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October 8, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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October 8, 1965

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,e 69, Number 18 THE WEEKLY NEWSPAPER SERVING SOUTHWEST SPOKANE Cheney, Washington, day, October 8, 1965 City Council stating the  seeific re`asons fv this . The letter is .n. this . issue on the editorial e reasons are: 1. The te along the oh city lim- )uld open up a street woud provide east- t access adjacent to the h sch,091. route al, ong the north Kauts would provide sep- between elementary atterdance :areas in the rasher tlan divide an, &apos; route along the rorth its vould allow the !i!. to u the route for  buses. ol Board Sugges!s Access Route Be Usable by Dtstnd Buses L reeommendati, on that the route of the prolased Basern lgtn StaSe OoHege access road be ph,ced in the county ia(ljacent to the north city limi line of Ohene$ was made board of dctors of the Cheney School distric Se. 22. Board directed Supt ................. J. giggs to write to sentives of Bastern Wash- ingtn State CoNege, down Betz road with a hook curve near it meets Kig,hwuy I0 woudd not permit its tse by buses. Other business passed by the board was opening the po- sition of viceprincilal for the new Cheney High Sel(ol as a full time job to in'chide duties o athletic arid activity direct- or. Pans for the roter bus as outlined by Jack Phi,lieD, vice- principal, wexe a, ppvoved. The plan is programming it the hih scheol s- dent body as a school activity so the bus can be used for all atlfietie activities. A release of attendance for proposed route, pprov- this .year only was granted the ncil and veore- c h"dren ,of Robert Tevrel, who pi'eseatly live i,n the Romlia ............. ditrk, t but will move soon to 00ike's e a ,house ,i'n the Cheney district for teaching. CV[ a the junction of Wells and ='7 =- Squaw Creek roads. This smal fli'_ll ?!ill__ ItF ----A- se'ctin is not presently served rEll |1|1, |UI11E:l by the Cheney bus but could  . . be easily served by Rosalia be- [ a.|**||AJ -|a  cause their bus goes by the VIilUIII|a|IuI| : -- The Disict's it`ability insur-I| (||trace ,ala e's Cycle hs been, ance bid was let o Ivan Cem-t t,t u,t tt| | l the official dealevsp men's of Wilson Insu,rance I The So.nthwa_t .- .... c.u ff 0VMa, the popur two Agency, low bidder of four,,an d Wate:-s.n c ".:" Cycle. compaies Cemens represent- ,.;.. ,o,,, ,;7_::L,'_"Z:: "- bJ AL.L Yatl tl1 , . g macmnery   Cycle, the newest ed Great American Insurance demonsrq,,, ho *- ...... | ly owned arid opevated lCo ,,orted a ......... , v .... le ttondia dealer m the[ The restgnatmns o,f MLss "e .......... -^ ...... u zatu zv/t't(ul'y, me,nmer 6t Empire, announced ]Togheha LormskJ and Mss the local dir  q,, arts, sae,s md sea-ices I Agnes: Lorinski, for re,a,sns demotnti"7  ,' '' 0 avaihble at them Che-lef health and personal respon- week on ............ t ' . ; .. ue derom ezz I,am P ocated at the Phil- sbflity, were accepted. The ,,re ................ seq'%lce sa]:lon, vacancies were l'l,lA(1 Dy MISS hey mede,s are on " display Geneva C. Foss at Windsor and Mrs. Art HMvevsn, presi- g the CB 450 which is Mrs . Orene I{arder, gh: dent of the strielr Laes for dem,antration, sch'ol. Anth*ony Reed was em- Auxiliary, sated over 240 pee. e said, "The mounting pleyed for one-ha time art,pl e wee served at the votm m for the Voular p asion. Richard Tt-osnpson lunchen. Over 275 itted was  bus driver. I cymes w'as respon- 'hred .as i opening  full line armers r ranel flnnn rp in Cheney. [ki Crusade Continues !You