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August 13, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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August 13, 1965

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i WASHINGTON AND "SMALL BUS NESS" c. W:LSON .AROE.; P,tge 2 C&apos;eney Free Press Friday, August 13, 1965 'ThP CHENEY FREE PRSS ESTABLISHED 1896 PUBLISHED AT 412 FIRST ST., CHENEY, WASH. Entered at the Post Office at Cheney, Washington, as Second Class Matter under the Act of March 5, 1897. Issued every NATIONAL EDITORIAL  . 4 . I I .J'%.. C'...El.. Friday morning at Cheney, Washington. [ ]AJCTIjm Spokane County Subscriptions ................................ $4.50 per year "'" I lr--.Wl--wl v  -- All Other Subscriptions ........................................ $5.00 per year G. T. FROST .................................. PUBLISHER lO Years Ago August, 1955 An aiarm at 2 p. m. Thurs- day called out both city and rural firemen to fight a blaze at the southwest city limits. Two outbuilngs were destroy- ed on the A1 Armstrong place and the blaze endangered the house cctpied by the Arm- strongs. The fire started in a pile of wood between the buildings. A second alarm was sounded for the blaze to sum- man more fire fighters when it looked ,as if the fire vtas get- tirg out of control. A community air scheduled 'at Fain" Lakes for Aug. 20 has been postponed because of the late harvest in the district. The fair will be rescheduled for about the middle of Sep- tember. Exact date will be an- nounced within a few weeks. Miss Joyce Vietzke became the bride of George M. Frasier of Cheney Friday evening, Aug. 5 in the Salem Lutheran church in Spokane. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lucas (Beverly Willms) are parents. of a daughter born Tue:slay, [ August 2, in Sti Lukes hospi-] talc Spokane. The baby has [ been named Laura Lynn. [ Mr. and Mrs. H, aroM Hartley] :are tarents of a daughter born Sunday, Aug. 7, in Deaconess lmspital, Spokane. The baby has been named GN1 Denise and joins a siter Shirley. ,1KaTilyn Morgan, daugh- ter of Mr. ,and Mrs. F. H. Mor- gan, went by phne to Ho,no- lulu hat week for 'a week's va- cation witk ,her cousin and his wife, Lt. Don iorgan and Ma. Morgan. Marilyn expects to contact several Cheneyites who are in Hawaii. Ted Edge, JOhn Burns, Jens Weisman nd Vic TredeI re- turned from two day's fishing at Sekiu. The quartet reoorted catehirg a limit of satmon, mostly silvers. Pre.ditions are that the wheat yield will be down 10 or 15 per cent from tha of last year. 20 Years Ago August, 1945 Fraziers safe, operated since ht winer by Mr. and Mrs. Ar- thur Frazier, passed into new ownership and took a new l ame Monday. The new owners are from Deer Park and the CALL FOR BIDS Eastern Washington State College Separate sealed bid propos- als are avaihble for education- al equipment and/or supplies by Eastern Washington State College in the office of the Di- rector of Purchasing, Roam 121, Show01ter Hall. . Proposal forms may be ob- tained at the above office. T. T. Wall Director of Purchasing. husine,ss will be known as Marie's Caffee Shop. At Tuesday evening's meet- ing of the Cheney city coun- .cil, it was decided to send an lr, quiry to C:ongressman Walt t]aran fr obtaining construc- tion of a federal postofice building at Cheney. Dedieatio,n services will he held in the new Marshall church Sunday, Aug. 19. There will be a dedication address and special musi'c by Spokane guests and local talent. 50 Years' Ago August, 1915 Fish lake has sprung into popularity as a hathing and fishing resort. W. J. Findly almost lost his life while swimming in Fish lake Thursday, an indifferent swimmer, he went too deep and was going down for the tahird thne when rescued by Will tlouck and Owen Florin. Work was interrupted on the new dormitory building at the Nermal school when the con- tractor brought non-union men on the job. As the objectional men were retained by the con- tractor, the brick masons re- moved their tools and left the wcrk. By Thursady morning the firm had gathered a small force of non-union men and the work was partially" re- sumed. The Rev. J. O. Doward of Sheri&an, Idaho, kas accepted !a