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June 19, 1964     Cheney Free Press
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June 19, 1964

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EY t THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER SERVING SOUTHWEST COUNTY SPOKANE Chancy, Washington, Friday;June19,1964 SingleCopyl0Cen Halversons 00servatlon00. 00mers.,. Of Year Aj00light Tour Of Farm .00duled On Tuesday e N-"arvat,m Farmers for 1964, according to Jer- ,75&apos;-''7I)tc. f Ihe iothr boaWrdS.poka'ne lxaclr of" heir Soft and Water :' :  a ,aaged for tmn movemen.t for many years. _ ae a "twilight Art las served over nine years t their home, =. ' e= of ' public is,  (m)kies and : ed by the _ jHaWevsons' .l. la the ex- toll conserving tlomg over a  ,ye'av. Hal-  'hilltops !-!n an effort ;nd rebuild -- tations ;ll"  lnllhing has iqtt i the main- ::at! uoil fertility. l_:)ay8 a seeded Cll _t a,in,st run- _',...rly seed,ing of -dth d.eep furro.w q, on 'SUmmer fm a first rate evation," For for Ymmg area is has :and there eornpvisi,ng a of the op- the all will avaible ad rnst reds the of the -,utmity to :'_ 1:11 ey- ed- NAMED CONSERVATION FARMERS--Mr. and Mrs Arthur Halverson of Espanola have been named Mr. and Mrs. Con. servation Farmers for 1964 in Southwest Spokane Soil and Water Conservation District. An open tour of their farm, five miles West of Medical Lake, will be conducted Tuesday, s an active supevvis0r of the beginning at 7 p. m. local district board d is, still " ]Miller Selected Rare B, rt,h 4 FAWNS SEEN ii00ii!i000000ii'F0r School Seat Cheney Farmer Appointed his father JOh,n between Ce, tta =.- ta ttnw utt nay and Spangle. MeGo,uri'n spotted the four fawns shortly Roy M.iHer, Chancy rancher, has been ;appointed to the sac- after they had boon barn, as ant seat on the Chen'ey School Board, The Free Press learned were wet and one had not Thursday. been licked yet by is mother. V,a,n W. Emerson, Spokaae, .- The deer were kuddled in aec, ml'ty su rintendent o'f . vmmr wiai nn me tmexpiren sodded . airmige way between schl, mae te announ-' texm of E. H. Wagoner, vtm two wheat fields, men Sllovt,ly :after noon Tlms- r es',rmd h't month. The pc- Brooks sad most 4s give day after be bad received a skion had origiaUy bee high to a single arn, ox per- recommendation for MilL .hld by Dr. Garnon, vcho .haps ,two. OocasioMily three mm the Chancy directors, resigned hr fall. The term willl be born but anost never Mrs. Earl Hilton, one of the will ru'r unveil November off four, ke said. Baooks sad h.e fcmr other dixecters, caled 1965, at which time a new da- dMn't krmw *the odds against Tuesday ,night and asked eeOov will be elected to a 4- such multiple birh, bt they' t en , yeas term a him o att d an exective .. , . . Mimer, 29, is a native of St going srortg. He is alo pros- are "very rare." mac,ring off the dreetors fol" an . . ' . , Plannine For New _____School inte'iew. Mffier agreed arid' ann, wneTe he stil main,Jl. kane-Li,nein Area ass'ceil- J ,'r LI uq "" ,.oa,. Ohairman Oa;nen Stew-Jfarrmng interests wi m  m  tion." Mrs. Halveo,n, stated I art in:fomed Miller the next[, fath'er, Jah n, mid hm o Be,z, "is very active and is J "here For 574 Students .o president of the state ladies[ n d By D rs I Services Today cd,ered for the rent since 1954. After ::! job included Dr. Wilfred A. h. ne .attended .colege[at Gamon, Garnett Bots and Carl wasn.mgton .