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July 30, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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July 30, 1965

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Here is a small test of your knowledge: A new powerful lifesaving antibiotic recently made avail- able in the United States was produced from a weaker anti- biotic found in a sea fungus. The antibioUc -- cephalothin better known as Keflin@  was one of several broad-spectrum agents obtained in the same way and the first to be developed. Can you guess how long this scientific effort has gone on? One year? Or five years? Or seven? Or twenty? The answer is twenty! And the work continues. Some of the problems solved in this lollg search have been in: credibly difficult. Scientists of three nationsworking in videly- eparated laboratories have mad indispensable contributions. Their co-opera- tion has given the medical pro- fession a re- markably s a f e a n d effective weapon in se- vere infections, even those caus- ed by bacteria resistant to 5ther antibiotics. Prof. Brotzu But this dis- covery might not have been made at all but for the alertness, persistence, and expertise o f Oxford University scientists in Britain and the special research capabilities of an American pharmaceutical manufacturer. The story began In :1945 -- the fateful year when World War II came to its crashing climax. In a period of 218 days he rush of world-shaking events was tre. mendous. President loosevelt died. Benito Mussolinl was cap- tured and executed. Berlin fell. Hitler committed suicide. The United:Nations was born. Atomic bombs destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, General MacArthur occupied Japan. It is not surprising that the world in 1945 to.ok no notice of an important d i s c o v e r y by an Italian professor who was calmly studying micro-organisms in the sea off Sardinia; near he sewer 0utfalls .of the city of Cagliari. The professor, Glueppe Brot. sO, o the Institute of Hygiene of tlie Univrslty of Cagllarl, found a remarkable fungus which iehibited antibiotic a c t i v i t y. rGkude xtracts of the fungus brough :hnprovement in a num. ber of patients with severe bac- i was truly broad-spectrum. And it terial infections. Obviously the I proved to be amazingly safe. fungus excreted an antibiotic [ It had.two"defects," both criti. substanor su_bstaa;Ce.. J cah It'was extremely difficult to ....... y. . . r. roEessor ]produce (an antibiotic is virtual- [OoZlt  t:ln?b:floiaecn  rays-fly useless until it can be'made . . .... P. p: e: tm. [in quantity) and it ook too much ms moues aooratory aiu not lot the drug to do the Job, indi- have the necessary facilities nor /eating its action was w'eak were industrial resources avail ] While its general use inhuman abl)eoencItaly to carry out such I medicine was impractical, it had I qualities oo valuable to discard. A Fascist government decision If only a way could be found to in 1939 had outlawed drug increase the antibiotic pojver of patents. Without this protection this remarkable substance 'ith. the Italian pharmaceutical in- out destroying its amazing gen- dustry had not deemed it wise to / tleness, a new lifesaving medi- establish research laboratories cine could be created. whose discoveries could be freely / pirated bY anyone. The trail of [ Wanted: Knockout Punch there, discovery might have ended [ The Oxford scientists decided Fortunately for all mankiud, /ou just such a search. They rea- however, Professor Brotzu's fas- soned that one of the antibiotic cinating fungus found its way to Oxford University and into the capable hands of tlle slime scien- tists who had rescued Alexauder Fleming's penicillin from teu years of oblivion. These men immediately saw the importance of Professor Brot- zu's discovery. But in those early days of antibiotic research the problems were complex and much had to be learned. By very fine chemistry, the British iso- lated and studied a half-dozen antibiotic substances, none of them too promising. Amazingly Safe It was while Purjfyiug one of these substances in 1954 that the alert British researchers detected tiny amounts of a new and dif- ferent antibiotic hiding in he fermentation broths; Isolating this elusive agent was a fine achievement. By 1960 they were able to publish its complete structure. -The new antibiotic was a real prlZe..Laboratory tests showed it to be a killer of various bacteria, significantly, of bacteria which are able to destroy penicillin. In lab6ratory animals it cured a wide variety of infections  it