call to the Cheney Christian, church. Amber note--Martin Helter and ,his father are expected bak from CaRforna next week. They have 'taken the trip in an automobile and re- port an enjoyble trip,, with no serious trotdle. G. E. Livingston, who tart- ed ,a jitney business ,here a couple of weeks ago, sys the business has turned out well and prospects :ave goad. He has been doing a big busness be- tween town and South Cheney. Amber note---C. S. Harris started threshing Wednesday, he expects a long run this year. Prom the Cheney Enter- prise, August 8, 1890, by the Cheney Free Press: There .are prospects of C:heney being soon connected with Spokane Palls and other places by tele- phone. A paper has been circu- lated to obtain a donation of $250 ,and if the ,amount can be rsed the line will be extend- ed to Oheney. 60 Years Ago August, 1905 John Sherman, a half durnk harvest .hand, was shot and killed by Marshall A. Blackma,n Sunday morning while resist- irg arrest, lnstead of ab,mit- tirg Lo arrest Sherman tok to heels with the marhal after him. The officer fired two shots, with no in<tent o hitting the fleeing man. To hiS surprise ,a:ed dismay, however, the sec- ond shot took effect. Dr. Pom- (July 1, 1965-July 1, 1966) eroy was railed at once, but Directory O. B. Electric PERSONALIZED SERVICE Wiring Elect. Heat, Motors, Pumps Rt. 1, Spokane CH. 4-2705 City Dry Cleaners CLEANING PRESSING ALTERATIONS LAUNDRY SERVICE 322 FIRST 235-4732. ELECTRIC SERVICE AT ITS BEST Phone 2354410 EDGETT BROS. the man had already expired. J. C. Truitt, superintenden o the Cheney Brick, Tile and Ivtfg. company, said Saturday .... that the brick plant is now runn:irg in fine shape and they Conservation News I , Sotk w.t 1,,k*,,t By Clarence A. Kelley SCS Technician Did you ever think much about water? If you are the average type person: it's rat:h- er doubtful. Water is some-I thing plentiful in this area and I most Often taken for granted. I For a changehere are some I facts which may stimulate I some thought. [ r for I When saying a praye just an inch of rain; here is! what you are asking for. An acre of land covers 43',560 sq. ft. or 6,272,620 s. inches. An inch of water on an ,acre o,f land is, then, 6,272,620 cu. in. This amount equals 27,154 gal- lons or 226,193 pounds, or 113 tons.. Therefore, with just an inch of rain you are asking for 113 tons of water for every acre af your 1,and. It takes 115 gallons of water to grow enough wheat to make one iaf of bred. Depending on the methods used, produc- tion of a ton of steel requires from 6000 .to 110,000 gallons og water.. Producing 1000 yards o woolen cloth requires 40,000 to 510,000 gallons. In 1900 eaoh individual was responsible or using 600 gal- lons of water per day, and in, 1950 the 'same individual was t;sing 1100 gallons daily. As a result, total water use in the UnRed States quadrupled from 1900 to 1950. It is expected tv double again by 1975. By then, about 1800 gallons will be re- quired for each man, wman and C ht.,d. This amounts to 7.5 tons per individual daily. bmldtng, demanding payment for his hospital bills as well as for his mental suffering. The jury decided in favor of George, awarding him $20,000, and the company appealed to the Supreme Court. "$20,000 is an excesssve verdict under the circumstanc- es," claimed the c'om]any. "George's hospital expenses were under $2,000. Sure he had some meintal suffering, but not $20,000 worth." "It was no fun fallng 18 floors down an elevator shaft," said George. "I'm entitled to that money:" The Supreme Court reduced the amount of damages to $12,500. The court ruled that he was entitled to cmrpensa- tion for Shock ,and right. This miraculous escape, coming throtrgh as he did with all of his be=es intact and almost all his skin, obviously agfected his nervous system very little. He as bak working at the same job two months later, even though he could have pev- fomed his electrical work eseWhere at equal pay. So, while compensatton t%r friffht is quite understandable, t must be .commensurate with the in- jmT, pain and suffering at- re turning out ,about 2,500 tending it. bricks an hour. George won the ca, but the amount f his damages was re- duced tO $12,500. (This column