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June 10, 1982     Cheney Free Press
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June 10, 1982

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P9ge 8 Chenv Free Press Thursday, June 10, 1982 IB () MImNeiI-Lehrer Report O ESPN Sports Center I UulUINdlete ( Overnight Desk 11:30 chaldea 11:45 O {H80] MOVIE: "Dead and Buried' The sheriff of a sleepy 5:30 (ABC New O()NiBhtline coasta town trus to ,;ulw . a series of macabre deaths. ell"JBi qlb Ijlj MjAvj=j= e 11:30.1 Su91t Ri W Leonltd's  Glovel J I Tontlt Show James F ...... ,no, Melody Anderson, Jack AIbertson. 1981.  Major League Baseball: Atlanta at Houston g lID Carol Surnatt Show I Overnight Desk Rated R EVENING [MAX| MOVIE: 'Grand Ilium' Wodd War I German 12:00 g (HBO] HBO Theater: Plaza Suite Three couples occupy ) MOVIE: 'Kings Row' A young doctor comes home to a ca ptorsare bound together by dying code of chivalry. Jean Suite 719 of New York's Plaza Hotel at different times in this smafl to[; o practice and finds tragedy Ann Sheridan, 6:00   CBS News oin, tric YOn 3trohalm, Pierre Fremay. 1932. comedy by Nell Simon. Betty t!nht Robert Cummings 1942  ( ABC News ( Benny Hill Show  (D All In the Family 12:00 ) 4 Fantasy Island " O ( NBC News r Fm: " ' .  ESPN Sports Center  ESPN Sport= Center 12:30 6  Agriculture  ) Business Report  wt'TTOm aytlk.eSThElotb , Nightbeat ( Nighttbeat O(6J Late Night with David Letterman 6:30  ( Entertainment Tonight B SllNialRelrt 12:30Agdcultore O 1982 World Cup Soccer: Opening Games and B IHBO] MOVIE: 'Heidi' This animated tale tells Rogers" Neighborhood 11:45 [HBOI MOVIE: 'Last Metro" German occupation in Peril  ( MOVIE: 'See No Evil" A blind gid is unaware that her Ceremonies from Barcelona, Spain of the orphan girl who longs for the mountains. B Part'Mr" forces a Jewish theatre director =to auperviaing hi  family has been murdered and the killer lurks in the house O Nightbeat ID  Here'sLucy Mle Farrow. 1971 ( Real Pictures O  You Asked For It productions from the thetre's blmmem. Catherine Den-  D late Night With David Lettermen 12:45  [MAX] MOVIE: 'Cutters Way' A bitter Vietnam veteran O (9 MacNeiI-Lehrer Report  Ne/SlXts/Nealdter ueve, Heinz Sennent, Jean-Louis Richard. 1980. Rated PG. , 9:30  () Seqlelmt Preston 12:00 g (I) Saturday Night  V|rgtnie Graham Show draws his wife and his only friend Into an obsessive mission 7:00 ( ( Star Trek ,  () Rex Humbord  ( Teles of the Unexpected  Reel Pictures to uncover a m,rderer John Heard, Jeff 8ridBes, Lisa El- O [) People's Court O [MAX] MOVIE: "The V.LP.'s" A cros-ecuon of travel- '  Health Beat g MOVIE: "Comanche" Two scouts attempt to bring peace chum 1981 Rated R O ( Carter Countw era wait overmght in a poh airport lounge for a fog-delayed News W p to the Mexican border, Dana Andrews, Linda Crista, Nestor 1:00 O MOVIE: 'Star Packer" "Duke' puts on a marshaFs badge 0 ( Kennedy Center Tonight flight. Elizbath Taylor, Richard Burton, Maggie Smith. 1963. 12:30 1 (. MO/r: 'Return' A magnificent K'ecrafr speeds Paive. 1956. and ceans out the renegades John Wayne ** t934 O ESPN Special: 1982 U.S. Open Golf Preview B  Sfee%orY 1:00  Top Renk Boxing front L Vegas (1 Freeman Reports O News past tee sun and into the earth's atmosphere. Martin Landau Jan-Michael Vincent, Cybill Shepherd. 1981. IB Praemlm Report= 1:15  [HBOI MOVIE: 'The Survivor' A pilot is haunted by the I Crossfire Iel R . 1982 NC/, World Series fm Omaha, NE - me 1:18 ,[MAX] MOVIE: 'Morgan' A schizophrenic artist refuses eerie crash of h,s pt ...... Robert Powell, Jenny AButter, Jo- 7:30 O( Barney Miller 9:00  (1"' 15 If gpme 15 is not nacesaw, network programming will to recognize hi wife' divorce and interferes with her love seph Cotton 1981 ( [MAX] MOVIE: 'Wrong Arm of the Law' The De aireD, affair. Vanesse Redgrave, David Warner, Robert Stephens 2:00 O Prog cont'd gets together with the police for their mutual B  IisOlROberts = Cromie Circle 1966. ) Sports ter Sellers, Bernard Jeffries, Nanette Newman. 