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June 17, 1982     Cheney Free Press
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June 17, 1982

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CABLE TV CHANNEL LISTING 2 -- KREM - CBS National Programming 3 - HBO- Movies 4 -- KXLY- ABC National Programming 5 - Cinemax - Movies 6 - KHQ- NBC National Programming 7 -- KSPS - Public Broadcasting System 8 - ESPN - Sports &apos; 9 - WGN - Family Viewing - 24 Hours 10 -- EWU - Local Programming 11 -- CNN - Cable News - 24 Hours 13 - WTBS - 24 Hour Entertainment day Mornings and Afternoons takeoff on the Arthurian legend of the holy grail takes aim at sex, the military, and the ministry of silly walks. Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam. 1975. Rated PG. 2:00 ]1 [HBO] Video Jukebox 6:30 2:30 1 [HBO] MOVIE: "Saturday the 14th' Creepy things hap- pen to a couple when they move into a house in Eerie, PA. 7:00 Richard Benjamin, Paula Prentiss. Rated PG. O iMAX] MOVIE: "Three Tales: Dark and Dangerous" This collection of short tales include 'Silver Blaze', 'The Ugly Little Boy' and 'Rocking Horse Winner'. Christopher Plummer, club entertainer and his studious twin brother who is imph- cated in murder Danny Kava, Virginia Mayo, Donald Woods. 1945 8 [HBO] Brendon Chase Part 12 ESPN Sportsforum [HBO] MOVIE: "Going Ape!' Three orangutans compli- cate the hfe of their guardian. Tony Danza, Jessica Walker, Danny Devito. 1981 Rated PG. [MAX] MOVIE: 'Rock For Kampuchea" O ESPN Sports Center Thursday, June 17, 1982 Cheney Free Press Page 5 0 To Be Announced 1311 MwOorVklE.  "rhe Delphi Bzu" A man gifted with tot= r*- I Moneyline .. 1 torn ws=ln_gxton-oase O reseerch Ixlralu. Cesta ,+ O World/Large Molmas, [:5o0 L;rane. 19/Z. :, 91) Newl/Sporte/VVeether 3:00 O [HBO] MOVIE: 'Tha Survivor' A pilot s haunted by the :30  (:]0 Naehville ors the eerie crash of his plane. Robert Powell, Jenny Agutter, Jo- ' .... ,2 seph Cotton. 1981. , EVENING "i , . J I News ,, g CNN News 6:00 I (]D CB$ News 3:30 0 ESPN Sportsforum g I) That Nmthvige Mut 0 Sea Hunt : IB [MAX] M .OVlE: "Birth of the ReMial" The tnJ story of 1 Week in Review now ina ueatles got their start. 5teph(m Mackemma Rod Cul* 4:00 Q ESPN Sports Center bertaon, John Airman. 1979. ' 0 Cartoons Q  MOVIE: 'The Mii!lonelre" T.hroa peops lives ere I Vegetable Soup - ass=ca W c.ner.tjo when. they are ludlder14y given one million 4:15 O [MAX] MOVIE: 'High Country" An escaped convict and a ,as eacn. Mertm Ualsam, Edward Albert, Pat Crowloy. woman running away from the label "handicapped' Join rorces Tora sweet and tender romance Timothv Rtttn; m (n_ at the BIjou Linda Purl. Rated PG. ' ........... o Buys. Fo00m .0 -- " ilWIF#ilrl41Kers 4:30 O [HBOI MOVIE: 'High Risk" A filmmaker enlists three out- 6 of-work buddies to help him rob a wealthy drug runner. 7:00 I(:D Solid Gold James Brolin, James Coburn, Anthony Quinn. Rated R.  NewI O 3-Scora  News/Sporta/INeMher I) Sports Review 7:30  ]D Have Gun Will Travel q) Romper Room IB [HBO1 MOVIE: 'Saturday the 14th" Craepv rhinos hlm. 4:45 OCartoons p.ento.a coupls when they move into a house'in Ee P Pdcrmro Uenjlmmin, Paula Prentiss.. Rated PG. ' " Iil (Z) Mter of Ufe/Cmth Im TB8 Evening News 8:00 II (]D Welt Oianey D Today's FRI 8D [MAX] MOVIi SATURDAY --"' " -!: The . .ogemlr With. the...police= for tlleW  protection. Pc- mr e,ers, =emero Jemles, Nenetts Newman. 