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September 16, 1971     Cheney Free Press
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September 16, 1971

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Thurs., Sept. 16, 1971 CHENEY FREE PRESS Page 7 Coun cil Can didates P00es en t Views No. 3 Gerald A. Blakley form of m the form most to the citizen in a community. Nearly personally an or day to day City government is upon the tive appointed by areas Wide systems the entire cam- :planning, recreation, sewage, transportation COUnty govern- structured, to offer any a future thgvernment, en- e entire county to press for ces which I feel will and also to bring to of the city ad- which could Imen under our have advisory Only under the form of govern- administrative Permissible. For to have ad- under our Would erode the and leave with no School Menu each problem, it effects the informed of and Federal locally. :onstant diligence of improving maximum of each tax COncerning the a new Chief of Part due to the disability be borne in zs aired for zewing and This resolved in the is developingla Stem. New y those under years for The of joint Park board is cam- provide more facilities The park a Vote of thanks m planning and lake full use of and aid in I think serious con- to the hiring Director of Problems with results from to paving the recently been corrected. I would like to see the council adopt an ordinance which would provide for the paving of all streets in newly developed areas. This would event, "iV solve the perennial problem of L.I.D.'s. The property owner would know when he purchased a home, exactly what his future obligations would be and he would not at some inoperative time be surprised with the ad- ditional cost of an L.I.D. The new garbage contract has not been in effect long enough to make an accurate judgment as to its efficiency. The city operated electric system provides us with one of the lowest consmner cost power sources in the country. I believe it is operated in an efficient manner and is a definite asset to the community. 8. a ) Development of recreational facilities for our senior citizens. b) Peripheral long range planning. c) General improvement in community appearance by removal of junk yards from within the city limits, and im- proving the city storage lot. d) Encouraging more in- volvement in community affairs by all citizens. Timothy M. Marian I don't think the form of government makes any dif- ference as long as the council bs repces aWlnts of the population of Chancy. 2. I think the Cheney govern- ment should cooperate with the County government, but should make final decisions and act on their own merits. 3. I think I could bring the voice of the people into the actions of the government instead of making decisions without taking the advise of the people. The council should not segregate their thinking to only the college and business men but should represent all citizens. 4. I believe in the council committee system and also believe the councilmen should have power to enact duties through advisement of the people but I don't feel he should have administrative power over his committee because in most cases he has limited knowledge of the committee. 5. I think the responsibilities of the councilman is to completely represent the people in anything that benefits the majority: 6. I believe the salary of the chief of police should be raised to attract men of the highest quality as it is one of the most important jobs in the city. I believe the chief of police should be selected as they are according to their qualifications. 7. I believe we should build additional parks to keep children off the streets, provide better streets, 'but not over tax just a few for the benefit of the majority and take a look at other communities to see how we can improve our' electrical system. 8. In summarizing, I believe if we all work together, we can improve the town of Cheney to make it a better place to live. If I receive your vote, I'll do everything in my power to give a young aggressive look to the future of all. W. Durwood Charlton 1. I would like to see a full time paid mayor for our city. 2. I will encourage someone from this city to run for County Commissioner. 3. In my opinion it operates very well. 4. A councilman should always be responsible to the mayor as a committeeman. 5. This is to be delegated by the mayor, but of course a person has his own special area he can work in. 6. It seems to be taken care of properly. 7. It is working well and is an outstanding example of city owned enterprises. 8. I am going to seek the elimination of long distance phone charges to Spokane and Chancy. Position No. 4 S. Tom Scott 1. I believe it to be satisfactory. No system is perfect. 2. No closer ties than we now have. We have Health Dept., some Police Services, etc. but I believe we are capable of han- dling our own needs in most cases 3. I feel that some matters might not be handled with the promptness that they could be. 4. The power to advise is suf- ficient if the councilmans advise is considered. If he is ignored, then some form of ad- ministrative power may have to be implemented. 5. I think that the councilmans main responsibilities are to see that the Department to which he is assigned is properly handled, matters pertaining to that department are handled promptly, and are handled in the best interest of "all" the com- munity. 