1963. 12:45  Mission Impossible 1:30  In Search of .... 2:1 5 ) Rat Patrol O @ P.M. Magazine I  FlNmk 1:00  Style 2:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'This Time Forever" An American stu- 2:30  [MAXl MOVIE: 'The Wanderers' A 9an9 of youths try 8:00  ( Last Round-Up of the Elephants This special :30 the Nation 1:30 .[MAX] MOVIE: 'The Visitor" A devilish creature attempts dent, p(ayin 9 hockey in Montreal, falls in love with a French- desperately to hang on to their last days as carefree kids. ines the largest of land animals. (60 rain.)  Jam/Falwoll Canadian artist. Eddie Albert, Cloris Leachman, Vincent Van Ken Wahl Linda Manz, John Friederich. 1979  IHBO] MOVIE: 'Stripes' A recruit has his own (D Robert Taylor to oegin a race that will detory the Earth, Mel Ferret, John Patten. Rated PG, ]1 All Night Show to how the 'New Army" should work. Bill Murray, Huston, Glenn Ford. Rated R, ( Electric Company  MOVIE: 'They Got Me Covered' A dim-wit newpaper-  Prog ont'd ( Moneyline Ramis, Warren Dates. 1981. Rated R. I Lone Rangier man stumbles into e sabotage ring in Washington. Bob  To Be Announced 2:45 ] [H80] MOVIE: 'Blow Out' Trying to record the perfect ]1 D Greatest American Hero Inlle 9usinese Hope, uorothy Lamour, Otto Premirer. 1943  Sprats scream, a movie sound-effects man becomes entangled in a O ( Real People 10:00   MOVIE: "Pdde of the Bowery' The gang takes over ( Best of Fred Saxon 2:1  Rat  real hfe murder John Travoha, Nancy Alien 1981. Rated R.  ESPN Sports Center in the city Civilian Conservation Corps East Side Kid. 1941 1:45 t Rat Patrol 2:30  Zene Grey Theatre ) WorldLarge ]1 Twilight Zone [HBO] MOVIE: 'Zorro The Gay Blade' A comic spoof of 2:00 O IHBO] MOVIE: 'Dog D Afternoon' A frantic end befud- B Moneyline 3:00  NASL Weekly ( Sport Tonight the lagendaw Zorro. George Hmilton, Laursn Bscall, Brenda died bnkrobber plans a Br .o.lynbank heist that goes ww. 2:45  World/Large I1 Daybreak 8:30 O Saturday Night Vecarro. 1981. Rated R A t'acino, Chris eranoon, Jonn ;azele. 1978. Rated R, 3:00 To Be Announced  CNN News 1 Newsdesk ( ( On the Record I Prog cont'd Ilybraak 3:30  '80 U.S, Open Golf Hilites 8:45 ( TBS Evening News OGettingto Know Me Sports CNN News 1 Faith 20 9:00 I ( MOVIE: 'To Find My Son" A sincere, loving 1982 World Cup er: Opening Game= al 2:15  World/Large 3:19  [MAX] MOVIE: 'Separate Ways" A married woman 4:00 ) ESPN Sports Center tries to adopt a child, and finds himself embroiled in Ceremonies from Barcelona, Spain strikes out on her own to search for a new way of Ire One Sto&f 2:30  Inside Business  Top/Morning battle because of the unprecedented circumstances It's Your Business Karen Black, Tony Lo8ianco. Rated R. ( Super Station Funtime suasion. Richard Thomas, Julie Cobb. I MMOE 3:30  "79 U.S. Open Golf Hilitee 4:30  [MAX] MOVIE: 'You Light Up My Life' A novice songs- I  The Fall Guy 3:00  [MAX] MOVIE: 'Ashanti' A man crosses the Sahara in B Faith 20 tress struggles to make her dreams come true in the music  [MAX] MOVIE: 'Final Countdown' The captain : 'The Wlnnin Team' The tory of pitcher pursuit of Arab slave traders who kidnepped his wife. Peter 3:4 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Brubaker' An idealistic warden is deter- business Didi Corm 1977 USS Nimitz faces a critical decision when he is Grower Cleveland Alexander, one of the greets of baseball. Ustinov, Omar Sheriff, Rex Hamon. 1979. Doris Day, Ronald Reagan, Frank Lowjoy, 1952 mined to instill dignity and hope to the brutal prison system  Bullwinkle power to alter the course of history. Kirk 10:30  lID Hour of Power Robert Redford, Jane Alexander. 1980. Rated R. O [MAX] MOVIE: "A Face in the Crowd' A derelict with I Movie Cont'd ) I Dream of Jeannie Sheen, Katherine Ross. Rated PG Dwbrk humor end musical talent goes from a jail celt to national re- ( CNN News 4:00  ESPN Sports Canter 4:45 I IHBO] MOVIE: 'High Risk' A filmmaker enlists three out- O ( Fact of Ufe 9o7 ion. Andy Griffith, Patricle Neal, Anthony Franciose. 