1963. June 19 MORNING 8:30 i I Schrade Pro Team Rodeo 9:00 5:00 81U.S. Farm Report | N ews/Sports/ItNeather I Baseball Bunch 5:30 World at Wer (I) MOVIE: 'Butch and 8undance: The Eedy Dive' An MORNING PTL Club 's Circus Sons to Earth Semester Field Girl " Varied Programs Space Coaster Time Stretch News America Alegre Center Neighborhood r"o00: on conic,, ueraoger, iliam Karl. Barry Morse, Kenneth Moore, I1 MOVIE: 'Francis Goes to the Races' Peter, working for + .[.HI.] Min.'= Foflp+ Phyllis DI, Rip Taylor and 4:O0 0 [HBO] Superspies Special animation, film footage and still a race horse breeder, gets mixed up with racketeers until , ( Sunrise Sam.tar u)YL'I m this k,dt bmtelque show. photographs unveil the stories of Mata Hari, Rudolf Abel and Francis, the talking mule, comes to the rescue. Donald O World Tomorrow other spies. O'Connor. Piper Laurie, Cecil K ellawav 1951  Inside Business I ; Ll'llrlm-Melro  the Mlr&eff ateni O () Young Peoples Special 8:00 ) MOVIE: 'Port Afrique" A soldier returns home to French ( Partridge Family O ESPN Sportsforum Morocco to find his wife is dead. Pier Angeli, Phil Carey, 6:00 O ( Bugs Bunny &Friende !='! ESPN""r'" , Golf PrmNmtatt- 111112 U 8 4:30 O iMAX] Welcome/Miami Cubanos Dennis Price. 1956 O [MAX] MOVIE: "Wrong Arm of the Law" The syndicate from Pebble , CA -  Rond" " " ESPN Sports Center 8:30  [MAX] MOVIE: 'High Country' An escaped convict and a gets together with tha police for their mutual protection. Pe- I Backstage Peee .Freemen Report= 5:00  [HBO] What On Earth? Orson Bean hosts this look at the woman running away from the label 'handicapped' join ter Sellers, Bernard Jeffries, Nanatts Nswmen. 1963. world around us and unveils facts about the planets, stars forces for a sweet and tender romance. Timothy Bottoms, I Rex Humbard 9:30 IlMd Case of the MiAddmme and ourselves. Linda Purl. Rated PG.  Money Week MOVIE: " Wlys' An "American adventurer goes [MAX] MOVIE: 'Jazz Singer" A New York cantor sings 9:00  [HBO] Time Was... the Seventies The final segment of R War and Peace ate Hungary,  the Ire 9 Curtain,. to bring out the leader his way from synagogue to stardom, stran ng family rela- this series looks at the decade of Watergate and the Bicen- 6:15  () New Zoo Revue or antt-ommumst forces. Richard Widmlrk, -Bjl Ziemann, lions along the way. Nell Diamond, Laurence Olivier, Lucie tennial. 6:30 [HBO] MOVIE: "Last Metro" German occupation in Pads Charles Regnler. 1961 Arnaz. Rated PG. O 1979 Wimbledon Highlights forces a Jewish theatre director into supervising his 10:00 e [.H.IIO] M.OVlE: "Dog Dly/lilll' A frantic  bated. O ESPN Special Golf Presentation: 1982 U.S. Open 10:001 [HBO} MOVIE: "On the Right Track' A ten-year-old or- productions from the theatre's basement. Cathedns from Pebble Beach, CA - First Round phan's amazing abilities to pick winners at ths race track ueve, Heinz Bennent, Jean-Louis Richard. 