7. I know that we are behind on many projects but I believe we are on the right track. Many & C0unlry Television "qqest 33 First Street SALEs Chenev Phone 235-6122 Full Line of Motorola and Packard Bell TV's Black-and-white and Color 9" through 23" Color or Black-and-white Ask about our purchase plan Summer Special on ]errold Outside Antennas  $69.95  plus tax All prices competitive with Spokane Businesses. We do not charoe mileage. Collect Calls Accepted All Technicians Color Qualified We service Motorola, RCA, Zenith, C-M and most other major brands. THE ISSUES I. What do you think of the mayor-council form of govern- ment? 2. How strongly should Cheney government be linked to Spokane County government? 3. What do you think you could do to improve the present operation of city government? 4. What do you think of the form of council committee system? Do you think a coun- cilman should have the power to advise (street, police, utility, fire, etc.) only or should he have some administrative power over the department under his committee? 5. What do you think the responsibilities of a councilman should be? 6. What do you think can be done to speed up the placement of a chief of police? 7. What do you think of our parks, streets, garbage system and city-operated electrical system? 8. Further suggestions you may have for community bet- terment. Councilman It Large Warren H. Westerman 1. The council is merely an advisory council to the mayor. The mayor may or may not at times take the advice of the council. In Chancy the mayor- council form is sometimes good or bad depending on one's per- sonal political views on the situation. 2. I am definitely opposed to any merger between Spokane County and the City of Chancy, as it is just another way to take away our individual rights by the creation of fire, police, water, health, etc., districts, with the net result of the public receiving less for the tax dollar spent. The 15,000 accessed against 6f Chancy for the city-county health district is an example. Before the creation of the health district we paid approximately $1080 annually for better service. 3. Being on the city council and trying to represent the people as best I can, by voicing honest and sincere criticism. 4. I believe that the councilman should have some administrative power over the department to which he is assigned. 5. I believe that the councilman should be responsible to the public and to the mayor. 6. Placement of a chief of police cannot be speeded up. The requirements for city policemen are set by the civil service commission as required by the state legislature. All ranks of the police department, including that of chief, are covered by the civil service law. It is the civil service commission, another body of our government, that recommends to the mayor who the chief of police shall be, as determined by a series of examinations. The physical requirements are established by the legislature. The situation of chief of police being covered by civil service statute is one that I believe should be changed to an ap- pointment by the mayor and councilman in charge of that department. The situation is now that the chief of police may, or may not, enforce improvements are under way now and with the availability of funds, I am sure that many more of these items can be brought'up to date. .I feel that there are man ordinances that are not being enforced. In fact, some of them are completely ignored. I suggest we either enforce them or remove them from the books. our city ordinances as he well pleases, and is only answerable to the civil service commission. The law should be changed to read--' 'all members of the police department are covered by civil service except the chief of that department." 7. The parks we now have are good. We should not spend too much tax money for the acquistion of new park property which may be too high, too small, or too close to another park. Our city streets need a long range view taken of them in relation to planning a new cross- town arterial, and a short range view with regard to repairing them. The Chancy light and power service is good. 8. For community betterment - a. Radio operators at the police station on a 24-hour basis, rather than firemen or policemen. b. Creation of a voluntary auxiliary police service for use at. public gatherings, traffic control, and parades. c. A new city yard with proper garages for the equipment in- stead of the eye-sore at First and K Streets. d. Fire station located in the residential area west of the business district. e. Several traffic control signal lights located at busy in- tersections- First and F, North 6th: and Elm, First and Salna,je Road, and Washington and Salnave road. f. Change the two year coun- cilman-at-large position to a four year term as are the other council positions. Crisis Meeting Due at Center There will be a general meeting Tuesday, September 14 and Thursday, September 16 for all trained volunteers and for those interested in training for the Crisis-Information Center at EWSC. The Center has been named RAP-In (Resource Agency for People in Need.) The volunteers were trained during Spring and Summer Quarter by Gary Sterner of the Counseling Center and Rondi Hall, the Coordinator fo the project. The RAP-In office will open Monday, Sept. 20 and the hours of service will be from 6 p.m. to 3 a.m. daily. There will be two volunteers manning the phones for two hour shifts. The office is located in Monroe Hall, room 108 and the number is 359-7979. Anyone interested in volun- teering for the project, please contact: Mrs. Hall, Room 208, Martin Hall, 359-2366. Your Nest Egg Can Keep GraY,g! METROPOLITAN PAYS UP TO 7% INTEREST ON YOUR MONEY INTEREST STARTS IMMEDIATELY Draw aN Income or lot it compound. METROPOLITAN MORTGAGE & SECURITIES4O., INC. W. 9lF Spranvo, Spekana, Wash. 99204 Our 19th Ycdr ot Faithtul Pcrlormance! Cprp Phone Spokane TE 8-3tlt Allen E. Ogdon 1. I favor it--but not as it is presently structured here in Cheney. (See 3 and 4 for further explanation. ) 2. We should be "opportunists" by taking advantage of all the positive features of Spokane County government--but not to the point that the tail is wagging the dog. Our first concern is what is best for Cheney. 