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July 9, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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July 9, 1965

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Page 8 Cheney Free Press Fday, July 9, 1965 Who Received It * Em  ......... CONSUMER&apos;S BREAD  PRIC  .i, 00l(00N00'00armer' t  : '- I I I lil U Tronsp. Handl. -,, ......... II l00ilW '* C '' P.': t" S" ,I Baker-whvlescler, 11.4 Retailer, 3.7 RECEIVED TO COVER pRFfT ,HD COST, EXCEPT FOR INGREDIENTS AND PURCHASES FOR RESALE. NEG. ERS 3612-65 (4) ECONOMIC REIEARCH SERVICE u.  OEPART.':,vr oF ARCULTURE DRAWING OF A LOAF OF BREAD shows share of the cost received by each "Who is the enemy? Damn- segment of the economy .The farmer receives 3.2 cents, of which 2.7 cents rep- ed if we know that any more resents the value of the wheat in the loaf. Transporation accounts for 1.5 cents, ether. But this we do kov, miller gets 0.9 cents, the baker-wholesaler 11.4 cents and the retailer, 3.7 cents. that the miEtary strategists I The proposed wheat program now before Congress would increase the farml ten us we must hold some posi-I value of the wheat in a loaf of bread from the present 2.7 cents to 3.5 cents. ti,orm in Asia and the Pacific,  ........... add by gum we are tryin to! j .hld them. We may  wong. I * :4< I [ We ,have been wrong 80 per| News of Summer Safety Tips... cent of the time since 1933. ButJ: STOP THROWING THINGS ,as ong ,as those of us in atn-/"- Area Servicemen *' al power believe that wtat we WITH THAT ROTARY MOWER Marine on Standby for Viet Nam Asks Why the Students Anti-Demonstartions Editor's note: Idaho col- ership, in fct, 4as been as ig- umnist Vardis Fisher, who in norant and naive and childlike this column is highly criti- as you 127 professors are. And cal of the extra liberal type let me tell you something ese. of professor, is himself an "1 don't know why in hell ex.professor, author of sev- we are in Viet Nam, except that era[ novels including the we have stuck our noses into e:J,,, sllse:c  ::C?ll:lstog tnhai:f;l:s;fT$:e a thar:a203 of Mormonism. By Vardis Fisher A marine standing six feet and weighing 270 is stioned with his mates in the far Pa- ific, ,on orders to stand by for Viet Nam. This marine is my yaadson. I have a letter from him which says, in part: "One of my mates has just received a ,newspaper clipping from his hmetown that reads as fol- lows: 'Students Send Reds Sympathy. Nev York (AP) Approximately three hundred persors at Colum, ba University have seat a message to Pres. He Chi Mih ,of North Vietl Nm sayirg they are opposed to U. S. bombing raids against his terwitoy. The Clumbia Spectator, coUege news-paper, d March 26 that about 150 studezts had signed the mes- ge. A University spokesman said Tues&ay the number prob- ably ,had isen to ,bout 300.' "My question is: I am on ,standby to o to. Vit Nam ,and some of my frienks are al- read over there, nt knowing hen they ma, get l,ot. Sup- pesedty .senbe U. S. citizens come up with an argcle like this. What ,re we risking our lives for, wher our orn coun- try is nt even backing us up? I would like to lave  these students over here, or see what they had to say ff their brother in the service was kited. What is your opinion ,of ,all this?" I supose a lot of young men in the services are asking that question. I have had to write my grandson that it is not only a few hundred students at Co- lumbia, and not only thousands of students all over the U. S. It is in universities. It is mil- lions of Americans, including members of congress and other leaders in al| walks of life. The polls show that this is a on- fused and divided nation, and though the majority seems to be supporting the national leadership, a huge minority is not. Take the 127 professors who wrote to presidentil assistant McGeoPge BundT. These 127 asked him, Who is the enemy? Wlm ere our alies? Wat kind of proof must North Viet Nam give us that it is not ixwading South Vet Nm? Is Wasling- ton trying to provole China to mke