eontributexl your are to ghe United Cru- f n, there is  time. Ohres Hedtke, rest- ,chairman, reported al- 00 has been turned in, ,ateer groups coveing veskiental area. Cmn- grups were mem, be c Circle from the. Unit- of Chri and Svs Bids are to be let a the Oct. 6 meeting for intatSa{i'oo, of a pmnp at Four Lakes , and the work shou, M be com- pleted by Nov. 1. I was also moved to spend up to $2,000 from the build- ing fund to purchase high shol bary books:. Last Riles Saturday For Mrs. Flikke Nirs. Alma H. Flikke, 71, mhex ,of Lee Fikke, died Wedxwsday, Oct. 6 She had campletim and Imuild avaible dau.,gkters, Mrs. Melha Valley and Mrs. Aleda Ladig, Spo- Ilage; four sisters, a brother and five rande ,h. dren. Funeral services will be at 1 p. m. Saturday at Thrill Valley Funeral Home. BuriM will be at Forest Cemetery, Ooeur d'Alene. LARGE CELEBRATION FOR G. O. P. MEMBERS .higgest sta%ewi birth- day cele*hration in P,ebcan history is, beirg planmd for Oct. 16 when G. O. P. mem- bers will gather in Olympia to hnr Gov. Dan Evans and former President I)wiht D. Eiehewer, acceding to Brn Lewis., chairman ef the "Dan and Ike" bihday party. "We will be honoring two grea Republin leaders," Lewi said, "when we cele- brate Governor Evans' 40Yn ni Cne,rM Eisenhower's 75th brhdays," COUNXV SOMETHING NEW--The group is interested ,treted et the Jerold Ben farm l'ast Wednes- in the latest farm tillage machinery demon- day. NO SCHOOL OCT. 15 ]1966Ci.x Budget Shows All schools i. Ch-.ey ... School District No. 360 will be closed on Friday, Oct. 15. c.n .,, Decrease of $13 747 relax while their teachers 9 attend various meetings set up to help them learn about A fin!al 1966 city budget of 15 mi on ma, assessed vale- new trends and techniques $911,261 was adopted by the ation of $2,892,456 for the cur- s ur r o undi, rg c'es a,ere in tendanv.e  bUt the day. Mlajor interest was cemered aound the new imr-wheel drive tractors, an inowado to farming in the llase. Other demomttio Mgh- ,1.ghts were Chiseles, plows, sweeps and sub-si]es. Verle Kaiser, Weern States a.grormmist, Soft Consevvactin Service, preseed a slide talk as featured speaker duxing the noon luncheon. Kaiser em- phasized the importance of kind, and am, ottn of tillage in relation to the cpp:mg sys- tem. "Wheal panning a um- mar fallow operation," Kaiser stated, "the tse of fall tiage prior to the stmmev flow year can be expensive in terms of bth dlhs amd sil es." He continued with u trations showing the ad,ditian- ,M amounts of soil moisture cairned by leaving stulhle stand over winter or fall ehis- ein,g, in comparison to oh types .of fi'il', hvluding oh powin,g. Keith WBace, county ex- tenon agent, in weed control announced that a sleon weed control program is sloop, i irg up fast. Do Moos, State j of agmAture, h] taken leadership in the aMca-i tin, of $10,000 to help i U-I nnv'mg the control pan, am! Speka,ne CounCy. Walaoe stated, "Farm, s havirg ious infestation of s:keleto weed can receive  in its con{rol." T proga g- up date will be released son. Claxence Kelley, local SCS teehc&an, (fivecl le noon program as master of Cere- monies. Lions Club Members Attend Zone Meet The Lion's ub Mthday calen6ar sam will have Earl Moos arid Dr. M. F. Mil- ler heading the even{. Harvey Ashburn, lress ch'a.rman, said the kick-off wil get underway .soon. He a'so pond out that all those wlo purchased birthday caen- 4,s had a have in the new ha'l.1 park sponsored by the Lins. President Ed Doten, Ash- burn and Bob Tubb a,ttended a Lions zone meeting at Nel- son, B. C. Sept. 25. NEW SUBSCRIBERS rent expense fund. The budget breakdown: Current Expense Curren exp