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June 12, 1964     Cheney Free Press
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June 12, 1964

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Page 2 Cheney Free Press Friday.____, June 12, 1964 qrhP CHENEY FREE PRESS ESTABLISHED 1896 PUBLISHED AT 412 FIRST ST., CHENEY, WASH. Entered at the Post Office at Cheney, Washington, as Second Class Matter under the.Act of March 5, 1897. Issued every NATIONAL EDITORIAl. Friday morning at Cheney, Washington. : Spokane County Subscriptions ................................ $4.50 per year All Other Subscriptions ........................................ $5.00 per year G. T. FROST .................................. PUBLISHER JACK PIERCE .................................... EDITOR Debl Spiral Continues Its Uphill Climb The national debt spiral goes on and on. That seems the most apt commentary that can be made on the Administration&apos;s request that the national debt ceiling--now at an all- time high of $315 billion be raised by an- other $9 billion. If that is not dzme, sa$ the proposal's supporters, the governnet won't be able to borrow the mone$ it will need to pay its ls when the ,next fiscal year starts on July 1. To any thoughtful person, this develop- merit should take a great deal of shine off the tax cut. That cut was made in face of the fact that, unless a compensating drive to re- duce expenditures accompanied it, more mas- sive deficits were inevitable. Instead of an economy program, however, the na,tion is offered more and more weare state pro- grams-both new and enD.rged. Wttat will come of all t ,b:is? No one can say for sure--but past identical sitttaions have resulted in more infhtion. If t'at happens this time, ,any benefits corfferred by the tax cut will be elinffItated and then some. The purchasing power of t,he dollar and living standards of the people will go downhill be- cause of it. You don't successfully "fight a war against poverty--or against any ther undesirable condition by fiscM juggling. You weaken the rion---here 'and abr0ad--in its very foun- dations. STILL IN ITS DESERVED PLACE DAY-JUNE 14, 1964 Conservation News By Clarence A. Kelley Soil Conservation Service Washmgto State, like other states, ,as certain laws and regatons governing its wat- ers. Purpose of these regula- tions is to protect the rights of the indivLdu in pl and constructing water storage and utilization facilities. Under WiSer, state water laws .nd regulatim% per- mrs are required for construc- tion of dams; storage and use vf water (including develop- ment of ground water); chang- iig hydraulics of a stream ch,aural; changing or distribut- ing ane or fiSh habitat; work or structures in a flood con- tr01 zone; use of stae land and changing the level of ay lake. Persons who carry ou,t prac- tices which invalve any of these regutions are resp<m- sible for obtaining the neces- sary authorization or permit in keeping with applicable laws and regulations. Lnder the &gr}culural Con- servation program o cost.-shar- ing, the regu,latons effect the construction of dams, pits or ponds ar livestock or ood- land protect'ran; irigation ponds; wildlife ponds or dams and slalw water devetop- nien; senont retention dams, and ch,annel a,gnmet projects on live ,strears. In general, permits re re- qu:d for reservoirs and stor- age dams when the created reservodr stores 10 feet or more water depth or stures in excess of 10 acre feet of water. A permit is Map reqttired to erforn, "ins type qf ydrau- c ,project that wi use, di- vert, obstruct or Ch'an'ge the natural flow or bed of any river, stream, the level c4 any lake, or that will utilize the wateT of the state r ma, teria from the stream bed, or any work that wl cayuse siltation cr damage to sawning areas." When phxining ,and con- structirkg practices w,lich e- feet waters, it is well to kn(rw your responsi'bties n,d corn- ply with them. Remember these reguhtioRs are for your protection. Irfformation concerning these regulations and applica- tiors for perntis cn be ob- taned from the State of Wash- ington, Department of