickup Camper '75 Datsun - Long Wheelbase Pickupwith Canopy '75 Chevrolet - 3/4 ton with Canopy '74 Ford - 1,ton Cab & Chassis, 6 cylinder, 4 speed, 46,000 miles CALL FOR MORE INFORMATION 235-6238 - Spokane No. 456-8759 Obituaries Fay Hubbard Robinson Fmleral services for Fay Hubbard Robinson, age 80, who died June 5 at his Cheney home, were held June 7 at the Cheney United Methodist Church, the Rev. Gregory Jackson officiating. Survivors include: his wife, Henrietta Robinson, Cheney; a son, Stanley Robinson, Cheney; two daughters, Vivian Marron of Carmarillo, Calif., and Shirley Robinson of Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., and five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. He was a former Mason and Shrine member in Wisconsin. The family suggests that memorials be made to the Cheney Care Center. Riplinger Funeral Home of Spokane was in charge of arrange- ments. Martha A. Gesehke .II Funeral services for Martha A. Geschke, who passed.away June 2 in Cheney, were held June 5 at the Jerue Funeral Home of Cheney, the Pastor Philip Maakestad of the Emmanual Lutheran Church of Cheney officiating. | Interment was at the G Last Supper at Spokane[ Gardens. 1 She' was born on Jan. married Fred H. Geschkel 1914. Together, they lived I in the Ritzy;lie area until Cheney-area farm in 1937.[ remained at this farm, j retirement in 1969, when t 114 Second Street in member of Church for many years Survivors include, her h Geschke, at the Cheney sons, Ernest W. Geschke, William P. Geshcke Geschke, both of Cheney; Lillian Saagers, lary Althofer and Maxine Oregon; seven grandchildren; and and nephews. She was death by two daughters. Memorials are to be Emmanuel Lutheran Cheney Care Club/Serial News Xi Gamma Epsilon-Beta Sigma Phi held its installation of recently at the home of Freddie Seigal. New officers include: President Diane Shaw, Vice President Recording Secretary Doreen Timna, Treasurer Barb Tucker, Secretary Nell Maney, and Executive Council Representative New members were Sue Holden, Carol Rhodes, Wendy Tucker. The last meeting of the year was held May 24 at the Willow S Spouses were invited, and 24 attended the "UN" celebration. A reception for Charles and Ellen Proctor of Cheney, their 50th wedding anniversary, was held Sunday afternoon Church of Christ. Over 220 friends and relatives attended. There will be a picnic in Spokane on June 27 for all former and South Dakota. The event will be held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Franklin Division and Queen streets. For more details, call Mrs. Lloyd Stokes at 926-1239. CheneY High School's Class of 1942 will hold a reunion banquet Ju picnic on July 18 at Salnave Park to follow. For more Lorene Robinette, Rt. 1, Box 33, Cheney 99004, at 299-4141 or ,lvin 1, Box 73, Espanola 99022, at 299-3298. Cheney churches Cheney Christian Church Cheney Community 524 5th St. 3rd B Pine Corner of 5th Et D Sts. SUNDAY Services: Sunday School 9 Bible School 10:00 a.m. Worship Hour 11 Classes for all ages. Evening Bible Hour 7 Morning Worship and WEDNESDAYS Communion 11:00 a.m. Family Night Sunday Evening Youth Claire Richards, Meeting 6:30 p.m. 235-6825 Choir Practice Sun., 9:15 a.m. John Myers, Pastor United Methodist Phone 235-8368, 2:36-4148  of Cheney 4th and G Streets Cheuey Baptist Churt:h Summer Worship 2rid  Oakland Morning Worship SUNDAY Gregory K. Jackson, Sunday School 9:45 a.m. 2354940 Morning Worship 10:55 a.m. Nursery Training Union 6:00 p.m. Evening Worship 7:00 p.m. WEDNESDAY Prayer Meeting 7:00 p.m. Pastor Robert Thomason 235-6400 Cheney Seventh-gay Adventist Church t mile north on Highway 904 Sabbath School 9:30 a.m. Saturday Worship 11:00 a.m, Family Night Wed. 6:30 p.m. Pastor Larry Unterseher 235-6000 2994925 Emmanuel Lutheran Church 639 Elm St, 235-6300 Worship 9 a,m. Pastor Philip H. Maakestad St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church Sixth and An ale Place Ma.,.=.=.s: Sat. 5:30 D.m. Sun. 9:00 8- 11:00 a.m. Holy days (as announced) Confession: Sat. 4:00-5:00 p.m, Father John Oosterman 235-6229, 838-8069 Faith Center Foursquare Gospel Church - 10 N. 7th --COrner of 7th El" Elm Sunday 10:00 a.m, Thursday 7:00 p.m, Steve Perry, Pastor - 235-4402 United Church of Christ 123 N. 6th 235-4193 Adult Fellowship Monthly Nursery Care 9:45-11:15 Worship Service 10 a.m. Rev. H. Bodle 235-4969 2354 193 Cheney Assembly Meeting Center, Fourth B" Sunday School , Morning Worship 10 Evening Service _ P S, Pa , 235-5247 t Cheney of the College Access SUNDAY Sunday School Morning Worship Choir Practice 4 Evening Worship 6 (Nursery available for all s WEDNESDAY Adult Bible Study ?, Teen Bible Study 7: J. C. Pulls, Pastor 235"( Terry Cummings, 235-8993 Church of of Murphy Road First Ward Sacrament Sunday School 1 Priesthood, Relief Society B Youth Meetings 11; Bishop Arvel Hem 235-5123 Second Ward Sacrament Sunday School Priesthood, Relief Society B Youth Meetings Bishop Ray 2354608 St. Paul's Episcopal ! Corner 7th B C S{ Holy Eucharist 8- Church School (Babvsittirm Rev. Caryl Marsl 235-6150