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September 28, 1962     Cheney Free Press
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September 28, 1962

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/ Page 8 Cheney Free Press Friday, September 28, 1962 I erie Molten, both ....... Ck|n UAmA.|.,I ] ALLEY ANTICS Fayette Liddell Spokane, GEORGE 11. NETHERCUTT l 726 Hutton Bldg., Spokane, Wulu ,. . . . . . , Jlllp iVi@llJUllg[ I I_,_  . _.. and Mrs. Ardyce Kirk, at the aerv,ces t.onaucrea /BETHEL HONORS  Eli li | .|,I I Cheney LansFiday Night 8 4 l-'.aKe.nY u.e_ar.n, Spokane home; 23 grandchild- NOTICE TO CREDITORS For Joseph Falter, I GUARDIAN ,OON,L _ lueaicale0 In Klle$ ..... " :  I F,nal R,tes Held ren and six great-grandchild- No. 3420 In the Superior Court of the State 0! . **. .. ! Joe s )augmers met Tues- _ 1 Poor. Boys  7 [ Funeral services were held ren Waahington in and for the County of rormer meney,re day evening in the Masonic I s | , Bumg,e . ..... 1/2 YV2 f " Spok*ane. o ] To-.,. , ,.,,, , .... ]A| ';Ull|h| RIl||dln/1 I Choy Lanss 2 ,, 7s I or Fayette V. Lzddell on Wed- Mrs Liddell was a resident VXVIAN;" thezENT,MatterneceasedOf the Estate Falter were held Wednesday ] g,o: ................ the] ..... Adam  Eve ]_er Funeral Home bpoKane, years and had made her home Funer 1 servi fo .T .onh | .tll.  lllal.all tile llW In'l le ||vi tRI|||| Don Nusser, 237, 629; Purvis, 1067, nesda fr a ces r _o__.. uaraian council and for V  3101 _ y om Hazen and Jaeg- of Spokane and Cheney for 48 N oice is hereby given that the under" sign d has been appointed ExeeUtOY v,,t u um granu guarulan, A permanent memorial to ! Comets 6 2 Mrs Lid " . of the above estate in this Court and from the Memorial Chapel of I , [ . dell died last week ith " .......... Mrs Alice Mix of Snnkane one of the nation o ,,r -,,Ao' 4 M's 6 2 .._ o_   a daughter in Spokane has qualified accordingly and that all me aerue funeral tlome nere, " r- . o 1 ut..ov t Sputniks 3 a m poKane. for some ears persons having claims' against sal  Wh ., ur;u;,  .... ,. ,CSl I Charlene Brooks, past queen lbattleshlps--the USS WASH- Amberites 3 6, ] Sur-.; ................ Y ." .... [ deceased , are required to eerve:  .,.. ,,..... ,,.j,,. ,,..,.. . . , , . " ,,,,,,  net sons claCK " . of the bethel re 1 e , Pearl We,sman 185 432' Carl Ferrell , The ttev. llOyd House OiilC- ]ciaima, du|y verified, with neceSr vouchers upon the undersigned at Bel- lated, and burial was in the l absence of the ode d l:::: nNGJOrNc(BB 56eoSdedad i 212 ' 677; Coms,n2;m:mberites 2262: I " L!ddell of Cheney and Robert fated and burial was in Fair- ievue, Washington. or upon George E. Fairview Cemetery, Cheney. I Elaine Our^,. ....... --- -' , ............. Y. ^. Cheney I .... " 7 1 [Llddel.1 of Spokane; five mont Memorial Park, Spokane. Nethercutt, the attorney of record at o Deer,, WaD nab enter- ' tate aplio Ullulng in uiym-  ;,s ;; Ranch uau nters Mr. Falter died in a Spo-[^ ................. :  . , et v *  3 I g , Mrs. Elizabeth Mc- Mr and Mrs Jack Liddell his office at 726 Hutton Building, S pO: kane rest home, where he had lontUe ,mverslty oI wasmng-lpia ....... i A,e,i[.n. L:o!t,n   [ Dowe!l, Fairfield; Mrs. Elaine and two sons of Cheney joined kay. Washington. a,d fne uch cl,, with proof of such service in .he office of the clerk of the above court t been for two years. He was a I Re-ular o ....... t Bear Amlrm u. t:. Town- ! K,l's Waer,   / utterack, Grandview; Mrs. i the S okane relatives for the the City of Spok .... Washington, wth] retired wheat farmer of Che-I . g pemng an re-er, USN, commandant of the! 