-ate. Urdve_. y,/ :ury of SWCDs. She was 'Co sidere irecto IAI Jerue Chapel a,nx tez WaSlmgto, SSate also a leader in m'ganzing the ficst local auxilimT in the Rudolf. state last year there in Chancy." Preminary d i s c u s s i o n heating plant for shops n:d Emerson sa,id he "was very Cla'ege before turning his full lVLr. and Mrs. Haersn i,1] aimed at p:iarmin,g a new igh bus gage. Ftmeral services for ALbert pleased" with the mannex in time to farming. Miller is be honeyed in the {nil at a Jay. ,school here for 574 studems De elopment of new aCb2etic Theodore Lindquist will be which the directors went a,bo.ut offnized as one of the leading !cee sponsored banquet in Che- was begun at last week's Ohe- facilities t i'her Field. lmld today at 2 p. m. in the selecting the new sc:hol di- censerVion farmers in Spa- i ney. In November they will bane Co,uty. aga,n be honored at a state nay School Board meeting. Purchase of  additional Memorial hapel off Jerue Fun- rector. He said it was dne on No official action was taken elementary school site in Ohe- eml home with Rev. Cla a "studious basis with proper He and his wife Nancy re- !Jaycee reeo,gnition banquet in by he directors, but several nay. Grube .of the Ltttheran church selections and xntervlewS.' , side ....... at 617 W. 6th St. Two off me mree cmmren, Spokane and receive a certii- matters ne,eng consideration A s s i s rant Superintemaient ffieiting. BttriM vill foRow The county superintendent .  ' ' . Dennis aria ttarvy, tteml Cheney ca,te signed by Governor Rasel- for the bond and levy eJeeti(m Lwell Poore was asked to a- at Spokane Memorial Gardens. must .approve any recomme- ;: . , , Ixtb- , nc SChOOlS A daughter, lini tot their aec'(mlhishmeat, set for September were dis- tempt to arrange a schedule Mr. Lindquist died ,at h hne dation made by a local sch<ml , . , Bn-  cussed. (ff planning that wil'l pea'mi a last Smaday aftern'on, board before, t" becomes firm1." . nie,.,e, .... is oz pre-schol age. -- ivmler will ,attend h first Re on Witlmut takin,g official ae- firat dcisio,n o,n July 8 of ex- Survivors are his widiw, board meeting a,s a dil'eetwr tion,, but by ag, reement, the di- acfly what infrnation the Pauline, at the home; three g.ToS file; rectors dee:ided o include boIding ratorrley wi be re-sorm, Russ, superintendent of Deam-00LLfzummons ....... Wednesday fright at 8 p. m.. - Movln ea money for the fo,1}owing items quested to tse in preparation sclmls at Tea; lbert, ffud- fin the ballot issues: iO the hal!o issues. ,anee cou ,n,elor in the Ole [Lions Honor De T kes glum ehools, a.d Albet, in- Archm Morns [School T Construct , fully equipped ' ' New Mmnster Due c serior ,high school btttld- in, g fr 574 students with ol, a stror at Los Angeles Ste - Ti!e Rev. K. W. Lardsxq, pas- lowanee during co'nstruetin M e so. t o f  Methodist  far futua'e ex, pahsi.'mal arid .other relatives in 2VIine: mar Cheney resident, d:<l' A-- I -- in Chancy for t]e post three Provide minimum parking Mr: Lir, dquist ws born in June 7 at the Veterans Hosyi. ,' taU(. tal in Tacoma. -- ..... "11--'-- years, has been transferred to space. Mary Hoare, sister ef Mrs. a log oabin near Wlrnar,, Three Chancy High Scix)l Brn Mawr in Seattle. Remodel the present 1929 Coy Fiah of Amber and dough- Minn., July 29, 1882, and had  He was been ,at Comstoek, students were given ards by The Rev. Ioward S. Pigts, high school as necessm-y to tar of pioneer Rck Lake res- three brethes and six sisters, i Ore., Feb. 23, 1889. During  the Otmney Lions Cb at a din- former pastor of a Me'hodist provkie .home economics faeil- idents, died May 29 at Vet- He came to Chancy in 1909, :Army service in Weald War I, nr last Wednesday evening. Chttrch tn Texas, was aplmint-ity, a lunch room "and sci,enee rmnia, Ore., follmvirrg a brief where he continued to make he met his wife, Renee, in Wirmers, their awas and ed s the new pastor by Bishop  facilay. Everett