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October 29, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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October 29, 1965

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.... Friday, October 29, 1965 Cbeney Free Press Page 5 iz i Pathfinder Youths CARD OF THANKS i:fe Use Halloween Mrs. Ve F. Snis im&apos;prov- ' ing each day at St. Luke's hos- : T Aid the Needy pital in Spokane and wshes to send a message of p,preci- The local Path, finder club of orion to all the dear friends the Seventh-Day Adventist who have sen hey so nar church will ena,ge in a visita- lion program on Sunday night, }ovely cards ,rd greetings. Oct. 31, traditional Halloween o29 l|ight. The purpose of the visita- CARD OF THANKS fi,on pwgram will be to give I wish to tlank the many out Treats Iastea,d of Trick" friends ard .neighbors far leMlets, and solicit caned their ndeas, their letters, Good Small Acreages s and other foods or he crd and fowers set to me needy. The Pathfinder climb, a at the loital: 3' bedroom home, garage and slp area, national organization of boys Sincerely, heat. On approx. 5 acres. Irri,atan wscen for and girls, psors the: pro- Guyel T. Frost asy driving distance to Cheney. Owrev anxi,os Mrs. Earl Hilton Kent Sooy Garnett Boots rams a positive deterrent to 029 the 'madou,s mishie and Come in ad distress price ad easy terms. SHOWN ABOVE are three of the five candi- shown are Roy Miller, incumbent for district ardlim that smeties CARD OF THANKS nv 2 ,bedroom house and 2 car garage on ap- dates running for berths on the Cheney 1 and Victor Hill, unopposed incumbent rap. takes pce on I al;owe 1.5 acres. Owner ha.s reduced on payme,t to re- sch.ol district board. Mrs. Hilton is the in- resenting district 5. The voting hours of the niht. Te Bert C'ona,th family party. Approx. 4 miles from Cheney. Immediate cumbent for district 2; Kent Sooy is also run- election next Tuesday will be from 8 a. m. to "We beheve it is useful to wihes to express ning for this position, and Garnett Boots is 8 p. m. A list of polling places will be found in chanel the eager enthuiasm th, anks to everyone who set bidding for the directorship for district 1. Not another story in this issue, of boys and gir into a pro- cards, gifs and called t the CALL BILL GESCHKE OR LLOYD HAM gvara for he,ping others," stat-blital and Imme durin, g Pat's ed cub director Merrill Brovn. recent srgery. Adventists Seek Larry Doud Starts KINGSLY HAD A HaBowen party at Em The Bert CnraFn family INSTITUTE POST Brwn hme will concl.ude the Tri-State Realty, Inc Money to Rebuild oot Camp Course Bernard Kingsly, Eastern program. CARD OF THANKS A" " Washington Sate Cltege as- Brown said that the food col- ST CALL 235-4778 i Slona ry School seaman Recruit Larry G. sstant pro,fe,s,z0v of education, leered by the children would We wish to expres our .hear- CHENEY, WASH. Students from Upper Colum- Doud, USN, son of Faneis A. .erve,d as a resource person at be distributed to the needy felt thanks and deep ppreca- bia Academy in charge of Sob- Doud .of Route 2, Cheney, bas W,h:tma: cmmty ,annal insti- under the direction of Che- tion to all who were so kind bath school and w0rhip set-begun nine weeks of Navy ba- tote for teachers in Clfax ney's we}tare direct,ows, Mrs. to our uncles and aunt, Mr, and vice ths Saturday, 9:30 a. m. sic trning at the U. S. Naval Thursday. \\;Vflred Gamon and Mrs. F, J. Mrs. Lousen West. SALE @ FOR RENT to 12 at the local Seventh-Day Training Center, San Diego, Kingsv will spe,ak to ele- Se,hadegg. Sincerely Calif. REAL ESTATE Furshed 'lmme at Clear Lake. Adventist church a, the Betz me3tary teachers on ow to Mrs. Myrtle Lowary. schol nmaic room, wifl in- in tbe first weeks f his no- build a sound founadtion in Frank, loy and Danv Call Tri-State Real- Need :steady ten,ants. Beach clyde a re,port on a s,eh:a01 af al service he win study mill- the language ats. News Items from Spinn:ing, Davenpt. o Chancy, WaSh. 