3:30 q '78 U.S. Open Golf Hilites  Top/Mprning of-work buddies to help him rob a wealthy drug runner, 0  Made In Taiwan Felth 20  Super Station Funtime James Brolin, James Coburn, Anthony Quinn. Rated R. O All-Star SportsChallenge  4:00  [HBO) MOVIE: 'Blow Out" Trying to record the perfect 4:30 I [MAX] MOVIE: "Rock For Kampuchea" 9:30 VlileMeetAlegrethe Press scream, a movie sound-effects man becomes entangled in a I BulNnkle DO 1981Love'wimbledonSidney Highlights B Vi real-life murder. John Travolte, Nancy Allen. 1981. Rated R, =I Dream of J,nni. O MOVIE: 'Immigrants Part3 /:zNrortw weather Chicago Cubs at Montratd = ESPN Sports Center -- --  = West Coast Report N 1 MOVIE: 'Mozambique' An unem ( Super Station Funtime , mailed into taking a job in Mozambique 11:00 1  m-Toutm = Top/Morning J  CMheiNowng It Out I Dream of Jeannle   _,'1  Cochran, Hildegarde Kneff, Paul Hubschmid. 1965 "__1--ul=__ --------  - -T -n swLe tlthdl:BdSl at Km City .,. J "" = 16 10:O0 the ]} |HBO]legendaryMOVIE:zorro.'ZorrOGeorgeTheHamilton,Gay Blade' ALaurenCOmic 11 e UA c=nep Ted,'. program at.... coy- Jnne x Vacarro. 1981. Rated R. rage of the finl round of the LPGA tournament from the  ) ) Dynasty Jack Nicklau Sport Center. (2 frs.J ]LIII.jj=[ jj j  " ..... MORNING O ( Quincy O ( Once U,pon ClesMc .... MORNING ( ( Doctor In the House ' ' AFTERNOON 6:00  ESPN's SportsWoman I People Now ............. June !i Jll S:O0 I [Hao] MOVIE: 'DeI O" Gill & Little People" An Irish I MOVIE: 'The Princess and the Pirate' An entertainer 10:30 O ( Business Report t2:OOB [i,11] SRO: Mac Davis in Concert Mac sings and dances with five young performer known Strut in per- formence from Monte Carlo, 6:30 J ( Vt=n/rden , New=/sime/'Weather Ell -P Ic Aff--Idorubl Leu=dali: All=me at San Fm=oo 12:30 B  Nor Idaho Public Forum Beat of Fred Saxon 1:00 I IHBO) MOVIE: 'last Metro' German occupation in Paris force= a Jewish theatre director into supervising hie play production from the theetre's basement. Catherine Den- Dave, Heinz Bennent, Jean-Louis Richard. 1980. Rated PG. ( NCAA Trek and Field ChamptonMd Today's program features coverage of the NCAA Chempionshq)s from 8righam Young University in Provo, Utah. (60 min,) [MAX] MOVIE: 'Big Wednesday' Time and the ocean test the friendship of three young men. Jan Michael Vincent, William Kt, Gary Busey. DaD WmdIton Woek/Revlew Auto Ricing ",2: CART Rex Mays 150 Worn Mliw=mkee. WI 00:50 II T00.ys .hew fee,ura., l00=nd wel terwalght bout between Kevin Howard and John Cooper, Survival of the Fittest port two and "Years Ago Today." (60 min. .I IB Q3 W Street Week a MOVIE: "Words and Mutd' This film chronicle the lives and music of Richard Rodger end Lorenz Hart, with lot of popular tune, Mickey Rooney, perry CueD, June AI- =:00 lyson, 1948 J C Denny Thomas Memphis Clmmic Golf Today's pro- gram features final-round coverage of this PGA Tour golf tournlm',ent. (2 hr,) 61torsi IMat I  Great Performances I News//Wumer : |=d Illusion' World War I German captors are bound together by dymg code of chivalry. Jean Gobin, Eric Von Stroheim, Pierre Fraaney. 1932. . " , . MORNING" , , . 5:00  [MAX] MOVIE: 'Big Wednesday' Time and the ocean test the friendship of three young men. Jan Michael Vincent. William Karl, Gary Busey, 8:00 I [HBO] MOVIE: 'Runaway Island" Unjustly arrested, two youngsters escape nd laam to live by their wits in Sydney, Australia. B ESPN's SlrteWoman MOVIE: 'Great Day in the Morning' Tb is the story of the action nd excitement of the Colorado gold rush. Virginia Mayo, Robert Stack, Raymond Burr. 1956. 8:30  ESPN'a Horse R aKnB Wkly. 7:00  [MAXI MOVIE: "A Challenge for Robin Hood' The dash- ing outlaw of Sherwood Forest rights arid wrora ag/linst his evil brother and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Berry Inhere. 