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July 30, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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July 30, 1965

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Page 8 Cheney Free Press Friday, July 30, ].965 M0sman&apos;s M0sma Men's and Women's Clothing Discount Sale Starts "Gleanings by Gall" EDITOR'S NOTE: To give Free Press readers more variety in news irons, a new column, "Gleanings by Gall," makes its first appearance in this week's issue. Gall is the daughter of Mr. Swim Team Takes Honors at Meet Cheney's swim team coach- and lrs. R. L. Michaelsen .anal will be a fres 'hnan in high ed by Sue Senske took several school this fail. prizes in the JunJor Olympi.c's Summer is .a time of visitors, - [short course meet at :enn.e- cal Examiners of the State a[Iwick July 23, 24 and 25. of vacations, .of travel and of Washirgtan for the term of Win,nets were De,bbie Kings- parties and all four contribute office ending April 25, 1969. j ly, 2ad, 50 Free, Girls 10 and to the interest of the summer mouths in Chen ey. r. and Mrs. Nolan Brown]utder; Bob Stone, 2rid in 200 After speng several weeks lave received word that theirirdividual medley and 3rd in with their materral grandpar- se,r-in-aw and daughter, Mr. 50 Butterfly in boys 10 and u.n- ants, Dr. arid Mrs. Oscar E. and Mrs. Kirk WilCo,ms, and alex; Ken Rod, an, 2rid in 200- 3ohrsoa, the ehiMren o4 Mr. family have arrived in Alaska. yard IndividuM medley and 3rd and Mrs. Rex M. Walker have They are stationed on Middle- in 100 backstroke, boys 11 and returned to their home in ton Island which is loc,ate,d in 12. Bllevue, Washirgton. Mrs. Prince Williams Sound. They Mike Graves, 2nd in 100 Walker alsospent same time in will be stationed there for a backstroke, boys 11 and 12. Joe Chancy, and was feted at a pei,od of two years where Mr. Gm,es, 3rd in 200-yard free- luncheon given by Mrs. James Willitms is associated wJVh the style, boys 13 and 14. Tom A. Johnson at the Polyrmsian Federal Aviation Agency. Sone, ]st in 1-metcrdivingand restaurant ,arzd by 'a party givem last place in 3-meter d.ving, by her mothex which featm'ed Chk the want aries, aaeh week. boys 13 and 14. The team will an oriental theme. Of speCiM enter the .open age gro,up meet interest to the guests were the _ at Pul'.lhan July 31 and Aug. 1. main entrees 'of sukiyaki, sweet SI(JHT-SEEING QUIZ They will also partLcilate in ,nd sour pork, and J, apanee &  O_z a Triang,u, lar meet at Fa- ctficken, child Air Force Base pol with With the warmth of summer "T e .  Toppenish and Fairclfiid svim tays come vacationing travel- clubs August 3. Memebers of' ors. Fries of Mrs. W.W. " - the novice swim group coach- Pierson are expecting her ed by Jim Bair wiU aks) enter. Know Your Local Fire Department; It Is a Business That Saves Money By Bob Tremblay, Fire Chief, Airway Heights Most people know very little about an important business in every own. One of them is your fire department. The fire'truant is in: the business of saving youl you have, for they are the money. The evider.t ga.rt that c, who determine what the you see is when the fire de- partment rushes to the scene of a fire to save a building, o,ri a life, or a eat in a tree;.,erl any number of things. But the part yu don't see is just as important, if not more so. Af- ter all these functions, the department must have equip- ment and me*n Who know how to handle the equipment. Where 4ors all this know- ledge came from? Who deter- mines what equipment a fire ctopartment shou'ld have? And most af 11, how dyes i con- corn your pcketbook?. Survey and Rating Bureau Ever hear o,f the Washington Survey and Rating Bureau? If your in the insurance business, HIGHLIGHTS FROM AIRWAY fire ins,urance rate o,n your h)me or business shMl be. They send their experts around to every town ad fire dstrict. These men go through the town with a fine t'oth comb, exam i, ning the fire de- partment the structural con- ditions, the roads, the water sugply and distributi.oun, system, and much more. Then they ceme up with a fire insuran.ce rating for the town. The better equipped the town is, the lower the insurance rating is, arid the lower your fire i.zur- ante is. All insurance tom,parties must refer to the Washington Survey and Rating Bureau's ating when determining what you shall pay for fire insur- a,nlce. ,home the first of Septe,mber, Bureau Determines Needs After'a surmm,er in Europe slhe Galbreaths Have 7002-1b. Son will be returning to the United The bureau determines what States %a the Panama Canal.  