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September 12, 1985     Cheney Free Press
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September 12, 1985

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Vi,eo Countdown IB'[T]'{13)Bunen,es [11](g)Evening News (12)You Can't 0o That on Television D] (17)Cover Story 20)MOVIE: What 0o You Say to Naked Lady? O [8] (8)Bonanza 7:20 [13] (3)MOVIE: None But the Brave 7:30 O [2[Newlywed Game . [3] (19)FrargJe Rock: Beanbar: tow, Burden, Bouquet (CC) I [6] (IO)PM Magazine O[7] (13)Two Ronnles [H]To Be Announced [9](5)News (12)Dangermouse [D] (17)Hollywood Insider 8:00 li [2[Scarecrow and Mrs King [3] (19)MOVIE: The Seduction of Joe Tynan I]MOVIE: Alphabet City [6] (10)NBC All-Star Hour (i)7](13)Ouast for the Killers H]Man from UN.C.LE. 11] (9)Moneyline 12)Dennis the Menace ] (17)Gong Show [8] (8)Star Search 8:30 IS[ (11 )SportsCenter [9] (5)Love Boat [11] (9)Sports Tonight (12)Donna Reed [D] (17)Make Me Laugh (20)MOVIE: Hollywood Hot Tubs 9:00 O [2[Kate and Allie O [4] (4)Monday Night Quarterback m [6] (1O)MOVIE: NBC Monday Night at the Movies (CC) IF[ (6)Mark Goodman [7] (13)America at Risk: History of Consumer Protest E] (11)NFL Films Presents H]Best of Groucho 11] (9)NewsNight 12)Nick st Nits Movie [(17)Edge of Night -[8[(8)MOVIE: The Reluctant Debutante 9:30  [2]Newhart [4] (4)Hogans Heroes Comedy Experiment: American Carrott E] (11 )SportsLook H]Bill Colby 9['(5)MOVIE: Modesty Blaise I_I(3_}MOVIE: First to Fight D]-(1T)Heartlight City 10:00 O [2]Cagney and Lacey (CC) [3. ] -(1"9)On Location: Steven wright O [4] (4)Herdcastie and McCormick MOVIE: Home from the Hill [7] (13)Nightly Business Report [E](11)Trapshooting [H]Wendy and Me [11] (9)Crossflre 10:30 O [7] i t 3)Simple Treasures [E](11)1985 Shamrock Games from ireland H]Love That Bob 1 I] (9)NewsNight Update D[ (17)It's Your Business 20)Playboy's Candid Camera 1100 ) [ 0 ews : l)-[71 (13)SCTV [1.11700 Club [1)Tfrkey Television pJ:00t')Ge' Rich with ..., ;llUIIt 20)MOVIE: HOW Funny Can Sex e? I [8] (8)Start of Something Big 11:30 a [2[Simon and Simon lid [4] (4)Nightltne 6] (10)Tonight Show ](11)SportsCenter 11 (9)Sports LsteNight 3] (3)MOVIE: Wffness to Murder 11:35 O [7] ( 13)Sign Off 12:00 ID [4] (4)Love Connection [E] (11)Inside Baseball [H]MOVIE: Fighter Attack [.9]" (5)lndapendent Network NeWS l 1] (9)News Overnight 12)Route 66 M) [81 (8)700 Club 12:30 O [2[MOVIE: CBS Late Movie [4] (4)Sign Off [6[(10)Late Night with David Letterman E] (11)Top Rank Boxing (R) 9] (5)Sane Grey 12:35 [5[MOVIE: Cal !2:4013] (19)MOVIE: Revenge of the Ninja 1:00 [F] (6)Nina Bleckwood [9[(5)MOVIE: The Devil's Den [111(9)Larry King Overnight [12'ennis fhe Menace i'D] (17)Millionaire Maker . 