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June 26, 1964     Cheney Free Press
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June 26, 1964

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Page 2 Cheney Free Press Friday, June 26, 1964 CHENEY FREE PRESS ESTABLISHED 1896 PUBLISHED AT 412 FIRST ST., CHENEY, WASH. Etered at the Post Office at Cheney, Washington, as Second Class Matter under the Act of March 5, 1897. Issued every NATIONAL EDITORIAL Friday morning at Cheney, Washington. .  Spokane County Sub$ription$ ................................ $4.50 per year All Other Subscriptions ........................................ $S.00 per year G. T. FROST .................................. PUBLISHER JACK PIERCE .................................... EDITOR Selection Of Miller Is Commendable Step The Cheney School Board deserves a pat on the back fl)r the pragmatic way it wertt about choosing Roy Milter as a new &apos;reetor last week. The choice of Miller, too, is a good one arid should be f value to the district as a whole. First of all, hocever, the directors are to be complimented for rmt yielding to un,nec- essary petitions and pressure from support- ors of two other candidates. The candidates themselves, Garnelt Boots and Dr. Wilfred A. Gamon, to be sure, wonld have been good and fair men. But petitions and pressure are the wrong way to go about things. The School Board was elected to perform a function, and it seems about time tha it should be allocved to attempt that function without constant pressure and poltics coming to fron. MiLer himse,tf has remained aloof from the school hassle which :has consumed most of the meeting time during the past year. While remaining personally detached, how- ever, he has kept himself irfformed and should now be able to act "m a dispassionate and inl'ligent manner, representing neither one faction or another, but the district as a col/ective body. This is the way it stmuki be, arid we suspect th may have motivated the other directors when they made their decision. It's been a long year, fraught with dis- harmony, hearings, accusations and agu- ments. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is begin- ning to come to an end. A little more matur- ity on all sides wontd be a welcome develop- mont. Let's hope the new School Board and its patrons can buckle down to work during the summer and the coming school year atd conduct itself in a constructive and adult manner. A little help from the patrons would help this goal immensely. 00amt 40 Years Ago 1924 Announcement was made this week of the forthcoming marriage Tuesday of Harold C. Kleiner of Cleney and Miss Vern`a Mickets of Spokane. Miss ARa LindaM gave a prty Tuesday evening hanor- in,g her brother, Harry Lind- ahl, and bride, who returned this week from Roberts, Idaho, where they had been teaching. R. Lisle Smth, owner and operator of the CRy Transfer and storage company, sold the business to Herman Montague. The company is located in its new office rt the s'uth side of lirst street, former quarters for E. M. Crawford, real estate agertt. Mr. Smith ,has accept- ed a position with Standard Oil company. Bobbed hair,is causing mere conversation than cooking recipes in Cheney these days. A scrambled note demand- ing $300 was fonnd by J. H. Leuth on his porch. The note sated that the Leuth ,home, jtst beyond Fish Lake, would be dyrm, nted 'and destroyed unless $300 were thrown from the window of a train which passes through the neighbor- hood. The note was turned o,,er to the sheriff's of.glee. 30 Years Ago 1934 The Cheney American Leg- ion junior baseball team will be orgarfized and start prac- tice Wednesday. Boys under 17, who have signed up, are "Pink" West, Don Conley, Kermit Rudo,lf, George Lamph- ier (Tyler), Jim Etlingsworth, Clifford Winegard (Tyler), Chrk Cordill (Amber), Leo Pierson, Morris Iverson, Mar- shall, Lewis Johnson, Murray Holoway (Tyler), Frank Pence, "Bub" Berrtard, Jack Humbert, I-hrvey oothart, Elmer Pros- he511, Dan Curtis, Don Brown (Amber) and Kon Sooy (Am- ber). lobert N. Brown, Donald W. Hedge and Jean W. Walton idved degrees at the 38th an'ual commencement exercis- es at WSC June 11. lrs. S. M. Pullen, 79, passed away at her home near Four Lakes Wednesday follbwing a long illness. Survivors ave her husband artd three sons, George of Cheney and John a,nd Ben of Spokane. The marriage of  Doro- thy Carter of Lowden and Robert E. Nelson took place l[on4ay at the home o the Re v. andMrs. H. B. Elworthy, grandparents of the bride. The marriage of Miss era M West and Alfred Schy of Lament was announced last week. Christina Rosenzweig, daughter of Mr. a+nd Mrs. C + Rosenzweig, and Lightamr Bar- tan of Spokane were ued in marriage June 2. 