is written to inform, n advise. Facts may cbarge the appfication o the law.) MENTAL SUFFERING George fell 18 floors down an eIevator shaft while install- in, g electrical wiring: Despite this terrifying expermnce, he received relatively minor in- juries. Miraculously, his all was broken when he became entangled in the cable and wir- ing inside the elevator s,hat. George was hospit, azed for a time, but within two months was back working at his old job as an elevator shft elec- trician. George sued owners of the A green four-leaf clover with a white H in each leaf is the n,ation,al emblem of 4-H, Clubs. The H stands for Head, Heart, Hands, Healta. tCURE IVIORE g GIVE MORE to AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Recently Dominican playboy Rubirosa was killed in a car wreck. What is the connection between this happening and American small business.There is what might be called a re- flex connnection. For one thing, among his many wives was the daughter of a former Dominican dicta- tor. It eventually developed that a great deal of his fancy spend- ing in inter- national cafc society was financed by American foreign aid money sent his country tc improve t h e lot of the peo- c.w. Harder ple. Obviously, part of this money lavished on champagne and gifts for paramours was taken from small business. * * * But the effects of his madcap spending are even deeper than this. Before the U. S. giveaway programs were ever dreamed up, he achieved financial suc- cess marrying wealthy women. Numbered among these wives were two of America's most publicized and wealthiest heir- eases. Both of these ladies also engaged in a merry-go-round of changing nuptial vows. The highly publicized flaunt- Lag of inherited wealth started taking place when men were selling apples on the streets, which created quite a contrast. This sort of thing I .= ta be ended, the lawmakers decided, with the result that stiff inheri- tance taxes were ena( d. *** However, they little realized in addition to clipping wings of future heiresses, they had also sounded death knell for many family owned businesses. ]For in due time it became ap- i parent that when the head of a family owned business iUed, cash was needed to pay the taxes, or the business was forced out. In many cases, to avoid such a disaster the busi- ness was sold before death to a big corporation. Some remedy was enacted in 1958. After an eight year battle led by the National Federa- tion of Independent Business, the law was changed to permit the tax to be paid over a pe- riod of 10 years, with interest. But now for the past six years there has been a drive to get passed a simple law in- troduced by Rep. J. Arthur Younger of California. This would permit the principals of family, or closely held busi- nesses, to anticipate the inher- itance tax that will be charged and carry life insurance pay- ble to the government. As it stands now, life insur- ance payable to the estate can be taken out, but the proceeds merely add to the value of the estate, thus adding more tax. Rep. Younger's bill would per- mit insurance made out to government non-taxable. This is a simple, logical plan, yet action is delayed. Action to correct an evil was taken very hastily. Yet further action needed to correct the greater evils created by the first act is prolonged. This recurring phenomena in American politi- cal life gives rise to the often voiced opinion that there should be a ten year moratorium on passing new laws so that there can be an understanding of present laws, and a wiping off of the books the bad laws. National Federation of Independent Business Paradise Prairie Harshall News By Lana Evans at the grange hall at 7 p. m., Aug. 25. F'ried ch}eken will be the main course. There will be a card party at the Paradise grange hall Aug. 14, at 8:30. The public is in- vited. Unless a chairman o,f the l OPEN HOUSE HELD I pr,oje.ct is soa.n faunal, the Pra- Open house was held at the!dise grar, ge will not plan to A. H. Cffase home for Karen Cha, sie after her graduation from EWSC Thursday evening. Present were Mr. :and Mrs. Al- fred Chase of Seattle, Mr. and Mrs. G. Raugust, Mr. and Mrs. John Tormino and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wilaa'd