Oose- ation, Olympia. CALL FOR BIDS Eastern Washington State College Separate sealed bid propos- als are available for education- al equipment and/or supplies by Eastern Washington State College in the office of the Di. rector of Purchasing, Roon 121 Showalter Hall. Proposal forms may be ob tainedat the above office. T. T. Wall, Director of Purchasing (July 1, 1963-July 1, 1964) REAL ESTATE PURCHASES The ,signing of a cntract of sale is an extremely important step in the purchase of a hme. Once buyer and sealer ,have signed, they are bmmd by the pmvisiom of the contract. Their legal rghts in the trans. ration are set an<l determined. If the contract is p)rly and haphazatiiy drawn, a lmrvest of regret may be ,reaped at a later date. Sales cnvacts are often called- by other ,names, such as e,rnt money contracts. binders, recei, pts: etc. All of them are for the same purpose arm amost M1 invulve the de- posit of money by the buyer. The fact 'that such deposits are usualiy to be forfeited, in the event the buyer fails to go ttrotgh with the so,l e, lends more weight u) the warning that rm corWa,ct s:ho,uld be signed without complete un- derstanding of its terms. Many home purchasers, how- ever, rush to sig a hastily- prepared contract with very little knowledge of its con- ten. The pressure ef time, the in, formality of tte c ra s. ion, the Casual appearance of the contract, and perhaps the fact that a pmtiaily printed form s used, may cantribute i.n causing the importance of the act to be over'looked. At any rate, many are hilled into a hpse of good business judg- mere. Every si, gn.ifieant detail of the bargain should be crystal- lizd in unmistakable terms in the contract of sale. Land and fixtures being sold should be clearly described. A complete description of the property by lt ad .block, or by metes and bounds, s ,a uv,st, the street number bing iRadequate by itse. Articles and .fixtures includ- ed in the sale Should be spe- cifically listed. Included in this category are arch items as ve- lmtian bl4nd,s, removable floor coverings, draperies, air cn- diti'onirg unfits and others. In p.uvc,hasing property under car.struction, complete plrans and specifieatto,n's form an es- seatial part of the agreement. The price to be laid must, of course, be specified, along with method and terms of pay- mont. If a certain sized loan is a pre-requisite to the buy- eT'S abi:lty to complete the purchase, tls fact should be noted. Sad indeed is: the pro- specive purchaser wh ses Ms emmest money when a con- Place Winner The Southwest Spokane Soil and Water Corserwatio,n Dis- tract has been awarded second ptaee in the 1963, 17,th annual Goodyear contest in the state templated loan tansaction fMls *hrough, his cma,tract re- quirirg payarient of the entire :onsidemtiua in cash. The ,le contract shoutd aso state the quality af the title to be conveyed to the buyer and the type of title evidence to be furndshed. Atl tap often paaple try to squeeze a sales contract to fit K type of printed farm on hand, omitting ,or leaving t) oral agreements may wial provisions. Do n, ot fall into the "pitfal of the printed form." You :should learn, the legal con, sequences of a.n earnest money contract before you sign t, rather than trusting t,o luck that  vl be all right. (Ti mn is witten to inform, not ,advise. Facts may charge the aplicati,on f the law.) of Washington, aeeord*ing to Jerald Betz, district chairman. The contest is ape*haired an- nu,ally by the G.oodyeaT Tire ard Rubber Company of Ak- r,m, Ohio. The purtose is to se!t the nation's top 52 con- servation idstricts. Judges -- key agricultu,ml leaders in each state, -- select a first and second ph.ce win- n. First place vd.nners re- ceive an all expense, work- study trip to Ariaona far one , nlember of the disiet ,govern- ing body and the outstanding farmer-cooperator ,of the yeaT. Whatcom County Soil and Water C onervatoen Dtstric:t has been named the first place winner in Waslington State. Oscar Ebe, Custer, the 1963 o.'atstanding farmer-ooperatr %r the Whtcom Distrct, and Frank Imhoff, Fernd, ale, mem- ber af the distriet overning board, will