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September 3, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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September 3, 1965

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Pe 2 C'heney Free Press Friday, September 3, 1965 CHENEY FREE PRESS ESTABLISHED 1896 PUBLISHED AT 412 FIRST ST., CHENEY, WASH. EDtered at the Post Office at Cheney, Washington, as Second Class Matter under the Act of March 5, 1897. Issued every NATIONAL Friday morning at Cheney, Washington. Spokane County Subscriptions ................................ $4.50 per year All Other Subscriptions ........................................ $5.00 per year G. T. FROST .................................. PUBLISHER EDITORIAL A C TIN Crime and the Welfare State Is ,there a dtinct and recognizable con- necon btwe.en the soaring crime rate and the development of a welfare state? If tlat seems a queer an, d idle question, a paragraph written by Kea, ts A. Pullen, Jr., tlat appeared in The lalitmore Sun may cause you to d,o a bit o{ thinkinlg. He says: "It is e,asy to understand why crime rises precipitously in a s(ciatst weHare state. Under socialism the state, in accord with its own ,arbitrary standards, rewards individuals for aHevia.tion of poverty. Under crime the individual, in accord with his own stan@ards, attempts to reward himsel for simihr pur- pose. In both instances, old-fahioned stand- ,ard!s of morality axe buried in a morass of gimme." This is a harsh judgment but there is muh eviderme to substantiate it. The wel- fare state, wlatever else one may think of it, cannot help but undermine and even de- ,roy the aaaeient values Which hve sus- tained civ'..d2mti(mindependene, a sense of personal responsibility, individuM pride, honesty, and a determirmtion to take care of onesetf and one's family. Crime -- like all the other immoralities, to use that woad in the broadest possible serrse -- will flourish when these values are degraded. Justice Deterent To Crime FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover writes: "Ex- perience shos that swift and impartial jus- tice is one of the most effective deterents to crime. Yet, swift justice, with all the tech- nical loopholes and unwarranted dehys in the law, is almost passes in several juris- dictions, and the rights of peaceful citizens are taking a terrific beating from the "impar- tial justice' meted ot in some courts. Crime cauusations are mary and varied. Few, bow- ever, are more serious Ova,n misguided lem iencies, including a4buses of parole, probation, and suspended sentences. A young bnk rob- her recently blamed such lemeney for his ttrrn to serious crime." Federal Aid Expensive President Gerh, olz of the Chamber of C)m- merce of the United States holds that there is n'o need "to put our cities in uniform" by enli.sting in a fede.ral program of community development when the job could be done fas,t:r and better through private investmen and initiative. Federal aid, he added, caaan)t help b.ut inhibit the free phy ,of imaginatioaa, origir, ality and inn,ovation withi'n the com- munity. Back Door Tax Boosting It makes no difference whether you .are labeled a Republ4can or a Dem,oerat, a liberal or a conser-ave, a rich man or a poor man, a college student o,r a drop-out, a poverty man era welfare man, we all pay taxes either direct or in lhe price of 'rent, feed, com- modities ,or se.rvices. The more we ask from goveramert, the higher go the riving costs. Harry F. Byrd, the illustrious democwatic Senator from V,irginia, .has 19rig been the of the federal treasury. He has sougkt to e}pose the folly of establishing bureaus without limitafinv. Once estab "DiShed, they grow and grow and the people pay in taxe. The Senator cites one of the newer ed- oral bureaus that has increased its epen- dtures over 300 per cent in the past 13 years --from some $2 bi,liil.on to over $7 billi'on. Songster Byrd poirts out that if one of the proposed new burea:us expands proportion- ately, if it should be established, it would be a $225 billion departmen by fiscal 1978. The people