Besly, Mrs. Crertrude Powell, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Elde and tamily, and the Rev. an,d Mrs. Richard Lan- phear. Mrs. Chase served cof- fee and ,a beautifully decorated cake wih a graduation cap and gown and diploma. GRANGE NEWS l%u,r Corners Grange will re- sume activities with a pe,tluck have a bo,oth at the fair this l year. A get-well .card was sent ta Mrs. Mark Dalton, former rsident and long-time grange i member no residing in Clarks- !ton. NEW SUBSCRIBERS New Subscribers this week are the F_ Goni, as. Welcome to the growing list. I Marlena Brmvn, Virginia B,rawn, and Sharon Cockburn. OLD T IM E R-S- HOLD REUNION Sunday. Aug. 8 Albert Con- nelly hosted a potluck p,icnc at his home. Among the ong- time former residents o,f this area attending were Mr. and Mrs. Luther Van Brunt, Carl Andren, and Mrs. Caroline Maggart. LITTLE LEAGUE LOSES The Windsor Yankees lost lts second league game to the Kai- ser Bues 5-15, puttin them out ,, the to:ir,,ament The first league game was forfeit- ed to them. SURPRISE SHOWER GIVEN Ladie,s 'of the Marshall Com- murtity church, with Mrs. Arn- ol and Mrs. Larson in c ha,rge, ave a s.urprise baby s:hower for Mr. and Mrs. E:I Gania's newly adopted daugbter, Ruth E!izaoeth. Games and refresh- ments were enjoyed. ERIDAL SHOWER HELD A bridal shower was given for Lynda Arnold by the Lad- ies Circle of the Mar- shall Community Church Aug. 12. Miss Arnold will be wed to tlarvev MacQuarrie S ev,t. 18 in the Mars,hall Community church. GOING AWAY PARTY GIVEN Ruth and Jim Werhan assis- ted hy the youth group o Mar- shall Community church, gave a su,rprise going away larty for Miss Viola Peters of Marshall. Mi'ss Peters, a June graduate of C'heney hi:gh scho, ol, is mov- ing to Waxa.h, achie, Texas, where she will be working and living with her sister, Ruby. PERSONAL MENTIONS Mrs. C l.arence Ross is con- v'al,es,cing ,at home after her return to the bospital with complicatio:vs following a rup- tured appendix preceding the birl:h of their bab!v daughter, , Lori Ann, on July 22. Catlers at the Ross home the p,ast week were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hair, Mrs. Bessie Dare and Lyle, and Mr. and Mrs. Dean Swegle, all ,f Cheney, and Mrs. Chase and Mrs. Lovell of Marshall. Mrs. R,ss' mother, Mrs. Albert Mee- chain, has been staying at the Ross home to assist with the care of the baby. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bocanegra have had their grandchildren Valerie and Michael Vehnder visiting for two weeks. This week they took them back to Tacoma. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Cannel- 4-H COUNTY CAMP [ly vacationed at their summer IS ATTENDED home on the Pend Oreiile this Prairie Prancers 4-H Horse Jpas week. cta!b members attending 4-H I The Roy Dalton family spent County Camp ,at Heyburn State I several days vacationing ,at Dark on Lake Chatcolette were [Will in, ms lake. La, na Evans, Theresa Smith, Visiting the Earl Lind,bergs t,hs week was Donald of St. Paul, Minn. He the coast before home. Sunday callers at the Cheever home were Mrs. Pierrie Demico dren of Spokane. ning the Cheevers ,and vin Bedients of barbecue in Cheney. Mrs. Darl King and Coeur d' Alene Cheerers this week. The former residents, property in Mica Flats. Saturday Mr. and Conia and Mrs. Blanch went to Lost Lake Bible to get their son, proceeded to ada to pick up Peg has been working missionaries. They through Seattle to Mr. and Mrs. key returned Sunday three week ca,action where they visited Visiting the Ed Sunday were the Walt who just returned months vacation in Mrs. Lizzie Henneigh f lee City is visiting the Henneigbs. Mrs. Eli injured in an dent July 18, h,as home from the hospital this week were Mr. Elmer Fielding and aid Fielding of and Mrs. Jessie Syracuse, Utah. Mr, Fielding" wilt to Seattle before to Utah. worth your wait in office home school for [ fastening sealing bags and wrappings, lrou'll find many us, handsome, pler. Powerful, stapling action elinhe staples in skeets of 16- Uses sta adard ' jtmtable clinda neat or temporar Cheney Free Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe. 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