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September 27, 2012     Cheney Free Press
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September 27, 2012

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Thursday, September 27, 2012 Free Press Page 5 GUEST COMMENTARY row Wil By WILLIAM MURCHISON Columnist Thus far, we know what the Obama ad- ministration ~ won't do in response to the obvious decay of U.S. standing in the Middle East. It won't William stop deplor- Murchison ing the video for which it originally blamed attacks on our diplomatic facili- ties in the region, worsened by the murders of our ambassador to Libya and three other Ameri- cans. It won't schedule a meet- ing this week between Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu and the president, who seems to need more time on the campaign trail. And so on. What the administration will do to make its attitudes and responses feared throughout the region isn't likely to take up much space in public com- munications inasmuch as the administration seems generally bent on the projection of soft- ness - softness of manner and of tongue; softness, if truth be told, of the brain cells. Nobody, I hope, would ar- gue that simple solutions to the Mideast/Muslim conundrum are out-there-to-be-grasped-so- why-don't-we-do-it? The matter is less strategic than, shall we say, visual. Rear views of the American eagle winging its way back to North American nest- ing places -- such views as the world sees almost daily - do not make America's haters wave bye-bye. They give America's haters untold joy and satisfac- tion, and the opportunity to rip off some tail feathers. What else would you expect - if, say, you didn't work for President Obama or Mrs. Clinton, his secretary of whatever it is she thinks advances U. S. interests? About the only good to come of "the hate-America frolics in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere is the recognition that Machiavelli, who appears to have known more about statecraft than Presi- dent Obama has thus far picked up, had something urgent to tell us. Machiavelli memora- bly instructed the world of the Renaissance and all the worlds that followed that a country both loved and feared is best off, buf~ failing that, it's better just to be feared. At least, then, others may leave you alone: the way the hate-America crowd declines to leave America alone. To say that the U.S., prior to ma Obama's advent, was the holy terror of the world would be ludicrous. Post-World War [I America had plenty of moments of sappy benevolence, meant to coax friendship out of foes. Obama didn't invent the delusion that you can woo your enemies with flowers and chocolates; he merely undertook to brandish his nosegays at a moment of great civilizational peril. Had he never heard of Machiavelli, or read about Churchill for that matter (whose bust he hustled out of the White House upon moving in)? One of the many crucial truths about Obama, withheld by the media in 2008, was that he had no experience whatsoever in foreign affairs. He won the No- bel Peace Prize on aspirations, summed up in his June 4, 2009 speech to the Muslim world, wherein he urged a "sustained effort to listen to each other; to learn from each other; to respect one another; and to seek com- mon ground." Yes, common ground - ideal for planting improvised explosive devices. If the U.S. of 2012 was known for insisting on good behavior in areas where American interests are at stake -- Libya and Egypt are among those areas -- would zoMBie ,APoCALYPSe Ambassador Christopher Ste- vens have died? Let it merely be suggested that the likelihood of his death might have been lessened considerably As for Iran - well, what? Might the consequences of not- so-secretly preparing nuclear weapons have been made a bit tougher? We'll never know, though by now we should know one thing: humiliating an ally, Israel, on account of its tendency to follow Machiavelli's advice, signals something other than an intent to crack down on perpetra- tors against American interests. Doubtless we'd all be better off had Woodrow Wilson never launched his project of making the world "safe for democracy." On the other hand, he did launch it, and here we are. What are we going to do now? According to Wilson's present successor, Mr. Obama, we're not likely to do a whole lot apart from furthering Wilson's own specialty - the delivery of speeches. William Murchison, author and commentator, writes from Dallas. To find out more about William Murchi- son, and to see features other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists. visit the Creators Syndicate website at www. Creators.com. Find the 47 percent by checking red states and elderly Republicans By JOE CONASON Columnist While Mitt Romney may well wish he had expressed ~ himself more "elegantly" at the swanky Boca Raton fundraiser where he de- nounced half Joe Conason the voting population as shiftless, govern- ment-entitled moochers, he isn't backing away from those secretly