1968. Rated G. B ESPN Sport= Center MOVIE: 'Tunes of Glory' A hland ragimem is taken over by strict Commandant, who a relented by the men. Alec Guinne, John Mills, Susarmah York. 1960 S:O00 [HBO] MOVIE: "The Helmle' An old peckrd barrels down deserted road and pay midnight calls to a school- teacher's remote country house. Trish Vn Darers, Joseph Cotten, Rated PG. (B MOVIE: 'Come Back Ut Sheba' A middle-aged cou- ple's pent-up frustrations surface when they take in a co-ed tenant. Shirley Booth, Laurence Olivier, Joenne Woodward. 1953. 9:00  (MAX] MOVIE: 'Monty Python and the Holy Gndl' This takeoff on the Arthurin legend of the ho. grail tekee aim at sex, the military, and the minitW of silly walks. Graham Chapman, John Claese, Terry Giliiem. 1975. Rated PG. I 1975 Wimbledon Highlight= 10:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Black Marble" A hard-drinking L.A, de- tective i saddled with new female partner that he can't trust. Robert Foxworth, Paula Prenties. Rated PG, 1982 NCAA World Series Final Gerne MOVIE: "The 8toy of Mankind" A High Tdbunal must storyteller matches wits with the king of the leprechauns. Saan Connery, Albert Sharps, Janet Munro. 1959. Rated G. I ESPN's Inside Baseball MOVIE: 'Flaxy Martin' A showgirl dupes a lawyer into taking a murder rap for her. Virginia Mayo, Zachary Scott, Dorothy Malone. 1949, 0:30  [MAX] MOVIE: "Magnificent Hustle" A 15-year-old boy cheated out of hi inheritnce runs away from home with his girlfriend. George Hamilton, David Kyle, 1978. ( All-Slur SportsChallenge 7:00  ESPN Sport= Center MOVIE: '1 Was A Male War Bride' A French captain married to an American Wac Lieutenant tries to get into the U.S. along with a group of war brides, Caw Grant, Ann Sher- idan, Marion Marshall. Rudy Stuart, 1949. 8:00  [HBOI MOVIE: "On the Right Track' A ten-year-old or- ph's amazing abilities to pick winners at the race track attracts attention from numerous city officials. Gary Cole- man, Mauraen Slapston, Norman Fell, 1981. Rated PG. MOVIE: 'Hurricane Island' While using Florida coloniz- ers to find gold, a pirate queen discovers the fountain of youth. Joe Hall, Marie Windor, Marc Lawrence. 1951. 8:30  [MAX] MOVIE: 'Tribute to Bad Man' A man's passion for horse alienate everyone around him. James Cagney, Ir- ene Papas. 1956. 9:00  1976 Wimbledon Highlights 10:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Elvisl" Overcoming a poverty-stricken childhood, Elvi Preley becomes one of the most popular and enduring entertainers of our time. Kurt Russell, Shelley Winters, Season Hublay. 1979, Rated PG  Track and Field: Prefontaine Classic from Eugene, IIovIE: 'Critic's Choice' The wife of a vitriolic drama critic writes play and her husband agrees not to review it. Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Mrilyn Maxwell, Rip Torn. 1963 10:30  [MAXi MOVIE: 'High CountW' An escaped convict and a woman running away from the label "handicapped' join forces for a sweet and tender romance. Timothy Bottoms, Linda Pud. Rated PG. 11:30  Major League Baseball: Atlanta at Houston AFTERNOO N 3:30 Ip2ll tiid determine whether mankind should be preserved or des- 12:00B77 U.S. Open Golf Hllit, .... Kingdrn-halimlge troyed after the H-bomb is invented. Roneld Coiman, Marx 12:30 [14110] MOVIE: "Chu Chu and the Philly Flash' A street Major League IMsebldl: AtMnte at Sen Frsm:dmo [HBO] Leende: John Wayne A look at the Duke's life from childhood through his Iongcereer as an American hero. C Wide World of Sport Today's coverage features the U.S. Weightlifting Championhips, the U.S. Grand Prix Mo- torcros Motorcycle Championship and a preview of the U.S. Open GoB Tournament. I90 rain.) (I) Sweet lS and PregNmt A look at four teenage glds who become pregnant and face the difficult choice of having bab, having an abortion, or giving the baby up for edop- tide. (60 rain.) EaPN'e Home Racing tNIdy. Bros., Hedy Lamerr. 