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September 17, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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September 17, 1965

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i) Page 8 Chancy Free Press Friday, September 17, 1965 "Gleanings by Gail" iCheney Blackhawks Win First 1965 Season Game PLENTY OF PARKING is the mother of Mrs. Kenneth Dolan. During Mrs. Jeffer's OPEN 9 TO 9 week stay she enjoyed a tour ---- l of the beauties of the resort [city of Coeur d Mene, Idaho. As I sca the ,news today I agora Falls, the group will By Gary Thurow see that a groat number of travel on to Montreal, Qua- The CHS Backhawks eleven Chancy residents are eher bec, Canda',s largest metrop- started their seaso,n with a 14 takg trips or vacations. But o,lis and secol largest French to 0 win over the Cougars of students mxst ,no hit the speaking city in the world. Quincy: [ sheol books g,ain getting Ms. Jerue says that She will Chancy had good blockig[[ ready for ,a whale new year. espeaiy enjoy the tire days ahead. I am .sure that they are they will spem,d .in New York T, he Doh, ns and their smal,1 I wishil!g, as I am, t'ha their City as this will be her first d'u,ghter ,are flew riving a_, [ vacation days were still trip to our most speetacuh,r Dr. and Mrs. Iarryl ,Hagie s l strehirg ahead of them. But American city. home during I)r. Hagie s leave ! it's fun to deam about far "The Red Coats Are Gem- frem EWSC. Mr. Dolan is the; away paces, and to f,low our ing" . . . famous wos s0- assistant registrar at EWSC. Chermy friends on their trav- ken by Paul Revere. I am sre els. tlat you can guess the next FORMER TRAVELING stop. Of course, it is Lexing. COMPANIONS ARE EXCITING DAYS AHEAD tom The trip will erd with a SIGHT-SEEING AGAIN FOR MRS. D. G. JERUE  tour back tAr(ruth the north- There is so much that is tm- Sghtseeing ad actining western paxt (ff the United usual, beauRfut, and interest- with the New E:nglland Holiday States. ing to rsee in our own part of tmr pa will be Mrs. D.G. the Urited States, and Mrs. Jerue. Th.e tur begints in ALONNA CHATBURN Edwin Dummeier ad her Prtland, passes throu,gh Spa- GETS EXCITING GIFT :house guest, Mrs. Amanda kane, the Idaho's Pa,nhandle, Vacation,s and fun were be- and then on to Lethlridge, ling enjoyed up to the very xwaxdWells toGren"travelingaXe alkigbit in thistar" i Alberta. Once in Canada they l.s. minute before the school section of the couatry.. tavel through Regina, ]bell rang. Families were trav- Mrs. Green ,arived here kalewan which is the]cling together, lcking their fom Red tteok, N. Y. to re- "bread bs Let" of Cans,do. The days with fun. Dr. and Mrs. ew her frien'ds:p with Mrs. trip will inclu4e a visit to Win- Joe Chtbm-n and (hughters, Dtmmeier. During Mrs. Dum- "ndveg, the capitol of Manitoba, Patty sad Alonzo, leCt Aug. meiex's trip to Morocco hst which is Canada's ouh larg- 28 ,ad traveled to Boise, Ida- year she and Mrs. Green met est city. Ttmn they will go on ho to visit Dr. ChatbtLvn's bro- on the ner, Ianse.atic, arid, to a tour ,of parts of OnCario. tlmrs, Dr. arid Mrs. Alec hat- enjoed each other so much' PAter seeing the be,a,utif'l Ni- burn, .aTd Mr. and rs. Dean that he are now taking a trip Chatburn and their families, w leh will start i'n, bea0000ul Ne w Frosh Coch Mr. and Mrs. David Imais Gheier Natil Park, ca- (Peggy Clmtburn)joined them tirme n to Calary, Edm- in Bo',se. ton, Viotoria, Vancouver and F00ces Ih' Th Their next stop was prob-oher parts of Canada. The.yl Ir - ree ably one of the mst