0)MVIE: Cheech and Chong's NeSt Movie 1:20 [13] (3)World at Large 1:30 O [6] (10) (D [8] (8)Sign Off [H]MOVIE: Gung Ho (12)Donna Reed [13] (3)Hogan's Heroes 2:00 O [2]Nightwatch [11] (9)Crossfire (12)Nick st Nite Movie [13] (3)Get Smart [D] (17)AII American Wrestling 2:10 [3] (IS)MOVIE: The Blue Lagoon 2:25 [5[MOVIE: Sex Through a Window 2:30 [9] (5)Movietone News and Cartoons l 1] (9)ShowBiz Today 13] (3)Beverly Hillbillies 3:00 [E.] (11 )SportsCenter [1L'l.]A__Study in the Word [gT (5lkbbott and Costello [11 ] (9)Daybreak [13] (3)CNN Headline News [D] (17)BizNet News Today (20)Off the Air 3:30 [LE] (11 )SportsLook 4H]Honey, Honey [9](5)Faith 20 [111 (9)Business Morning [13] (3)Superstation Funtime 3:50 [5[MOVIE: Paradise 4:00 [3] (19)MOVIE: The Seduction of Joe Tynan E] (11 )SportsCenter H]Superbook 9](5)Muppet Show 11] (9)Daybreak 12)Turkey Television O[ (17)Cartoon Express 4:05 [13] (3)Alvin and the Chipmunks 4:30 [E] (I 1)Aerobics [H]Flying House [9[(5)Bugs Bunny 4:35 [13] (3)Flintstones [ TUESDAY September 17 6:00 [3] (19)MOVIE: Somewhere, Tomorrow [5[MOVIE: Super Fuzz 7:00 [E] (11)Auto Racing (R) Belg,um Grand Prix 7:05113] (3)MOWE: The Children's Hour 8:00[3] (IS)MOVIE: The Golden Seal [5[MOVIE: House of the Long Shadows 9:00 [D] (17)MOVIE: Circle of Deception 9:30 [3] (19)MOVIE: All the Pre- [.5[MOVIE: Gorky Park ID [8] (10)Remington Steele O [7] (13)NlghUy Business Report [El(11)PKA Karate (R) [H]Bill Dana [11] (9)Crossflre (20)1983 Playmate Review ID [8] (8)Lifestyles of the Ric h and Famous 10:30 [3] (19)Not Necessarily the News O[7] (13)Innovation [H]Lova That Bob [1 I] (9)NewsNight Update [13] (3)MOVIE: A Boy Ten Feet Tall [D] (17)Wrestling TNT 71 ( 13)SCTV 0O Club (!2)Turkey Television (20)MOVIE: A Night at the Moulin Rouge ID [8] (8)Star Search 11:30 O [2[Magnum, P.I. O [4] (4)Nightline 6] (10)Tonight Show T(l:l)SportsCenter I] (9)Sports LateNight ](17)Loudon 100 Stock Car Race 11.:35 O [7] (13)Sign Off 12:00 El} [4] (4)Eye on Hollywood [E] (11)Tennis (R) [H]MOVIE: Johnny Rocco [9]' (5)lndependent Network NeWS 11] (9)News Overnight 12)Route 86 [8] (8)700 Club 12:10 [5]MOVIE: Hollywood Hot Tubs 12:30 O [2]McCloud [3](19)MOVIE: Richard Pryor Here and Now (CC) O [4] (4)Love Connection O.