1980. Rated PG. ASS I:nKrojr jplen8 p Br .ooklynbimk hallt that goes awry. , racine, .nne arsnoon, John (zale. 1976. Rated R, ( MOVIE: "Marnie' A woman's complex life leads her into attracts attention from numerous city officials. Gary Cos- R (D Big Blue Marble becoming a compulsive thief. Seen Connery, Diane Baker, man, Maureen Stapleton, Norman Fell. 1981. Rated PG.  NCAA Instruct Jones Series  [MAX] MOVIE: 'A Flme in the Crowd" A derelict with Martin Gabel. 1964. O ESPN Special Golf Presentation: 1982 U.S, Open Issues Unlimited humor and musical talent Ioea from a   to national ra- 5:30 O [HBO] Mystery in Dracula's Castle Part 2 from Pebble Beach, CA - First Round  Special Report cognition. Andy Grifflth, Pltricie Nell, Anthony FrencloM I MOVIE: 'Wind Across the Everglades" A man fights to 6:45  ( Sunday School 1987. ' EVENING save the natural beauty of South Florida, Bud Ives, Christo- 7:00  I Little R alpcals/Our Gang Comedy Hour  ( N.BC ,Reporte "For Every Vloiefce - There Is A Vic- pher Plemmer, Peter Falk. 1958 il  upor Pnenos ;rmeinren r on tP4 persona/ and I:xd= COSt of 10:30  [MAX] MOVIE: "Paradise Alley' Three brothers look for 1} C Romper Room . n)  ms.) .(D Chari ndoESPNaSport$ Center _ Ja=z at Ilfotenlnce  ' . New=/SperlWeather ) Art of Cooking ( To Be Announced MOVIE: 'Guys end Dolls' A missionary girl meets s Best of Fred Saxon 6:00 El ( CBS News I1 ) ABC News I Good Morning America 0 ( NBC News a way out of New York's Heirs Kitchen and find a foothold (i I I( O  Business Report in a wrestling arena. Sylvester Stallone, Armand Assante, a Time 8:30  ) Entartainment Tonight Lee Canalito. 1978. Rated PG. 10:30 tHee] Jiminy Cricket Presents Bongo Jiminy introduces 11:30 O Major League Baseball: Montreal at Chicago Cubs lichard Simmons ongo, a circus Dear who escapes a humdrum life for fun AFTERNOON Broadway gambler propr etor of a floating crsp game, and 11:00 1 D  ( Netl Street and adventure outdoors, his fiancee of 14 years Jean Simmons, Frank Sinatra. Mar- 11:1 I Ion Brands. 1955. ., MOVIE: ;Zandy's Bride' Big Sur cattleman sands for I  Here's Lucy 12:00 ID [HBO] Consumer Reports 'The Not-For-Kids-Only Show' 7:30  M+ Richie-'Rich/S'" -1" I. ScraPpY Doe Show maa or oar _11oe and gat l=a  determined ' 0 C You Asked For It This Show features topics of special interest to anyone con- ) i Alice 7:00 8  MacNeiI-Lehrer Report cerned about spending money wisely. I M.AXJ MVIE: 'Birth of the B .e. se' The true story of oman WhO attempts to cw#lze him.  Hsckrmm, Liv UII- (D Star Trek 12:30 ]) [HBO] MOVIE: "The Survivor" A pilot is haunted by the now ine ueatles got tnair start. Stephen Mackenna, ROd Cul- mann, Eilsen Heckart. 1974 Wheel of Fortune  )People's Court eerie crash of his plane. Robert Powell, Jenny Agutter, Jo- bertson, John Altman, 1979. I  ASC Na Women's Page  [MAX] MOVIE: 'Grand Illusion" World War I German seph Cotton. 1981. 8  Smurf 11:301 D Sonny and Char car Love Boat captors are bound together by a dying code of chivalry. Jean  [MAX] MOVIE: "A Fistful of Dynamite' A couple of sis- I Style Texas Gabin, Eric Yon Stroheim, Pierre Fresnay. 1932. matched bandits, a dynamite tossing Irish revolutionary and 8:00   Popeye/Olive Comedy Show RINd icturos Here's to Your Health 0 (I) Carter Country a rowdy Mexican thief team up to rob banks. James Coburn, S  Three Sons O  Sneak Previews Rod Steiger. 