recorded remarks - although what he said was entirely inac- curate, as well as obnoxious. Watching him on video, the Republican nominee sounds not only vulgar and arrogant, but profoundly ignorant about the nation he hopes to govern. "There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what," said the Republican nominee, who proceeded to describe those people. "All right, there are 47 per- cent who are with him, who are dependent upon government ... Those people," he went on, "believe that they are victims ... believe the government has a responsibility to care for them ... believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it." Let's stop right there: What- ever percentage of Americans plan to vote for the presi- dent, there is no plausible evidence that they all think of themselves as entitled to government benefits. Nor is there any evidence that all of Obama's supporters are in fact "dependent on government." And there is plenty of evi- dence that Romney supporters -- Obama supporters and like many Americans who will not vote at all - receive Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, unemployment benefits, housing vouchers, veterans benefits and other forms of federal assistance. The Republican-leaning moochers, as defined by Rom- ney, can easily be found in the red states, which contribute far less in federal taxes than they receive in per capita ben- efits. Alabama, for instance, receives almost $4,000 per capita in federal spending on retirement and disability, while contributing just over $1,000 per capita in federal in- come taxes. Kentucky receives upwards of $7,000 per capita in direct benefits, including retirement, disability, student assistance and unemployment, but contributes slightly less per capita than Alabama in federal income taxes. Roughly the same dispen- sation exists across much of the old Confederacy, where white voters in lower income brackets will faithfully vote for Romney despite his sneers at them. Across the red states, gen- erally from Mississippi, Ar- kansas and South Carolina, to Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri, Oklahoma, the Da- kotas and Alaska, there is a clear pattern. More money flows in from Washington via government spending than goes out to Washington via federal taxes, which belies the incessant whining of their "conservative" elected offi- cials (The difference is made up in revenues from the blue states -- New York, New Jer- sey, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Minnesota, among others - that receive less from Washington than they pay.) "These are people who pay no income tax," Romney told his well-heeled audience in Boca Raton, suggesting that voters who don't pay income taxes comprise the same al- leged 47 percent who will vote in lockstep for the president. Leaving aside the signifi- cant probability that his lis- teners included a few of the thousands of millionaires who paid no income taxes last year, there is no reason to believe that voters who don't pay income taxes are certain to vote Democratic. A substantial number of the people who are too poor to pay income taxes, thanks to tax reforms sup- ported byRonald Reagan, are among the Southern whites inclined to vote for Romney. In 2008, according to the New York Times, 25 percent of vot- ers earning under $15,000 per year and 37 percent of those earning between $15,000 and $30,000 per year voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin. An even more substantial number are older Americans who rely on Social Security benefits, Medicare and Medic- aid, and who have displayed -an increasing tendency to vote Republican in recent elections (until this week, at least). Four years ago, voters over 65 years old supported McCain over Obama by a margin of eight points, and the most recent New York Times survey shows the same group backing Rom- ney this year by a margin of 15 points. Summing up his erroneous assessments, Romney said, "my job is not to worry about those people. I'll never con- vince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives." Perhaps that cold remark falls within the category of opinion rather than fact. But does Romney truly believe that a lifelong worker, an impoverished vet- eran, a struggling student, an elderly widow or any of the millions of Americans in similar straits don't merit the concern of the president of the United States? That ugly sentiment, an insult to every citizen of this country, would be hard to ex- press more "elegantly" with- out the use of a four-letter word. To find out more about Joe Conason, visit the Creators Syn- dicate website at www.creators. com. ACCOUNTANTS JANICE KOPRIVA PENAR, C.P.A. Certified Public Accountant Certified Financial Planner 60 Simpson Parkway Dr., Cheney 235-2518,747-0614 DENTISTS CHENEY DENTAL CARE Dr. Andrew F. Martinssen Family & Cosmetic Dentistry 625 "B" Street. Cheney 235-6137 or 747-6841 KENNETH M. COLLINS, D.D.S. CHRISTOPHER M. COLLINS, D.D.S. 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