exert:rag plan on toriag Cal,ornia, but it[ poirtSmust of havethe trip.bee,n "'orat Aon-least inhaVemird.rm particulm" destinatioa Football _._Prosneds na. Because this is where she received as a gift from her CHENEY GIRL TO BE ule a veal live Appaloosa! TRANSFERRED .horse. The fan atzded Miss Linta Pau,,son. dough- the wed,cling reception of Mr. tar of Mr. and Mrs. John Paul- arid Mrs. Phil,lip V:ance at ,son, who has been serving as Grardview, Idaho, i_ited in an entertainment director B'n,hl With Mrs. Cltbrn's the past year in Harrau, Ger- 20 Years Ago brother, Mr. J'olm Hepwortih, m ,ay, will soon .be transferred Martha chapter, OES, open- where they enjoyed water to a new post which is. located ed the fall season with a pot- skiintg, at Fl, ugeharst, Germany. Lt. l'uvk dinner Monday eyeing Robevt Stevens, :sn of Mr. and in the M'asomc The AROUND THE WORLD IN M2rs. talah Stevens is also sta- regu bushess meeting fol- MORE THAN 80 DAYS ti.ned in Germany. As Lt. 1,owed, with Grraee Philleo, It's marvels)us to retire the Stevens ,and Miss Pauls,on have matron, and Mflo Ball, patron, pt eight months with Mrs. not been sttion,ed too ar residing. W.W. Piorson, for she no frown each oher, they ,have had Mr. and Mrs. Al:fred Philips o'nly ro,unded the globe, but several opportunities to visit, ttended the wedding Sunday she met many fowner Chantey to tal'k over sc,laol days, and of Miss Nancy Wagner of Mar- residents in her travel, to shre news of h0ne. to Lore Bodeau at Wilbur. Mrs. Pierson left our part A no-host farewe:ll picnic of the eou.n:try on a wintery GOOD FRIENDS WILL was given at WiE]am,s lve air day , January 14, 1965 and MEET IN ATHENS, GREECE the ,summer cottage of Mr. and traveled to the sunny e :,liates Old frie'nd  son have Mrs. Lyman Johnson, lmnor- of Iawaii, Tahi'ti, Born Bars, the joy ,of being together, as ing Mrs. Clinon C. (Mfldd) ,and gi. Later, she and her l the Dresslers wifl be meeting lc:netl. Present were Mr. traveling com.ion, Mrs. A. the Mark :Katclfes in Athens:, and Mrs. Johnson, Mr. azd D. Crane of Spokane, v'ted Gxeece the 15th of October. Mr& Sam Bxatoa, Mrs. Iva /kuri,adia vrhere they were Mr. ,nd Mrs. ,ltcliffe left for Kerr ,nd dmughters Jerome gttes in Sydvey of Dr. and Europ the last rt of Aug- and Morgan,, Mrs. Dela Mrs. Malcolm Earhm. Many ust, and Mrs. Gwham Dressler Gra, My. and Mrs. C. E. Bow- Ckeney ,residents will re,am- ,nd ,her daughter, Mat, or, Mrs. McConne&l a1%ev bex that .Mrs. Earlam w the have been :in Eupe since the son Keith McCnell. former l!]mey  of is beginrmg of e summer. They Mr. nd M. F. N. Dardels cry. A fbulous trip haft just spent a slmrt time with Mr. .have ammuaced the engage- begun for Mrs. Piern as he and Mrs. Donald King Smith, ment of their @ughter, Sue, moved on to the Great axrier formerly of Chancy, vrho are to Robert L, san of Mr, Reef ,for a five day beat txip. in lnglad with their son, l- Mrs. Crane's pert of the trip li. Tekoa.and Mrs. Wam Law of eaded ,here, but M. Pien lartha Dressler who recent-i W. S.U. Cougars A Mother's Sudy club has canmmd r to Western Aus- 15' gwa&u,ated from the Unicef- been orgamzed by wome af traa, to Tasmania, ,ad after sity of Washgton is attend- the Lutheran church, a peril of time on to To-ing he stmmer school ,session haran, Amkara, Cairo, ad Bei- in Etwope which is sponsored PRICES 20 YEARS AGO rut whore she visRed Miss Sara by the University of WaShing- Wax Paper, 125-ft. rooll ..20 Steenhd, Cermely of our ton, University of Oregon, and Corn Meal, Sperry's Yellow ton. Miss Steesand is rmv Wilamette UniversiW. The 10 pounds ............................ 