1972. Rated PG. II L(J LaSt Chance Garage 12:00 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Continental Dtvkle" A political reporter is O 1980 wimbledon Highlights sent into the wild country to interview en st with , Tic Tac Dough IO News 1:00 0 ESPN Special Golf Presentation: 1982 U.S. Open le ( Crossfire from Pebble Beach, CA- Second Round 8 Superman whom hs falls in love. Jofm Balulhl,  lkowl. 1981. News Rated PG. ore r i 7:30 [HBO] Two in the Box Shields and Yarnell combine co- 2:00  [HAD] MOVIE: Hog Wild Motorcycle hood ums take on 8:30   :rattan/Lone Ranger/torte Adventure Hour  NIBhtbeat reedy, dance and original mime performences, clean-cut high school kids in a motorcycle race Michael Sung and the Restless  I) Barney Miller Biehn, TonyRosato. Rated PG 8 LJ Laverne & Shirley  NewI Wrllp , Feud 0 ( P.M. Magazine 3:00 8 (MAX] Meeting Halfway () Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam 12:15 ..........  [MAX] MOV|E: .'The Se .nmmue .Nurea" A registered ' norg! Doctors O ( Nixon Interviews with David Frost: Watargate 3:30 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Chu Chu and the Philly Flash" A street   Northwest Outdoora r;Se Is ares to take care o an  cou,rt. Ursula An- D Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ss, Jack Palance. 1976. Rated R. I TBS Evening News entertainer and an ex-baseball star plan to confiscate a brief- 9:00 12:30 I () MOVIE: 'Bhmk Beauty Thll children's dasaic is )MrS I Dyke 8:00  () Magnum, P.I. case full of secret government documents. Carol Burnett, I [HBO]Gotta Dance, Gotta Sing This documentary fen- alt, II 30 Igl [HBO] MOVIE: "Atlantic City' A small-time numbers run- Alan Arkin, Ruth Buzzi. 1981. Rated PG. tures performances from favorite muMcals past and premmt. about l w onderfu. I horse end the girl who loved him, Mo 'All My Children ner aspires to make the 'big time' in Atlantic City. Burt 4:00 0 All-Star SportsChallenge O ( Building With Sun Pree.msn: Hhero I.,,ermmg, Evelyn AnkorL 1946. Winners t ESPN Special Golf Preeentation: 1982 U.S. Open  WOrld AmMur Boxing Chmpk)mdd from Munidt, I Search For Tomorrow Lancaster, Susan Sarandon, Kate Reid. 1981. Rated R. 4:30 8 ESPN Sports Center from Pebble Beach, CA - 8erKI Round omlerW le nace 0  MOVIE: "The Intruder Within' Men and women on I Sports Week I) From the Edof'll Delk gs. an isolated oil rig fall prey tea primeval creature from the  Major League Baseball: San Francisco at Atlanta MOwVlE: 'Top. Many . .." Coeds in l mythical achool dark recesses of time. Chad Everett, Joseph Bottoms, Jenni- 5:00 [HBO] Brendon Chase Part 11 9:30 I () Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show fer Warren. 19B0 ESPN Special Golf Presentation: 1982 U.S. Open I ) Kids Comer RicJ nltl .WBOotllll game. ll,il Ball, Dem Arrmz, 00 Mid Day I ( Fame from Pebble Beach, CA - Second Round I [MAX] MOVIE: "A Flme in the Crowd" A derelict with 1:00 Iit (D 'e Top Ten Ily ne Days of Our Uves  ESPN Sports Center O MOVIE: '633 Squadron' Squadron 633 makes a suicidal humor, and musical talent goes from s jail cell to national re- ream of Jeannie O Twilight Zone but successful attack on a Nazi factory in Norway a source cognmon. ,noy rmrtth, Petricia Need, Anthony Frenclosa.  