[6](10)Late Night with David Letlerman 9[(5)MOVIE: The Burning Hills O](17)lt's Your Business 20)MOVIE: Just a Gigolo 1:00 O [4] (4)Sign Off IF[ (6)Nine Bleckwood [11] (9)Larry King Overnight (12|Dennis the Menace [13] (3)Lucy [D] (17)Janis 1:301_[6] (10) I) [8] (8)Sign Off [I]MOVIE: Accused oT Murder [12)Donna Reed [13] (3)Hogan's Heroes 2:00 O [2]Nightwatch S[MOVIE: Bustin' Loose E](11)1985 Shamrock Games from Ireland 11] (9)Crossfire 12)Nick at Nite Movie 131 (3)Get Smart 2:10 [3] (19)MOVIE: Under the Volcano 2:30 [9] (5)Movietone News and Cartoons 11] (9)ShowBiz Today 13] (3)Beverly Hillbillies 0)Playboy's Bedtime Short aries 3:00 [E 5 (11)SportsCenter [H]A Study in the Word [9] (5)Abbott and Costello [ 11] (9)Daybreak [13] (3)CNN Headline News [D] (17)BizNet News Today (20)Off the Air 3:30 [E 5 (11)SportsLook [H]Honey, Honey [9[(5)Faith 20 [11] (9)Business Morning [13] (3)Superstation Funtime 3:40 [5[MOVIE: Split Image 4:00 [E] (11 )SportsCenter [H]Superbook [9] (5)Muppet Show [11] (9)Daybreak (12)Turkey Television [D] (17)Cartoon Express 4:05 [13] (3)Alvin and the Chipmunks 4:10 [3] (IS)MOVIE: Until September sident's Men (CC) [E] (11)College Fooall (R)  4:30[E] (11)Aerobics Teams to be announced  " [H]Flying House 10:00 [5[MOVIE: The Fifth Musketeer [9[(5)Bugs Bunny 10:05 [13] (3)MOVIE: Deadlock 4:35 [13] (3)Flintstones 12:00 [3] (19)MOVIE: The Black Stallion Returns [5[MOVIE: Bringing Up Baby 1:30 [E] (11)Motocross (R) Swiss Grand Prix 2:00 [3] (19)MOVIE: Gloria [5]MOVIE: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 4:00 [5]MOVIE: Super Fuzz 4:30 [3] (19)MOVIE: Somewhere , Tomorrow E] (11)AWA ProWrestling ........ 9] (5)Major League Baseball (L) Montreat vs Ch,cago 4:35 [13] (3)Major League Baseball (L) Houston vs Atlanta 6:00 O [2]CBS News [3[(19)MOVIE: Lies My Father Told Me [1][4] (4)ABC News (CC) MOVIE: The Fifth Musketeer I [6] (10)NBC News [E](11)Worid Class Champion- ship Wrestling H]700 Club 1I] (9)Larry King Livel (12)Mr. Wizard's World (D [8] (8)Leave It To Beaver 6:15 (20)Sizzlin' Sinema: Every Which Way She Can 6:30 O 2[Entertainment Tonight O 14] (4)People's Court i] (10)Wheel of Fortune r[ (13)Dr. Who hli(k Rocks: Video to Go 1(8)1 Love Lucy 7:00 2[Price Is Right t[ (4)WKRP in Cincinnati $] (10)Jeopardy t[ (13)Nova (CC) 11 i (9)Evening News 12 You Can't Do That on Telav,sion [O](17)Loudon 100 Stock Car Race (Taped) (20)MOVIE: Feelin' Up ( [8] (8)Major League Baseball 7:20 [13] (3)MOVIE: QB VII 7:30 O [2[Newlywed Game ) [4] (4)Taxi 6] (1O)PM Magazine ](11)To Be Announced ]Celebrity Chefs 9](5)News 12)Dsngermouse 9:00  [2[MOVIE- CBS Tuesday Night Movie 19)MOVIE: Nightmares [4] (4)Who's the Boss MOVIE: Bringing Up Baby 6] (10)The A-Team (CC) (6)Mark Goodman 7] (13)1 Had a Dream: Terry Fox Story N C L E [H]Man from U ..... [1 I] (9)Moneyltne (12)Dennis the Menace [D] (17)Gong Show 8:30 O [4] (4)Three's a Crowd [E] (11)SportsCenter [9] (5)Love Boat [11] (9)Sports Tonight (12)Donna Reed [D] (17)Make Me Laugh (20)Sizzlin' Sinema: Bodacious Tats's 9:00 ]1 [4] (4)Our Family Honor t [6] (10)Bob Hope Buys NBC O [7] (13)Lifeline (CC) [E] (11)Hydroplane Racing (R) [H]BoIt of Groucho [11] (9)NewsNight (12)Nick at Nits Movie [0] (17)Ed0 e of Night 9:30 [H]Bill Colby [9]-(5)MOVIE: Trapeze LD]..7)Heartlight City Szuins of the Moulin Rouge 10:00 .[2].West 57th |t(lJ)lst & Ten: The Slump - .... wEDNEsDAY- ..... j September 18 5:00 [El (11)Rug10y (R) National Club Championsh)p 5:35 [5]MOVIE: Surf II 6:00 [3] (19)MOVIE: Tubby the Tuba 6:30 [E] (11)Top Rank Boxing (R) From Atlantic City 7:00 [5[MOVIE: The Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie 7:05[13[(3)MOVIE: The Thrill of It All 8:00 [3] (19)MOVIE: Educating Rite (cc) 8:30 [5[MOVIE: Hysterical 9:00 [D](17)MOVIE: Count Five and Die 9:30 [E] (11)Tennis (R) World CoupLes Championship 10:O013](19)MOVIE: Money on the Side [5[MOVIE: The Private Eyes 10:05 [13] (3)MOVIE: Slaughter on Tenth Avenue 11:30 [5[MOVIE: The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer [E](11)Auto Racing (R) Super Vees 12:00[3[(19)MOVIE: Reno and the Dec 12:30 [E] (11)Hydroplane Racing (R) Gold Cup 1:30 [3] (19)MOVIE: Funny Lady [5[MOVIE: The Philadelphia Experiment (CC) 3:30 [5[MOVIE: Hysterical 4:00 [3] (19)MOVIE: Tubby the Tuba 4:30 [9] (5)Major League Baseball (L) Chicago vs New York 4:35 [13] (3)Major League Baseball (L) Cincinnati vs Atlanta 5:00 [5]MOVIE: The Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie 6:00 ID [2]CBS News [3] (19)MOVIE: Mother Lode Q [4] (4)ABC News (CC) 6] (1O)NBC News [(11)Top Rank Boxing (L) ]7'00 Club 1] (9)Larry King Liver (12)Mr. Wizard's World (20)A Portrait of Dorothy StreSSes tB [8] (8)Leave It To Beaver 6:30 O [2[Entertainment Tonight [4] (4)People's Court MOVIE: The Private Eyes [6] (10)Wheel of Fortune 1_[7] (13)Dr. Who (12}Nick Rocks: Video to Go II [8] (8)1 Love Lucy 7:00  [2[Price Is Right O [4] (4)WKRP in Cincinnati 6 1 eopardy 8 A00.ion B..,. [I 1] (9)Evening News (12}You Can't Do That on Television (D [8] (8)Bonanza 7:20 [13] (3)MOVIE: OB VII 7:30 I [2[Newlywed Game ID [4](4)Texi .[] 0)PM Magazine I PIITO Be Announced [9] (5)News Thursday, Sept 12, 1985 (12)Oan9ermouse (20)Electric Blue's Night in iBangkok e:0o O [2[Stir Crazy {3] (19)MOVIE: The Terminator CC) [4] (4)ABC News Special: 45185 [5[MOVIE: The Blues Brothers ID [6] (10)Highway to Heaven CC) oodman F.] (6)Mark O [H]Man from U.NC.LE. [11] (9)Moneyline (12)Dennis the Menace [O] (17)Gong Show I [8] (8)Start of Something Big 8:30 [E] (11)SportsCenter [9[(5)Love Boat [11] (9)Sports Tonight (12)Donna Reed [D] (17)Make Me Laugh (20)MOVIE: Private Passions 9:00 O [2]Charlie and Company 6] (10)Helltown ]-(I 1 )SportsLook ]Best of Groucno 1 I] (9)NewsNight 12)Nick at Nite Movie ](17)Edge of Night [8] (8)MOVIE: The Roaring enties 9:30 O [2]George Bums' Comedy Week E] (11 )Pro Wrestling H]BIII Colby 9](5)MOVIE: Battle of Britain D[ (17)Heartlight City 10:00 IJ [2[The Equalizer [3] (19)MOVIE: Mussolini: The Decline and Fall of II Duce, 1 (cc) [6] (10)St. Elsewhere O [7] (13)Nightly Business Report [H]Wendy and Me [11] (9)Crossflre (20)Private Moments: One Night Stand 10:15 [5]Eros International: Searching for Love 10:30 O [7] (13)Treil North H]Love That Bob 11] (9)NewsNight Update [ (3)MOVIE: Seven Days in [D((17)Japan Today 11 00 2 4] [ 10 N I . gl -xpenment (CC) O [7] (13)SCTV [E] (11)Julius Erving's Sports Focus H5700 Club 12)Turkey Television D] (17)Prime Time Wrestling 20)Sizzlin' Sinema: Talk Dirty To Me Part III ) [8] (8)Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous 11:30 O [2[MOVIE: CBS Late Movie O [4] (4)Nightline I [6] (10)Tonight Show [E] (11)SportsCenter [11] (9)Sports LateNight 11:35 O [7] (13)Sign Off 11:50[3[(19)America Undercover: UFOs *- What's Going On? 12:00 O [4] (4)Eye on Hollywood [E] (11)Sports Review [H]MOVIE: Black Tide [9] (5)lndependent Network News 11] (9)News Overnight 12)Route 66 20)Sizzlin' Sinema: An Unnatural Act I) [8] (8)700 Club 12:30 O [2[New Avengers 4] (4)Love Connection .[61{10)Late Night with David herman [9] (5)MOVIE: Bye, Bye Braverman 12:45 [5[MOVIE: Kentucky Fried Movie 12:50 [3] (19)MOVIE: Body Rock 1:00 O [dJ (4)Sign Off [F] (6)Nina Blackwood  (11)Australian Rules Football [11] (9)Larry King Overnight (12Dennis the Menace [131 (3)Lucy [D] (17)MOVIE: Carnival in Costa Rice (20)MOVIE: Richard Pryor Here and Now 1:30 I [6] (10) ) [8] (8)Sign Off H]MOVIE: Three Little Sisters 12)Donna Reed 13] (3)Hogan's Heroes 2:00 ) [2]Nightwatch [11] (9)Crossfire (12Nick at Nits Movie [13] (3)Get Smart "2:15 [5[MOVIE: Tea for Three " 2:30 [3,] (19)MOVIE: Carnal Knowledge [9] (5)Movietone News and Cartoons l 1 ] (9)ShowBiz Today 13] (3)Beverly Hillbillies 3:00 [.E] (11 )SportsCenter 4HJA Study in the Word [9[(5)Abbott and Costello [11] (9)Daybreak [13] (3)CNN Headline News [D] (17)BizNet News Today (20)Off the Air 3:30 [E 5 (11)SportsLook [H]Honey, Honey [9](5)Faith 20 [11] (9)Business Morning [13] (3)Superstation Funtime 3:45 [5[MOVIE: SlaY9round 4:00 [E] (11)sportscenter 4H]Superbook [9] (5)Muppet Show [11] (9)Daybreak (12)Turkey Television [D] ( 17)Cartoon Express 4:05 [13] (3)Alvin and the