a move so we can bomb mess of most of what we have tried to do. Who are our allies? Hell, gentlemen, we don't know. We thought Pakistan was. We thought France was. We thought Indonesia was. We're not sure we have any. We havebeen the Global Good Samaritan since 1945, and feel- ing guilty because we have enough to eat, our conscience hurting us all over, we have been shoveling gobs of money to every people who would take it. And now they burn our embassies and spit in our fac- es. are doing is what we stmuki do, the rest of you saho,uld t'hmw us out or stand be:hind us. That goes for you 127 professors, a nd the Walter Lpmans and Senator Churches, and the wtmle kit ,and caboodle o4 you. Tell us to get out, or close ranks azd give us a united na- tion." I am .sorry that I can't give my grandson and his mates, ,and the parents: of those who h,ave died on the firing ]i"ne, azd witl die, ,and aWthe young who will die, a better ans- wer tkan that. But it's a better answer than McGeo,rge Bundy gave. Truckers to Assist Keep Green Effort By Means of Signs On hu,n, dreds of meor freight pickup trucks over the state soon will appear the warning, "lotorists, Campers, Smokers  Prevent Forest Fires." As a public seice ,project, the VCaShington mot)r trans- lOrt industry is dornating spce on the sides of their trucks to Keep Washington Green asso- ciation to help spread its preventi,on message among residents md tousts dllrilg the forest fire ,season which extends to Oct. 15. Epressing appretation to the trucking industry for this added medium of alerting the public, KWG pessident, Rob- ert L. DeLong, St. Regis ofic ONNEBORN'S SHIP IN NORTH ATLANTIC Seaman Douglas G. Sonne- i/ //iiiiii7 ! born 00SCG 0n Mr and iii!! 00ii!i! Mrs. Edward W. Sonnebo:rn of Route 1, Medical Lake, Wash., is serving aboa,rd the Coast Gurd icebreaker Northwmld, :: :which arrived in New York !.: : June 23, to pick up supplies  and scientists for an o.ceano- graphic research cruise to the  [] N,ovth Athnti, c .and Arctic The propeller-like blade on a rotary po,cr lawn mower revolves at a rate of 4;000 times per minute. It efficiently and indiscriminateIy Cuts everything in its path. it can turn a stone on the lawn intQ an unguided missile if it strikes it. Such flyingvbjects have been hurled at great distances at seeds up to 170 mph and have pierced, fractured, crippled, bll,ned azd killed. They will cause an: estimated 30% of the 100g0 power mower accidents expectant to take place this year, ,e producers are con- complete circle around a special sial y working on designs to bushing and is held in plaoe to elin iate the danger of thrown cut the grass by centrifugal objects. They have carried on force from the spinning disc broad educational programs to On contact with a solid ob- familiarize owners of the esti- ject, the blades spin hack and mated 22 million rotary mowers seldom even move the object. being used in this country with They are immediately returned proper safety procedures. To to the cutting position by the reduce the danger, they advise: centrifugal force. .. Before mowing: .clear the The "Whispering Jet" weighs Oceans. The vessel wil,1 make 23 oceaxmgra>hic suflies in the North Athntie lmfore stoping at .Coat, hagen, Demaxk for head for the Arctic and more resech. Torthwind is scheduled to return to ;he homeport in Se- attle somme in October. MEDICAL LAKE MAN CRUISING IN PACIFIC Fire Oortt)l Technician its rmeleax phRt? Time maga- zine, Which claps its ivory tower hancts and is 1000% for the ws which the 'Democrats' have agai got us into, says ial, says, "The coincidence fi that Btmdy in effect tod them acation season and forest fire to shut up and grov up. He season l for a, tl-out vigil-, wote an "icy" repty and his ,ace in our state's great out- scorn was enough to "ohill a d,oors. Only an h, informed plar bear." Bundy said that in the com- munication from the profess- ors there were "distortions and assumptions in its questions which a contrary to fact', and that "if your letter came to me for grading as a professor