never get to vote on such a propositio,n All the big spending measures are preseated as something beneficial to the peo,ple. Cost is soft pedaled and new bureaus are born. From then on they are permanent ad all the people can do is pay and pay and pay in taxes or in the cost of products or ser- vices of which taxes are a part of the price. The same policy folloavs from Congress down I through state legislatures. } Who,never bureaucracy increases, the sup-I posed .beneficiaries, the people, get the,,bil!;[ lhe ,only recourse they have is to say No when they vote and sto9 begging" pblic[ funds. I 10 Years Ago August, 1955 Oheney Public schools will open Sept. 4. New instructors are: Ward T. Cosgrove, Hohn C. Codd, WiUiam Hibbard and George Kimball. Femur men narrowly escaped death when their motor car vs hit from behind by n SP&S freight train No. 867, four miles out of Seribner, at CALL FOR BIDS Eastern Washington State College Separate sealed bid p: als are avMhble for eaueauom- al equipmert and/or supph by Eastern Washington State College in the office of the Di- rector of Purchasing, Room ;21, Showalter HMI. Proposal forms may be ob- tained at the above office. T. T. Wall Director of Purchasing. (July 1, 1965-July 1, 1966) Directory O. B. Electric PERSONALIZED SERVICE Wiring Elect. Heat, Motors, Pumpt Rt. 1, Spokane CH. 4-2705 City Dry Cleaners CLEANING PRESSING ALTERATIONS LAUNDRY SERVICE 322 FIRST 235-4732 ELECTRIC SERVICE AT ITS BEST Phone 2354410 EDGETT BROS. 8 o'clock Morday morning. The crew, Bryce Fossum, Keith Hart and William Dun- kle, all of Cheney, returne:d to their homes Wednesday. Cheney's third polio case thks sammer, was reported this week by Dr. J. P. Caldwell. Pll Walker, 28, son of MT. ,and Mrs. Clyde Walker, is con- fined to St. Luke's hospital, where he is urdergoing ther- apy treatmeaR. The Day,is Sporting Goods store an Main street was bur- glarized early Thursday morn- ing, according to report of Petriek, Cheney Chief of police. The firm is also Ghe- ney's state liquor store. A lss of pproxhnately $200 worth of whiskey was reported. ,Mr. and Ms. N oh Brawn celebrated their silver wed- ding anniversary unday with an open ,house ,reeptio. ,More than 150 guests oalled to greet the honored guests. 20 Years Ago August, |945 and 5 here. With work well under way and many groups indicating that they will spon- sor exhibits, a big show is Members of the 1931 grad- Jating class of Cheney trigh school held its rst reunion Saturday evening, Aug. 22, in the Plm room of the Dessert !otel. The affair was reported to have been an oustming sux:ess, and the group hoges to make it .an annual gather- ing. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Radii, fro and 'Miss Florerme Rue return- ed Sunday from a visit 9n the coast. Clark Frazier of C:heney, member of the Normal school faculty, and director of the Training school, was framed last weekend as vice command- er of the state American Leg- ion organization for eastern Wash'mgton. o. Clarence D. Martin of Cheney will continue  radio campaign with three more talks over state-wide Imkups between now arid the date of the pimarie, Sept. 8. I)r. and Mrs. O. E. Johnson and Children returned Wed- nesdy evendmg from a rata. tivn ,trip to Seattle and Pacific Beach. They were the guests of Mr. ad Mrs. Walter Doyle in Seattle. 40 Years Ago August, 1925 A public hospi, tal is being opened by ,MAss Marie,1 E. Roe in the cottage at the rear of Dr. F. A. Pomeroy's home. Miss Lula Nielsen of Card- New manager ef the Pot- latch Yards is Oscar Stagleder e Canada, has bou,gh, t the of Spokmae, wire succeeds on. theae from M. C. Carl- Stanley Herren, g, resigned. Mr. I Mr a,rd M- o,, D..^,, Herring has served the Pot-tare oarent. nf a   .... latch 10 years, the last five iGrae ' hona-Tues'c.' ........ in Cheney and previously at] Announeemn i.'mn , . -- ......... 