W. Pa,[mer June 14. Provide prcor student fur- iDness, his home and married Pan,line France. After rettwning to the their parents, in t'hat order, came were: Stile ws boom OCt. 12, 1884, Wendt Oct. 4, 1912. States .he to Chancy, lVLr. ,and Mrs. I.merison nittve ir the junior h,igh in the vicinity of Rack Lake, He will be remembered as a where he owned and Gaff Stevelm, citizenip, were h(mored guests ,at ,a fare- sch, ool bulldog, the d, au,,ghtor of Mr; nd Mxs. painiter vlm ot (m,y pinted a ,candy shop and attended da,ghter of Mr. aad Mrs. well dinner party given by the Other items enside'ed for George Buts. She moved to many Ohney homes, bt Eae Normal Seh.ol. Ralph Stevens; Sae Wilson, Ar- nembers and amilies of the possi'ble inclusion on the bal- Oreon abou 40 ,yars a, flour mill,flag poles, and Mettmdi, st e:huh Tuesday eve- lot are: where her late husband pve- steep-gabled baths, se he Later he tubt in a rur,M inn music, daughter of Dr. and nit, g, sp(msoved ,nd served by Demylition of the high ceded her in death in 1943. did not fear high p,laees. His school out of Chancy mad Mrs. Mrs. W. C. Wilson, and John the Women's Soemty of the school annex. She s :survived by two s,orm learned the trade from Morris was a French teacher Montague, Eagle Scout, sen of 1. ,arid Mrs. Pege Montague. @arch, with 85 presen,t. A Provision on the annex site datg, hters, Mrs. Myrtle Cain, h'nn as did numerous ochers in at C,heamy High Sc,hool. Since Jhn will atterM *he nation- re, one,tory gift in a h-'e,asure for administrative offices and Spokane, and Mrs. Rheta I)av- Clmney. 1944 they have resided at Steil- al Scoit eortferenee at Van.My- chest was presenled to them, ;erport in Oregot; a son, ColorfuJ experiences marked ac.oom, ford this summer. Tommy wth Mrs. A. W. Phips mak- 1 500 Expeded George Hoevle, Eureka, Calif., his boyhed on the arm in Besides his widow, he is Samons, wi,nner of the boys irg the presentatien, asssed a,nd her sister, Mrs. Fish, at Milmesota. One time a light- survived by three daughters, citizens'hip awal, was un!abie by Mrs:. Francis Kuehl. i Amber. n, ing st arm killed his eam of Mrs. France Tanner, Mrs. Ann 10 attend Eae dinner. Bryn Mawr Methodist 00u0000lFor, Summer Term Fredrick  and burned the plow- Painter and Mrs. Betty ,Tames, Paul Ortman, oae chair- in Seattle s newly eon,strueted. Schaflt handles, but he eseeaped. A and six grandchildren. A son man of the Lions, and Dr. Ray. Pitts will be in the pul-] The hrgest enro.lament, the powder exption at Mm-shal, was killed in an accident in Verne Ellis of the Hig3mrd pit here th Suad,ay. [largest number of course of- Succumbs At 86 w blew out the window Idaho several years ago. Lions Club a!so were guests. [ferings and the largest aeulty glass of the ld Clhmaey Nor- Funeral services we,re held Dr. Eis ave a talk an, "You,r malScholand other buildirgs, Juice 10 from the Mountain Lives as Citizens of 'the United F]REMEN NSWER lore expected for the Eastern Fredriek Sc,h,arff, former brought him in the irst i shington State ollege 1964 States of America." He praised RURAL ALARMS summer quarter which opens resident of Chancy, died hs place. He se up a padnt shop View Ctmpel, Tacoma. he Chmaey Lions ir honro !Mnday. S tmday at N ewberg, Ore., mad bought his home, where all WEATHER irg yotmg peolM:e of the com- Ch.eney based Spokarte Court- Dr. Joe W. hatburn, EW- wtmre ;he had made home his family was bo. They Be wL*h us again next week, mu,nity. He poted out hat ty Fire District No. 3 uni,ts re- SC summer quarter coovdinat- the past 35 years, were educated in the loc same time, same station, and mUn5 r things that are .taken for sponded to three alarms d,ur- or, said that