54c head of the Home Ecormics elasses wexe conducted in Vi- Pancake Flour, Red & White, Dogaxtment at Beirut Coklege enna, SalZburg, mM in Berlin. 4 pounds ............................ 28 .for Wonmn. Miss Mary tobin- Ordy students lm were flu- Large Lettuce, each ........ 12 son, wlm xva formerly con . et  speaking the German "Cantaloupe, Ib ................... . 6 neeted with EWSC, is now l.guage were ,al to par. Apple Juice, qt ................. 22 Dn of Women at the Amer-I ticipate in this sum me= sos- - itan University at Beaut ardJ siGn as all clases were can- Small Lean Rib Cuts Mrs. Pierson visited with .her dueted in German. After sum- P000Ch0p$ Ib,009{ wh00lemBe00uit" mer school she .joined h e:r . Trite ,as it may sound, it is mother ,and her cosin, Na, tTuly a small world vhea yu and  to.ring Burope with: Cut-up, Ready .to. Cook realize t old fMends could them. They are in Oslo; Nov- Slew. Hens ib 2kl .have the jy of way 'at ,he pr,nt time, ,.i]- I  trave,:Ling togee- when they ng it ale delightful, epecial- are s mauy miles from htmae. Y he FairylarM Tour vthch : Mss Agnes oter of Ghne they :have just cmpteted. They Flame Tokay later joined Mrs. Pierson and will reurn .to their 'hme in Jb 10 Miss Steensland for a trip Seattle slmrtl.y before Christ. ..... :-,- -- = throtgh Dama.2us ,and Jerum- mas. Mm, ,and to Petra. Miss Cxml. Extran Fara:y Rod Delidou= tar then journeyed on to Is-i E'riends of Clark Frasier are App00 o" |DIL ,4j rael, and Mrs. Piers won,t to lapy t hear he is, feeling .... , Isrbul and to Athens where mch ,better .ad will be she visi, ted Miss Sola Pmvpue, retracing lmme fvom the Tastawall a former EWSC studert. An!hospitM soon. Mrs. Fmsier Margarine o" Jbs 1"" iatoresting Aegean sea tom, in- :ha been visiting Mr. and Mrs. bone,  njury Which forced cuded ,stops at the isladS of Dik RaGs while Mr. Pa.rsier him *to miss the entire 1964 Crete, Rhodes, P. as, Solos is :hospitalized. They al an-sea, an. Nv, ,as a redshit axtd Mytmis, each delightful joyed din,nor at Mrs. D. G. sOpe, the clever Vlans- Maxwell House, reg. in its own way. Jerues on Manflay evening. ,bu loo better tan ever. Coffe 1 Ib fin 72t Mx. Pieso,n s'pke witch in, The Frasiers, forvner residents A fine a}l-aro,fld aflde in Ir -- teret ,bout lhaving the peas- of Chancy, now make their irish school, Fhtmrg letter- ure of seeing Dean Rusk who .home at Lon lake. ed i.n bath atbll and hasket- Nalley's reg. and hot was reresenting the U. S. at Mrs. William MOhs has aLo i 'here as a freshma,_n but (hill 15 oz 4/$| the eebration of e 10th an-spent time inn Spokane ,t" ,has given up the court sort pital recently. She was admit- r the gridiron. He also ranks t '= "" @ova.nivsry of Au,stria's free- ted on Tuesday of this  )s a tap student, ,1aving wan Nestles', 6 oz. pkgs. In sharp centras to the week far surgery and rettned adictarian lnors at zear- Choc Chips 6/$1 day to Chancy on Saturday morn- ,by Paouse high .hool in 1963, that she let, Mrs. Piers(m int. On her return she spe. and now is majoring in I A,g "" :hnded ,at Spokane's new air- some time as a guest of Mrs. MeChanization at W,ahintn Farmer's Thrift port witlh the warn su hi'nj Ds Core0xan. ae. int. She was met by lVI. Os- ..... Bacon Jb 89[ car E" Johnson and Mrs' Rex ..... = WMker, andwal'atertedat The Bargain Shop a dinner rty at Dr. and Mrs. Johnson's 4mine. Miss Minnie Wittebach aks emtetained for Mrs. Pierson at the Gal- de. Hour restaurant Sn Spo- kane. Appliances and Used Furniture-Antiques MRS. W. R. JEFFERS IS GUEST OF THE K. DOLANS