1 II.4U  Lvt Wmtsburg. l the ergaement of Mi: Vir Offlcml notice was' gven :iria Shoa/.or dm,r,,--: thin week that the Rahan, President and Mrs. N. D. She- board and office of Sontlrwest walter, to Elmer T. Cobb of Spokane county, 1,oaed in Cheney, will be closed Sept. i30, B. R. Lean, chairman re-  ports. i Population of the city of Cheney is 19'8, according to the htest estimate of the state census board. That would be a gain of 387, or almost 25 per cent over the federal cen- sirs off 1940, when the tov had 1551 30 Years Ago August 1936 Two meetings were ,held this week to complete plans for the 4-H Community f, air wbi'ch will be held Sept. 4 Iarrington. Hottis R. tk)lfe has bought a stove at Reardan. The residence of Fred F. Campbell on his farm, four mile's from Cheaaey on the Am-i ber road, was' destroyed by i fire. 50 Years Ago August, 1915 Demand for rental proper- ties continues an*d only hous- es o less desirability now re- main tenantless. On Friday evemng last Miss Mabel Mast, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Mast, became the bride of Wiley Brown o,f Havre, Mont. The bridal party was scheduled to accompany a party of the assembled guests on the 9:25 train for l Spokane, but succeeded in avoidi:':lg a large number of friends by slipping to Spo- kane by automobile. The eou- pl, e will return to Cheney be- fore proceedirg to Havre, where they will make their home, the bridegroom having homesteaded near that p]:ace, on wh,ch they will reside. Miss Susie Bhckshw nd Leo Ames, tvo poplar people off this city, were married 'at Coeur d'Alene Sept. 1. The bride is the daughter of Mr. :and Mrs. George Bhckshaw, who h've three miles southeast of Cheney. Mr. Ames is a life- long resident of Chancy. The young couple are nlow on a short honeymoon up the St. Joe river. Conservation News By Clarence A. Kelley SCS Technician Nine new cooperative agree- ments have been accepted by the Southwest Spokane Soil & Water Conservation District board of supervisors during the month of AugusL 2hose agreements signed and accept- ed were with Bob Cooper, Spo- kane; Era, est Cramer, Espan- ola; John Bauer, Spangle; James Slavin, Spokane; Car- roll Presta, Windsor; Ceate Suksdorf, Spangle; and Carl and Rap.h I-Iofmann, Plaza. The land total involved under the new agreements amo,un,ted to 2554 acres. These new agreements brougl  district total num- ber to 44  covering 243,108 cres of land. This is 57 per cent of the 430,640 total acre- age in the SWCD. Being a cooperaor with the SWCD entitles any farmer or ranhey to receive conserva- tion informatiort atd tech,ni- val ,assistance tailored to the needs ,of his own .land. With such assistarce a cooperator can develop acom, plete soil nd water conservatkm plan including soil rd land'apa- bi,ty maps, range and wood- land site and condition sur- ;veys, and tared use mags fit- I ted to his on decisions and pro- gram. The main objective ef all local governed soil conse.rv- tion districts is to 'have a com- plete soil and water conserva- tion program n effect on every farm or ranch within its bun- daries. As each land user takes care .of his own acres the g.ol of community-wide con_serva- tion is pproached. Supervisors of lhe looal SW- CD ave Jerotd Betz, Chancy; Art Halverson, Esparmla; Ger- ald McCury, Spokane; James Painter, Plat, a, and Pete Spangle. Senator, Magnuson U rges Conference On NatUral Beauty .... Ibeen built and is at the 14[! IgL' II ANl'grange hail, where the decor- i, ll[_,l [ation will be put on. r 7,][---[ Saturday Mr. and Mrs. R. W. I Atkins and daughters and M,r. Washinaton Bar Association l a'nd Mrs. Delbert Spear and ............... IT ira and Mr. and Mrs. Bert A Police Record I Spear attended a family ge- together at the C. V. Moody Jones, a peaceful and re- spected young fmily man, took a taxi lmme on evening after working late. Once ome, he tried to pay his $2 taxi fare with a $20 bill. Having no change, the angry driver de- manded that J.or, es go some blocks away with him to a store for change. "All right," said Jones, "but I won't py for the extra trip." The driver added the trip to Jones' bill anyhow, and ones stood firm. The driver made a "citizen's arrest" ,on the spot. He then called the police. Police fin- gerprirted, photographed and placed Jones' name on the arrest btotter, chargirN him with the mirror crime of