types of fire trucks are need- St kC tW gTi m Iea an'd wtat equipment they This is Mrs. Piersm's second or omes a run "=*must hae on them such OrS so}ourn in Etope. During her trip She was a guest f Dr. and Mr. and Mrs. Tony Gal, breath, ormer Gheney residents, who ! salvage equipment, lmse, noz- Mrs. R. G. Tieje. Dr. Tieje was were expecting their child early in September, had their va- [ zles, life-saving equipment, a former president of Eastern cation plans somewhat 4isaran, gl when the baby decided to pump speciicati.ons, and much Washington State C&lge. arrive on the second day of their vacation. ] mere' R's wonderful to travel, hut The Galbreath family whoe 7 ...... : ..... .. -- -----:, I They determine how much aay morning nrs .,amream perhaps even more of a thrl] home is at Malden had moved .... ., '. . . [training the men oa the dre - to came home! After a period (_-'c. 'f;ecaFet.rc i to a cottage at Larn.hrts Wil- . partment must have to be e.f- TWENTY-F'IV ACRES OF n = awakened their oioest aaugn i o study and travel in Europe, SCEmC IEALITV AWAIT VI;ITRS TO liams lake resort Thursday eve- ter, Jacki, to summon help as fieient fire-fighters, even how Mry Miller, dau,ghter f ms. FaMEO CAIaPtAI t.0rt0N, ning for a two week vacation the father had already left for mary men should be o.11 the Dr. and Mrs. lchard Mer, -'. , with Mr. Galbreath commuting work. . deTartent. That's w'hy the plums to arrive home on eitlwer "VVNV'J'VleHtT103 mualg ur0Di^ to his work as fireman an- RACE WITH STORK fire department mewbevs must the hth or teh of Augut.  a,n Jacki llled the family d:., tnain, must go out ,and drive ooo'.Vesa,yood,,r/a.. i gineer with the Milwaukee She has been in Europe since care for,,,ur eyes #f ,// t//e, raii'road, tor at Rat]ilia then ran to the the trucks around, pump water, use October the fifth last year. On Al,ut eight o'clock Satur. cabin occupied "by friends, Mr. arid TryeqUipnent. ylxrn trJl thr0gth Nw and Mrs. Doug Kyle of St. to Lower Rates York Miss M , be eeeing 7][][ HANDICAP ItIN? John who rushed Mrs. Ga[- The men are trying aU ways the mlitl py, Fi4dler On breath te the Deaconess hos- to lower the insurance ,rate for The Roof," pital where a seven pound, six yod, to save money. Every time Mrs. Wi,lam Mohs found ounce boy was born at 10:13. a piece of equipment is dd- Carta lyaicttlariy beu'tif WE ARE SEVEN ed or new water pipes are this Ume of year. She ad sev- The Galbreath s children are aid in the ground, or new hy- era,1 otler frieRds aecompn- Jacki, Jan, Gary, Jill and the dants are pllaced, the depart- led Mr. an4 Mrs. Grover Gra- new arrival, Gregory McCam- meat is working to lower the ham:g :':lve on theia-  mend. insurance rates for the town. to sd(ti  ots as-l.ake Your Vire Department is Louise and Baf, before re- P]I a big business ia your town, turning ,home on Wednesday. the business f saving you Mrs. George A. Brown spent m,oney. sevel days on the e0ot visit- .i,pua"-er u a00nvm- ing Mrs, Roy FarrinrXm-o Don'tNEWSSTANDSforget to get your Kirklawd, who was a frmer "The driver who starts out Cheney Free Press at Jaq- redent of Cheey. M. Fr- on the road ,after taking dugs uith's Airway Heights Gro- entertainedringtn and atMrS'a un,ehenBrwn weregiv, or tanquilizes is running the cery or Cole's Airway en for them at the Bellevue risk of serious accident warns Heights Variety Market. home .of Mrs. Rex Walker. R.E. Anderson, regiona:i man- Picnics :are a very special ager of the Allstate Motor club. part of summer days. The Rat. On today's modern streets clife Ford company held their R.E. Anderson, regional man- an, rail Ncnic for their mTply- a,ger of the Atls,tate Motor club. ees ,and their fmnflies on arid 'highways the driver must Wednesday, July 24. Anot be ale and able to react sixty guests enjoyed boating, quickly. He can't 4o that if his swimming, ami 0od food at seses are.dulled by some form of tranquilizers. the summer ,home of Mr.  "Th .... M. Donkl H "em at W's e arunK cheer is a me- lake where the picnic took ace, but so is the driveh who place, relies on piB's to keep him alert. Of special interest to all i T.I drinking driver my krmv the  noticti'on received he is in no condion to drive by Dr. Wfred a.mon of this md may stay off the road. But city of .his apointxnent by the motorist who takes 'pep Governor Daniel J. Ewar as a pils' is convinced that thw member ,f the Board of Medi- 'make him a better driver." Certain drugs con.taLed 4n By Valerie Smith HORTONS CAR Larry H orton, stolen from a lare location. was found near 'he ta,n,k was full the time the car and apparently the driven until it ran :and then was the high:way, spotted by a NEW RESTAUT The new pen in Airway named Daphne's. Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Spokane. They dren, three ,are Dermis says they ia[izing in "chicken in the restaurant. Mr. arid Mrs. gen, son and two te.rtNrmd as guests his parents, Mr. Jorgenson of brother ,arid Mrs. Lyle Jergenson LEA00 NOW Bagdad OPEN 4:00 PM UNTIL SEPT. Call' Bob or Wi CH 4-3649 Airway Grocery OPEN 7 DAYS A 7 A. M. TO 9 Fresh Produce ceries, Toiletries, Merchandise. D. A. Jaqu Get your Free Drive in Fried Juicy, Tender, 5 Minutes .............. BURGERS,. ORDERS AIRWAY NEll CH 4-391 WHEN YOU NEED IN OF ANY KIND See AIRWAY HEIGHTS MEDICAL LAKE Brown Insurance Age We Specialize In g.00m & Ranch Insurance COME IN AND HAVE COFFEE ON US! Engineer troops use skills learned as Army Guardsmen to ferry needed food supplies across a swollen river in eoming to the aid of a flood-stricken community. This particular incideut was recorded during floods which engulfed far western states in 1964, but is a scene which has been enacted, in one form or another, in every State in the United States, where the National Guard has long been the only trained and equipped military force available to the Governor in time of civil disaster. Army Guard en i familiar wi h problems of transportin tanks, artillery and $iant tractors over water obstacles- found ..., ....... . zgmeers, ._.__ t this ]ar e ..... .-t,v=-= van no prouam. Guardsmen Raft Bread over Troubled Waters July 17. 1819-- was ceded to the United States by Spain. It received a constitu- tion in 1833 nd was admitted' as a state in 1845. hallu, einatioczs. Moborists using the drug have rel0rted imag- in,ary objects looming up in front of them or lave thought they saw insects craw a- cross their windshield. Anderson points out tlmt "whiles conclusive tests on the effect tranquilizers hare on d.rivers ,have not been com- pleted, it is pretty well agreed that amphetamine, while allevi- ating sleepiness and fatigue, lean duU ,a perso,n's reflexes, bring on personality changes, and even become ,haMt form- ing." Other dangerous drugs are ehiovpromaziae and reserpine which are used to treat n,er- vousness and high br&od pres- sure. They can cause drowsi- ness and must be used with great caution whe driving. Persons wh utilize nhis- famines to ,combat sickness ehoud not drive following con- sumption of this drug unless they have learned from pre- vious experience that they wU,1 mt undergo .sleepiness or diz- zy spe lts. "While same highly 'nervous persons might actually improve their d,vivmg slightly by using tranquilizers, these cases, are rare ,and the driver who wonts lv make his holiday trip safe will not attempt to hstitute a tranquilizer for adequ,ate rest and sleep," warns Anderson. week. Poser Merrill of the Air- way Heights Baptist shureh is the .camp pastor. Approximate- ly 150 children will attend from ")ep pil,ts" can be habit form-(Niray Hei:hts and surround in'g. Such a drug is arpheta-ling churches. There wi, be he he masses for each a e r mine which affects art J : .... g g oup, and nervous wstem. Gmdu*allylWorship services in the mo,rm r hanee on mg,, ,and afternoon recre, t the user develops a e , , 1" ' a 'on. the ,drug withofit realizing it. ! -- On the road this drug causes KOONTZES BUY GETTIG PROPERTY Mr. and Mrs. William K oon,tz and three children, Ja, mie, Gall and Mark of Huntington Beach Cal., have purchased and moved into the George Gettig place ext to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Koontz. Jamie will be a Freshman at Cheney high sch, ool and Gall a seventh grader at Sunset. Mr. Kaontz is a cook at the New Spokane Club arid Mrs. Kaontz is empl'oyed at the Buckhorn. Her uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. Irving Tan,sson of Carson City, Nevada were guests st week. INSPIRATIONAL EVENING The MarShal Community church invite.d the Airway Free fhurch to hear a traveling Musical Team from Cascade College, Oregon. The members who attended reported an in- spirational evening. COMPLETE RESERVE TRAINING cmpleed reserve training at Courmitman Merrill recently Fort Ord, CaRfornia. Merrill is a Lt. CI. Chaplis in the 415th regiment active reserve. He ws gone for two weeks and returned Satur@ay the 24th. VACATION IN CANADA Mr. ,and Mrs. Szldmic are w, eationing in Canada. They are visiting Mrs. Szlachei'cs par- enls and plan on returning Au- gust 5th. Their two ehiMren, Maxine and Miks, accampan ied them. They plan on camp- ing aon,g the way. B.APTIST CHURCH CAMP The Baptist church, whieh is a member of the BaItist As- s,ociational Churc,h Camp, plans to start a camp program Au- gu's 2. The Camp is located at New- man lake and will last one WELCOME TO AIRWAY HEIGHTS I lay arid Lois Greenle,a,f will I be moving their new trailer on : a trailer 1,or they recently pur- chased abaht the end of Au- gust. Mrs. Greenleaf is active In many school activities such as PTA, Junior Girl Scouts and Brownies. You can find ]ta the coast. Mrs. Haro}d Harold Jr. are I<n,sas. The Colas erate the Airway riety Market. Mr. and Mrs. have reopened the Bowl after a De,ring the alleys were A.M.F.