und, esti- hinted revemes $134,180. ,Esti- mated expendittms, clerk's department, $4,160; treasurer's deperhnent, $2,130; attorney's depavtmemt, $4,125; engineer's department, $465; genemd gov- exnment, $5'5,985; police de- paetment, $36,860; tire dpart- t, $18,380; poa'ks and play- grouad $30,960 and health and n*ation, $915 Light Department LigM department, estimated revermes $422,000; es,timted expenditures $422,000. Waterewev departmen ex- pected revenues $228,425; esti- mated expenditures, $228,425. Street depe,rtment, timat. ed revenues $60,200; timat- ed expenflittres $60,200. Arterial  met estirrmted revenes $36,456; estimated exetwes $36,- 456, , .... ,-  .... ........... : Garbage division, estimated revemaes $30,000; estimated expenditures $30,000. Seen 'n Heard Single Copy 10 Cents EWSC Begins 755 Year Odober 13; Autograph Party For Miss Dryden Eastern Washngtart Skate Coh%-re  'begin the observ- anve ,of ts 75th ,annive.rsary year with ,a series o slcial events Wedimsay (Oct. 13.) It was on October 13, 1890, tat Ceney Normal Sohoo opened as a state sClmo for tan,g evs, with an en-" roRment of 16 and fur s. On tle 75th anMversary day, EWSC wifl hve move Ean 3,600 studea,ts and a faculty Openin e'ent will he the first shwg of a haifdleur col, or film on the cgl*ege, pro- duced espeeial'ly for the 75th anniversary. Titled "Wgs of Truth." the film will be hown Ba mana Ed Betz a. serving  wl be o dis- cotmt on a Oardian penwy ... Fak lVlkms shopping around for 12 to 15 sacks of b chips to use for fire, etc., on elk .hunti trip . . . Orval fkIdmm mad G. T. 00the wether recen, tty. . . 1edgr Ztmmer- .ma ,shving fis stock cr to the Free Pre. editor, whe can't recommend R for winter dvin'g (aI beat up and no windows) . . . Barney admitting he takes a  on his day off... To tlmse find. ing it difieut to rech the Hossom tally by phone, be{r tow mnbr is 2354001 Linda Reltmeier knew thece wu be a change in the wea- thev Wher her corns i. Rose to th. Cing foe bnmg  iten in i Mn, day and Tueedy mming ely . . . Dog owaer ave lekin f0vvan to Oct. 15 hen R is ,time to tie  dog loose . . . Is myane kingl to seYdag cck ack ,a ltw  Oct. 1 . . . A thought for e week--"When God writes 'ty" o the door, He writes "respmmi- bility" on the other side." hurly in Showaiter Auditor- ium heginnirg at 7:45 a. m. S ,h o w i n g s will c'ntinue ttvough 9:45, wheql hey will be h,ated for a special pao- gva,m starting et 10:40, the will resume again ,at 12:45 and eontin,ue unil 3:45 p. m. The dy  ato feature a "autograph-pwty" far Mi Cecil Dryden, IWSC associate profemov emeritus of histy, whea  wi}l autg-raph cp- ies f her book, "Light fr an Empire," a  of the cap lege "ritten ealsr for the 755h ,aniversa. Miss Dryden, for Whom the new Cecil DrMen Ha, a re,- de, ice for 246 wome which opened last moth, was vmmed, is also the u* 'hr off several Miss Warenskjold To Open Artist Series October 13 First attra:tin qf the EWSC 75th Annivexary Artist Ser- ies for 1965-66 wilt be present- ed Wednesday (Oct. ]3') eve- ning at 8:15 in Showalter.Au- torium on the EWSC cnlyaS in Oheey. I)athy Wanskjkl, sopra- no, "h has appeared in the DOROTHY WARENSKJOLD Iad Empire many 'thnes, al- ways to critical acclaim, will peent the opening program. Eadh season, Miss Waxens- kjold is in demand for star- ri,g roles with such eeding opera campanies as tlmse of Chicago, Ciaeimtati. WMg- ton, Sen Annlio, New Or- lear, San Francisco Con , Pittaburgh and Seattle. City Council Monday fllow- }ng a pubic heang at noon at the City Hall. The new budget re oresents a decrease of $13,747 from the 1965 budget. Although most of the depavtmen re- quired added mney for 1966 operations, the decrease was in the street deptment esti- mted expenditures which are M,ot $20,000 less t,n last year s estimate of $$2,795. The tax lerVy .  