of government, I would not be able to give it high marks." Though this writer has said more than once in this space that most college teacherS, as he has known them in a num- ber of schools, are emotionally immeture; nalve, childlike, and about as Ignorant of human nature including their own as public can reduce the man- cuse,d forest fire rate o 85 per ,cent experienced last year. In major population centers, wherever :motor freight m-igin- tes or is tra,shipped in Wash. ingtn, trucks bearing the Keep Washing,ton Green message will perform a real public ser- vice by reminding citizens of their respovbiity for pre- serving our state's beauty and its auable resources from toss by fire." BEVERLY HARMON WINS ASB AWARD e man can be, we can't m that A Medical Lake high sCtmol Mr. Bundy gave them much of lonr grlUate, Beverly Hay a reply and we don't think he mon, is among 44 srig gad- was in any position to give uates who have been ,varded them much. Eastern Washington State CI- He znght :have said, "The lege Associated Studewt Bod leaderShi of this n.ion in in- schorships for 1965-66. terrmtozM ,ffairs, chief un- The dlaughter of Mr. a.nld der the Democrats, has been Mrs. Wfi}Jam T. Harmon, she an rholy mess ever Since was arded the schohrship Manchuria in 1933'. We have spent a 120 billion dolors try- lag to buy allies arid friends, and Indanesia ,al Fro.nee are examlales of what our money ha, s bght. We forced the Dutch, the British, the BeLl- ,on the hasps of ,her high sc,lmol sch, otastic ,and lead,ership rec- ord. The award pays fees and tmtin for three qu.arters at EWSC. Miss ttarmon plans to major in physical education at EWSC. glans, and ,others out of lands JOHN M. MARSH ON and with great enthussm we encouraged yellS, black, and COLLEGE HONOR LIST white people to set up 'rep]b- In the fist of spriag quartet cs' arsd 'democracies', niy to coUege ,hnr rU students in learn that they have no idea last week's Free Press the what tirade are, and dn't care, name of John M. MarVh was. nd don't wan the. Our lead- ovatted. The Bargain Shop 504 FIRST ST., CHENEY Many used items - such as freezers, sec- tionals, chairs and ranges. Also Many New Items. Come in and look around. PHONE 235-4744 jy9tf i :1 i Third Class RiChard I. Down- ey, USN, son of Mr. a,nd Mrs. Ile Aeneid of Medival Lake, VCash., is serving aboard the destroyer USS Hopewel, par- tic in the 1965 Midship- ran Cruise in the Pacific ocean. IR cmpay with othe ships and units of the U. S. Paeific Fleet, the IopeweU is conduct- ing naval operations for U. S. Nav Academy md Naval Re-J serve Offices Tra.i,ning Corps midshipmen. These operations w.ll provide the Mlddms with pernM expewiece and practioal kneeledge of navaga-] tion, commtmications, seaman- ship, gunnery, engineering and other ,basic zmval s,bjects. CHENEY CADETS NOW IN TRAINING Fort Lewis,---Cadet Joseph C. Beke, son of Mr. nd Mrs. C hartes W. Beke, Cheney, and Cadet Franklin E. Ham, 24, so of Mrs. Opal M. Lucas f C,heney, ,are attedi: ,g an ex- tensive six-week treinin pro- grmn at Fort Lewis, ending J" 30. Cadets Beke and H, am will be given adaeed training in the mi'ta subjects they have been studying at lastern Wash- ingtc State Colleg under the irgton State College under the (ROTC). VChile .at Fort , the, will be trained in various mili- tary subjects which'will gve them he skil necessary to take command. Upon cotple- tion of the senor course the cadets can clmose any of the technical or combat branches of the army in which to spec- ialize. J Tlose cadets who have al-! ready received college degrees will be commissioned second heutonaa upon the comple. tion of the summer training. MRS. EISENHAUER ON HONOR ROLL ,Patricia J. Eemuer, 504 G St., wife of Rev. p L. Eisehauer, was among Est. ern Wash_igton State Offiege students amed to the sig quarter ilmnor roll. Mrs. Eise, bauer received perfect all A ,. She is a senior major- lag in hguage ats at EWSC. lawn of stones, wlre, glass, toys, etc.; . .. Don't let children stand on the sidelines watching; .. Stop the mower if some- cme