molecule's two arm-like struc- tures, might be responsible for the troublesome weakness. The solution? ]replace it with some- thing else! In effect, amputate the weak arm and graft another in its place -- oue strong enough to deliver a knockout punch with every blow aimed at in- vading bacteria. After years of work they suc- ceeded iu producing am'all amounts of the antibiotic mole- cule minus .the weak arm. \\;Vheu a strong arm was grafted to it, the result was a new antibiotic of greater healing power. Thus, the original plan was shown to be sound indeed. If this development was to be translated into practical results, however, a method must be found to produce the one-armed molecule in quantity so that the powerful two-armed antibiotics might be manufactured In USeful amounts. And to do this one had to have large quantities of the original fungus-produced drug upon which one might perform the molecar surgery. .While the British were strug- gling with *.hese problems, the industrial laboratories of Europe and the United States also began For the final solution we must travel to the research labors. torles of Eli Lilly and Company in Indianapolis. Here scientists, like their colleagues in Oxford, have a tradition of antibiotic re- search going back to the earliest days of penicillin. Because the capabilities.of an industrial research organization of such experience are niquely suited to the solutions of the kind of developmental problems posed by he cephalosporins, close co. operation developed between the Oxford and Lilly laboratories. Wat followed was montlls of further frustration, but now it was international. By whatever means the Americans used to remove the weak arm of the molecule, the result was the same as the British had experienced, a disintegration of the remainder. Certain chemical reactions, it was seen, were not being con- trolled. As fast as the desired compound was formed it was being destroyed in the test tubes. Fiualiy, one of the chemists reasoned hat the trouble was caused by ordinary water present hi the chemicals. So anhydrous (waterless) chemicals were tried. Success! This bit of Inspiration -- and inspired it was -- provided the loug-sought breakthrough. The one-armed molecule was now oh. taiued in nseful amounts and the way opened to creating a series of new, powerful antibiotics. Signa[s Major Effort The word was given for a major developmeutal .effort and soou from ]50 to 200 men and women were involved. Among the new agents synthe. sized, the compound Keflin was chosen first for clinical trial be. cause of its potency and its gen. tleness in animals. Approved aft. er several years of clinical study, it was distributed to hoe, pitals for a time on an emergency basis because of its short supply. The problem of producing the original antibiotic from which the new drugs were derived still was resisting solution. However, within' si months developmental scientists were able to scale up output' to levels whlch led to the lifting of'a re- striction on distribution and even permitted a 20-percent price reduction: The story of the c'ephalosporin is not tt an end. Several ear may pass before their full poten, tial is known. Could Professor Brotzu have Suessed  In 1945 that his "mysterious fungus might set off a quarter century of research involving scientists of two continents? Nature in., deed guards her secrets welL -d A garage mn answered the By R. F. MeCrkle Deputy (July 30-Aug. 13) ORDINANCE NO. F-53 distress call of a ady motorist AN ORDINANCE providing for the whose car had salled It was mrdntcnance by the City of Cheney of simply out of gas, and he told that portion of a highway to be co/n- her so. "But will it HURT the struct by the State of Washingtor which shall lle withir the Luudaries of car," she .asked, "if I drive it the City of Cheney. :home on an empty tank?" DOMI NO Outside White Paint On Sale $4.49 gal Redwood Stain $4.49 gal. WHEREAS, Chapter 170, laws of 1965, Extra Session, provides for the construc- tion by' the Stta Highway Commission of a highway runnir from the vicinity of the fieldhouse at Eastern Washir*on State College to Primary State High- way No. 11 in the vicinity of the Northern P:'ific Railway Croing, and WHEREAS, said Chapter prohibits the State Highway Commiasior from pro- ceeding wlth such construction util, among other things, the City of Cheney shall have adopted an ordinance pro- v'idir that cemptetio of said highway the City of Ceney shall maintain that part thereof which lies within its boun- daries, and WHEREAS, the City of Cheney is de- sirous that such a highway be construct. Owner split entry floors finished. two baths, large Wih sewirtg nook, luminurn siding, $25,075.00, Howard Foos, Cheney, Wash. jygff 60 x 120 ft., paed P. Helsin, 235- ]y16a6 house, 23' N. 7th, interested ca jy23ff oder home, eectric heat. Call 2354024 or Cheney. jyJ'0 set $20, lmffet of drawers $5, .n set $12, poker 235-4687. jy30 suite, good cn- 235-4752 ]y30p ouse with Fenced 616 ViLlaxl, Che jy30ff hgrain euger with Ore motor, lso 20 aIk cans. Call 235- ]y30-a0 rent: 3 bdr., fire- floors. Ap- $350 down. 235-4520. jy16tf 1964 model: 2 oven cu. ft. 101 lb. $20o. with pad $120, ttSed dave ztport and fitted covers $20. phorm RI 7- 55, Cheney. jy good condition, defrost. 