refus- ing to pay his fare At trial the cab driver filed to appear, and the Judge tossed the case out. In his turn, Jones sued the driver and his cab company and won a small award for false imprisonment. But Jones still had  griev- ance: Each time he seeks a job, puts in for a promotion or flHs out some question- naire, somebody asks: "Have you ever been arrested?" And Jones has to expl,ain. So Jones asked the police to take his name out of the department file and remove his record. I When the police refused to do I so, he sued. But the court .held that the police could keep such records. An accused per- son's fingerprints and photo- graphs are a proper way to identify him, and need n't be returned to the accused, how- ever'inxmcent. However, it may be unwise to seek to have rc- ords of arrest destroyed. Employment and other sim- ilar questionnaires will always ask the question in such a way that the question must be ans- wered "yes" even though the arrest records have subse- quently been destroyed. The lack of records may create doubt as to how serious the en- counter with the officiaJs was Full and accurate reporting, on the other hand, does give to the innocent person a basis for explaining the circumslan- ces o.f the arrest, and the of- ficial record will verify the fact that no prosecution or conviction followed (This column is written to inform, not advise. Facts may ch,ange the app}ication of the 1,aw.) Four Lakes By Mrs. Sidney Larson home in Spokane. SS CLASS CAMPS Saturday the hh school c].ass from the Community church accompanied their teacher, Mrs. Lee Wilcox, on a camping trip to Newman lake. Lee Wilcox and Jim, Daurie and David also atten,ded. Mar- jean Anderson, Karen Atkins, Linda and Jackie Hartford and Barney Hurd were the class members .attending. On Sun- day Fred Swan and Peggy Gray joined the group Last Wednesday DWYC club met for a potluck dinner with Mrs. Sidney Larson. It was to hve been a picnic, but the rain, took care of that. Sixteen members were present Iathy Ba, rick was honored Wednesday night with a sur- prise birthday dinner at her parents' home. Guests incl:ud- ed Georgette Young, Judy Moore, Cheryl Bedient, Geor-! gia Schaffer, and Marilyn Long. Correction in last week's news. In the writeup about[ ,the get-together of ,a Chen,ey [ high class it was the 195S !class rot 1913. I Mrs. Ray Dirks spent the] past week in Metaline Falls l with her husband. Gill Little and children vis- Red at the Boots Eartscourt home Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon the Earls- court family visited the Jack Kegley family at Newport. Cindy Larson spent Mon- day night with the Earlscourt girls. Last Wednesday the family of Dr. Miller took the "loop" trip to Priest llake. They re- port it a beautiful trip, but slightly dampened that day. Mrs. era Counts spent the weekend with Mrs. Gretchen Moser. Mrs. Edith Hamilton from Seattle is visiting her daugh- ter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Phillipson. Miss Cathy Perry from Ho,n- olulu is visiting at the Eldon Jenicke home, with Keith Sut- ton who resides with the Jen- ickes. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Backer HUB CLUB MEETS Thuvsd,ay the Hub club met ,'zt.the home of Mrs. Bernard Klne, with Anna Erfurth as co-'lmstess.. Mrs. Harold Er- ,furh and Mrs. John Backer were guests arid Mrs. Becker joined the club Members at- tending were Mmes. Bruce Ol- iver, Nick Haidey, I_yde Lee- ell, La,wrence SClmaitt, Cody Standerfe,r, Ted McMitlan and Len Barrick. Discussion was held on the county council meeting to be Sept. 3 at Cen- tury Methodist church on south Preya. The cl.ub is invited to visit the Espanola club Sept. 15 at 1:30. Guest speaker will be Helen Stensgaard ,from the courtly extension office. The project for the day was the pain,ling of fiber glass on ue flowers. This makes them very pretty. The grarge fair conmfittee met hst Monday to perfect the for the booth at the In- terstate Fair. The booth has' Mrs. GerMd Larson do'on spent Friday with the Larsons. S A. L. Larson and P. sorts visited their par News Mrs. N. A. Cordill SCHOOL WILL START WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 8 Amber school start Wednesday, Sept. 6, DaHe McCulley upper grades and Mrs. ia Sehons teachirg the grades. Tommy again be driving the bus goes into Cheney. Bus and schedules will .he t, he l as last year Amber school students are that the ho lunch will not start until Ot. be su, re and bring a sack t HOLDS SLUMBER Jo Ellen Jordan a group of school friends with a slumber and a cookout Monday. attending included Best, Donna and Sandy ail and Srley Dahl, Beth Kidwell of and De,bbie Atkinson, M amanakis, and Louise cliffe, all of Cheney. ATTEND JUDGE MEET Leslie Harris and accompanied Mr. several other boys to wick Saturday as judging team from high school. The grou seventh out of 20 tean The harvesting of resumed again this almost a 10 day delay wet weather. Farmers ,had barley to combine able to do so vCa, s Monday noon wheat tested dry cut. Mr. and Mrs. Howard returned from tion trip to and southern Id,a'ho. Mrs. Richard Jordan tained the members Young als bridge club home Wednesday. guests included Mrs. bert and Mrs. Marion Prize winners Bair, Mrs. Lambert Kent Sooy. The club ext with Mrs. Hoard on Sept. 8. Mr. and Mrs. Howal were Sunday dinner and family from M,ohler were her brother and his Surday visitors of Mr. and lvnd Mrs. Eugene Burl Mrs. John Becker. J logg, Idaho. Bu] Alex Stamper is only show-["Rockhound," re ing slight improvement Sxx>mla two-ounce gold the tractor accident. He, is in' Misses Carmen and the Veterans hospital in Spo- kane. Tuesday the Principa Pat- rons met at the Orville Phillip- son hom for a regular busi- nes:s meeting. Last Thursday Mr. mad Mrs. Eldon Jenicke took their daughter Sandra to Catdvell, i Idaho where she will teach at the GemState Academy, a Seventh Day Adventist School. The Jerfickes returned home Sunday. Paul Wilcox spent Monday visitirg Bart H,armon. Jim Wilcox attended a swim meet at Cheney. He won a blue ribbon in relay race for l0 year olds arid younger. Mrs. Cody Standerfer came in last Thaarsday from Deer take to attend the Hub club mee,ting at Mrs. Bernard KIines. Monday Mrs. Starderfer took her granddaughter, Bon- ita, back with her to the lake for a week. Mr. and Mrs. Jaek Hartford, and family visited Sundasr with Mr. and Mxs. George Strouo. Thursday Mr. and Mrs. Sid- ney Larson and chil4Ven spent the evenirg with Mr. and Mrs. Mile Ball. Mr. and Finnegan and TommY of Herren, Mont, day visitors of the N. dill family. Jim Kidwell of house guest this cousins, Clark and darn. Mr. and Mrs. visited Mr. and Mrs. tar and family of Mr. ,and Mrs. coran were Saturday guests of Mr. and ard Jordan and familY. John Frost was guest of Gary Sooy nesday until S House guests of sell Hoopingarner Mrs. Harry Oeser nesday through cou, sin, Mrs. Jack attle and Mr. and neth Rundlett of Mr. anl Mrs. were Monday ors of Mr. and Mrs. Miller. Mr. and Mrs. pain of Marissa, Ill. day morning nd Mrs. N. A. Arm and Nels. For Savin00s on Y President Johnson was urged last week by Senator Warren G. Magnuson, to spon- sor a White Hon'se regioml conference on Natural Beauty, profe.bly to be held in Seat- Back to School N tie next April. "I beh'eve that the citizens m i of the Northvest are ready to do their part in this great .task, and I can correeive of no more dynamic beghnning than a White House Regional Con- ference on Natural Beauty to be held in the State of Wash- ington," lag(uson wrote the President. In his letter, Magnuson said: "Fr@m Idaho to Alaska, the NOrthwest's leaders and ex- perts could join together in seeking sPecific, local solutions to such critical national prob- lems as water, air and soil pol- lution, urban sprawl, hi, ghvcay barreness, litter, and billboard )roh'eration. "White House sponsorship would serve n.o only to dram- atize the urgency and moenent of the undertaking but would also insure the total support II of the federal establishment ! a.nd spotlight the broad feder- al resources avaihble to aid our States and communities in their efforts." See Cheney Dept. Store A couple of examples... Women's Stretch Jeans ..... Boys' denim Jeans, 4-12