MOVIE: 'A6elnat All Odd=' Two people fight .ilt In 30 i As Stationthe WorldFuntimeTurns 8:30 I Sports Tonight Chakiris,f fuel fOrMariaGermanperschy.rOcket-1964aunching Cliff Robertson, George 1957. odds in order to find love and  in this me. verl  Saturday Night 8 ( Kidsworid Reynolds, Wheeler Old(man, I Beat of Take Three ; a d i for Dollars Newsdesk 5:30  (HBO] Brendon Chase Part 12 8 ( Numero Uno 1:30 IB [IWblJ MOVIE: "llmate Wayl" A married woman All In the Family I [MAX] MOVIE: 'Rock For Kampuchea' One Step Beyond USS One Life to Live 9:00 C Knots Landing EVENING Newsmakere strikes out on her own to search for a new way of life. ;ate ] Another World I [MAX] MOVIE: "The Visitor' A devilish creature attempts , 10:00  [HBO] MOVIE: 'Continental Divide' A political reporter is Keren(I)Black'l NaTnYNI Lenience. Rated R. I priV Doe to begin a race that will destory the Earth. Mel Ferrer, JOhn 6:00 O () CBS News whomSent intohethefallsWildin countrylove. JohnS interviewBolushi, WairmithOiogtBrown. 19sl.With 1:48 .[.NIIO| AlOnE: "Pi .!nJli A  rk Huston, Glenn Ford. Rated R. O [HBO] MOVIE: 'Drb"O' Gill & Little People" An Irish Rated PG. mom 9 for Iltter way of Ilfllh ill intO  t f OL Family i  Diff'rant Strokes storyteller matches wits with the king of the leprechauns. nY.R.GOidte Hewn. Albert Brooks. Elleen Brerllm. fSSO. Numero Uno Seen Connery, Albert Sharpe, Janet Munro. 1959. Rated G.  ( iu.ndarr/Goldle Gold/Actiort Jack Comedy Hour Auto Racing '82: CART Rex iays 150 from ]1 ( ARC News .IL _ aJO r Lea.g.ue Isaac.bell: Philadelphia at Ptttslrgh/ 2:00 I are r Harriet Milwaukee, Wl  ( NBC News or Montreal at UhlO I.;Ull ated, Guiding Light 2:30 lbmdmml Genera] Hospital  MOVIE: "Dial M For Murder' In response to his wife's   Business Report I1 ( Sport America affair, Tony Wendice devises the perfect crime to kill her and 6:30 I , Entertainment Tonight  America's Top Ten 911 AoNcuituro U,S,A, M l[j Men/Griffin precisely timed phone call is the key. Angie Dickinson,  ()Here's Lucy  MOVIE: "Somebody Loves Me' Betty Hutton, Ralph 3:00 8Nel the Menace obleI Island hristopher Plummer, Anthony Quayle. I1 ) You Asked For It Meeker, Adele Jergens. 1952. ' J is ( ewswatChFamily 9:30 O (]) Gimme A Break 7:00 O ( MacNell-Lehrer Report 10:30 lid Thts Weak in Baseball ICNN New I ( Building With Sun O ( Star Trek I News/Sports/11Neather 3:15 _ [MAX].MOVIE: 'The W . .ll.rl." A  of youth= try t :' of O MOVIE: 'X-15" The problems faced in the rigors of X-15 11  People's Court 11:00 Ell () ABC Weekend Specials oes lrstMy to. riling on to their  deyl'l se cmfrae kids. I  Once Upon a Clmmic _een wahl, Lmaa Nmnz, John Friedeh. 1979. Rated R. research, not only b' the test pilots but their wives as well,  [MAX] MOVIE: 'High Country' An escaped convict and a O Lead Off Men may Iohn Davidson Show 3:30 II IHIIO] MOVIE: 'Srubaker' An idoaiistic warden is dater- .'grit <s Hope are1961explored. David McLean, Charles Bronson, Ralph Taeger. forcesWmanforrUnninga sweetaWaYand frOmtendertheromancelabel 'handicapped'T mothy BottomsJin ID People Now mined to instill dignity end hope to the bratM Prison system. ( West Coast Report Linda Purl. Rated PG. , , 11:15  Major League Baseball: MontllNd at Chtcago Cuba Robert Bedford, Jane Aiexsridr. 