235-4446 jyJ0 _. 00o_Re REN____!T 3 new duplex apts. All electri- cal pplarces, w/w carpets. Phone 23'54747. Thee. Matney, William S. McKEEHAN was commissioned an Ensign in the 1506 2nd. jyl6ff Navy Reserve upon graduation of the Pre-Flight school at Pensacola, Fla. He is a graduate of Eastern Washington State 3 zn. apt for rent, h Lake, college. l:ml, y furnished $25.00 Per N y E ' =, av nstgn Wm. S McKeehan and ,a00d Twomurnish' Navy Capt Caldwell ed Apts. $45 Four Lake Apts, our Lakes. jy30p Persacola, Fla. (FHTNC) July sary to the trainig of a Naval Two bedroom ,house, close in, 19 Navy Esign William S. officer. unfurnished, automatic heat.  M:Keeban, s one Mr. a'nd_ Mrs. Betc,re entering the service, Phone 235-6863. W. 228 5th. mes r. ceenan of 817 MeKehan graduated from Dast- jyl8tf Sixth St., Cheney, receives his era, W,a,shingten Stoats Calleffe. WO----'------RK WA---"--NTE-----D commLssion from Navy Captain ----__ J. H. Caldedl, commandin ------ Guaranteed outboard motor re- officer of Pre-Fligt sch , -+ Save your fingers and toes pair. Ed's Conoco Service. the Naval Air Station Pensa .... you may need them for Phone BE 5t00. tf cola, Fla ' future use . . . when you use He was cm,missior,d a the pver mower on ttat lawn. Baby sitting, days, yauur lmme. Engn in the Navy Reserve up- Experienced. Leslie He,deck- on graduatior roTn the school. July 7, 1784---King's, er, 235-6521 jy30 He sudied aerodynamics, later to be re-named Columbia physics, mathematics, Nhval College, ws founded, with FOR SALE OR TRADE orientation, navigation, engin- eight students and Dr. Samuel'm,g, leadership, physic fit- Johnson as president nd sole 24 cu. {t. upright freezer. Call n ess and other stbjec mece- instructor. 235-6549. jyl6-30 SPECIAL Used hmber---can have by hauling away. 24- 5th St. Choosy, Tele. 23'54024. jy30 Will pay a good price for US and Canadian coins. Free ap- praisal ff you do not wish to sell. 414 First St., Cheney _ j19ff LOST Girls glasses in white ltastic case. Call Donna Donown, Rm. 59, Anderson Hall 359- 2445. jy30p Marriage entitles women to the protection of srong mn who steady the h@der for them while they paint the kitchen ceiling. Around 0 wlunteer leaders ,are the core of some 94,000 4-H Clubs throughout the nation. They meet regular- ly with local 4-H events. 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United:Pacific I Instance Company SlUIIIA UNIT(iP rxctrl t$URANgS ORQllF ED DOTEN INSURANCE Patron,ze Your Advertisers ed and is willirg to assume the obli- gatior= of its maintenance within the boundaries of the City of Cheney, now therefore, THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CHEN, EY DO ORDAIN AS FOL- LOWS : Section 1 That ulmr= completion of the construc- tion of the highway authorized by Chap. ter 170, laws of 1965. Ftra Session runr=ing from the vicinity of the field-, house at Eastern Washington State Col- lege to eonrection with Primary State Highway No. 11 in the vicinity of the Northern Pacific R=dlway eroesir', and upon' the conveyance to the Cit of leney of that portior= of said highway which shall lie within the boundaries of the (Tt of Cheney, the City of Cheney shall thereafter provide all main tenance for uch portion of said high- way lying withlr= the boundaries of the City of Cheney. Section 2 This ordinarce shall he in full force and effect five days after its pass.g, approval and publication. Passed by the Council ar=d approved by the Mayor this 27th day of July, 1965. NOLAN BROWN MAYOR Attest: Roy Foes, City Clerk Approved aa to Form: Merritt A. John- son, City Attorney. (July 80) . L IHAhls 516 Great We=tern, Bldg., Spokane NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE SALE NO. ?,7s8 In the Superior Court of the State of Washingtott in and for the County of Spokane. In the matter of the Estate of RUTH THORPE. Deceased. Notice is hereDy giver=: That pursuant to an order of the above