be gue;ts of the Goodyear Arizon.a farm in De- eembe,r. Elmer J. Cobb was the out- standin:g eorservation farmer in 1968' far the Smrt,hwe,st Spo- kane Soil and Water Conser- vat,on District. It's n.o there are so many aveidents in the average ,home. People aren't at home ermugh to know t:her way lrolld. makes all types of. quality trucks CHEVROLET Check the T-N.T truck deals now at you00 Chevrolet dealers Brown and Holter Motor Co. 513 FI RST ST. C H E N EY 235-6231 46-1496 , Planning On State Level ]Said Needed I Bh:OV's::bero/ D':$ela'io has reached the stage in its in- dustrial and social g0wth where statewide planng--as compared to local ad re,gional panng--is essential. Doing something about it is rm long- eTa matter of more research and contemption, but a mat- ter of action. In my opinion, Washinwton is now facirtg a period of in- creased eonomic growth. If we are to grow with stability and soundness we muSt know what is wisest for us. And we can, not know this unless we put even mare emphasis on the preparation of develop- ment plans on whi'h to estab- lish the basis for future social, economic, anti re.s,ource de- cisions. Group Appointed For these, and other reas- o,ns which I will &i,ses,s l!ater, 1 have appointed a high level group .of 14 business and hbor executives a assist i,n the or- derly and p.rogrevsive develop- ment o.f state resources. I These men lave agreed: to doaate their valuable time ,a.nd tale'nts in helping he state in i,ts continuing efforts to originate comp,rehensve long-range plans for the most effective and effi,ciet use of our reso.urees and physic,el fa- cil,ities, inclludi,ng state lands, arid mineral a.d organic re- Nourues. The ,cou,ncil wi be dvisory to the Depaznent o,f C;om- merce ,and Ecromic D'evelop- me which was given the re- sporsibflity- ,of devel, oling a state comprehensive pt'an by the 1963 State Legislature. There already has been evi- dence of some con,fusio,n the term 'state planning.' So,me people apparently conlfuse it with "zon,ng" arid ober such regul,atory activity. No Local Control Therefo,re. I wish to make lit clear that s,tate comprehensive ]anni,ng will involve neither zoni,ng nor centrals over ocal areas. There wilt be bath "or- igintal" planning by the state as we,l] ,as coordinated planning in cooperation wi:h regional, county, and city plannng com- mis,sions, ,nd .ailso the federal go,ver.nment.. In effect, sa:te plnlnng will be ,a continuing blue print af the state's' develcpnent poli- cies, al ,of which will be of significant value to private en- terprise as well as stae go.v- 9rnment. The long-ra,nge plan for the deveoument of utdl- reere- ativ facifi,ties i,n he state is a.n, e:amp'le of the prpo,se o the state comprehensive elan. The _techncal wurk will be done by the Stae tarks and Recreatie,n Commson and the Delartment of Cmmeree and Ecormmc Develpment will use this work to coordin- ate it with that of other agen- cies vchich would ',have an ef- fect ,n outdoor recreaton. Plan To Recommend The will recommend siitc and priority Ksts for park and re.ere,ation:N areas, hisor- i.eal sites, fres'h .and salt water sties, green:belts, st.chic ease- ments, wildlife areas, wilder- hess are,a., ,and ot'her are,as havin, g recreali,onal potential. In turn th4s sudy will be co- e.rdin,ated with the nati,nvde sttdy being done by he Fed- oral Bureau of Outro0d Recre- ation arm also will make use of the undersigned at 215 Spokane, Washington Hurley, the attorney office at 215 Paulsen kane, Washington, and with proof of the office of the above Court Spokane. Washington, after the first publiea :or they will be forever Date of the first notice is 12th day o Joh H. Morse above estate. Joseph E. Hurley 215 Paulsen Bldg., (June GORDON & W. 24 Indiana, In the Superior Washington in and Spokane. National Life ectporation, Harold B. Coo and band and wife, and Mrs. Jack Hotchkiss0 name is unknown to band and wife, i B TC State of and Sharon H. wife, You are hereby within sixty (60) of the first publb mons, to wit: after the 12th day dcfen<i thc above-entitled Court, complaint of the Insurance Company, of