1980. Rattd R. :+= T" 10:00 O  CBS Reports O {1[:) Carter Country' ,,:ou , L[J macKatar 8 PNH':  xxtlwOman ic h 0 [HBO] MOVIE: 'Silver Streak' A mild-mannered editor on 0 C Lawmakers I1 @ American Bandstand I Press Box a cross-country train ride encounters a love affair, a murder 0 News I  American Skyline 4:00 I ESPN  Center [" sel Heroes   AFTERNOON ,,  Ivi  plot and a wild police chase. Gene Wilder, Jill Clayburgh, Ri- Crosafire 3artt Knows Best chard Pryor. 1977. Rated PG. 7:30 ( BarneyMiller .  ( 20/20 () P.M. Magazine 12:O00 () Let's Rock enal0 IB ) Hill Street Blues I  Washington Week/Review ,th [iHeSO] +MOVIE: "Zorro The. Gay. Blade' A comic spoof of 4:30 I CaLl O () Doctor in the House Q) TBS Evening News t e egenaary /errs. Leorge Hamdton, Lauran Bacsll, Brends  it Is Written I People Now 8:00  ( Dukes of-Hazzerd Vacarro. 1981. Rated R. Miller 10:30 I [MAX] Case of the Mukkinese ID [HBO] MOVIE: "On the Right Track' A ten-year-old or- 1 [MAXi MOVIE: 'Big Wednelday' Time and the ocean I  Business Report phans amazing abilities to pick winners at the race track at- test the friendship of three young men. Jan Michael Vincent, ,TEC ) , 11:00  (:   I ( News tracts attention from numerous city officials. Gary Coleman, William Katt, Gary Busay. ent Heroes  [MAX] MOVIE: "Monty Python and the Holy Grail' This Maureen Stapleton, Norman Fell. 1981, Rated PG. O  Making It ist o( Center takeoff on the Arthurian legend of the holy grail takes aim at 0 NASL Soccer: VMmouver at Chicago ]1 ( Benson ) News/Sporta/Weather . sex, the military, and the ministry of silly walks. Graham OD Teachers Only SUNDAY - Friends Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam. 1975. Rated PG. lrne i i Griffith IB MOVIE: "The Lest Hurrah" An aging politics boss of an suft I CJD News 8 ( MacNeikLehrer Report O (:7:) Wall Street Week eastern city decides to run for another term. Spencer Tracy, ' ESPN Sportsforum  ESPN Sports Center Jeffrey Hunter Diane Foster. 1958 a[Jo ]1 ' t Neighborhood 8 Sports Update O Twilight Zons 12:30 . = Bionic Woman J 0 I Soorts Tonight B (: U.S. Open Golf Today's program features coverage une 11:15 MOVIE: "The Hound of the Baskervilles' Sherlock 8:30 Ill  Making a Living at the third round of play in this tournament from Pebble ngs 0 OVer Easy Holmes is retained to solve the mystery of the curse which descend to each man who inherits the Baskerville title. Basil I (D Chicago Story Beach, CA. (4 hrs.) and Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. 1939. O () Moneymakers  'M ( Nova , , 11:30 I  Untouchables O Saturday Night Style 0 , (l Newsdesk 1:00 ^.(. Major League Baseball: Los Angeles at Clndnnetl/ 5:00 ]1 ( Golf Hilites First round highlights of golf from Pebble  All In the Family 9:00  ( Dallas  or t.n.cago White ox at California  MOVIE: 'Fraeaom" This is ths touching story of a 8 NASL Soecer: Vmtcouver et Chllqlo lmer; Beach Golf Links.   OUr 0 ( Tonight Show  Best of Take Three __ O ESPN Sports Center 1:30 o (I) MOVIE: "The Wild Heart' A Welsh gld's on y guide jamee A/ [ ]aV THURSDAY ID Overnight Desk teenager's search for independence by running away from her wild emotions is an old book of legends. Jennifer 8:15 8.Cllme oftl MuAddnmN 8rattle Hem home. Mare Winningham, Tony Bill Jones, Hugh Griffith, David Farrsr. 