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July 30, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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July 30, 1965

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Page 2 Cheney Free Press Friday, July 30, !965 ClIEMEY FREE PRESS ESTABLISHED 1896 PUBLISHED AT 412 FIRST ST., CHENEY, WASH. Eratered at the Post Office at Cheney, Washington, as Second Class Mater under the Act of March 5, 1897. Issued every Friday morning at Cheney, Washington. Spokane County Subscriptions ................................ $4.50 per year All Other Subscriptions ........................................ $5.00 per year G. T. FROST .................................. PUBLISHER .N.ATIO NAL EDITORIAL  .llmnm,,- Conservation News 20 Years Ago Mr. and Mrs. Ora C. Eetl, who for more than 30 years have operated a resort on Badger lake, have exc&apos;hanged their property for a farm six miles north of Spokane on loute 7. The Ethelis ,have re- in the Butler shop and Addiog- r ton in the place they have -bought. Mr. Brooks, the late ovcn,er o,f the transferred place has taken the chair at the Butler s'hap vacated by Mr. Davis. The wish of many that Che- ney might have a recreation sided continually .on the re- spot and summer *home colony sort with the exception of a bids fair to be realised if the few winters spent in* Cheney. First 1945 grain to be mar- keted with Cheney Grain Grow- ers, Nnc., was tlat brought to the Rodrm warehouse Wednes. day by Clarence Miller. This grain, which was off Forty-fold variety, ,has not yet been test- od for grade. Rural fires: in the area lave ,iven fire fighting agercies plenty to do the past week. Largest fire reported was Hole- in-the-Ground where reported- ly more titan 2000 acres was burned over. 10 Years Ago A fire destroyed the hay and cattle barn and damaged the house of the Clifford Kn9- shau,g vance ne,ar Wednesday afternoon. Damage, including some livestock, was estimated at $20,000. The loss was ol,y pa'ty covered by in- .suan,ce. First of several fire trucks to arrive on the scene as the Four Lakes fire de- partment headod by Russell M,e, assistant fire chieL Mace /1nmS had ah-'eady s@ead to the 'house upon lis arrival and hat ,his fighters cocen- trated all efforts towards sa- ving the frame. JoLm Kagele, Cheney xral fire chief, direct- ed the <)verall fighting oper- ations. A permit to biuld the new Student Union buiMing o,n, the Eastern Waslington college campus was granted by the city council at a special meet- irg Mondy f this week. The $210.000 bond issue was award- ed to B1Uch a, rtd company .and will run for a period of 30 years. Kepayment of the beds witl come from a $5 addition to the qu,arterly student fees. 50 Years Ago Verre Davis and James Ad- dington this week puxclased the barber shop af E. P. Brooks, on Main street, and took immedte possession. The two new proprietors have been employod in the two shops in town, the first named working CALL FOR BIDS Eastern Washington State College Separate sealed bid propos- als are avaJhble for education- al equipmertt and/or supplies by lastern Washington State College in the office of the Di. rector of Purchasing, Room 121, Showalter Hall. Proposal forms may be ob- tained at the above office. T. T. Wall Director of Purchasing. (July I, 1965-July 1, 1966) Directory O. B. Electric PERSONALIZED SERVICE Wiring Elect. Heat, Motors, Pumps Rt. 1, Spokane CH. 4-2705 ,i,i City Dry Cleaners CLEANING PRESSING ALTERATIONS LAUNDRY SERVICE 322 FIRST 235-4732 ii ii ELECTRIC SERVICE AT ITS BEST Phone 235-4410 EDGETT BROS. i m i, i i i plan.s of a number of a number of gonad town boosters mterial- ize and a movement set on f@ot al a meeting held Tuesday eve- nig is carried out. It is the purpase to make such place of Fish lake, which lies within easy ra, oh of the city. At the meeting above mentioned, the fact was called to mind that the city owns a large share of the frontage on the lake. Th'k, :was purchased years ago as a site for a city water plant and for some time was utilized as a source of Cheney's water sup- ply. A 1,arge part off the s:hore- line owned by the city can be easily transformed into a nice beaoh, in the opinion of rrran who have e.amine4 it. 60 Years Ago The proposition of having the postoftice moved directly back ,of the bank o Cheney ___ on f<t. Postmaster Spangle stated th, at the present quar- ters are unsuited for the off- lice as there is a hck of ven- tihtin and liglt and thgs are so situated it is dificu, lt to handle the marls as rapidly as they ought to be. Mr. Spangle has ci,rculated a petitign and secured the rmmes of a rm'm- ber ho have no objection to