'red S'iinlev 11 C,,l  Fe,n |Lormri bowers and Mrs Mar-IservicPs. six months after the first publicatioe ney and Spangle. He came to lParmtS_n_ candy time andthe iWhirteent h Naval District, pre- 2; Che,y L:,.-8. 29:2. '| ot this notice, or they will be torever Cheney in 1886 with his par-I cnl,..uance ateswere neia. I sented relics from the Wash-Iw;,o.., ,., .Bn*lerettes , n 1 barred. Date of the first publication of thI# ents, four brothers and two I ._g.x__acteu .as tne msall- ington to Governor Albert D.  i,',i,;n;u: '- i0 "J ] notice is the 14th day of September, 1962. mg omcer, asslstea y vicKi, .... MNM Drive iu [ 4 ! ID&II k J9 ..... ld E. Patton Executor f the sisters. 1 , Roselhm. Included in the .- - .. He is survived by nieces and I.__/e_ndenhl, gu_ e- Sue .Ham, irelic s were the official ship's inst 'is   b ..... estate. " George R. Nethcrcutt, Attorney nonhowe in thi vioinitv Imarbnm; reggy tetz, musician, :onian tho ghin'e boll hin' Smith's' Jewelry 4 8 1 1 I fi l I l ' 726 ilutton Bldg.. Spokane, ash.'i.a---ge, rmany, laml.JenniferJordan ' chaplain,!plaqae, ' --ie---'h%]m.---ihroitlel;L.otU .Motel 1 l' I UIUIUII 3 I ,ep,,-28) for the ceremomes ' l 0 i ] Betty Ric, h.n-d 191 510- M N M 750 ----  -q .,- m   ........ on August 17, 1879, Mr Falter t ....... ...... whee s, t mp ons from the 16 ..... ' ..... -" " ' ' I - CLAVSEN -S, GEILL " , [ fil S. I)ICK ooraan (Mauellne "  .... n 702 Fidelity Bldg.. Spokane came to the United States as ........ i and 5 inch guns various gaug-, s. day m,ed L4,-,,-, f ..... .4 C ..... , ,-. ,- n .eoll .h;lol rpha .wrGlxr a.o ! talr), z0rmer queen ot ne ;o  rnh.r o,.t ht- I Conleys & Russells 3 1 [ I IVI I I VVVI I::LI OM.fl/ [VI/-.'I I Ollllll IlllU, JtllW lO*lllll' Jll IO l&.lll lllfl%lllll&, I;tllot lll['," t . . . vl O ) , b el I . I' tmlds & S .... ys - .  -C'RED1TORS eth , was installed as guard-  , , owned the site where Chets ........... araphs and a history of the Matorsons  re'bards 2 2 t ,,. ',Z502 d f, .... h .....  ..... oNo 12/ lull; oonn Ham, associate, ll.h;.- B.kos - Greenes 1 3 l   .,    In the Superior Court of the State . .=..,.uo= .... o.uo. --.-, ..u_ri__. ..__ ...   . i ueat oxitl.. Ma-cinc Fifield 156 ill ' Wayne ,'i- I  1   -  ll--J I Washington in and ftr the ()unty o* was a member of Spangle i g a u an, 2trs. w. . bez, These relics are being field. 216. 572: 'Mast;r .... 'e mcaarhs. I I[|IU [  11-t IF mol:] / Sok .... ... ,l. o . ... ^  secretary; rs. on amert. !l,oarl ; * .., ite icil 806; Fifield & Smaw ev, 2178 [  " [ in the Matter of tho Est:te e uuN lv. -oo, x" a*u .t ,, -- - Htt,t a** a,, xta jtao atoaw Fir " / CLAI-:A B. SELLERS, deceas.d. re .... eball , t. surer,. Mrs.. Dean Swegle t  the main entrance to the Cap- l) ...... ]able Mot,n" Freiglat g 4 ] m  l ll   [ Notice is hereby gi .... that the un d r:N:VlTg, laNngom a!rector ot music; Mrs. /Ml:)ertlitnl N,,ildina ,,,ha-'- th,v ,-ill Millbrock Trophy 8 4 ! Iil ili !  " I m'l I signed ha8 been appointed ExeCtlto -"-"--- ......................... Me " " .* .**,.'. "" * I,ntheran Churth! 7  ol tile above estate in this Court ' KILLED IN ACCIDENT ndenhaIl, .director . f,beopen for public viewing by Bill ]-latch T,,opby 5 7 / 1 !11 =lllll s&= ha q,mHHed accordin,41y, ln:i ti,at ,. ff.- o,*A Mrc llond Allon eocns; lvirs, j. Asnley, Mrs. :,,ieit-r o- a,,este at he Ca,, ,)'ones' Reso}t 5 7 | UII III Ill per:ons having claims a,Mnst [ were called to Crescent City, ', o=,,e, a.u?,. 2ro,u ;itol. ---l'Ji-ck---W'dgel, 225; Dan Lambert,[ lll | i ll .- t ::, vti!lficl ,.]flrn,ic?.aiYTVOU hers Dez, fllrectors ot nospltallty; 551 - Depend b e 1014 2889 n e nd  . ; . t , / $O Ore., last week by the death of ...... I The Washington was bmlt ' ' Automoliw " I III 1 1 I I Ii I A ..... tpokane V, ashmg ...... uP J their randson, seven-month- Mrs. M=.H. buroec.K ann mrs, :by the Navy Yard, Philadel- Higgins &tlend ...... - - 10 (; I   ' CI ....  & Gemmi/l the attorneys .   ^,a ,-,.d D ....  .....  ...... Nolan brown, philanthropies; 'r D * lraal t,e lit System Amusement 10 6 ] re(ord at their office at 702 Fidsl,  - S H Wise, finance; Mrs Ted .... tcli?fe Fred   Bktg., Spok .... W ...... d file such .ls f .'! , killed in an auto accident. He .......... , . :.Ju:14, 1938. She was launch- , 7 5 { . i  I    with /,roof of sueh .... ic'einheofftce,s : tamoorn, alreetor ot soela,: : ; 4 a e AI's Chevron "';  City of Spokane, Washingtol wltl, n f was the son of Mr and Mrs ............... led June 1, 19 0, and pl c d B n ilo*e, 5  IKlal, Ill__ |Ll  'the clerk of the ab ........ t at,?; :! (I Leslie Yates, the former Phyl- n lty, .rs. r.A. orulu,.para:lln cqomission May 15, :1941. till!el:st Stables 6 .' I "';' II  = m  six months after the first ;mblicS['  pnernana; anti mrs mtre } r Ars etu' ........ 6 ,,, ] III f= hs Allen, who escaped with " Dung World Wa II Wash- on .on 212" C ..... Hu ,hes U I  of thi .... ti ...... they wi l :,e fore ....  e barred. " '-i  . . "   . . , , . Bob., m . . .  : -, cuts and bruises m the acci- Veisman,and Carl Rudolf, fra tmgton: participated in opera- 56; rail ..... t, .107,. 3095 L-1_ "' _ Date of the first publication of n dent. erna re lauons=. *, .: iti0ns in both the Atlantic and College Znr, ,..e.y 9 3 ] ir'K 1U    notice is 28th day of September, 196,. George W. Mccormick Executr'" i! ! ] the above estate. . , Funeral services were held mrs: henry t(nase, rer .rag I, Pacific (in the Atlantic; Wash- :A w R'; Beer 8 4 z | m  1  " Paul A. CI ..... Attorney in Bend, Ore., Sept 21, with .guarala.n, presentea me gura: ington :operated with Units of oa, c .... / ,4.,.,,, ] Clausen & Gemmill I lab s pln to Mrs Joraan /net V,r s Payless 6 I[%, burial there. Surviving be- _ .. . "'.. the British Home Fleet in pr0- ' g, :s . : iltl _- j iii1. / It ]1[ I 702 Fideity Bldg., Spokane I. :..." r th grana guaraian SpoKe on me h 1 in lane Bills Taveln 6 G L sides his parents are a b o - T,' ....... itection of al 'ed sh'pp' g s sey Moto.s 5  ]llCea 9 llea ......... ... 10. I/IC - (Sept. 28-Oct. ]2) : ''' er, Kenneth, at the home. smmems ot me uraer. "between Iceland and Mur- Lg ett "r.s.te, .1" 71/ ] "   -l ..... IJrown  ,'I,01 " /'2  h2 Mrs. Allen remained wRh ,.