approaches; ... Guide the mower so that the discharge side never faces a sidewalk or neighbors on an adjoining lawn; .. Always stop the engine before crossing a gravel driveway, walks or dirt oads. This year a new type of ro- tary mower is available that will not throw objects It has to 1ropeller-like blade, but cuts .'rass emciently with a unique 'safety disc" cutting system that has been developed by P.M, E: ineering & Manufacturing C, ,f Ridgeway, Pa. ar small steel blades are ecrely fastened to a round " tha rotates be- "Safety dse t, . . neath the mower s hOUSing. Eaeh blade is free to spin in a 40-44 lbs., about 20 lbs. less than the av- erage com- parable metal mower, be. cause rein- forced plastic has been used in the honso ins, safety disc and motor cover. These sturdy components are fabri- Drive In cated using polyester resins 10reduced by Koppers Company, ne., reinforced with fiberglass. They won't rust or corrode. P.M. plans to sell the safety disc and blades separately for less than $5 to owners who want to convert their conven- tional rotary mowers to this new cutting system. Informa- tion on the safety disc can be obtained by writing to P.M. Manufacturing, Ridgeway, Pa. Fried Chicken Juicy, Tender, Ready In 5 Minutes ................... 89 BURGERS, SHAKES ORDERS TO GO AIRWAY HEIGHTS CH 4-3914 I I Notice -- Residents of Airway Heights Due to the extremely dry condition No Open Fires Without Permits. Permits obtainable from Town Clerk. There is No Charge... i Burning barrels must have 3/8" screen Bob Tremblay, Fire Chief II I HIGHLIGHTS. FROM All By Valerie Smith Fire Chief Tremblay Warns ef Hazards; Asks Cooperation Because the extremely drs' erasE is a fire hazard, Fire Chief Bob Tremblay is asking the cooperation f all residents iof Airway Heights to take nec- essary prercattion to prevent a major di, s, as*er. He stressed obeying Airway Heights fire preevntio' law. "that there shall be no open fires without a permit which is obtain, able from the town clerk alerie Smith, at n,o charge." Trembay al'sJo said that all buvning barrels must be cov- ered with a 38" screen when in use. In case of fire, he asks res- idents to turn off all sprink- lers to keep up pressure and have water available for fire fighting. Last week whe the depart- ment was fighting a fire at the Bill Crossott hme, someone ran over the fire ,hse. Trem- bray said tiffs is not only illegal and punishable with a costly fine, but imposes a ,hardship on the fire fighters and jeopar- dizes the owner of a burning buMd, ing. Also, fire hose is ex- tremeb, expensive to replace ad the department is oper- ating on a minimum budget. The safe and sane fireworks stand spon,so,red and oper- ated by the fire department added a considerable sum to the depa,rtment's fund. Roxanne Smith To Have Party Roxanne Smith will cele- brate her eighth birthday Sat- urday with a p,a,rty given by Treat her mother, Mrs. H. D. Smith. finest Games will be played and the able. refreshments will include a big birthday cake with eight candles. Twelve playmates have been l invited: Rorda Higgins, Khy Tremblay, Deborah and Pam- mie Nolte, Peggy and Bonnie Baker. t:hillip and D. J. Kearce, S Jeanrie and Gerry Pfitzer, Vckie Hen sley and Phyllis Bergman. FARLEYS Mrs. fro,m the is gmduaUy at the Farley is their m,an San Diego Farley's St., of also. TEEN A teen to be held on the teenagers vited. Guests of Biote and fou, r The Bilotes are spedig Long lake. Mr. and and childre ry, are tana. Bagdad Inn and is a Angle in the league. Roy ney, clerk of day. seems like write out thy space gizg ,area, stores, tions tiers. Don't news items Free Press lerie CH 4.3621. Open 11 Sat. 4 WHEN YOU NEED OF ANY KIND See Jerald W. We Specialize I Farm & Ranch COME IN AND HAVE Brown Insurance AIRWAY HEIGHTS MEDICAL LAKE ONLY $100 ... puts more any farm Spruce up your place with an 8-horsepower John Deere "110" Tractor. Mow... clear snow.., till yot ga- den.., paint fences. Buy a "110" now on e iiest terms ever! Village Store AIRWAY HEIGHTS, CH 4-3636 Ltts you take we&ends