yoqlr nnswer attorneys for the below stated; and in to do so, against you of the complaint, with the Clerk of The object of this force payment of a to foreclose a lowing described L,t four (4) feet thereof ; of Lot 5, Block 3 according to plat 2 of plats, page 2 Washington. Gordon, & Ripple By /s/ John J. Ripple, Attorneys for Plain'ift W. 24 Indiarm, (June T. G. 628 O. N. B. Bldg., NOTICE TO No. In the Superior Washington In ar, d Spokane. In the Matter CLIFFORD M. Notice is signed has hcen of the above estate has qualified aceordi persons having clai] ceased are required i verified with the undcrsigned at or upon T. G. record at his office Bank Building, and file such such service in the the above Court at Washington. witMn first publication of will be forever Date of the first notice is 12th day E. G. Peters above estate. T. G. Patterson 628 Old National Spokane, WashingtOn (June 15 GERALD R. 422 Paulsen Bldg-, NOTICE TO No. In the Superior Wasbington in Spokane. In the Matter ORADEL M. Notice is signed has of the above has qualified persons havin ceased are verified, with the undersigned at W. 308-19th, upon Gerald R. of record at his Bldg., Spokane, such claim with in the office of Court, at the Washingtor, within first publication of will be forever Date of the first notice is 12th day Frankli C. above estate. Gerald R. 422 Paulsen Bldg., CLAUSEN St 702 Fidelity Bldg., NOTICE TO No. In the Superior of Washington iv Spnkae. In the Matter LENA OLSON,. son, deceased. Notice is lmreby gi signed has been of the above estate qualified sor having ceased are verified, with the undersigned ing, Spokane sen & Gemmill the their office at Spokane, with proof of of the Clerk of t City of Spokane, months after the notice or they the recreatiori'al 1Nrming of, ber of :tte and oal a,gecncies incl:udirg the Depart- merit of Natuml Resources, Department of Game, Devart- me'n o,f ConServation, Deiart- mrent of Fisheries, Department of Highways, and the Puget Sound Governmental Coafer- ence. Date of the a notice is 12th Olaf J. Olson estate. Clausen & GemmilL i 702 Fidelity 516 Great NOTICE Ir the SuperO Washington in Spokane. In the WILLIAM A. FRANK J. BLADE Notice is hereby West 1221 Knox Avenue, Spokane Wash signed has bee -- "'"--" of the above e st NOTICE TO CREDITORS has qualified aceC In h No. 77165 person having t e Superior Court of the State of I deceased, are Wushmgton in and for the County oil claims, duly Whitman. vouchers upon In the Matter of the Estate of ] 1019 Ceatral ESTHER S. hAMMOND, deceased, upon C. E. Ell Nt ce is hereby given that the ur.der- at his office signed has been appointed Administrator ] Building, of the above estate fn this Court and l file such has qualified accordir.gly, and that all lot such persons having claims against said de-]of the Clerk ceased are required to serve claims, duly ] the City of verified, with necessary vouchers upon the ] months after the undersigned at Spokane, Washington  this notice, or or upon Frank J. Blade the attorney of i barred. record at his office at West 1221 Knox Date of the. Ave., Spokane, Washington and file notice is 5th such claim with proof of such service Louise A. in the office of the Clerk of the above above Court at the City of Spokane, Wash- C. E. Ellis ington, within six months after the first 516 Great W( publication of this notice, or they will Spokane, be forever barred. Date of the first publication of this notice is 5th day of June, 1964 Read the Lorenzo L. True Administrator of the above estate. Fran,k J. Blade Attorney W. 1221 Knox Avenue Spokane, Washington (June 6-19) JOSEPH E. HURLEY 215 Paulsen Bldg., Spokane, Wash. NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 77206 In the Superior Court of the State of Washingtor in and for the County of Spokane. It. the Matter of the Etat$ Of SHIRLEY MAY BARTLETT, deceased. Notice is hereby giver, that the under- sinod has been appointed Executor of the above estate in this Court and has qualified accordingly, and that all persons having claims against said de* ceased ara required to serve claims, duly verified, with necessary vouchers, upon