^ .......  .-u,- mansk, Russia. Wei.-el's Bakery 2 0 /Meaty, Country Style Paulse,PHILH'BIdg..Sspoka,e,BROOKEwa_.. n rv,- o .nL=.= " " i " ash rllie Matte}" 233" Car] Ferrell o80; .l her daughter while Mr. Alle ................ While in the Pac tic, W " c,,, ..... ' |.PARI: RIR Ik sHEraFV'S SAtE ,IINI .k,LLL 3UEJ ........ T _. 1077, 3032.  ................................................ .. 49c State of Wauhin:ton. C,)';n:. of 3 p- returned to Cheney this week. ington was responsible for Ton  Co,,try OES HOLDS INITIATION; MRS. DUMMEIER HONORED Martha Chapter, OES, met Monday evening in the Mason- ic Temple, with Pearl Wets- man, matron, and Dick Rues, patron, in charge A class of candidates were initiated and grand officers and Spokane guests welcomed. Mrs. Binni Dummeier was honored and presented her 50- year certificate and pin from the grand chapter She had kept her membership in the Cheney chapter during these years and held a number of offices Mrs. Dummeier spoke of the experiences and pleas- ures of her membership over the years. Reports were made by com- mittees, and it was announced the next meeting would have I the memorial service for Frankie Wise, and election of a new officer to fill her sta- tion. The quarterly birthdays will be observed afterward at the refreshment periods. RNC CLUB MEETS AT BELSBY HOME Mrs. Osborne Belsby enter- tained the RNC Club at her home Sept, 20. Special guest was Miss Ruth Klumb, county extension agent, who gave in- formation on the care of wood and linoleum floors. Other guests were Mrs. Edwin Dum- meier and Mrs. Esther Davis Tuesday, Oct. 2, at 1 p. m. was set as a work meeting at the ,home of Mrs. J. H. Spuler to make preparations for the county craft day Oct. 22. It was decided to have a display of the salad lesson at the Am- ber Grange booster night, Oct. 19, to fulfill a requirement for the annual county achieve- ment award. Each member was asked to bring an idea for Christmas decorations to the Oct. 18 meeting at Mrs. Kate Ander- son's. Dav/..Traa. Chao & l 01 FideUty Bldg. Saokan, .Wn, . NOTICE TO CREDITOI. No. 73604 In the SuPerior Court nf th State of Washington in ad for the maty of Spokane. In the Matter of the ]tt of OSCAR E. BERGMAN, decead. Notice is hereby given that tha tlttlder. signed has been appointed ExeCnar of th above estate in this Cou has qualified ecordingly, and persons having elalm agains ceased are required to eel duly verified, with nseeery upon the undersigned at 302 Building, Spokane, Wasbir.ton or tlpon Davis, Trezona, Chastek & Lorenz the attorneys of record at their office at 302 Fidelity Building, Spokane, Wash., an file such claim with proof of sueh service iu tbe office of the clerk of the abovt Court at the City of Spokar,.Was- ington, within six months after the first publication of this notice, or they will be forever barred. Date of the first publication of this notice is 28th day of September, 1962. Norman F. Trezma Executor of the above estate. Davis, Trezona, Chastek & I,orenz By Norman . Trezona, Attorneys 302 Fidelity Bldg., Spokane 1, Wash. (Sept. P8-Oet. 12) WM. B. IUNKER 902 Paulsen Bldg., Spokane, Wash. NOTICE TO CREDITOI No. 3298 In the Superior Court of the Stats of Washington in and for the County of Slmkene Ir the Matter of the