Travelin brings joy, and Open 'ell 9 p. m. Friday Nights visitors in our ,home to. Visiting fr(m Oympia 9 a. m. to 6 p. m. Weekdays was Mrs. W. R. Jeffers who Telephone 235.4744 -- Across from Brown & Halter throughout he game which enabd Tim m Silepad and Jerry. Hudson to lead the Backhawks in yards gained which totaled 128 yards. This compae,s fav0vbly with a loss o,f 20 yards on fumbles due to por timing. The scoring pays which led George Rosenzweig and Tm.m Shepard tO score the goals were call.ed by Tam Oswald, who is the starting qLtarter- back. Timm Shepard kcked both conversions. Dan Solo led the Ckeney de- fense in asssts *arid tackles, which held Quincy scoreless tb_wughant the game. Coach Hatch's feeling on the game results were hat t;he tan had the drive and the vig attitude to win the gae. He .s,vged out Dan Solo 0v mention, w'l9 1,ed the de- fense, arid the b.ackfied c,r tleir efforts. Ooach Hatch said that for such a young team they had the makings of a league-lead- ing team in the future. The Backhawks will meet t, he Day- ton Bul,ldogs on their field Sept 18. Thvty4hree Chancy high sdmol fotball p-ospects turned out Monday afterrmvn r the first trash practice. Dave Dau.ghea-ty, new fres'h- men coach,  ,holding lractice sessions ,daily from 3:5'0 to 6 o ready the young gridmen i the sen's ape,nor Sept. 30 here with Greengages. The 33 on the roster in,cude Gary Ablemn, Carl Bi.eM, Wayne Just, Gary So,oy, Alle,n Torpe, Dick Harris, John Frost, Larry Ericksan, Roger (oodwin, Baon Russell Kim Mortamer, Tim Sim- chuck, Dan Wells, Mike Mil- ler, Ken Walker, Dennis Jones, J,hn Cushman, Mike Pabon, G..ary Larse,n, Jim W,aste. Larry Lolmertz, GhIJs Beck, Mark Layton,, Dennis Walling- ford, John Startle, Everitt H akfied, Ken MeBain, Ran Linay, John I!)arscout, George Guest, ,MAke Meo, Bob Wrthen and Arnold HRlS. The tentative scheded is as ikaws: Sept, 30, Oheney vs. @reeweres, 'here; Oct. 7, Chancy vs. Bodish, here; Oct. 14, Cheney vs. Mead, there; Get. 21, Chancy vs. East: Valley, there; Oct. 23, Chene: vs. Arg0,ne, there .mad Nov. 4, G-'nney vs. Paxk here. All games begin  3:30. The Vashgtn State um- veity Cougars will meet two of the rmtian's finest pass re- ceive in their opening game,s this fa against Iowa nd Min- nesa, but Coach Bert CLark, figures he may be a,ble to eountex with a big ttmat of: his n. Soplomore swing end Dou,g Vlmlsburg is Clark's candidate for Gougax receivirg ,lanors this fall. WSU sidelines al- ready re cam,paring the 6-2, 190,pouader vith the great ugh Campbe,ll, who Iamed enemy secondaries at will here in e 1960-62 seasons aad set a,lil kinds of n.aonal vass re- ceiv'mg records. the Sept. 38 pener gainst Iva, WSU will be up against the ,Iawkeyes' All- A, meiean End cardidate Cap- tain Karl Noon, an, and the fol- lowrg week WSU faces Mii- n.rta and its great receiving end Aran BroWn. Fhsbtmg Was a star of the sIrg practice game ,here in 1964 until he broke .his PULLMAN HERALD (Continued from page 1) s,hops, a purchsg (fficev at an Id,ho institution states that he buys prin,ting on competi- tive bids in p.rivate Idalo shops far les than the same or sim- ilar work is pvofluced b the Washington mo.opoSsti.c state shops. In this cannecti(m we eu.ld strongly urge that a pending ind.eperdent study of state gvernment operations in Washirgton iclude a ok a comparative cos*s of state and privately prctuced print- ing---ard the amount of tax revenue lost to the siam there- by. We make no criticism o,f state officials who obey the letter .of the 'Law in their hand- ling of state business. What we