1957, entertainer and an ex-baseb stlr,plan to confiscate O brief- 10:30 I [MAX] MOVIE: 'A Fistful of lte' A couple of rail- case full of secret goverrRr-documents. Carol BurnIt, matched bandits, dynamite tosing Irish revolutionary and Alan Arkin, Ruth Buzzi. 1981, Rated PG. a rowdy Mexican thief teem up to rob banks. James Cobum,  [MAX] MOVIE: 'The Music Man' A fast-talking traveling Rod Staiger. 1972. aleman organize boy' band even though he can't tell 11:30  Major Latlgue Balebell: AUsnte at Houston one note from another. Robert Preston, Shirley Juries. Buddy AFTERNOO N ..... Hackett. 1962. B Auslndlen Rules Football 2:00 [HOD] Time We... the Seventies The final segment of 12:00  [HOD] Video Jukebox 12:30 aid {HBO] HBO Theater: Plaza  Three couples occupy this series looks at the decade of Water9ate and the Bicen- tenrdai. Suite 719 of New York's Plaza Hotel t different time in this ESPN'= Inside Baseball comedy by Nail Simon. B B InMde Buldness 1:00  [MAX] MOVIE: 'Morgan' A schizophrenic artist refuses 2:30 ESPN'I SportsWoman 3:00 i [HBOI MOVIE: 'Silver Streak' A mild-mannered editor on 4:00  lID MOVIE: 'Class of '44' The story of the adventures to recognize his wife's divorce end interferes with her love train ride encounters a love affair, a murder affair. Vanessa Redgrav,, David Warner, Robert Stephe,. ch-ard-P-wori9aJ:%Uwn;7. of three boy as they gncluete from high school Gery 1966, lietca.Gene Wilder, Jill Clayburgh, Ri- Grimes, Jerry Houser, Oliver Conent. 1973 , (D ESPN's Horse Raring Wkly. ( Gommga University Lecture 8des 1:30 ( Top Rank Boxing from Lse Vega= 3:30 f 12 Intem'tl Speed Skiing r 2:30  [HBO] What On Earth? Oron Bean hosts this Io0k at the 4:00  [MAX] MOVIE: "White-Water Sam' Sam travels the Nor- world around u and unveils facts about the planets, stars I thwest searching for the great white water route south. Keith Sunday ,\\; and ourselves. 4: [HBO] MOVIE: "Saturday the 14tlCrsepy things hop- Larsen. Rated G. Den to I couple when they move into house in Eerie, PA. 3:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'This Time Forever" An American stu- '80 U.S. Open Golf Hilitel Richard Benjernin, Paul Prentis. Rad PG, dent, playing hockey in Montreal, fails in )ova with French- 4:30 i ESPN  Center Wild Kingdom " Canadian artist. Eddie Albert. Cloris Lsechmen, Vincent Van 6:00 |HBO] MOVIE: 'Derby O' Gill & Utile People' An Irish 8:00 tB (D MOVIE: 'Ullies of The Field' A young Negro hel Patten. Rated PG, storyteller matches wits with the king of the leprechauns five refugee nuns build a chapel in barren weallend. $id- I [MAXT MOVIE: 'A Chamge for Robin Hood' The dash- Sear Conner,/, Albert Sharps, Janet Munro. 1959 Rated G. pay Pditier, Lile Skala, Lisa Mann. 1963 in 9 outlaw of Sherwood Forest rights and wrongs against his  This Week in ths NBA [MAX] MOVIE: 'The V.LP.'s" A cruse-section of travel- evil brother and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Berry Inhere.  MOVIE: 'Victory at Entebbe" A daring Israeli rescue raid 1968. Rated G. on the Ugendan Airport in July, 1976, free hostages held ere wait overnight ins push airport lounge fore fog-delayed 4:00 B E751 Sports Center Anthony Hopkins, Surt Lancaster, Elizabeth Taylor flight. Elizsbeth-Teylor, Richard Burton. Maggie Smith. 1963. 4:30 ' I.S. Open Golf Hilites ( (BN=  Bowl I by terrorists. Kirk Douglas, Richard Dreyfuss, Helen Hayes, B (S2jCI Woldd  from Otnal, NE-  S:O0 IHBO] . [MAX] MOVIE: 'Yon light Up My Life' A novice songs- 18 If game 15 iS not necessary, network programming wilt be aired. Fight Back " ,3o = e.o.. .. .... eVENINb 8:   CBS News [HBo] MOVIE: The Daybreokm" Three brothers from S:00 nee=me heed west. Tom Seliack, Sam EISort, Glenn Ford, Rated PG. Brandon Ch=me Part 11 (MAX) Cinder-Ells ESPN's Inside Baseball MOVIE: "My Men Godfrey' A madcap society gld hires a bearded bum as the family butler. June Aflyson, David Niven0 Jessie Royce Landis, 1957. I1 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Runawsy Island" Unjustly arrested, two youngsters escape and larn to live by their wits in Sydney, Auatroli, erernon1982 World Cup S(xer: Opening ies from Barcelona, Spade Game= and ', ' EVENIIG .... i I css New, , ( ABC New, ' [MAX] MOVIE: "Wrong Arm of the Law" The syndicate gets together with the police for their mutmd protectre. Pe- ter Sellers, Bernard Jeffriee, Nantie Newman. 