almost 1,500 stu- M. Scharff, 86, died at the sclmo,s. rrmybe we'l,1 have ,some weath- granted wre ed by ing the past week. den have preregistered and Newberg hospital after an tl .... Yosterday tmo pieces re:- that total eIVOll'ment could ness of eight days. Our Slip Showing er rs. Mood, swet and, team og these who have gone bete sponded to a house fire one- weft be over 2,000 students. The funeral was hId Wed- Family season tickets at the MARKETS us." He made plthat mosto lmif mile south of the S;pakane- Two palae sessions are n esay at Zion Lutheran new Chancy mv'rnming lmol White C'lb, ,bukea ........ $1.39 u today take our ci;izenship Whitman County line on Texas sehedul.ed during the summer, church in Newberg with buri,l Ferry Road, alorg with tamcks Dr. Cbatburn said. The vegu- follmvirg at MeMinr, viUe, eve. are $12.50 rather than $12 as Soft White, bushel ............ $1.39 very tightly. We often ail to a Free Press advtertisement Barley, ten ...................... $36.00 lhol'd the law, merely be- from St. John, Rosalia and 1,at sevemweek session will Mr. Scharff was barn, June read last week. Single tickets Wednesday quotation, F. O. cause we do not want to be- P.laza. The house, evened by start with regbtratbn June 28, 1877, at Hopkins, Ill. He are $5. B,, Olmney. come involved, he said. Mrs. Ted Gustin, was rm &ad- 22. Classes start the rmxt day. was married Nov. 22, 1905, at ly damaged. A two-week post-session, cn-  Medical Lake to the former Last Saturday firemen si,stig primarily of works'hps, Beltha Fitzner, who survives flmght two gra,ss fires ,in the will be .held rom Aug. -10 him at the home in Newbemg. ape 14art Housing distret through Aug. 21. Other survivors are thxe south of Geig, er Fied. Both si,sters, includirg Sofia Sehved- ere set by youngsters:. One er of Oheney; Ann Sehroedar, ,covered five mres and the 1937 CHS Class other v4 acre. : Sacramento, Calif.; a brother, Albert Schff, OakLand, Ca',lif, three g.rardehldren and fur Reunion June 27 great grandchfl'dxe. Several mare gduaes of Smith's Funeral Chapel of the 1937 Chancy High School Newberg was in charge of ar- dam, vchich lalans a reunion rangements. here Jtme 27, ,have been lo- cated and 50 have now made SAMONS MOVE dinner reservations. The day will begin with a TO COLVILLE laice at the City Park starting Mr. and Mrs. Mel Samov2s k30 p. m. Dinner that eve- ave g their lme and will be held in Spo,bane moving to CaylvBle week. at the 'Coeur d'Aleme Hotel, ,Sanoas will be food man- starting t 7 p. m. A dance at ager of the Spruce Cany(m The Rainbow Inn on Ha, user y)uth cmp at Colville. Lake win follow. Mrs. SamonS, a teacher in 1aymond F. Hawk Jr., off the Cheney sehl system at YaMma, who .is cooaxi',m'ating Su'nset Eae past several years, the reunion, said al class mere- will teach first gecade at Cal. bets should bring a sack lunch villa. to the picnic. Old friends are also invited, he said. Deadline Reminder Free Press correspondents 'Shots' Available reminded that copy should Salk polio vaccine and oth- be turned in no later than LIONS CITE YOUTH---Three Chancy High calved citizenship award; John Montague, ng begun lasffell with erection of er inoculations v'fil be given Tuesday noon in order to as- up this week. Last fall the in Oheney .at the Ameriean l |ure proper editing. Late copy School students were given awards by the Eagle Scout; Robert Tubbs, Lions president, !or refinishing job. The bank's new Igion Hall londay from 9:30 will be m danger of being left Lions Club lest week during dinner meeting, and Sue Wilson, who received Arian music to 10:30 a.m. out or held over a week. Left to right, they are Gait Stevens, who re. award. dllu