object to is the apparat bias toward state-ism which by clmges in intevpretaion and preced,et in effect changes those laws. As an example, whole cate- gories ,of university cnected printing work were fatherly farmed out on contact to pri- vate sh,ops, .stmh as The Her- aid. The University's stated policy for may years was that n,ly education coy_netted lYrinting paid far by tax funds was produced in the Campus rirtshop. Other categories of prin'm such es those pd for by student funds, advertising or athletic receipts a,d includ- ing alu:mn publications, news- paper, football programs, and maHy ot*hers were bu,ght fon private win*ers. In'cidentally this former p,ol- icy .of petronizrg ,private pri'nsh, ops whe possible also reflecd the overall college policy ,of 20 years ago to avoid doing unnecessary econ- omic injtaT to }oval business- es in Pullman. In the case of printing, at least, this fo'mer ood neigh- bor policy has been largely re- versed until now the WSU printhop can produce ans, of i these cte,gories of p,ri, rting it iwishe:s; .r in the case of the Evergreen, a completely new printing plant cn be set up on the Campus. Non of the Gam- pus p,rinting oerations ave tsed as teaching la'bortories. They are c.(mmcrcia produc- ti,o  facil'ities with no tinge of vocational train, ing purpose. We feel there is an impo,r- tant principle .invol'ved here, quite aside from injury to any specific business enterprise. We feel strongly that officials of gavermnent, whet'her sate r ocal ov institutiorm,1, shuM respect the system of private business tlat spports them. Ad we suggest state pur- chasers v.iohte o ethic if they try ,as diligently to find ways to del with k)cal .busi- nesses as they frequently lo nsses as they ffequely to businesses themselves. n this disctssi,on we do not deprecate nor fail to axci- ate e detailed phmfing and imagilmtion that have gone into buiMing and expanding an ecucat2anal ptznt at WSU. We are criUcM only of the backgund p hflos0phy vchich irsists that the institution pro- vide so muh of service facil- ities for its student' and staff. Expeenc of other iUtu- tions ,has $hown it is to heir advantage that the pdwate see- tot of the .ova,l economy be permitted to serve as fu,]ly as possible. CHENEY SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 360 317 D. STREET Ceney, Washington 99004 CALL FOR BIDS Sealed bids will be received by the undersigned util 1:30 p. m. on the 5th day of October, 1965, t the School Ad- ministration Office, 817 D, Street, Cha- ncy. Washington', for the following items : Ipstallatior of Pump |n well at Four Lakes Elementary School. Further information, including peci- fications and bid forms, if required. may be secured for Mr. Robert L. Woer- net, Landscape Architect. Peyton Bldg., Spokate, Washing'tm Chancy School District No. 360 By :Lowell poore (Sept. 17-24) HARVEY ERICKSON 409 S & E Bldg., Spokane, 1, Wash. NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE Nn. 74033 In the Superior Court of the State of Washington in and for the Ccnty of Spokane. In the Matter of the Estate of ALICE NORDQUIST and ELSIE NORD- QUIST, deceased. State of Washington, Courty of Spo- kane.- ss. Notice is hereby given that Richard G. McBroom, the Administrator of the above estate, has rendered and presented for settlement to, and filed in the Super- ior Court of Spokane Cour*ty, State of Washington his Final Account as such Administrator and a petition for the distribution of said estate, in which the Court is asked to settle said Estate, distribute the property to the heirs or persons entitled to the same, and discharge the .said Administrator, and that Thursday, the 14th day of October. 