1963. 5:30 tress struggles to make her dreams come true in the music business. Didi Conn. 1977. I Top Rlmk Boxing from Nashville, TN Major Leue Baseball: AUanta at Houston i1= i  , , EVENING J (]) gustiness Report 9:30  QD Entertainment Tonight () Here's Lucy ( ( YOU Aeked For It ( MImNeiI-Lohrar Report 7:00  (]D 8t=r Trak D [HBO] Jtmlny Cricket Presents Bongo Jiminy introduces Bongo, circus beer who escapes a humdrum life for fun and edventute outdoors. t1:30 ?:00 (1)  of .... Fng u Walk New=maker Sund tJB Northwest Glinry () 60 Minute= lID MOVIE: 'The Magic of I,ma' Lessie's young owner see her to wealthy landowner. James Stewart, Mickey Rooney, Alice Faye. 1978 (MAX] MOVIE: 'Jazz Singer" A New York cantor sings his wy from synagogue to stardom, straining family rela- tions along the way. Nell Diamond, Laurence Ofivier, Lucia Arnaz. Rated PG. 6: 7:00 lID N News {;D Business Report Hoot= of Rook end Roll ( Entertainment Tonight (D ABC Mondmy Night Baseball lID You Asked For It ( MacNeli.Lehrer Report lID Star Trek (I) Carter Country D Greet Perfommnm Newt Crosaflre TBS Evening News [HBO] C.onsumer Relrte 'The Not-For-Kids-Only Show" show reaturas topica of pecial intlreet to anyone con- 7: 8:00 (]D Panlde'a Court [MAX] MOVIE: "Msgnifloent Hustle" A 15-year-old boy cheated Out of his inhentance runsaway from home with his riend. George Hamilton, David Kyle. 1978. Carter Countw UXB' From Masterpiece Theatre (D Barney Maser M. Magazine (]D Cmnildte's Universe HBO] MOVIE: "Starting Over' A recently divorced man finds the swinginQ, single life sadly lacking. 8urt Reynolds, Candice Bergen, JiIJ Clayburgh. 1979. Rated R, Days B ck I (D Father Murphy 7:30 II  M..,, Mot EIsh i News cerned about spending money wisely. 7:30 J TBS Evening News 8:00 1  ,i.', .. 8:oo m  .vat. ,.,.i. - = I ReOi MOVIE: 'Zon The 6. Sielie" A comic spoof of e (H-eel MOVIE: '.Bnd). er" An ideeli,ic warden la deter- oi (JDT of OssixrwoTniht the mgenasry Lorro. eorge Hamilton. Lauren Imidl, Brenda mined t ;tdl dimty nd hope to the brutal prison system. 8:30 Vacerro. 19Sl. Rated R, obert eo ore, Jane Alexander. 1980. Rated R. (B lID Little House On the Prairie BI: s = LD Layme and ShiriY ESPN Sports Center EaPN S-ports Center , O Twilig= Zo Sports Scene O Sports Tonight 8:46 I TBS Evening News Ill, Flay ,Worn, Watch 9:00 IDMOVIE: 'Stro, of LA.' A woman embarks on a WKRP in Cincinnati lone prsuit of three teen-aged hoodlums in a dangerous Los 8:30 At A Time 8:30 ) Saturday Night Angeles barrio. Joanna Woodward, Robert Webber, Michael I It Business II New,leek . Gwmne. 1979 O MqV.IE: :a.. Tre=' A rut heu leod baron e posse- I QD Three', Company 9:00  ( Son ot tee t.mlJeflano belongm to peaceful homeatatide, e [MAX] MOVIE: 're Inherltance" A beautiful and mani- MOVIE: Kirk Douglas, Eve Miller, Patrice Wymore. 1982. pulating woman seduces her father-in-law to become heiress and Wider Go to New Yodk" Two unsuccepaful vma:ieviH!ans turn to thievery and wind up in jail 9:00 O D M'A*S'H to his fortune. Dominique Sanda, Anthony Ouinn. Rated R. .wlre tipsy ee ,re ot tee most challenging safe in the world.   Best of the West  lID Russia: Land Without God James L, aan, Enidtt Gould, Diane Kston. 1976  [AXl MOVIE: "MonW Python and the No Grail" Thia I ( With O=mie and Ruby 1 [MAX] MOVIE: "AFlme in the CNtd" A derelict with takeon on the Arthurian legend of the holy. gral tlkse aim at I PKA Full Contact Karate humor and musical talent gosa from jail call to national re- sex, the military, and the ministry of stBy walks. Greham 9:30  (D Too Close For Comfort cognition. Andy Griffith, Ptricia Neai, Anthony Frenclosa, Chapman, John Claese, Terry Giam. 197S. Rated PG. I  Hidden Pleoes Dreams 1957. p .