1952 pFOVi 11:45 I [HBO] SRO: Mac Davis in Concert Mac sings and O [MAX] MOVIE: 'A Fistful Of Dynamite' A couple of mis- 8:30 dances with five young performers known as Strut in a per- O {) Where There's a Will.,. asibi] formance from Monte Carlo. matched bandits, a dynamite tossing Irish revolutionary and 2:00 O [HBO] MOV!E: 'Far  the .le.ddin 9 Crowd' A young I $C1om Ftattvll J 17 ) (D Nightline a rowdy Mexican thief team up to rob banks, lamas Coburn, women toys with the a,ectons st mrae men. Julia Christia, 5:" "What's New? otecti une 12:00 ID Nightbeat Rod SteiQer. 1972. Rated PG. /errence :btamp, Peter Finch. 1967. Rated PG. 6:00 B (D Sunday Mondng 12:15 ]1 {) Saturday Night O ( Sdent Spring of Rachel Carson The extent to which O [MAXl MOVIE: "Wren 9 Arm of the Law' The syndicsts  [HBO] MOVIE: This Time Forwer' An Amencan atu- 'ceITI( 12:30 O ()Agriculture pesticides ,may endanger man and his environment is ex- gets together with the police for their mutua prolection. Pe- dent, plsylng hocksy in Montreal, fees in lovs with French- [MAX]MOVIE: "Change of Seasons" Two men and two , r pasted. (60 sin.) tar Seers, Bernard Jeffnes, Nanette Newman. 1963. Canadian artist. Eddie Albert, Clods L, Vincent Van MORNING , women pair off at the same vacation ski house. Rated R. 11 Top Rank Boxing from Nashville, TN   Six-Gun Heroes ,  (NBO] Legends. John W ne A Iok 0  Late Night with David Letterman  Atlanta Braves Replay MTiwAauUOee,R/ltng '82: CART Rex Meal 150 1 Patten. Rated PG. " rrcr .... ay o at the Duke's life 0 ESPN Special Golf Presentation: 1982 U.S. Open 9:30 I MOVIE: "Away All Boats' The U.S.S. Belinda, an untried 0 (MAX] MOVIE: 'Holym from the lIMB' An Hiegitmnete son ' I&;'.-n"Obood through his long career as an American hero. from Pebble Beach. CA - First Round attack transport, commanded by a demanding skipper, I Soul Train saves his dad's life. Robert Mitchu% Eloerlor Parker. Everett ILMAX] Welcome/Miami Cubano proves herself indomitable and her green crew courageous. Solme. 1960. I OPNi -Special: 1982 U.S. Open Golf Preview I MOVIE: 'Yank in the R.A.F.' An American flier joins the ( News/Sports//eather tB (]D Thia is the Ufe fin=,, UVlE: 'Alone the Greet Divide" Five men and a . irl R.A.F. to be near a chorus girl in a London show. Betty Jeff Chandler, George Nader, Julia Adams, Richard Boone. 2:30 !} Motorweek Illustrated  Meal for Shut-Ins / Ilathe etementsf the Mojave Dssert ass awman returgnls Grable, Tyrone Power, John Sutton. 1941 1956 3:00 I C Up and Coming inhH ( Real Pictures 1 West Coast Report  U.S. Auto: Geering Up For Survival , ' A ,oOner for a fair trial. Kirk Douglas, Virginia Mayo John 12:45  [HBO] MOVIE: "Dead and Buried" The sher ff of a sleepy 10:00 O ( Falcon Crest  Week in Review i gar. 1951 . O [HBO] MOVIE: "High Risk" A filmmaker enlists three out-  Championship Wrestling B:18 t I'BOv:My.ew m Dracule'e Castle Part2 coastal town tries to solve a series of macabre deaths. c iici. J MOVIE: "Three Tales: Dark and Dangerous' This James Farentino, Melody Anderson, Jack Albertson. 