20 Years Ago 1944 B. William Le, an will begin woxk as an electrical engineer or Boeing :'Aircraft company in Seattle July 1. They have purchased a ,home in the Mount Baker district. Bnna Mason, member of a pioneer amily of Cheney, s married to Dr. Edwin Dummeier ,at the Mason farm home. Cheney is one af the four localities in the Spokane dis- t,ict of the OPA that has a perfect record on price viola- tions. Miss ay PoweH, ratima- ing board clerk, sa4d Wednes- day. Others with ro price vio- Lations are I, one, Moses Lake and Ritzville. Price panel assis- tants are Mrs. Harold Kleiner, Mrs. W. R. Berna'rd, Ms. Ce- celia Gibbs, Four Lakes; Mrs. Jeanner Harris, Tyler; and Mrs. A. L. Svenson, Medical Lake. 10 Years Ago 1954 Lois McKinley of Amber will reign as queen of the horse show this weekend. Princees are Elaine Thompson, Oheney; and Betty Franzen, Windsor. Saturday and Sunday matin, ees will be held every week at the Pix theaier under the new program instituted by Gone Harris, who Furchased the business from William Cot- bet ,of Seattle and E. W. Lan- dry, former oner. Cheney will have city mail delivery soon if recommenda- tions made by Postal Inspector R. R. Bu, rmell are approved by the post office department. Mss Laura Pedigo, daut- er of Joh'n Pedigo of Medical Lake, and Harold Taohey are ta be united in mavri,ge June 26 in the Medical Lake Com- munity church. Washington Bar Association Both drivm's nd walkers have a tegal duty to be care- ful, but since drivers do the greater harm, they 'have the greater duty. Pedestrians have ,a legal right to expect drivers o obey traffic rules. In passirg cars, drivers must watch out for pedestrians who may not see them, especiatly on crosswalks where walkers ihare the right of way, as well  on sidewalks and highway shoulders. A walker's bad judgmen or mistake may not excuse a mo- torist in an accidenL The driver should allow a wide margin fo such errors: As a walker, t,lmugh, you too have a legal duty to be careful, to consider how dark the street is, the color of yur clothes, your ego, the speed and closeness o ormoming cars, and the ike. Still a ped- estrian's lack of loper cae does not give a driver a right to hit him. He still should try to avoid a mishap, no ntter who is to bhme. When a w`aer disobeys traffic hws himse, his folly may help bring on his injuries and tlms lose him his right to recover damages. Most o ag, the hw holds that a driver should give spe- cial oare to smart clildven. They do lh armmd dive- ways and axe intflsi+ve. So warn bhem before you back into the street and make sure they are safe. You have a legal duty to: look for workers protected by signs, /Mrts, or red fgs on the highway. The I/aw expects  such varkmen to spend their time at work and not in dodg- ing cars. (This clumn is written to inom, not to ,advise. Facts may change the application of the law.) Conservation News By Richard H. Jessen Soil Conservation Service Conservation pl,as of the farmers and ranhers with hom we,work are developed and designed to meet their par- ticular soft and w'ter prob- lems, such as: shallow atd droughthy conditions; declin- ing level of soil orgazdc matter and fertility; moderate to se- vere wind and water erosioa,; tillage pan formation; exces- sive wetness due to spring run- off; poor drainage o flood+ig th, at causes alkal conditions, and peren,nial noxious and an- nud weed infestation, to ,n,me but a few. The latter problem i receiving m(st of the tten- tion at th,is time of year. Committees