Chipmunks 4:15 [3] (19)MOVIE: Beyond the Limit 4:30 [E] (11)Aerobics [H]Flying House [9](5)Bugs Bunny 4:35 [ 13] (3)Flintstones Cheney Free Press Chicago vs New York 5:00 [3] (19)MOVIE: Sacred Ground [4] (4)NFL Football Special Chicago vs Minnesota [E] (1-1)Auto Racing IMSA GT [D] (17)MOVIE: Angels in Hell 5:20 [135 (3)MOVIE: Good Guys Wear Black 6:00  [2]CBS News 6] (10)NBC News ](11)Auto Racing ]700 Club 1] (9)Larry King LIvel (12)Out of Control [8] (8)Leave It To Beaver 6:30  [2]Entartalnment Tonight [5[MOVIE: My Favorite Wife ( [8] (10)Wheel of Fortune O [7] (13)Dr. Who (12Ntck Rocks: Video to Go (20.][Q.!E: The Joy of Flying IB [oj {a)lLOVe Lucy 7:00 i.[2]Pdce Is Right [3['(1"9)Inside the NFL 1'[6] (10)Jeopardy O [7[(13)Survival Special (CC) [11] (9)Evening News (12You Can't Do That on Television 17)Gangster Chronicles [8] (8)Bonanza 7:20 [13] (3)MOVIE: Little Big Man 7:30 J [2[Newlywed Game [6] (10)PM Magazine IS[ (11)Quarterhorse Championships H]To Be Announced 9](5)News 12)Dangermouse 8:00 W P.I. ) [2[Magnum, ] ([9)MOVIE: 66 [3 Roadhouse [ 4] (4)almonds 25th Anniversary ]]MOVIE: Sheens (CC) [6] (lO)The Colby Show (6)Mark Goodman ile[]le3y)yery,: Rumpo,e of H]Man from U.N.C.LE. 11] (9)Moneyline 12)Dennis the Menace 0] (17)Gong Show 20)Women on Sex: What Do Women Really Want ( [8] (8)High School Football 8:30  [6[(10)Family Ties __] '(l)spo_rtsCenter [9] (5)Love Boat [11] (9)Sports Tonight (12)Donna Reed [0] (17)Make Me Laugh u?2Sizzlin' Sinema: Sex Spa, 9:00 O [2[Simon and Simon (CC) [6] (10)Cheers 17] (13)Murder Most English ] (11)Top Rank Boxing (R) ]Best of Groucho 1 I] (9)NewsNight 12)Nick at Nits Movie D[ (17)Edge of Night 9:30 O [6] (10)Night Court [H]Bill Colby [9[(5)MOVIE: Juggernaut [D](17)Edge of Night (20)Playboy Comedy Theatre: Playboy Roast Milton Berle 10 O0 IB [2[Hometown [](9)MOVIE: Mussolini: The Decflne and Fall of II Duce, 2 (cc) O [4] (4)People's Court ]MOVIE: Porky's [6] (10)Hill Street Blues I [7] (13)Nightly Business Report [H]Bill Dana [11] (9)Crossfire [D] (17)Radio 1990 10:15 [13] (3)MOVIE: Operation Secret 10:30 O [4] (4)Taxi 11171 (13)Sorr [H]Love ThatBob [11] (9)NewsNight Update [D](17)Loudon 100 Stock Car Race 0[)Playmates: Then and Now 8] (8)Night Gallery 11:00 [2]  [4] 4)  [6] (lO)News IBl"r I O3)SCTV [H]70O Club Page 5A ANSWERS UOI:) Jtng UOllnlo S z!n pJogssoJ (12)Turkey Television (20)MOVIE: Tiffany [8] (8)Solid Gold 11:30  [21Columbo [3]'(_f9)MOVIE: The Seduction of Joe Tynen [4] (4)Nightline [6] (10)Tonight Show errs ent [D]'(17)AII American wrestling 11:35  [7] (13)Sign Off 11:45 [5]MOVIE: Teehere (CC) 12:00 O[4](4)Eye on Hollywood [l'(11)Oown the Stretch [I:I.]It)VlE: Bowere My Lovely e]w(s,5 )l nde panda nt Network [ 11] (9)News Overnight (12)Route 66 ( [8] (8)70o Club 12:25 [13] (3)MOVIE: Bullets or Ballots 12:30  [2[New Avengers O [4] (4)Love Connection l[6](lO)Late Night with David Letterman E] (11 )SpeodWeek 9[(5)MOVIE: El Condor D[ (17)MOVIE: HeWs Angels 20)Women on Sex: What Do Women Really Want 1:00 Igl [4J.p.)sn Off ['E] (I}'Nma Bieckwood [:] (1"1)Pro Wrestling [11] (9)Larry King Overnight {12Dennis the Menace (20)MOVIE: Hollywood Hot Tubs 1:25 [3] (19)Inside the NFL 1:30 t [6] (10) ( [8] (8)Sign Off H]MOVIE: The Gilded Cage 12)Donna Reed 1:35 [5[MOVIE: Mike's Murder 2:00 O [2]Ni9htwetch [11] (9)Crossflre (12)Nick at Nits Movie 2:10 [13] (3)World at Large 2:25 [3] (19)MOVIE: The Wild Life 2:30 [E] (11)SportsLook Eg] (5)Movietone News and uartoons 11] (9)ShowBiz Today 13] (3)Beverly Hillbillies 3:00 I.E.[ (11 )SportsCenter [HJA Study in the Word [lI [,,lbbott and Costello [11|(g)Daybreak [13](3)CNN Headline News [D] (17)BIzNet News Today (20)Off the Air 3:30 IS[MOVIE: Heat and Dust [E] (11 )SpeedWeek [H]Honey, Honey [9] (5)Faith 20 [11] (9)Business Morning 3:35 [ 13] (3)Superstation Funtime 4:00 [E] (11)SportsCaster [H]Superbook [9](5)Muppet Show [11] (9)Dsybreak (12)Turkey Television [D] (17)Cartoon Express 4:05 [13] (3)Alvin and the Chipmunks 4:10 [3] (19)MOVIE: The Big Score 4:30 [E] (11)Aerobics [H]Flying House [9] (5)Physician's TV Network 4:35 [13] (3)Flintstones DUSTIN HOFFMAN stars as Willy Loman, the salesman whose rigid faith in the American Dream leads to family dissension and, ultimately, tragedy, in Death of a Salesman, Sunday, Sept. 15 on CBS. [ ........ THURSDAY .... : ) September 19 5:00 [E] (11)Polo (R) 6:00 IS[MOVIE: Ask Any Girl 6:30 [E] (11)Swimming (R) Fina World Cup 7:05 [13] (3)MOVIE: Little Boy Lost 7:30 [El (11)Auto Racing (R) Molson Indy 8:00 [3] (19)MOVIE: To Catch a King CC) ,ft f v 5]MOVIE: The G" o Lo 9:00 [D] (17)MOVIE: Face Off 10:00 [3] (19)MOVIE: Meienie [5[MOVIE: Yankee Doodle Dandy [E] (11)PKA Karate (R) 10:05 [ 13] (3)MOVIE: Lost Flight 11:30 [E] (11)Pro Wrestling 12:00 [3] (IS)MOVIE: Hardly Working 12:30 [5]MOVIE: Sheens (CC) 1:00 [E] (11)Pro Wrestlin 9 1:30 [3] (IS)MOVIE: Six Weeks 2:30 [5[MOVIE: Battleground 2:35 [13] (3)Major League Baseball (L) Cincinnati vs Atlanta 3:30[3[(19)MOVIE: The Bogs Bun- ny/Road Runner Movie 4:30 [5[MOVIE: The Gift of Love [9] (5)Major League Baseball (L) JOHN RITTER stars as an aspiring comic trying to change his reputation of irresponsibility with his girlfriend, played by Susan Dey, in Sunset Limousine, Tuesday, Sept. 17 on CBS,