( MOVIE: "Charleston' Three proud sod beautiful (Night lID MOVIE;. 'Another Man, /)muth Clum' The stow 5oumern women stru9gle for survival in post-Civil War Char-  West  Report ots widow and woower in the Old West who become ro- lesion, S.C. Delta Burke, Lynn Moody, Ptricla Peercy. O MOVIE: "Lind of the Phorooha" The story of the build- nticeliy involved, James Caan, Genevieve Bujok:l, 1978, L Mesteqece Theatre ( 1982 NCAA World Series Final Game 12 Wd C so==,.:  =d e:o eilHou.eC.,. monies from J, Simile Il To Be Announod Best of Take Three  MOVIE: 'Imitation of Life' The StOry of e young widow 9:30 II  Jofhmmna Awakening OV/E: 'Souls at Sea' A seaman is faced with a tragic her DaUghter, a kindly Negro woman and her light-tan daugh- daci=on in e crowded lifeboat, (ry Cooper, George Raft, tar. Lena Turner, John Gavin, mdra Dee. 1959. Frances . 1937 . 10:00 B Tr John, M.D. [HIIO} MOVIE: 'Bi, Out' Trying tO record the perfect scream, a movie sounD-enacts man becorrms entangled in a real-life murder. John Travolta Nancy Alien. 1981. Rated R. MOVIE: 'Little Minister" Tim little pastor finds romance in Scotland Katherin e Hel:)brh John 8eel. Donald Crmp ! 934 1  :00 O JD II Be) II (]1) New= I) Ark, m Skyline 11:16 1 S ,ews and a Princess are captured by buccaneers on the Spanish Main. Bob Hope, Virginia Mayo, Walter Brennan. 1945. ] [HBOI Mystery in Dracula's Castle Part 1 Two brothers discover mystery and suspense on the California Coast, IMAX] MOVIE: 'Pardon Men Affaire' The course of true love never runs smooth and the same goes for extra-marital love Rated R. O This Week in the NBA 7:00 O ESPN Sports Center O MOVIE: "All My Sons' An airplane manufacturer, who during the war made defective parts, is confronted by his son Edward G Robinson, 8urt Lancaster. 1948 7:30 J IHBO] MOVIE: 'Last Metro' German occupation in Paris forces a Jewish theatre director nto supervising his play productions from the theatre's basement Catherine Den- ueve, Heinz Bennent, Jean-Louis Richard. 1980. Rated PG. MOVIE: 'June Bride" A magazine editor and her swee- theart ace reporter find love among the galley proofs while wrmng about June weddings Bette Davis, Robert Montgo- mery, Fay Bainter 1948 8:30 I [MAXI MOVIE: 'Final Countdown' The captain of the USS Nimitz faces a critical decision when he is given the power to alter the course of history. Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, Katherine Ross. Rated PG, 9:00 I1 1977 Wimbledon Highlights 10:00  [HBO} MOVIE: 'Zorro The Gay Blade' A comic spoof of the legendary Zorro George Hamilton, Lauren Bacall, Brenda Vacarro. 1981 Rated R IE) Top Rank Boxing from Nashville, TN MOVIE: 'The Doolins of Oklahoma" When his former gang forces him to resume leadership, Bill Doolin walks into lawmen's guns Randolph Scott, George Macready, John Ire- land 1949. 10:30  [MAX] MOVIE: 'Pulp' A" seedy writer is hired by an ex- film star to ghost write his barely printable autobiography. Michael Caine, Mickey Rooney 1972 11:30 1} Major League Baseball: Atlanta at Houston 8:00 AFTERNOON 12:00 ]1 [HBO} MOVIE: "My Champion' A Japanese girl spon- sored by an American family is turned into a servant. Yoko Shimada, Chris M,tchum 12:30 I1 [MAXJ MOVIE: 'A Face in the Crowd' A derelict with humor and musical talent goes from a jail cell tO national re- cogn,[o Andy Gnffi.'h, PatrJcia Neal. Anthony Franciosa 1957 O 1982 NCAA World Series Final Game 2:00 ] [HBO] MOVIE: 'Far from the Madding Crowd' A young woman toys with the affections of three men. Julie Christie, Terrence Stamp, Peter Finch 1967. 3:00 a [MAXl MOVIE: 'A Challenge for Robin Hood' The dash- ing outlaw of Sherwood Forest. nghts and wrongs against his evil brother and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Barry Inham. 1968 Rated G 3:30 Jl ESPN Sportsforum 4:00 J "81 U.S. Open Golf Hilites 4:30 IJ ESPN Sports Center 5:00 J [HBOJ Brendon Chase Part 12 O [MAX] MOVIE: 'Home from the Hill' An illegitimate son saves his dad's life Robert Mitchum, Eleanor Parker, Everett Sloane. 