the pr@poition. On the other hanl there ,are, .some who are opposed and in consequeaCe have drown up a remonstrance. !The matter ,has not been de- inately, as it is under- stood it will have to be sub- mitted to the post oHice au- thorities. Tuesday evening was the occasion of a very pleasant laden party at the home if Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ratcliffe mad family. The lawn was: prettily decorated with J,apanese lan- terns. The Enloe-Korte company off Medical Lake has scured a entract for hauling all ma- terials for the new wing of the asylum and school for de,fec- tire youth. The company has 30 teams at work and the con- tract will amount to i.n the neighborhood of $6000. The En, loe-Korte cmpany is din'g some great busing these days ,nd is mking things ,hum at Medical Lake. Proprietors off the firm are Frank Krte, a[ fomner merchant of Chertey, and Eugene' Enloe, both up-to- date business men. Letter, to the Editor Dear Sir, They say that the correctioa o a condition comes abot only after it is found to be faulty by the people win'king with it. The seri, ousness off this condi- ..... tin ,of course, is multitlied w!hen it end'angea, s human lives. There,fore, it is the obligation o,f each person encountering, or having knowledge f it, to .... asst in eliminating such con- ditions. I am referring to a hazard- us condition on Interstate tiighway 5, or what is known as U.S. Hi,hway 10 where it travels through SnoquM,amie Pass. TbAs is a separatod lilv, vay from Cle Elum, Washington for some seventeen miles, the sep- aration sometimes being as much .as a cty ock. A per- son driving West would find he is driving a modern, limited ac- cess road for these seventeen mile's. On reaching the crest off what is known at Easton Hill, the driver enters a curve. With no warnin(g wlat-so-ever he is facing oncoming traffic. There have been no signs warning of two-way traffic or conditions ahead as he approached this area. This junction of the hiffhway ,has one ,o the worst histories i of traffic accidents on the ,road +o ,,o" 6 So;L C*,st**at, ;dv;,k By Clarence A. Kelley SCS Technician Construction work seems to! be 'hitting the pre,harvest peak. l+ax Merritt, Plaza, 'has com- pleted consuction of two sod vraterways to 2800 lineal feet. Merritt did the work himself using a crawler trac- tor and the Soil :and Water Con- servation District pull-type gra- der. The drairmge areas were small with wetness in the bot- :lomiands beirg the main con- cern. Both waterways have been seeded to a mixture of al- falfa and grass for soil pro,tec- tion. Edgar Widman, Rosalia, is wo, rking .on completion of 2700 lineal feet of sod waterway. Widm, an has also been doing his own work using a cat and dozer. The SWCD grader has been in use also and will pro- vide he finishing touhes. John Bauer, Spangle, is ex- pecting to begin work on 2714 feet of waterway this week. A neighbor MAke McCrourin is doing the construction with a cat and dozer. A[ Versheve and J'ames Robeson, SCS, Spokane, have assisted the ditric in the sta- [ring af most of these projects. Skin'g has been also done on 5400 feet of waterway for A1- 'bert Proff and aproxianaely 1800 feet of open drai ditch or Paul P0a,ssmuussen, ,boh in the Phza area. through the Pass--a fact we'U- krown to the Highway Depart- ment employees who maintain the road. There ks no separation, no feathering .out or chan,neling off vehicles to p.roper lanes. A person traveiirg the ,gh- ay during inclement weather such as rain or saowy cond, i- tions, finds the center fine ob- literated by the snow or from previous sandirgs o,f the road. After dark he is then faced with gllaring hea,dllights of on- cemirrg traffic, irmreasing the hazardous conditions. To remain silent arid not loudly protest the existing eon- Ntims, it seems to me, would be a tragedy. If one life can be saved by this protest, then our d aughetr ,and son-in4aw wil rmt ;have died in vNn. Wih adequate signs arn- ins of the curve and two-way traffic a'head-- a fence-type trifle separator to keep the lane's of traffic apart, so that if a car Should skid it would skid along the spearator and not spin across the highway in- to oncoming traffic  three y ourg lives would ,have been saved and three others vouki ,have been spared serious in- jury. Soon again this year, hun- dreds of college studenls will be using this 'hiffhway -- and up to now no corrective mea- sures Imve been made to avert future tragedies at the. site. By united efforts of ull who travel, or will travel Snoqual- amie Pass, I sincerely h(pe the present dangers will.' be elim- inated to spare other families un,a,a,rrented lk)ss and tragedy. Yours