1965, at the hour of 9:30 o'clock a. m. at the Courtroom our our said Superior Court, in the City of Spokane, in said Spokane Courty, has Lean duly fixed for the hearing and settlement of said Final Account and Petition for Distribution, at which time and place any person in- terested iu said estate may appear and file his exceptions in writing thereto and contest the ame. Dated this 16th day of September, 1965. GaG. E. Fallquist, County Clerk and Clerk of the Superior Court (Sept. 17-Oct. 1) Cheadle, Clanton & Woeppel 750 Lincoln Bldg., Spokane, Wash. NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 79852 In the Superior Court of the State of  Washingtor in and for the County of Spokane. In the Matter of the Estate of KATHERINE BRISCHLE, deceased. Notice is hereby given, that the under- signed has beer* appoir, ted Executcr of the above estate in this Court and has qualified accordingly, and that all per- sors having claims against said deceased : are required to serve claims, duly veri- i fled with necessary vouchers, upon the undersigned at 750 Lirco]n Building, Spokar, e, Washington or upon Cheadle, Clanton & Woeppel the attorneys of rec- ord at their office at 750 Lincolr, Bldg., BOWLING Bowlerette Bill's Jills Kelley's M N M Bargain Shop Git, sou*a Thrlftys Li]'s Curls Hillcrest 5 B's Bill's Jills 2612, 898; 457; Joanna Weigel 178. Koffee Kup Keglen 4 Pied Pipers Pill Rollers $ 4 Questions $ Krazy Kates l Cluster Busters I B-Plus Pied Pipers 2151, 774; 181; Sara Atklnson 508. Fireball Bill Hatch ,J OlS Resort Lutheran Church System Amusemert IOOF Lodge Chancy Implement Co. Bill Iatch 2879, 1062; Ike 211. 588. Henry Mickelson 5 split Ike Ledbetter year's first night total (588). Cheney Automotive Chancy Deprtment Store Al's Chevron Station Brow & Halter Chen, ey Auto Parts : Spokane, Wash,, and file such claim Higgins & Henderson with proof of such service in the office i Sunset View Ranch of the Clerk of the above Court ate Chancy Motors the City of Spokane, Washington, within [ Delendable Motor Freight six monbs after the first publication[ Chancy Dept Store 3096, of this notice, or they will be forever err Anderson 587; George ] barred. Last week Ken Murphy Date of the first publication of this cote eries 13 grimes of notice is 17th day of September, 1965. for a ABC &ward. Harlod A. Brischle Executor of the above estate. Cheadle, Clanton & Woeppel Attorneys 750 Lincoln Bldg., Spokane, Wash. (Sept. 17-Oct. 1) Before we can bring tp#- ness to others, we firs must be ha,pp ourselves; nor will lappinss abide within us un- less we confer t .on others. Chancy Busineum Fdgett Bros. Nabisco Fire Department Chancy Motors Wilson Homes Brown & /Jolter ROTG Western Auto Edgett Bros. 2935, F_lggett son Tomes 1007; R. Nelson kinsot 540. Check the want advs. each 4 $ Serving the Cheney and Medical Lake Area with All Standard 0il Produds SPECIALIZING IN HEATING OI A! Haskins Standard Oil Distributor 235-6378 WIN[ Warm-up jackets! Helmets! Footballs! Gold, silver or bronze trophies! PLUS an all-expense- paid trip to an NFL game with your dad. AND a "Tour of Champions" to Washington, D.C., and to the annual NFL Play-Off Bowl game in Miami, Florida (with both morn and dad). GET FREE! A book of punting, passing, kickin'g tips written by top NFL an attractive PP&K tie-lapel pin. You must be accompanied b; a legal guardian to register.. Registration October 81 HURRY/ BRING YOUR DAD TODAY! GET FULL DETAILS Ratcliffe Ford, Cheney