Estate of IRA Q. HUGHES, deeeaaed. Notice i hereby given that the under- signed bae been appointed Executrix of the above estate in this court and has qualified accordingly, and that all pe n having |alms gsint imid de- tsed, are required to serve lalms, duly verified, with necessary vouchers, upon the undersigned at 905 Paulen Building, Spokane, Washington or por William B. tusker, the attorney of record at his office at 906 Fau/sen BuiM- ing, Spokane, Washington, and file such claim with proof of :;uch servica in the office of the clerk of the above court at the city of Spokane, Wash., withln six months after the first publication of this notice, or they will be forever barred. Date of the first publication of this notice is 28th day of September, 1962 Mary McConahy Executrix eft he above ,state. William B. Iunker, Attorney 905 Paulsen Bldg., Spokane 1, Wash. (Sept. 28-Oct. ]2) A Cheney youth is a mem- putting out of operanon two ber of the Haverford College, Japanese ships, the battleship Pa., football team which opens Kifishima and destroyer Aya- its season this Saturday nami. Both these vessels were against Wagner College of Sta- ten Island. He is Mike Mc- Keehan, performer with the Cheney Blackhawks in his high school days. McKeehan, a freshman, is playing tackle for the Fods 509-12 Radio Cenlral Bldg. AT PUBLIC AUCTION No. 69914 In the Superior Court of he State of Wsshinton in and for the County of Spokane In the Matte,! of the Estate of BESS PLATT, ar Incompetent Notice is hereby iver that in om- pliani!e with the order of court hre- tofcre enterel in (he above cut}tied cause, the guardian of tile Esat-, ,f Bess Plait, an incoml)etent ))erson, will offer for sale at public auction at the South door of the Cbunty Court House, Spokane County, Washington at the bour of 10:00 a m. in the "ure- noon on the 23rd day of October, 1952. the following des,yribl real ostafe: The West One-Half (t/) of Lot 9, Block 10, Harrington's Addition "o HulainsOn, Cotnty of Spokane, State of 3rashiton; that the pro- perty will he sold to the highest bid- der; bat all bidders must he prepared to pay not less tha $50000 in ash; the balance of the purchase rice may be arranged upon suitable terms. Dated at Spokane, September 26. 1962. Harold J. Trieach, Guardian of " s. tte Harold J. Triesch Attorney for Estate 509 Radio Central Building Spokane 4, Washington (Sept. 28-Oct. 12) Bill's Jills 12 2 ; Western Auto 8 4 Lambert's Resort 8 4 Bair's IGA Store : 4 Weigel's Bakery 5 7 Kelly's Tavern 3 9 so badly damaged by Wash- Cheney Lanettes 3 9 /Iosman'3 2 10 ington's guns that they had to Muriel C ..... 182: Savallah Will .... be scuttled. ,c: Bair's GA, 970. 2735. Maggie & Jiggs Washington won battle stars 't'!e .2 ': 7 for operations in the Pacific, plis :n' Mi ..... , 7, . OUI" Aces o ,,  /,, i C,mpmgns at Guadalcanal, [ Misfits 5' Gi Solomon Islands, Gilbert Is- I c', 5 3 , . . ('-=c 1 3 ands, Blsmark Archipelago, Ry, Roo,;, 215'. Carl i.'erre'l. 5S5; Marshall Islands, Marianas, I 7h" 2 M. L 2324. Western Caroline . Islands, !  -- Leyte, Luzon Iwo Jima and by a private contractor at Olinawa ;: . Kearney, N. J. She had been Washington s career' came !in mothballs since- 1947 in the to an end on June 30 of this!New York Group" of the At- year when she was sdrapped l lantic Reserve Fleet. Contest at J osman's If you can find someone who under- sells Mosman's on any item of the same manufacture and quality, yo u can win a 20% discount on any item in our store. Prices must be regular chargeno sales orspecials --and quality and type of items must be identical. IIII I I If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will; and it shall be done unto you. John 15:7 (FOR WITHOUT ME, YOU ARE TRULY NOTHING AND CAN DO NOTHING) ((synopsis of John 15) Copyright 1962 Kenneth Montgomery All Rights Reserved - : .... " 816 E. Walton Ave. , , Spokane, Wash. 2-Ounce Veal Portions CUBED STEAK ............................ 8 for 69c Armour's Star (Ends and Pieces) SLICED BACON .......................... 2 Ibs. 39c Combination Pork Roast and Pork Chops 3V to 4-lb. Loin Roast and 6 Pork Chops FAMILY STYLE ............................... lb. 59c Fresh Dressed, Washington Grown Fryers, whole Ib, 39c Pork Chops lb. 69c Dry Sweet Spanish, Medium Size ONIONS each 1c Snoboy "Baking" Potatoes Crisp, in 1-1b bags IICello Carrots I Red Delicious ]}Apples Fresh Roasted Peanuts ea(h 3c 2 for 19c 21bs 29c .. 3 Ibs. $1 Arden Cottage Cheese pt. 19c Sa];, plain or iodized. 26 oz. 5c p,00l Sugar 'i Oibs.9$c Flour .... 25 Ibs. 1'89 Lane. - ss...,j  :; " By virtue of an Order of Sale isu/: ott of the Hon Superior Court of W --  ;; kan, e County on the 19th ia] of 0 tombr, 1962, by the Clerk thereOf,_.. lhe case of Metropolitan i i/e lnSf  ante' Compans,, a corl)orat; ".,,. plaint!y ,! Ik= versus Milton R. Woodall ant DorO f, U G. Woodall busbaud and wife, anClark  e, [ward Sparks and Jane Doe P "o m" le; 'ovv nbe '. 1.962 at Souti (',,u ia l/ Doc ' Slokane, in Spokane C.untY, lt the 'tate of Washington, all the rtg  to title and rottest of he above ae- . defendants in and to the folking  I[ ( scribed rcai property, to-wit: o 01d " " The outh 7 feet of )t - ll the Nm'th 46 feet of Lot 3, .BlOCks# Speck's Addition accordh:z OplPt, 12, recorded in Volume 2 ')f page 28, in the City Of Spokane, S' [' I kane Cmntv. Vvashin, ztoz Co :, :bi[ a judgment in favor of Metropoliten Insarance C'Onll)any q  orporati0l a0 against Milton R. "2oo(tall and ]:l'W  thy G. Woodall husband and  ri -I! I mountn, to Si Thou.d ine ,,) | red S ..... t ..... d 04,,'100 ($6,9 '.t. Dollars with interest at 6 per cent ! annum from September 19 1962 $450.00 attorney's fees and '$26.00 l l S| $290 cos and ioreased eosts. '* ffi S st on'tttorr#ey'a fees and coStS att:l: per a ..... from September 19, 19'--., sale. Given under my hand, this 19th  | of September, 1962. ' William J. Reilly, Sheriff , ir By Evelyn Rooks Deputy AttOI#f : 8] hilip S Brooke laintiff's - !  (Sept. 28-Oct. 1,,) n, ci CLARENCE M. GEORGE  : 401 Columbia Bldg., Spokan NOTICE TO CREDITOES No. 73403 ,. i ]: In the Superior Court of the .ff : of Washington, in and for the bu of Spokane. j In the Matter of the Estst 0 FRANCES MILLER, deceased.  ! " Notice is hereby given that the signed has been appointed  1 |! O1 of the above estate in this co has qualified a .... dingly. a jld  person having claims agalns ceased are required to serve verified, with necessary vouchers, ,ail ! S( the ndersigned at 401 Columbia ll' | S| rag, Spokane, Washington or upOef ence M. George, the attorney tl " ord at his office at 401 Columbia '.L| Spokane. Wash., and file such claiO.'" i a; proof of such service in the off $( the clerk of the above court at the Spokane, Wash., within six montl !, # j the first publieation of this otl ' they will be forever barred. .itl Date of the first publication '. | notice is 28th day of September, 1 Edgar Miller Executor of the ! estate | 401 Columbia ldg, Spokane, Carence M. George Attorney Wtl (Sept. 28-Oct. 12)  { 1 q Tastewell WILLIAM C. hARRISON  it PEARS 29 oz. 4 for $1., Spok,..  Ea.t.[ .................................. NOTICE TO CREDITOR i' !;,, ." No. 3447 "0![  "l Tastewell Frozen In the Superior COurt of the St$   ! Washington ia and for the Go t Spokane. ORANGE JUICE .................. 12 oz. 3 For $] in e Mator a "o Es" q[ "' ..... RUTH SELMA RIDDLE deeeaSecLl'l t " I I I/gent :> Notice is hereby given' that the .I11  I II LIQUID WISK Vz gal. $1.09 n ve:Jd,,2 , " ........................ qualified accordingly and tB ,a [ in | persons having claims against : .......... ceased are required to serve ']': T &//99 qF$Ftlql w duly berified with reessary voUC a _. Jl_l_ LBI|IKE| .............. : ............ C on Agnes R. Wayerski at S. 1518  I1 " " Street Spokane, Washington or h' |- . n "]' ' " IP DOG FOOD .._: .................... 16 oz. 13 for $1 and file such' elaim with prOOf; I' ! I service in the office o t. i; Assorted Flavors I Ckat,  ::bl.Vo, ati ;[ . IIClI I * __ [ f . O]}__ I months after the first publica I; J dlr--L'L' ................................ q U/-.  |111" LlK;Itbisnotice, or they will be foreve r |! r I Date of the first publication f. I ' Centennial. Great Northern, Red or Navy |notice is 28Lh day of September, ,/ n xgnes 1. wayerski Admin". | BEANS ................................ 2 Ibs. 3 for $1 Rippon Good, "Delicious" Assorted Flavors COOKIES ............................ 2 Ibs. 2 for 89c Hunt's Whole NEW POTATOES ................... 15. oz. 10c Treasure Gold, Whole unpeeled APRICOTS ........................... 29 oz. S for $| GIBSON'S Thrift Store PLENTY OF FREE PARKING OPEN 9 TO 9 II I I II IIIII I of the above estate. Attorne William C. Harrison /s/ 0 s  E Bld., Spokane l. WsS" (Sept. 28-Oct. 12) WlVl. B. IUNKER . #, 905 Paulsen Bldg., Spokane, NOTICE TO CREDITORS , , No. '/3472 .. In the Superior Court of the St # Washington in and for the Cotl L Spokane. O r In the Matter of the EstS HILMA W. BYLUND deceased. d I" Notice is hereby given that the uf i signed bus been appointed F'# of the above estate in' this Courr # has qualified acoordrly, _, that all person having c* . against said deceased are i{'L - quired to serve claims, duly vet i with necessary vouchers upon,,djal undersigned at 905 Paulsen BatLli Spokane, Washington or upon )Vii  St B. Iunker fbe attorney of reC,dt his office at 905 Paulser BuB# Spokane, Washington and file j- clahn with Oroof of ,ucb serViha# the office of the Clerk of the  Court at the City of Spokane, w s ton. within s/x months after the ill ublication nf th s notice or they ,. be forever barred, tw Date of the first publication of, notlce is 28th day of Sentember. 1 Elsie R. Dick Executrix of the a estate; William B. Iuner Attorney 905 Paulser* Bldg Spokane 1, 1 (Selt. 28-0ct. 12) '-