Meeting Many weed c(mmittees throughout the district, coun- ty and state are having meet- ings on the subject of curbing local weed problems. There are many weed turs taking piece weekly, to poinc out the different varieties and wttat is being d(me successfully to control their spreading. M,ost of the easy weeds have been con,trolled with vhat chem- icals or tillage m'hods we have applied so far. The tough ones are the weeds we ave faced with now to try to de-i stroy or prevent. I had occasion to attend a weed tour one aRenzoo last week in the Stevens and Deep Creek townships of the Coun- ty conducted by Keith Wal- lace, weed specialist county ag- e,nt, to lok over some test plots on chemical controls. We loked a,t several plots on he spraying of Leafy Spurge. Some of the results were quite favorable, ochers wexe 'less fav- orable. The cost, at one time, was prohibitive but now seems more reason,a,ble. We saw a few plants of skel- eton weed ju, st gning a foot- hold in this p'ticulav f'ld. From this pointt in the field tlmre were no visible seed sources for the weed to get its start. Some Favorsbt'e We then koked at several test plots on control of Can- a4a Thistle. Some of the chem- ical treatments k)oked favor- able, vhe others seemed ,to kill everything but the thistle. Fina41,y, we observed a thane treated field that looked prom- isig last fall with very few lylams rmainng, but were dis- ,apgointed to find the heavy i'nfestation at this time. The Spokane County Agricul- ture,1 Conservation development group has made approval of a practice lowing cost-sharing for coairol of rmx. mus weeds. The eRgible weeds re: Morning Gory, Cmcla Thistle, Leafy Spuge, Rus- sian Knapweed, White Top and Skeleton weed. In ardor to qualify for cost+shaving on this practice, you must sign up at More history, as it may be written. And so it came to pass in this Great Land that the mighty Poohbahs of the Potomac be- came concerned with the plight of many of the citizens whose years were past three score. ,  i :i7:' For n a previous Dy- - nasty of Pooh-  bahs, there [ had been set[ up what was[ called Social , Security. Into  the great god iii: of the times, :: called U. S.g;l. Treasury, C.W. Harder there poured in monies from both master and servant to build a fund to keep elderly people from want on their re- tirement. And there were Hossanahs throughout the Great Land un- til with the passing of the years it was found by those who had waxed old, that the value of the dollar had waued. And so, to keep body and soul together, many sought to use their ex- perience at light tasks befitting their years to supplement the pittances from the great god U. S. Treasury. * * But the Great Poohbahs held up their hands and said, "Nay, if you want to continue to get from the U.S. Treasury the benefits of the money that wast taketh away from thy pay- checks for Io these many years, then like the lilies of the field, ! thou must toil not, neither must thee spin, for if thou earn more than 25 dollars per week, you lose Social Security." And thus a mighty protest was set up. The Poohbahs were asked "How does it happen that older people who have in- vestments can wax fat and i happy on these incomes and still get Social Security while I am not permitted to help my- self?" And the Poohbahs replied: "Twice blessed is he who clips coupons, for he neither toils, nor spins, and thus does not irritate our great god, U. S. Treasury. And so it came to pass that two leaders from the Province Known as New York, a Rep. Katherine St. George, and a Sen. Kenneth Keating proposed laws to permit those who had passed three score and five to earn as much as they could and still get the benefits of the monies that had been taken from them in their youth. * * * And this caused great con- sternation among the mighty Poohbahs of the Potomac. And so a great council was held by the Poohbahs. And the decision was to not permit people to help them- selves. And forthwith witl a mighty clamor of trumpets there was announced, instead, a big War on Poverty, which was a holy war to keep the people dependent on the manna scattered