403 front and dock. 1Vz bedrooms, peace that grew out of the war tary subjects and live znd 00etz Elementary o29p Phone 235-4778. $75 month. Call Medical Lake scrap of farmed Henderson work un,der cndition si,milm" FD DONAIS GETS 10-1tf 299-3810 mornings to see. Fi.d on Guadalcnall in the to thoe he will encounter on PICTURE IN PAPER The Betz student body rec- NEW TIME SCHEDULE FOR bedrooms, 2 baths, Ex- 022-29 Soutb Pacific. his first hip or at his firs Ed Donas of Spokane, who ently elected as cheer teasers: NORTHERN PACIFIC TRAINS living rom, fire- New 2 bedroom apts. for feint. The report, cvording to s, hore staUon. birch kitchen Fully carpeted, new rnges, Kenneth Pryor, church S.ab- has a cabin at Williams lke, Lina Nelson nd Cindy oJhn- ,and swashe, ref,rigerators and laundry fa-Ibath school director, will be In making the transition was the center of inerest in a son of the eighth grade and No,hem Pacific amunces @aage. Ed Dten Real eil,ies furrished. Students i cm Betikama missionary scArce.l, from civilian to sail,or he wfl:l striking 3 column news poto: Mary Anon Brooks and Denise a change in tvr schedules e, 424 1st St., 235-4050. may share. Can be seen at l. Gated dwectly across the be taught aRd supervised by in Tuesday's Spokane Cln-; Rez, seventh grade, fecfive Sunday, October 31, o8tf 1320 3rd St. Call 235-4778. I Lun,ga river oppo{te Hender- experien,ce Navy petty of tic- icle. He vca shown riding the! The Betz Ju'nov Hi:h Lib- 1965. 'sky ol5f :,0,z Field, ite .of sone o,f he ers. They wil.1 teach hm the big hook" of a tall Beard-[ tory club is plg a ere- The new schedule of depar- range, freed con,ditin 2 bedroom pt. carpeting, WrId War II's tlodiest bat- basic skffis of seamanship as m,re company crane being, afire story writing cntest for tttve times from Oheey, Wash. Dbnette set, 4 chairs stove, reSrigeraor a,nd un- ties: between American a, nd well as srvival techniques, u,sed to replace a tall metl National Book wek, which is is listed beamy: Antique Rocker $10. dry. 322 N. llth or 314 6th Japanee mi'iitary farces, mihta, dri'lil and other basic chimney on top f a three!Oct. 31 to 6or. 6. Th con- Train No. I, westbound Main, o15-29 235-6374. o29 Battlefield Scrap Used subjects, s$o bufldng, tet ,is for the fourth though streeter 8:43 p. m. Netted Gem potatoes: " he 'school, constructed On completion ,of .his recruit lhe eigh,th grades. Train No. 2, eastbound Main, Best, 237-4294, Am- shortly after the smoke f bat- tva,ining he wil be assigned Milhones of Americans have We are  pl,ning a Hal- starer 7:30 a. m. tle cleaved om Guadalcanl to a sclol, :shore station or fou, nd Bonds a dependae way ,kee* party for the seventh For travel information, tea- o22-29 New 1 bedroom in the mid 1940's, was bust ship, ccordin.g to the results to lrovide for fimmcial emer- and eig)hh gades on Friday. ervation v_d ticlds, pmse Pan,o to be f supu.s materia]s left over of ls Navy elssifica,tio tests, gencies. Series E Bonds grov This pa:y will be ven by call your nearest Nrtern, Pa- up arad sold. Want Apts. For Rent rom the many bttles that Ida 9wn desires and the needs as you h,Md them; H Bonds pay Mr. Wilfred Beard's home cific laiway ofie. party in ths area raged on Guadacanal. Hud- .of the Navy. cururent inc-ne, rom. pd adv. o29-n5 smal me. pyts. AlSo red+s of yoang people of the " Write or poe 306-3 ] 0 N. 1 ] th Bi'smark-Samo iland!s hve Talhrtan Piano been trained in ways of pc,ace Inc., Salem, Ore. See Manager in his war scrap school. o22-29p Now that the tropical 'heat carpets shw the arid salt air has tale Rs $01 Announcement of regur Blue Lus- ol5tf on the sehoI, an a?paal wl elefig. Rent ele. he too,de by UCA yth at the $1. Holnes Saturday morrfing mision period for church mebers to 029 , WORK WANTED contribute toward the 'epac- I  Underwood stand- Guaranteed outboard motor re- ing of worn out war bui%dings, aml ozte baby pair. Ed's Conoco Service. Mr. Pryor sad, so tha tls bargain priced. Mrs. Phone BE 5-4400. tf school of peace may continue 6W. 3rd235- to sexve in tbat area. AUTO MAR L Inc o29-r5 Babysitting, my home, hour ....  -, .....  ', r day. Mature, experieced..Barnes Reports on Homelte cain saw, Mrs. L. Eoff, 235-6579 drect drive, $85. F. ol-tf County Bond Sales ca]] 235-4097 II :30 p. ,m. o29p 0 WANTED "U. S. Savin,gs Bnds salves 2 door hardtop, New Bding lot vaned. Private n  co, unty t>taled $362,056 .shocks, tires, seat pay. Jim U rtru, h, 235-6869. lst men*h," Cwnmtmity (Formerly Ai's Auto Parts) Wfimer Ditton. Ca o92-29 Cunty Savings Bands Clair- nmn E. K. Bane reported o29p eHELP WANTEDFEMALE here today. "Sales throughout the state 2 door V-8 atomatic, Experienced waitress, three arlT<ouned to $4,632,995' for See (;04 2rid St., Cheey morning sff to micel-tbemon, ,ni,se of 3.17 Has been ppoi ted dist ibuto 029 laneou. Fireside Keaurant, a n r r paper. 809 First St. o15-29 per cent ,over sMes fr Septem- ber a year ago, bringing tol sheets x II practice FOR RENT OR SALE les tot the first ne months 96c a,t The Free of the year to $44,359,868. - j29tfx 1958 Great Lakes 8' x 43' trail- "Nationlal .sles @or Seltem- for er. Fully fed.  or bet re $342,000,000," he sraM. ,, .... : SPECIAL rent. Sprague, Wn!. Ph)ne 257- "HOMin,gs of U. S. 6vigs a good price for US 2852. o29i> Bonds nationally are t a'n a- d-ro-ucts youn coins. Freedo not wish atPo e BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY time llh f $48 n' 994mll']n," he continued. Phillips Petroleum Co First St., Cheney High earnings first year, o,p- We,n ,asked about the jlgtf e.ate prt r fu$1 time, men steady in.crease in bond ho,d- r wnen, mirfium invest- in,gs, the chairman, a_Ad, "We Fegowship of United ment, early retirement income ,attribute the pop]aty of ofOlwistBazaw pcsshle. Send qtmific,UnsSavings Bnds to raximum f Ch y d ndi g Nov. 20 in church par. to American Er1prize, Ime., saTety and built,in tax dfer- or ene an surrou n area a.m. o22-29 Box 52, Chancy, Wash. o29tf meat privileges vChiCh are t- tracting those buiMirg fmds! tiff, and serve a copy of your ar, swer for e'ucat}on of chcren, for Twlg[, Bennett & Deglow on the undersigned nttorneys for plain- t]le]r own retirement, and for Bldg, Spokane, Wash. tiff at their postoffice address below stated, ald in case off your failure Be to future emergencies." .... v: SHRRIFF'S SALE do, Judgment will be rendered agalmst of Washington, County o you ccording to the demand of said complaint, which has been filed lth LEONARD W. S"" We are now able to serve you with of an Execution issued the clerk of said court. 810 Fidelity Bldg., Spokane, Wash. the Hen. Superior Cort of This action is commenced by the plain- * * County on the 26th day of tiff to foreclose a certain mortgage ex- NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF ESTATR top quahty Phtlhps Gas, 0 ! Diesel 1965, by the Clerk thereof, in ecuted by Rodney L. Mummey and Pa- :No. 78928 | t of Mary E. Wallln Plaintiff vs. tricia A. Murnmey to J. I Cooper & Co., Superior Court, Spokane County, Wub- 1. V/&llin Defendant No. 161- and thereafter assigned to the Dlaintiff, ington. Tires and also Automotive Parts. to me, as Sheriff, directed and which mortgage is recorded in Col. 879 In the Matter' of the l.state of of ortgages, page 613, upon the tel- HARRY LASZ, deceMed. i hereby gfve, that I will lowing described property: State of Washington, County of Spo- to sell to the highest bidde for Lot 15, Block 3, Morning Side Park kane.