t Bid To Be Called The Cheney Sc Board has see Jan. 18 as he day for opening bids on the new mil- lion dollar Cheney high school. Phns and speoica- tiou will be a'ble to po- tential bidders jme in ken for the  btfiklig as soon as the weather permits in the sping mad the tie. table calls for the main troUbl- ing of the fotw-buiM,in com. plex to be ready far ocuia- vy in time for choel to start in SepOmber, 1966. Oriiml pannig on the g provided for it to be eDuCated in the fall of 1967. Presre on tle dirict's sch(x)ls cad by increasing rmmers of students poted the sctmal ,board to pee4 p the lxject so that the }mild- ing vottld be used a .year er- lir. Supt. W Kiggs skated ,tlt the iard has several reasans ov setting a January bid date: Historically, bid given in md-wnter are geevMly bet- ter bids than the contractors submit during busier seons of the year. Commin is keener in bids ik new wrk. llig for bids early allows time for contractors to pve- pore their shop drawings and ocder ma1 beo the con- stuvton sean . There is a defimte financial advantage to the taxpayers in a Jamm bid. The reasons f this are camlalex, but they ae rob.ted to state maWhing ftm which the distri will rec've for te ction of the building. ans d l)eifications fr the buildhtg ave nearly cam- plate. iag aee by the school board tlmy will go to the State Superinend- em of PuMie Instaeti(m's of- five in Olympia for de,led study by members of his staff, ve0eserttives .of the S%ate Heath Deptment ad the of. rice of the State Fire Moshat. Final state approval o the lans is expected to take three ,weeks to a month. Folofig"' receipt of the bkis in January, the bids will be aalyzed locally by the sc, ho,1 lxmrd amt thegn sent to the Sate Su,perintendent's of- flee wih the board's com- meaation. ntatives of the Sch,oo,1 Dudin,g Division will then emine all Mds for any irregularities. After agree- ment on the best bid, the con- tract can be let. PASS, PUNT & KICK The Punt, Pass and Kick ROTC 00lains ... Wlmever  three very yon.,g ttes at the Mcrsh[l_!_ dump, is n(t (mAy a crue pex-I JUUJl Eastern Staff son bat heks undO. I .... The kittens were fvcmd lyl ,wo new  lxtes, Pam and Pat MaeAtee ard tak-Iors ot 'miMtm science, L en to hhe Hmnane Soeie.ty . Aray ealns, have reported ' " for duty to he  Wash- ingtvm State Cellvge Reserve Office Trmirg Cvvp de- tachment. They are Capt. liar T. Gratta an hfan/ affice who has en serviee  an adviser to a Viet N,am btl- ion, and Cpt. Riclta,rd E. Nel- son, sm armor ficer who was a tank corapeny eomrnding offcev in Korea. Both 'are gldutes of Army R(Trc 1rogams, . Gmttan frn the University of Mn- tana, Capt. Nelson from the University of WaShington. Capt. and M. Catk are the pwts of a d,augt 4, nd a 4moth od son. "t'aey }Lye at 122 N. S|xfh. OapL and Mrs. Nelo live aS 208 N. Eight and are parent. f a ear-ofd child. Eastern Enrollment Exceeds Predidi0n Official ad finMa}l quar- ter eent 'at EWSC is 3,658, I)onld G. Manm. EW- SC registrar, amunced. The figure is 481 aboe last year's fall q,artar eallvnent of 3,127, an is te lgest Reservoir Addition Houses Renumbered An Ordhance No. F-53 was laaSsed by le Oheey Oouncfl to renumber homes fm Noah Seco:d siet to Wash. in,ffton Street, New numbers will .be des igrmed to the homes facing streets runrting east and west. Streets in question are Elm, Ash, Cedar, Oak and Oaldund. All houses in this seetkm (Resewoir Additkm) facing nrh ad south will not be Mfeeted by the renubeing. WEATHER Max Min Pre. New Cheney Free PrH competition will I held Sept. 30 ............ {}8 54 .00 nuraber ever  t .-- subscribers Is week are fmturdey (Oct. 9) morning Oct. 1 .............. 71 64 .00 the Crmrmy o)lege, ,ams(m ^ .... '..2 -'  --' - . .......... Bernett Dormer, Box. 164, at 9"30 at Fisher Field All Oct 2 75 61 00 ;aid trt-I:K..7-. stuaent activities a_,ez and Herb Baker, both of boys planning to compete C) 3 ..[[[76 54 00 Wmi, ngton Sate Ceaks -,s year wm oe uan =)enter, vice prestcmnt, :maron Med, a Lake and Leonard t red r . . ...... $... ." . "cl mus be registe et Rat- Oct. 4 ................ 75 60 .00 Bureau predicted n eneall- secretary treasurer, ancl JOrln WaOOlngtofl, presl "" " '  A Ralph, 122 P Ave Co. (AS) liffe Ford by today (Fri- Ck. 5 ................ 65 55 .00 met < 3,600 L EWSC for  APO 09165, New York. day). Good luck Contostant. OCt. 6 ................ 70 48 .00 the tdl quartar. other boeks. They include "Inli`an Oasis," "By Sea on the To,quirt," and '*Mr. Hmat and the FabulOus Phn." She has written a new ,history of Was- ien State whie is expected to be pablished soon,. She will sign copies of her boz in the Stttdem Union. starting at 8:3'0 a. m. The auto- graph party  eoniae un- til 10:30 then will resume at 1 tmtil 4 p. m. The 369-page book is bnd in hard coveys and canmins 24 pge of picture. Dr. Roy E. eo, clir af the Oreg State S) tern of Higher ]!ucai, w be the fe s ha the 10:40 txrogvam in Sl- ter Auditoam. In addition, a new ,ahna ma- er Ibr IiWSC w be leseted by its emaposev, Dr. C, em,ge Lo, Chairman  the EWSC divisert of creetive arts. Dr. LatzenJer i an alumnus of l!stern. The a'lma mater will be sung by "The Collegiavs," a 'tmps" airging voup drected by Dr. Ralph Manzo. Dr. IAeua:ll, a native of .Oregon, began his education in  one4"vom school near Irene, Ore. Ie has degrees mm Pacific Uiveesity, Uni- verity of Oregon ald Stan- ford Univsity, a,nd has had a wide ge of educational exce*s .He was president ef Oregon Ca]lege af Edca. tian When e was nmned to his present ptin. Pt and presea membe of the coflege boerd o trus- tees ,and loc  have bee invited t9 attend he pv a  gue the 66 7th Aard Artist Series will be  at 8:15 Slmwlter Au. The lmram wffi feam  Warenskjeld, a  Im lms ,heen ally . in  a,os in mve thane dze eas. Ford Co. Wins Award Pacliffe Foad of Cheer ,has been selected s one of the natian's outstaading Ford dealhfps d  eeve Mtor Ckanpny's Dis- tinguihed Achievement award. The D e- meat Award is  'an reeagtin of pvogresve mmmgement.., modern sMes and service aciiities . so,u00d Wa00c: es ... high quvaiSy stamtards .. mxd conuing  in ,deng perior sevviee to Cheney Band Takes Part In Activities At WSU Game Sat. 's Chancy Baml w. be ee of tim 25 i#a  bantt participat- ing in  irr" n per- farnmnce at he WSU.Villano- v`a game Satarday evening. For the irst time in its his- y, the. antrum, Wasngtm StaCe U,,ly ,high sIol bmcl day will be  in Spo- kane intd of PulIman. Randall , ",director of hands, said some 1,500 stud- ants 1Mying in 25 , hands will porfo dng the half f the WSUNilanova game Saturday ght in Sllmne's AI Stadimn. bands wl practice t- geher SaCttrd afternoon t Sak Junr high sdmof and will pltty a Soum march and tlm fh g drng the first The WSU mvching bad will Ixmnd out the ltme cere- monies. BALL PARK NAMING Official naming ceremon- ies will be held at the City Ball Park on Second street at 12 noon Wednesday, Oct. 13. The Irk, a Lions club project, revolved hours of neering cm,pletion. Mayor Nolen Brown will. make the effli! riming. Arnge- ments have been mede for newsreel photogrephs which will be shown at a later date. The public, is invited.