Court, entered in the above euse, on = the 27th day of July, 1965, Gtylord Thorpe, adminis- trator of the Estate of Ruth Thorpe. de- ceased, wife of Lee Thorpe, will sell o or after the 24th day of August, 1965, at private sale, to the highest bidder for cash, In legal currency of the United Stad of America, subject to the eon- firmatior of the Court, all right, title. interest and estate of Ruth Thorpe, de* ceased, and of said Ruth Thorpe at the time of her death, in and to the follow- ins" described real property, by lots, or number of lots or parcels or tracts, towit: North 62 feet of Lots 13 and 14 in Block 26 of Bellvue Addition to Spo- kane, Spokane County, State of Washington. Lots 5,6,?, and 8 in Block One (1) Mr. Vertmn Addition to Spokane. Speksme County, State of Washing- to. Lot 16 t Block Eight (8) Soth Side Cable Addition to Spokane, Spo- kane COunty, State of Washing'ton. Lot 15 i Block Ten (10) of South Side Cable Addition to Spokane, Spo- kar*e County, State of Washington. Notice is also given that the undersign. ed administrator of said estate of Ruth Thorpe, deceased, will receive bids for j the above described real propsrty by lot or rumber of lots, or parcels, or tracts, t the office of C. E. Ellis, Attorney, 516 Great Western Bldg., Spokane, Wash- taster=, 99201 which said Bids must be iw writing, signed by the bidder, giving his or her address, and be aecompar ted by a cashier check of certified check for 10 Per cent of the amount of ths bid, Said bids may be delivered to said admisitrator at 516 Great Western Bldg., Spokane, Washington, or be filed with the Clerk of the above entitled Court sd bids may be on centiliter= that a plicy of title insurance for the amount Cheney Free Press Page 5 the bid, or a title report be furnish- showing the bidder will receive good title. Dated at Spokwne, Washin'ton, this 27th day of July, 1965. Date of first publication of this notice is the 30th day of July, 1965. Gaylord Thorpe, Administrator of the Estate of Ruth Thorpe, deceased. C. E. Ellis, Attorney 516 Great Westerr= Bldg., Spokane. Wash. (July 30-Aug. 6) Davis. Trezona, Chastek & Lorenz 302 Fidelity Bldg., Spokane, Wash. NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ESTATB No. 76991 In the Superior Court of the SJtte of Waslr, gton i and for the Covnty of Spokane. It* the Matter of the Estate of THOMAS WILBER WEGER, deceased. State of Washington, County of Spo- ane.--ss. Notice is hereby giver= that Harold Weger and Harold Skinner, the admin- istrators of the above estate, have ren- dered and presented for settlement to and filed in the Superior Court of Spokane County, State of Washington their Final Account as such Adminis- trators tr,d a petittor= for the distribu- tio of said estate, l which the Court is asked to settle said Estate, distribute the property to the heirs or potent. er=titled to the same, and discharge the said administrators and that Friday, the 3rd day of September, 1965 at the hour of 10:00 o'clock a. m. at the Court room of our said Superior Court in the City of Spokane. in said Spokane County, has been duly fixed for the hear- ing and settlement of said Final Acceun and Petition for Distribution. at which time and place any person iterested in said estate may appear and file his exceptions in writing thereto and con- test the same. Dated thi 18th day of July, 1965. George E. Fallquist. County Clerk and Clerk of the Superior Court. Davis, Trezona, Chastek & Lorens .'t(t2 Fidelity BId., Spokane, Wash. NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 79755 In the Superior Court of the State of Washington Jr= and for the County of Spokane. In' the Matter of the Estate of WILLIAM L. RUPERT, deceased. Notice is hereby given that the under- signed has been appointed Executrix of the above estate in this Court and has qualified accordir=gly, and that all persons having claims against said deceased are required to .rve claims, duly verified, with necessary vouchers upon the undersigned at 302 Fidelity Building, Spokane. Washington or upon Norman F. Trezona the at- torney of record at his office at 302 Fidelity Buildir=g, Spokar=e, Washington and file such claim with proof of such service in the office of the clerk of the above court at the City of Spokane, Washington. within six, months after the first publlcatiolt of this notice, or they will he forever barred. Date of the first publication, of this notice is 30th day of July. 1965. Florence D. Rupert Executrix of the above estate. Davis, Trozona, Chastek & Lorenz By Normn F. Trezona Attorneys 302 Fidelity Bldg.. Spokane, Wash. (July 