truly, Mrs. Leonard G. BiShop l It is not beyond the realm of ] stop communist conspiracy. possibility that there will be[ * * * one of these days an avowed I If it be true that no one can card carrying communist as [serve both God and Mammon, United States president. [how can anyone equally serve * * [the American flag and the This can come about, be- communist manifesto. cause the United States Su- * * * preme Court If it also be true that the has been do- ing the best it can to make com- munists re- spectable members of t h e Ameri- can society. In another recent 5-4 de- c.w. Harder cision, the high court over ruled the law passed by the Congress prohibiting known communists from holding of- flee, in labor unicns. ]Prior to this time it ruled that Congress had no right to impede the delivery free through United States mails communist propaganda from abroad. It also ruled State De- partment has no right to refuse passports to communists. In other words, the sum total of these most peculiar deci- sions is to the affect that com- munists have the full rights and privileges of any citizen. This is somewhat tantamount to a situation that would re- sult if local Humane Society, or SPCA was able to enforce a rule that you could no way in- terfere with any rattlesnake you may find slithering around your home. *** What makes this court posi- tion even queerer, if anything can, is at the same time Amer- icans are killed in Santo Dom- ingo, in Vietnam, seeking to National Federation of Independent Business billions spent in foreign give aways, and in foreign informa- tion services, and in the Peace Corps are for the purpose of selling the world on the evils of communism, what do decisions like this do to the achievement of this noble purpose? How can the Congolese, the Vietnamese, or even the man in Bologna, Paris, or Vienna be impressed with the dangers of commun- ism when U.S. highest court says that communists should be treated with full privileges of a loyal American citizen. It is also interesting that this decision comes at a time a drive is on in Congress to re- peal that section of Taft-Hart- ley labor law which permits states to have laws that allow people to work without paying tribute to a union. By huge majorities the na- tion's independent business proprietors, voting through the National Federation of Inde- pendent Business, have op- posed any such repeal. Now, all should be opposed. Because if unions can force everyone to pay tribute to them, and if they can be head- ed by avowed, known commun- ists, the Kremlin has won the cold war. There ls often a dif- erence between technical le- gality and common sense. It should never be forgotten that Adolf Hittler seized Germany without committing illegality against the constitution of the Weimer Republic. 'filth Fsmro Washington Bar Association DEFENSE OF THE ACCUSED There are many laws design- ed to protect a person accused of a crime. The framers off our constitution insisted that those who violated the law be pun- ished. They also insisted t'hat those who had not cimmitted the crimes they were accused of. Today, ver man, rm ntter how unpopular he or his cause may be, has a right to be rep- resented by cou ,nel if he is ac- cused of a crime. H he does not have the money to he a hw- yer, the court vll ppoint one to defend him. It is the lawyers duty to pre- sent, by ,all fair an<l lronorable means, every deferme permit- ted by law to hr'sure that the accused is not denied .his con- stitutional rights. It is rmt the lawyer's duty to judge the guilt ,or innocence of his client. A lawyer should not be criti- cized because he represents someone who, most people be- lieve, is guilty. The American rule is that ,a person is pre- sumed innocent until he is proved guilty in a court off law, Someone must represent the aeeused in this court off law, arid' the lawyer, by doing this, is ,only fulfilling his duty. Strangely, n,o one critizes the ren!dering of medical assistance to ,a bank robber wunded while attempting to escape. We consider that the humane th,ing !i!i!iiii::iiiiii;,i:!:!!!ii!iii! i[iii!ii::- to do. Yet, people do nat realize that a man accused as a robber ha,s an equally great need for legal counsel to insure that he gets a fair trial and every break that the law allows him. Any one of us might be fa'tse- lv accused off a crime It would be unforturmte iaaleed if we i were denied cotrnsel because of the unpopuhrity of our cause obvious guilt. Thus, bore we critiicize the defense and the assertion of he rights of a person accused off a ,crime, Should we not think and say: "there, but for the grace ,of C_rod, go I." (This column is written to in- form, not advise. Facts