1960 O Auto Racing '82: CART Rex May 150 from Milwaukee, Wl 12:45 1:00 1:30 1:45 3:00 3:30 3:45 4:00 O MOVIE: "Chubsco' A wayward youth reforms in s ainst youth vs. age. Richard Eagan, Susan Strasburg. [HBO] Mystery in Dracula's Castle Part 1 Two br0 discover mystery and suspense on the California Coast. 1 ESPN Special: 1982 U.S. Open Golf Preview 11:00 0 ( l ] O  News [MAX] MOVIE: "Pardon Mon Affaire' The course c love never runs smooth and the same love. Rated R. ( MacNeiI-Lehrer Report 1 Soorts Update 11:30  () Untouchables ]1 [HBO] MOVIE: "Last Metro' German forces a Jewish theatre director into supervise productions from the theatre's basement. ueve, Heinz Bennent, Jean-Louis Richard. 1980. Rated J () Nightline O  Tonight Show I ESPN Sport Center tO01 Overnight Desk (B MOVIE: 'Underworld U.S.A," A man, who as a his father murdered, sets out to help clean out Cliff Robertson, Dolores Dorn, Beatrice Kay. 1961 12:00   The Love Boat O Nightbeat 12:30 ( ( Agriculture O ( Late Night with David Letterman O Auto Racing '82: CART Rex May 150 Milwaukee, Wl I MOVIE: "News Hounds' The Bowery Boys break up a sports fix and are threatened by the 1947 Real Pictures (MAX] MOVIE: 'The Sensuous Nurse" A nurse is hired to take care of an aging count. dress, Jack Palance. 1976. Rated R. 01 Freeman Reports ( Mission Impossible O [HBO] MOVIE: "Dog Day Afternoon' A frantic and died bankrobberplans a Brooklyn bank heist that c AI Pacino, Chris Sarandon, John Cazale. 1976. O Hollywood and the Stars 2:00 O Prog cont'd Sports 2:15 O [MAX] MOVIE: "Pulp' A seedy writer Js hired by film star to ghost write his barely printable autobic Michael Caine, Mickey Rooney. 1972 2:30  lS79 Wimbledon Highlights All Night Show Moneyline ) World/Large Daybreak ( CNN New O "81 U.S. Open Golf Hilites Faith 20 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Going Ape!' Three orangutans case the life of their guardian, Tony Danza, Jessica Danny Devito. 1981. Rated PG. [MAX] MOVIE: 'A Face in the Crowd' A derelict humor and musical talent goes from a jail cell to natiO jntion. Andy Griffith, "atricia Neal, Anthony Frst  O ESPN Sports Center I J Top/Morning  - I Super Station Funtime 4'30 O Bullwinkle I) I Dream of Jeannie q DO ;) People Now 10:15B [HAD| MOVIE: 'Black MafbM" A hard-drinking LA. de- tactive i saddled with a new female partner tl'MIt he can't trust. Robert Foxworth, Paukl Prantis. Rated PG. 10:30  [MAX]  of the MIJdn4NNI dl'tted middle-aged lawyer leaves hi conventional life be- J ( Suelness Report hind him to revel and live it up with a beautiful young hippie. i MOVIE: "A DtslNItch From Reuters' A wire service Peter Sellers, Laigh Tylor-Young, Joyce Van Patten. 1976. qrcws f>m a 'ppgeon post' tO world-wide news gatherin I ( MatNail-Lehrer Ra service. =:dwrd G. Robinson, Eddie Albert, Edna Best. 1940. Th Week in the N0A [MAX] MOVIE: 'A Fitul of O1' A couple of mls- 11:30 matched bandits, a. dynamite toseing Ifial't revolutlon llnd (]D Nightline lID Tonight Show a rowdy Mexican thietteem up to rob banks. James Cotxml. ply 5 W 4 3 2 ] 0 0 School Board Meeting.-- [4h T CITY BONDS ir Jor [J, Address ......... City State Zip Code RATES: $10.00 in Count ; $12,00 in State" 15.00 out ot State. SOCIAL EVENT Sewer and Water iill s00o00rs Rannmg Commission Meetings00 Weddings or Local News mgof a temper-proof tomb, creation considered as the JoanrSt Of the Seven Wonder of the World. Jack HawkinS,collins, Dewey Martin. 1955. Affect Your Life? 10:00  [HBO] MOVIE: '8low Out' Trying to record the perfect cream, a movie sound-effect man becomes entngled in a reel-lifemurder. John Travolta, Nancy Allan. 1981. RatedR S ney Free Press ubscribe to the Che O liD Fingo Ro lO:50 ..  Now ,..t COUPON FOR SUBSCR/PTiON '/)( EIIPN's Inside ibmbell MOVIE: 'The Immigrants' Part 1 11:00 Ill (:]D IB (]D tl (]D News Name_ Telephone 3 J lib [MAX] MOVIE: 'I Love YOu Alice B. Toklas" A disen- " TAXES