--ss. the hours prescribed by Addition, according to plat recorded Notice is hereby given that Walter A. heri,. Sle. @o-wit: At ,.' Vo|urne "W" of P|ats, pg 2,. ,nlLz, the Adrnilli@tratr o the DON T zr on the 10th day of De- Spokane County, Washington. It is the above estate, has lndred and presented 1#5 at Scth Courthove further object of said actior to bar the j for settlement to, and filed i the Su- County in' the defendants of all right, title lien or Parlor (art of Spokan COunty. State GAMBLE all the right: estate in and to said lremises, except of Washington a Final Account s Admln- interest of the above names the right of redemption !0rovided by st- istrator and  Petition for the distribu- in and to the following de- te. tlon of said estate, Jr* which the court is h I ProPerty, to-wit. Hamblen. Gilbert & Brooke I asked to settle said estate, distribute the on ome Ssuth 121 feet of Block Ton (1O) By Phtll/p S. Brooke Attorneys or property to the heirs or persons entitled to Dee Park, in the Plair, tiff to the same, and discharge the sdd Ad- comSo 8(ate of Wmhlng- Postoffice Address : ministrator and that Frid, the 26th day a udgaet in favor of 912 Paulsen Building, of November, 1965, at the hour of 8:80 against Edvrd R, Spokane, Waahinto 99201 o'clock p. m. at the court room of the Try our service and clean bu to Three Hundred (Oct. 29.Dec. 3) Superior Court in the City of Spokane, per month, for total of Fit- in ssdd SPokane County, has bee fixed flg Phllheat, the flrst-la h0( ($15,900.00) POOL & KINNIE for the hearing and settlement of said IQII 011 from PhlllJp from :May 16, 1961, to October 410 North Monroe, Spokane, Wsh. Final Account and Petition for Diatribe- )PC:A{ VER I of Spokane.) And $175.00 ttorney's fees and tion, at which time and place any lerson  ects and increased costs. NOTICE TO CREDITORS interested in said estate may appear! VERb ALBRIGHT under my hand, this 27th day No. 80274 and file his exceptlorm tn writing there- 1965. Ir the Superior Court of the State of to and contest the same.  Parts Manager I g. Reflly'. Sheriff Whlngton iz and for the County of Dated this 25th day of October, 1965. AL ARMSTRONG " | Joyce M. Lane, Deputy Spokane. Geo. E. Fllquist, Courty Clerk and :l J. Sharps, P]aintiff,Attorr*ey In the Mntt, r of tho Estate of Clerk of the Superior Court IIlllllllllUlalt (formerly with Washington (Oct. 29-Nov. 19) JOSEPH ROSS WISEMAN, deceased. By Ralph V. Renwick Deputy. President & General Manager IlfllUM2r, ig Machinery of Spokane.) | Notice is hereby given that th under- (Oct.I 24-ov. 12) Gilt & Brke .tgned has been appointed Executor I tip@ikons, Wmflk.  of the above estate Ir thi Court and has qualified accordirgly, snd CALL FOR BIDS SIXTY-DAY SUMMONS " that all persons hav|n claims agalnat TOWN OF MEDICAL LAKE ! "OR "UBL][CA[O" sa|d dcel:csed ape requ|red tO .erve otlee |g hereby give. that the Town rhillips Stations to serve you in Cheney [ Superior Court of the' State of vouchers upon the underMgrd at West Washington, will accept sealed bids for i all for'the C0nty of 408 Riverside Aveune, Spokane, ashing- furnishin the Town of Medical Lake -. ton or upon/ pool & Kinnie the bttorneys with g new police car. Specifications re Life Insurare Cpmpany, a of record at their office at 2410 file ! on file at the Town Hall with the Town Plaintiff vs. Monroe, Spokane, Washington and Clerk for public inspectiou. Ech bid Spike00s Phi,"" oo ull" s 66 Station I and wife, :Defendan. the office of the clerk of the above court deposit in the form of a cashier's check, to the Defend- at the City of Spokane. Jashtngton, pbstal money order, or surety bond to nd Barbara A. withir six morths after the first pub- the Towr Council for a sum rmt less and wife: llcatlon of this notice, or they will be than 5% of the amount of the bid. First Street West City Limits j are hereby summoned to appear forever barred. Bids may be filed with the Town Clerk 706 above entitled court within sixty Date of the first publication of this or the Town Council up until 8:30 p. ra. after the date of the first pub- notice is 29th day of October, 1965. on November 17, 1965, t which time I fG0) dthi mmmon, to-wit: tNith- Old National Ban& of Washington they will be publicly opened by the Town after the 29th day of Executor of the above estate. Council. 195_d defend the above LeRoy C. Kinnie, Attorney Faye Hilbert, Town Clerk in the above entitled court, 2410 N. Monroe, SDokane, WpAh. Town' of Medical Lake imswer the complaint of the plain- (Oct.l 24-I'ov. 12) (Oct. 29-Nov. 5) m