1981. of-work buddies to help him rob a wealthy drug runner 3:30 g D CBS Sports Saturday Today's program features the 6:30 Rated R. James Brolin, James Coburn, Anthony Ouinn. Rated R. international Bicycle Classic end a 1e-round Junior Feather- E ,,. ,,un st snort tsles include 'Silver B aze' 'The U ly Ltt e 1:00 ID Freeman Reports I ( McClain's Law i our i  I "- and "Rock ng Horse Winner' Christo her Pm , w?/ght bout between Jamie Gerza and Cermeto Nstron. (90 7:00 LIrch I  ii ,'' Morse, Kenneth Moore. - p met I MOVIE: 'Fort Massacre' The sergeant of a surviving (1 CPeopleDOCtOrNowln the House )FSi : i oPNrspo rta Center CavalrYlndian ambush.petrel forceSjoel McCrea,his wearYForestmen Tucker,an and SusanrUns 10:30 O (: Business Report humorO [MAXland MOVIE:musical talent'A Face9 Oesin fromthe Crowd's jail cellAtodSrenatlorudCt Wthre. 8 I $scent i tJ n VlE.. "CriBs Cross" Two men commit a robbery and 1958 11:00 1 ( I1 ( O  News sntion. Andy Griffith, Patrleie Neai, Anthony Frenciosa. re al c , double cross each other. Butt Lancaster, Yvonne de 2:00 I Ping cont'd O  MacNeiI-Lehrar Report 0 Newsmaker undIW | ,', Dan Duryea. 1948 I Sports Idil ports Update 0  Portrait of a Legend IB Ughter 81de of the Nm'l con3 i  ! tree] Jiminy Cricket Presents Ben Jimm mtroduces go - go ' Y " 2:15 ( [MAX] MOVIE: 'Quadrophen a' A young man must de- 11:30 O ) MOVIE: 'Road to Rio' A couple of one-t me top mu-  (Z) Tony Brown's Journal e. Th, a  , , circus Dear who asca s a humdrum life for fun sicians stow away on a luxury liner bound for Rio. Bob Hope, 4:00  (]D Bettleater Galectloa ! | =adventure outdoors, pe cide whether to become a member of normal society or a yen ili t mx] MOVIE' 'Monty Python and the Hol Grail Ths ]HBO] MOVIE: 'Blow Out" Trying to record the perfect I ESPN Sports Center III [ II ]?uth gang, Phil Daniels, Michael Elphick, Leslie Ash. 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MOVIE: "Grand Illusion' World War I German 8 Real Pictures IL/NATIONAL BANff , [ G are bound together by a dying code of chivalr . Jean 12:45 [MAX] MOVIE: 'The Inheritance" A beautiful and mani- Cheney, WA =  rcVonStroheim, PisrreFresnay. 1932. Y FRIDAY ,--,,e, 'N..,.SBportsforum pulating woman seduces her father-in-law to become heiress ' to his fortune. Dominique Sanda, Anthony Quinn+ Rated R+ 235-8174/235-8449  AFTERNOON ' 1:00 [HBO] MOVIIE: "Stripes' A recruit has his own ideas as For something new in banking, ": '! -IH O] MOVIE: 'This Time Forever' An American stu- June 18 1:15 Fr.--eo R.po.. to how the 'New Army' should work. Bill Murray, Harold '" t'.waYmg hockey in Montreal fa s in love with a French- Ramis, Warren Dates. 1981. Rated R , P; tla artist Edda Albert Cloris Leachman Vincent Van 1:30 0  Agriculture look for it first at Seattle-First. ; I=,. N Special: 1982 U S Open Golf Preview MORNING -- (B) Sports bin( -' " " ....... r peN Specml Golf Presentation: 1982 U.S. Open 6:00 I [HBO] Brendon Chase Part 11 2:30 Ill LMX] MOVIE: 'I Love You Alice B. Toklas' A disen- M-" ""'e I=each CA - Hrat Round chanted middle-aged lawyer leavas his conventional hfe be. Chenv Branch [a=j., Lgue Baseball. Montreal at Chi Cubs 1t NASL Weekly hind him to revel and live it up with a beautiful young hipp e "J MOIE: Monty'Fl:hofl and the Hcay Grail' This I MOVIE: 'Wonder Man' Story of a brash young night Peter Sellers, Leigh Taylor-Young, Joyce Van Patten. 1976. ,, , , , , ,, , , , . 1 BB