down by the great god, U.S. Treasury. The rally- ing cry was "Seek ye first the U.S. Treasury, and all things will follow after." For this was an era when there was confusion about many things. In a place called Vietnam and a place called Laos, legions of the Great Land fought and died, and while some people called It war, the Poohbahs said no, it was not war, it was advising. National Federation of Independent Bulnes| the ACP office and have the area inspe,cted before any weed control measures are started. These weed me*ctin,gs and tours are scheduled and an- nounced regularly, awd are very interesting and informa- tive. They are for everyone's benefit. Your atte+n,danee will add to your required knowl- edge of god weed control, I prmnise. Annually, Americans fall victim to $500 toil'lion worth of dietary nonsense in the form of "health" foods and food suppleme,'tts they d(m't need. This is more than the AmeNcan public spends on med,ical educ,ation each year. East Cheney By Anna Phillips LAST MEETING HELD East Cheney gage he'Id its last meeting Friday eeng and voted to recess until the second meetirtg in September. M,re details were giv on a trip sometime in July by all grangers. Several rOff[cers gave reports. Edwin Ihi:]Ieo was re- ported on the sick list. An ode to mothers and father,s was re,ad by Eiizabeth B+abb. PERSONAL MENTIONS Mr. and Mrs. tmea'y Bbb ,+n,ct La,r entertained With Father's Day dinner and cole- brated the birthdays o,f Ale Babb and Mrs. Oren Lambert. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Al- bert Babb, Judy and IAnda; 1Vr. and Mrs. Oren Lambert; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Curtis; Mrs. Arvo Saario, Jan and Reed, and Mrs. Mary Balb. Joyce and J,immie Labish left 1,ast Thurs:day evening for I4aho Falls, Id, aho, to spe,ltd a few days with thellr sistex, Mrs. Da,vid Thiessen. Mr. and Mrs. B0,b Hampton a,,d family of Spe,kane spent Father's Day with Mr. and Mrs. H,rry Hampton. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Harmon spet Father's Day with Mrs. armon's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Stroup. I Mr. and Mrs. Ray LaBelte at! Gvantger were Friday visit- ors of Frank Ludwig and sis- ter, Mrs. Cea Kelly. Nick Kaufman and Mr. and Mrs. George Kaufman of Sp,olane were Sund,ay afternoon visit- OIN. Mrs. C. V. Steward of Coeur d'Ale,e, a Mrs. Celia Kelly frrst communion Labih and brea,kfat lege Inn which Su:nd`ay. Mr. and Mrs. C. Mr. a,rd Mrs. D.oug ley, Jack and Sherry turn,ham, aft ton; Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, Jo,hlnglry Phillips all en Chatcolet Lake last a pien, ic lunch at Connie Kilo and ham, both 4-H mained at Camp a few days. Mrs. Vern Mrs. itrs of Mrs. Anvm week. The Nation's foodS, medical devices and are s, afeguds: by Do,ad, D,rug, and enforced by the Drug AdminksCartiom i.:+:+::+:.: ?i:!:!:i:!:ii :::::::k:::::: iii!iiiiiiiiiiiii :>=<:+:.: !iiiiiii!iii Now SAVS 10% on floor products Chevron Floor Products are on sale! Choose these work-saving products: Chevron Poly Floor --a wear-resistant, easy-to-apply coating that lasts to six times longer than ordinary waxes. Floor Hardener--seals and hardens softwood keeps concrete from dusting. Chevron Wa, polishing wax that adds new long-lasting beauty floors. Remember--the sale ends July 31st. Order now save 10%. For ary Standard Oil product, call AL HASKINS Ist & Kallispel -- 235-6378 _ If you get paid by the clock, save by the clock. We have no wish to tell people how to run their lives. But if you are dissatisfied with your own attempts at saving money, we have a suggestion that works. It's very simple: have your bank transfer a pro-determined amount from your checking account to your savings account everypayday. It doesn't have to be a lot of money. But sooner or later, that's what it'll add up to. Week after week, month after month, year after year--your automatic savings account will grow like clockwork. We've seen it happen for many many people. We'd like to see it happen for you. Automatic savings. Cheney Branch/Seattle-First National Bank ...... ' W. Edward Betz Mgr,, 4;Z3-425 First Avenue