may chnnlge the application of the law.) NIAGARA SCENERY . The majesty of provides a dramatic setting for this pretty to be deep in thought, perhaps meditating on the Nature wtlich created the cataract's, The falls are thousands years old, Four Lakes [an Tucker, Fort Benton, ont., called on Mr. and Mrs. Clawde By Mrs. Sidney Larson Crooks last Tuesday. INTERNATIONAL PICNIC Mr. and Mrs. James Beck The Hands Across the B0f and children returned Wednes- der picnic last Wednesday at day from a trip to Minnes,ota. the Intern,ational Recreation Enroute they visited YelJ!ow- area at Kettle Falls was at- stae park, Virginia City, and tended by Mr. and Mrs. Nick the Btack Hills. In, Minnesota Haide$ Mr. and Mrs. Bruce they visited Mr. Beck's two sis- Oliver and Dixie, Anna Erfurth, ters and a brother. They soent Mrs. Berrmrd Klin,e, Mrs. Lloyd the past weekend at their ca- Love[l, Mrs. Lawrence Schmitt I bin on Lake Cocoalla in Id!aho. and Mrs. Glen Calyson. A pot-I Dr. and Mrs. Miller ad ram- luck ,dnner was held at noon. [fly ,attended the Odd FeLlows [and Re,beka.h picnic at Sutton HUB CLUB TO MEET park Sunday.  -, . , --  . :. ,_ ,=_J i M,r n l1rs Eon denicKe new craz Will De Ll'letl, " " i .... spert the weekend at Cu,rlew painting fiber glass on tissue ........... --e[ .... ---- aLL --1 ihllaKe Wl[n IVlr aria Mrs eo ,aeJ[ II(UJ.-: wfll2lr Hie CIUD | ....... " .... " m recK Ot Valley, wash ee.ts August 26 at the Town-t : ,ship hll. This will be a,n all [ .Mrs" Barbara Moran. and sons day meeting with a sack lunch ] Mke ,.a! Terry and Miss Sandy at noon. [Jnicke spent Sunlay at New- I man hke. . Donald Jen,cke and tmrlene Mr. arid Mrs. Claude Garner HutChinson span l, ast week at Sara Kirkpatrick Tuesday. Fri- her :lome in Brewster, Was. day her granddaughter and Sandra Jeneke spent the week from Medical Lake visited Mrs. end with friends at Auburn, family Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wsh., and Mr. and Ms. Eklon Tramm and sons, stopped for Jencke spent Vh,e week end lunch as they le,ft for their camping with friends at Priest home in Los Angeles, Cailf. lake. I Mrs. F. M. Watson caled n Mr. and Mrs. Russell Mace I Mrs. Kirkpatrick Saturday af- Jr., Len'ard and Sara Kay en- ternoon. joyed a 12 :hour trip Sunday Sund, ay the family o,f Will through S.E. Washington, Ore- i Kirkpatrick hel,ped him cele- o,n and Idaho. Points of inter- brate h4"s 87th birtlday at the est visited were the site of ! Sharon Arms nursing home Little Goose dam, and Mt. Mis-I in Spokane. err highest r.k i, +.h m,,, I Mr. and Mrs. Leon Barrick mountains ]and family attended the Pa- ....... " .... +m,,  ..... I crfc Telephone workers ham- I bu00ger feed at 00atatorium park ..... tWednesday evening. Sandy ]Barrick leiit Monday for Walla or because of our seemingly Walla for a visit with her grandmother, Mrs. H. L. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hartford and amily took a cation trip to Canada, Flathead lake and he Bison range in Montana lst week. They visited with Mrs. Hartford's sister and fam- ily, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Stan- ley at Walla Walla. Mr. and Mrs. V, ol Reele from Anaconda, Mont., surprised their g: Gretchen Moser their aunt, Elain when they stopped Mr. and Mrs. Herb arrd family are mother and Canning and Gretehe The Andrews family in Flagstaff, Ariz., for year ,and are now Kent. Mrs. Sidney Leigh Ann spent in Spokane with Mrs. ker. Thuasday Mrs. A. son and Mike and f, ovm Medford, Ore., staying with the week. Sunday all the od the G'trl Scout Farvagut, Idam and a niece at Hayde Monday Mr. ad Tel Larson and the evening with flolks. Terry Dobson Larson spent last man lake at the Lee Wilcox board meeting at . churCh next Monday August 2. Saturday at a ver lake the family Mrs. Robb Emehiser lane, Mrs. Madge from Kalispel, Mary Wilcox, Capt. A. W. Bundy and Mr. Lee Wilcox and ed a picnic suppe'. CARD OF We wish to cere thanks and to our many friends bors w'he were so at the loss of our Aso, for the ifts. Mr. and Mrs. and Gwendolyn. SCRATCH PADS of er in three sizes, and 5x8, at 40c per The Press. FOR 3-WAY SAVINGS START WITH ON CHEVRON WOOD PRESERVATIVE Chevron Wood Preservative protects any wood in contact with the ground-- grape stakes, bean or hop poles, fence posts, sills -- 2 to 4 times longer than creosote. YOU SAVE: l) Material cost 2) Labor cost 3) 10% on the preservative, if you act now! Whichever application method you use, you'll save money 3 ways wKh Chevron Wood Preservative. Order now, take delivery before August 3st and save :[0%! We promise prompt delivery. AI Haskins 235-6378 CHENEY IP. 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