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June 11, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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June 11, 1965

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Page 8 Cheney Fr Press Here&apos;s More On Budget (Continued From Page 1) zen's ,committee ,is studying the district's /in, ances, mt the school board's request. The recommendations of this com- mittee will be veery, care/ully considered by the board. In order to carry out this line of tlmu:ght, then, the bom'd is pvopogmg the fo,owing cuts in .servicers and restnt euts in doH,ars .in order to balance Do You Remember when? Friday, June 8, 1945 A deal of interest to sports- men over a wide area was com- pleted .this week by Frank Bunker, veteran proprietor of Bunker's Lanng on Williams Lake, 14 miles south of Che- ney, pcquired om Otto Ka,hne the former Weisma resort on the opposite end of the lake. Tom Labish left for Vancou- ver Tuesday after spending his furlough with his brother Joe and family. JOTS I.N JEST -- "You say you have three dau.ghCers, M.r. SmilOh; do they live at home with you?" "No, they are not married yet." Excerpt from Brown K Hol- ter Adv.mlf car manufacturers produce 200,000 passenger cars this year you will have approx- imately one chance in 200 of gelling a new car in 1945 . . . providing they are not ration- ed. Your car must roll for long time! In fulfilling our war time pledge "to save the wheels that serve America" we feel it our duty to bring all car owners this important message MORE JOTS-JESTS Blonde: "Sorry, sldier, but ! never g,o out with peefect strangers." ,Priate: "S'all right, babe, I ain't perfect." "Now, son, tell me why I punished you." "That's it; first you beat the hack out of me, and now you want to know why you did it." Giant Size Tide Pkg. ....... 79 Fireside Soda (rackers, lb. box 19c : Sweet Clover Buffer lb. 65 Nalley's Tang Salad Dressing quart 38c Pork Chops Rib Cuts.. lb. 59c Triple-T, full cut Round Steaks lb. 79( Golden Ripe Bananas.. lb. 10c PLENTY OF PARKING OPEN 9 TO 9 Friday, June 11, 1965 Attack Is Fatal the budgets durirg thho,,,iT 0 M' Dunphy ,ears in the 1965-67 biennium: 1. The board had wanted to I,, ire a,n additi, onl hraa'ian in order to provide ,broader ele- ment, ary library services and to start bulnlg the Junior It'iffh SChool Library collection which will be needed in 1966- 67. The board hoped that by the hiring of an additional li- hriarian more tibrary, service eo,uld be given to the prescript elemea,tary school cki,'ldren. The baard ,alo ;had hoped to be ah.le to set aside fund,s to compensate a ,small group of teachers each summer who w,ouid spend their time o,n cur- ric.ulum ,develolment in a par- ticular fields such a,s S!oeial Studio.s, or English, or Mathe- lna.tics. Such cu;rieulum de- ve.opme,nt would involve the (te.velo,pm.ent of a course o.f study for Kinderg'arten thro,ugh Grade 12, the selection o,f ap- propri,ate instructional mater- ial's to .sup.prt the program, and the preparation of teaCh- ing guides fo,r all teachers. Tds program would have allowed th,e coordination o$ svhool pro- ams thraugho,ut the district e board is cutting funds from the budgets which would have provided the elementary librarian or the curriculum work 2. The board fhad preciously se the pu, pil-teacher ratio fr the 1965-66 school yeax at one las.svoom teacher for each 27 students. Raising the lupil- teacher ratio to one o 28 wod save three  additonal tea,chers:. The board has directed the administration to make every effort to staff the schools so as to save the salaries of three teachers, providing a pupil- teacher ratio of one to 28 WOl'rd was received by Ma's. A. W. Phillips on the death of Mrs. Rss D.un:phy (Mary Macca A, nderson) of  heart attack at 11:3'0 last Frichy night at :her home in M,brae, Ca,lif. Memorial servieelS were held at Millb.rae June 7. Mrs. Dlun,phy yeas the daugh- ter of Mrs. Louise Anderso w.he for many years was head ,of the E. W. S. C. ha,me en- omcs department and had made rumerous friealds here :as she and ,her husband eaeffit year spe,nt their vacation with! her mother in Cheney nd at Priest Lake. Survivors are her husband and her mother, both of 1378 Hil, crest Blvd., MiHbrae, Ca,lf., and several cousin,s, amon,g them Mrs. Claude Turner of Spokane. SERVICES HELD FOR MR. HARDIE Funeral services for Earl J. Ilardie. 67, were herd Mo,nday fom Hazen .and Jaeger Fua- eval home, Spokane, with Rev. Howard Pitts officiating. VFW Po,s,t No. 1435 p*arti, cipated at the grave side in the Fairmount Memorial Park cemetery, Spo kane. Surviv<>rs are his vidow, Ber- tha Itardie, at the Spokane home; sons De,lert, Cheaey, Donald, Brid,gepovt; Jack Hat- die, Kelse, and Duane, Brdge- port, and 21 gra,ndchildren. He was a member f Carpen- ter's Union, Local No. 98 mad was a residen for 49 years f this area, coming from Michi- a,n, where he was born. The school board has direct- 'AD ......... -.U UI- /I"IANK3 ed that all planned budd,ng, .  . We ,sh to express our sun improvements and all except . : . . . " emergency maintenance be de-I care lamn .<t apprecxao leted from the bud,,et IO ,our ma,ny en wrm we,re ....... =: " I,o kind o us durirg our ree- inls wouzo miuee- t  , . ..... - --^ '- :,'n ent oereavemeflt, and a,lso for a. lalntlng in ,zize utlu. t the beautiful tier .... durin,g the ummer .f 1965. Ia-ne on;o; adb: rns b. The leveling of part of the I ..  _ '.. '  . :. _ y' Mr ano l1rs tat d(nnson anl freer in the study hall m the[ = "':: .... hi!gh school so ttrat the library[.. amy ....... vz, r ann Ivlr / J Aoams ano co,.]d be moved into t'ha room. I ; ., ' " ' ' e. The rep,lacement of the t,. amty .......... vtr ana lvirs rowarn pnena front :sidewalk at the Windsol . School. I 31 lp d. The widening o/ the burst loading sidewalk a,t the Betzltaking in,to account tle State's Schl. I$.i2 raison pper wiadfall, it e. The aeeonstieal treatment]is difficult to make diret coon- of the Garden Springs eafe-IParins of the 1965-66 budget teria. , [wih our 1964,65 budget. In 4. Some replacemert eqiP-I 1965-66 we are budgeting 5/6 me.t and ,additional equitmaent I of 1965-66 State rereenue pu-msas .had been ixlmvmcl. 5/6 f 1965-66 teachers' satar- In order to balance the buck gets during the biennium, no replacement equipment or t!d- ditiona[ equipment will be pur- chased. 5. The ,board has directed that exactly 5 per cent sula,ry increase, ineludmg increments, be provided to the salary peo- grmns of teachers, principal's, and chssified parsoniml. 6. The sctroal board general- ly bu'ys either tw or three re- pcement .setmal buses each year in rder to keep our bus fleet in good covditon. The board has directed that the two replacement buses planned for purchase during 1966-67 be de- leted from the budget. Other areas where the board gave consideration to making cuts, but chose rrot to cut, are: 1. Irmtruetonal materials. The .school bea a, greed that the very minmal am,onts that c)xld be saved by n(>t purt-has- irig libm'y books or textbooks woutd be a real detriment to the educational poga.m in this triet. There/are they have directed that original lalanning for _e tmrchase of textbooks and Iibrary bookS as well s instru-ti(mcd sttplies contirme. 2. The board could have de- las, ed some paymerts by mak- ing purchases one ...y:ea. and paying for them wxth raceme received in the next SdlOO year. The board felt that this i was an obvious pioy that in the toag.nm Would catch tp wth the scb0oI district just as it vould in a.ay house,lold. 3. The board could have re- .ol district expendi- :ures for extra-curricular ae- However, it elt that nany of these activities were extremely benefi to young- sters ,and were quite important to the community at large.. It could see, {or ex, ample, that iittle money wuld be saved to the district budget by the el, iminaton of such hgh school activities ,as fotbL1, debate,,, dlama, ,busketball, baseball, or t'he high sc lml news.aper. Budget Estimate Under the new formula, and HEADQUARTER For Father's Day Gifts Cheney Dept. Store ,,,,, S ies. 167, hea, we' wifl tml. get 1/6 f 1965-66 Storm v- ease, 5/6of 19667 Ste'rv. enue; 1/6 of 1965-66 teache' sahlies, 5/6 MY i966-67 teh- ers' salaries. Below are the estimates:for the 1965-66 prelhminary bud- get: Revenues I.<l Tax ................ $163,235.13 Co,n:y .................... 28,574.81 State ........................ 615,310.3"/ Federal .................... 150,136.29 Misce1aneeus ........ 60,027.54 Total: ................ $1,017,284.14 7/1,,'65 Net Bal... 31,307.27 Total Revenue And Balance .... $1,048,591.41 Oasl Reserve ...... 68,310.83 /xvailable Funds ..$ 980,280.58 Expenditures 100 Admiis..:/:'$ 45,350.05 200 Instruc ....... 930,778.71 300 Attendance .- 400 & Health .... 2,825.00 500 Trmmtmr ..... 88,461.83 600 Operations .. 93,540.00 700 Maint ........... 22,165.72 800 Fixed char... 40,675.00 900 Food Ser ..... 52,108.38 1100 Com. Set .... : 550.00 1200 Capita Out. 1,825.35 1300 Payment to Other Dist ....... 1,500.00 1400 Non-Warrant Expendi,ttre .... 500.00 Total Epen ......... $ 980,280.58 FUR PROMPT SERVICE Cheney Free Press What Is acustomer? A (USTOMER i; the most important person ever in this business, in person or by mail. A CUSTOMER is not dependent on us. we are de- pendent on him. A CUSTOHER is not an interruption of our work. he is the purpose of it. We are not doing him a lavor by serving him. he is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to do so. ,:: , . l CUSTOMER is not an outsider to our business, he is a part of it. A CUSTOMER b not<old statistics _ he is a flesh and blood human being with feelings and emotions like our own. A CUSTOMER is a person who brings us his wants. It is our job to handle them profitably both to him and to us. Y 0 U have seen this before and so have we, but it does help occasionally to reread and to rededicate our company's efforts to the philosophy stated a- bove. The Cheney Free Press