3. I have no personal axe to grind or "movement" to promote. I do feel that we must take an honest look as to where we are. It would appear to me that our present city government structure is operating as if we were still a small village. We are most fortunate to have a few dedicated people willing perform a "labor of love," but this may not always be true. I think the time has come when we must closely examine the advantages .of the office of the Mayor becoming a full-time, salaried position. Such a move should create a more efficient operation which, in turn, would provide the additional cost of the position being full-time. Chancy is and will continue to be in the midst of growing pains. Our city govern- ment needs to keep in step. 4. Under our present system, the Mayor wears all hats. This is too much to ask of any one person. A Councilman should have administrative power (while at the same time repor- ting directly to the Mayor) over the department under his committee.  .......... 5. As it presently stands, all a Councilman can do is advise. The Cheney citizenry can complain, but the only power the Coun- cilman has is through coercion. By having some administrative power, he rightfully would and should have to answer to his constituency. Under the present structure, any ideas, thoughts, or action he may wish to endorse can be totally ignored. 6. At the August 24 meeting, City Council took positive action to eliminate the problem. I certainly endorse the steps that were taken. tube Job with Oil & Filter Chanee Free Pick-up & Delivery Service Also you set a 25 minuteman ser- vice ooint check over. This offer eood thru September. SHELL SHELL SERVICE in Downtown Cheney 7. I'm not as familiar as I will be (I do expect to become quite diligent with my "homework") with the many facets of the in- dividual departments. I do know, however, that some are more efficient and/or effective than others. If elected, I would strive to maintain the high quality where it presently exists, while at the same time move as quickly as possible to initiate positive programs when and where they are needed. No program is so superb that it cannot be im- proved. No program is so superb that it cannot be improved. 8. Increased community pride which can in part be created by breaking down the mythical barriers existing between "town and gown." actions and police at all times. When we seek personel from outside, no matter how well qualified, we automatically inherit the past policies and problems of other cities. I favor promotion of acting chief Wayne Fifield to permanent chief. The grass isn't really greener on the other side of the fence! 7. We have the neatest parks and the finest electrical system of any city our size in the nor- thwest. 8. Low cost public tran- sportation between Chancy and Sppkane for the elderly citizens of our town. I believe a bus route much like the college's "Magic Bus" would be a real boon for folks who don't drive, especially in the winter. Donald K. Egbers 1. The mayor-council form meets the needs of our city at this time. I support this form. 2. In areas of fire protection and police emergency back-up, our county personnel, are a must. However, before the direction or city police is altered or com- mitment or city action on the eountys behalf, I believe the city attorney should be present at all meetings and any city-county action should be brought to the attention of the voters before being inacted. 3. Keep the lines of com- munication open and unbiased between the mayor and the citizens of our town. 4. Advise only. We pay our police ehiei-to adrinistet his department. A councilman should work to improve the conditions of the department whom he represents not try to run the department. 5. Three-fold. 1st represent the ideas and needs of the people who live in Chancy. 2nd work to im- prove the department he represents as a committeeman. 3rd strive for open com- munication between the mayor and the citizens of Chancy. 6. Retain a man from our own community. Our police chief must have the best interest of this community formost in his APOLOGIES Our apologies to Douglas McKee. He submitted a resume instead of a questionnaire then later, answers to the questionnaire. Both ran and in the resume was a statement about no questionnaire being filed. This should have been deleted as the answers below his picture were those he sup- plied. The following Hot Lunch Menu will be served in schools of Chancy School District 360 during the week of Sept. 20-24. Monday--Italian spaghetti, crisp tossed salad, French bread / garlic butter and pineapple up-side down cake with whip topping. Tuesday--Cowboy macaroni, seasoned spinach, hot buttered roll and rosy applesauce. Wednesday--Hamburger on buttered bun with lettuce, dill pickle tomato relish, oven French fries and red gelatin with fruit. Thursday--Meat balls and rice, buttered green beans, carrot stix crunch, prune bread and seedless grapes. Friday--Oven fish sticks with tartar sauce, parsley creamed potatoes, crisp pepper strip, whole wheat roll and peach cobbler. 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