30Aug. 13) CORNELIUS & CORNELIUS 1117 Pauisen Bldg., Spokane, Wash, NOTICE TO CREDITORS ;No. ?9737 In the Superior Court of the Stats of Washington in and for the county of Spekans. In the Matter of the Estate of HAYDEN L. MOODHE. deceased. Notice is hereby given that the under- signed has been appointed Executrix of the above estate in this Court nnd ham qualified accordingly, and that all persons havng claims against said deceased are required to rve claims, duly verified with necessary vouchers, upe the undersigned at Spokane, Washington or upor, Gordor= E. Cornelius, the attorney of record at his office at 1117 Paulsen Building, Spokane. Wash., and file such claim with proof of such service Jr= the office of the Clerk of the above Court at the City of SPokane, Wash- ington, withir= six months after the first publicatior of this rmtice or they will be forever barred. Date of the first publication of this notice is 30th day of July, 1965. Hilrrm Sward Executrix of the above stato. Cordon E. Cornelius Attorney 1117 PauLen Bldg., Spokane, Wash. (July 30Aug. 13) CORNELIUS & CORNELIUS 1117 Pauisen Bldg., Spokane, Wash. NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 9719 In the Superior Court of the State of Washington. in and for the County of Spokane. In the Matter of the Estate of CHAUNCEY H. COOKE, deceased. Notice is hereby given that the under- signed has been alrpoined Executor of the above estate in this Oourt and has qualified accordingly, and that all i persons having claims against said de- i ceased are required to serve claims, duly verified, with necessary vouchers upon the undersigned at Spokane, Washington or upor= Gordon E. Cornelius, the attor- ney of record at his office at 1117 Paul- sen Building, Spokane, Wash- in,,ton, and file such claim with proof of such service in the office of the clerk of the above court at the CitF of Spokane. Washington. within six month aftefthe first publication of this notice, or they will be forever barred. Date of the first publlcation of this hotice is 30th day of July, 1965, Jack C. Cooke, Executor of the alive estate. Gordon E. Cornelius Attorney . . 1117 Paulsen Bldg.. Spokane, WaSh. (July S0-Aug. 13) Richter, W|mbcrley & Erion Suite 708 Old National Bank BuiMing Spokane. Wn  99301 NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 9749 In the Superior Court of the State of Washington in and for the County of pokane. . . Im the Nater of the Estate Of NELLIE A. McSLOY, deceased , Notice is hereby Wen that the under-L signed has bce appoirted EXecutor ;of the above estste in this Court nnd has qualified aecordingly, and that all persons Imping claims against aid de- ceased are required to asrve elalme, duly veaqfled, with neary vouekers, upon the undersigned at 708 Old Na- tional Bank Building, Spokane, Wa- ingtor=, or upo Richter, Wimberly & Ericson. the attorneys of record at their office at 708 Old National Bank Building, Spokane, Whington and fHe such claim, with proof of such gervlce in the of flea of the erk of the above court at the City of Spokane, Wash.. within six moIm' aft the first publication of this notice, or they will be forever barred. Date of the First Dublleatto= of otice: July 80, 1995. Byron L. Z81oy, Executor of the above eetete Atteey: Richly-, Wimbrly & Eleon ?08 Old ;National Bank But|din Spokan Wuhtngton' (July 80-Au. 15) Rllttor. Wlmberley & Rrkmn 708 ONB Bldff.. Pm 1. Wulk NOTICE TO CREDITOR& No. ?9784 In the Superior Court of the State of Washingte For the County of Spo- kane. In the Matter of the Fmtate of ELIZABETH M. HANNAH, deceased. ;Notice is hereby glven that the uude signed has been appointed ]eeuta4x of the above estate in this Court and bas qualified accordingly, and that all ersons having elalma against said de- ceased are required to serve elalms, duly verified, with lceSsarF vouchers. upon the undersigned at 708 Old :Na- tional Bsnk Building. Spokane Wash- ington, or upor* P&chter, Wimberly & Ericson, the attorneys of record, at their office at 708 Old ;National Bank Building', Spokave, Washington, and file such claim with proof of such service in the office of the Clerk of the above court at the City of Spokane, Washington, within six months after the first pubticatio of this notice, or they "will De forever barred. Date of the first publication of this notice: July 30, 1965, Saidee E. Ryan, Executrix of th above estate. Richter, Wimberley & Erkon Attys. 708 Old tional Bank Bldg. Spokane, Washington (July 30-Au.13) (July 23-30) I You, and ea of you, are hereby sum- iSmmlilli'=--'----m=mm=mmm=mm therefor to the bid (July 2e-Aug. 6)