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December 9, 1982     Cheney Free Press
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December 9, 1982

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Page 10 Cheney Free Press Thursday, December 9, 1982 County explains snowplowing How does one tackle the job of clearing snow from 2,700 miles of road spread over nearly 1,800 square miles? That's the job facing the Spokane County Road Department with its 86 maintenance workers and their 78 graders and trucks "It takes us five to seven days to "plow out" without the complications of new or drifting snow," explains Main- tenance Engineer Phil Barto, pointing to the ratio of 32 road miles per worker. "We try to do the best job possible within the constraints imposed by a limited budget, available manpower and equipment and weather conditions. Severe December weather could push the county's 1982 plowing and sanding costs over $1 million, Barto reports, as January and February costs alone were more than $750,000 -- $500,000 for plow- ing: $270,000 sanding. "Public understanding and coopera- tion can really help," Barto empha- sizes as he explains how the county attacks the massive snow-removal task that even includes keeping open a mountain pass--the "Blanchard Hump"--higher than Snoqualmie in the Cascades. Because of varying conditions within the county's large area, no pre-set snow depth triggers the plows to action. A check is made with the weatherman and with crews in the county's four road districts. Then--depending on the time of day, day of week and past ex- perience-the decision is made. "If it's 8 a.m. on a work-and- school day, we're out immediately," Barto says, as he explains that school buses depend on more than 1,500 of those road miles. (Mail and school routes combined total 2,400 miles.) "If it's 8 p.m. on a Sunday, we'll probably start the crews at 5 a.m. Monday." Also, Barto can recall times when there's been six inches of snow near Deer Park and only one inch at Spangle, mandating a flexible re- sponse. Once the order to roll is given, plowing is on a priority basis. Major intersections and railroad crossings come first, followed by arterials, bus routes not on arterials, other main roads, and finally, access roads and residential streets. Barto explains, though, that efficient snow plowing is complicated and priori- ties cannot be "hard and fast". Each employee has an assigned area and priorities within thtt area. Illness or equipment breakdown means some- one coming from another area to handle the priority work, which slows the other area's work by the amount of to-and-from travel time, plus operating hours. Emergencies also arise, Barto says, pointing out that the public can be a real help by phoning-in an emergency "only when it's a real one". Emer- gency response costs three times as much time as it takes to do the job in its normal priority. With the largest county road system, in the state to maintain, Spokane County relies on its residents to equip their vehicles with good snow tires and have sand and chains available for the few times they'll be needed. The county's biggest plea for public understanding comes in answer to the homeowner questions: "Why do you plow-in my driveway?.., or my side- walk?" Barto has both explanations and advice. The mailboxes perched on posts at roadside are part of the problem. If Slippery A semi-truck found itself in the ditch Monday morning along 1-90 following five inches of new snow. roadways are not plowed curb-to-curb-- or to the mailbox line, the mail won't be delivered, Barto explained. But this curbside plowing fills adjacent side- walks or pathways with snow unless a planting strip exists between the curb and walkway. A walking strip shoveled next to the INSIDE edge of the sidewalk may avoid the worst of the plowed snow, Barto advises homeowners. Driveways blocked by plowed snow are particularly difficult for home- owners along county roads to accept, Barto recognizes, when they know the situation seldom occurs in the City of Spokane where a "boot" on the graders can be lowered to carry plowed snow past each driveway. Barto points to two differences: the city's small number of curbside mail- boxes and the difference in plowing speeds required to handle the county's 2,700 winter-maintained road miles versus the city's 750 miles concentrated in a 56-square-mile area. "We'd be toppling mailboxes all over the place with raised 'boots' on our graders," Barto says, "and, if we manage to miss the boxes, we'd be so far out the mail wouldn't be delivered." In the rural areas, the faster truck plows are needed to cover much of the required mileages, and there's no mechanism available to operate a "boot" off a truck blade.Barto explains that even on the graders, "boots" would hamper the plowing of drifted snow, which sometimes piles to 15-foot depths in the south county. "The best advice we can give home- owners is to shovel all snow to the down-traffic side of the driveway, or wait until the plows have made all of the passes (typically four) required to plow full width," Barto says. "Once the first pass begins, we should be finished within an hour, unless there's an equipment breakdown," he explains, noting that a grader usually pushes the snow from the travelled way with a truck following to push it to the curb. Curb-to-curb plowing not only makes mail delivery possible, but uncovers dry wells and helps avoid flooding when thaws occur, Barto adds. "Snow removal is tough, nerve- wracking work," Barto emphasizes, issuing motorists a plea to "give the plows and sanders plenty of room. Plowing equipment is susceptible to the same slippery conditions as private cars. Vision is often obscured by blowing snow." Barto points to the dedication and experience of the county's crews, citing as an example Maintenance Super- intendent Dellie D. (Tex) Adair, who has 36 years with the Road Depart- ment and who recently won a "dis- tinguishei service" award from the Washington State University College of Engineering. "Our crews have to fight snow and ice to get to work. Then, when they get there, they have to fight snow and ice to do their jobs. It's a tough job just to keep the equipment on the road," Barto stresses, noting that supervisors say, "If you aren't getting stuck occassion- ally, you aren't plowing snow". "When we can, we try to plow without incurring overtime," Barto explains, pointing out that the same crews just switch from their regular maintenance work when the storms hit. Though overtime is required for bad storms, Barto says the county rarely finds it necessary to incur the costs of private crews and equipment. Cheney counciL........... Cont. from page 1 merit Budget was approved for 1983. The new budget will be $17,483, down from $19,520 in 1982. Planning Depart- ment Director Tom Richardson will have his salary cut as he spends less time with the department and more time as head of the Light Department. However, the council included $5,293 for part-time help. Code/Animal Control After a lengthy discussionl council voted 5-1 to set the Code/Animal Control budget at 3,181--an amount that brings back the half-time Animal Control Officer. Voting "no" on the larger amount and in favor of a $35,1i5 budget was Councilman Jack Crabb. This alternative would have seen the Police Department taking over the animal control function. Councilman Ogdon argued that elim- ination of the position would mean less animal control as he maintained thal the Police Department would not ac- tively pursue at-large dogs unless they were being detained already by the public. Councilman Dwayne Paul recom- mended that the council re-examine its licensing ordinance in January so that the animal control position pays for itself better. Currently, dogs are re- turned at no east a owners on the first violation if they are properly licensed. Trulove said licensing fees should be kept low so people would not try to avoid licensing their pets. Tuesday, the council will continue budget discussions. Areas remaining include the police, fire, executive, parks, streets, shop and sewer/water departments. Copies of the preliminary budgets can be seen at the Mayor's ( )llice. IIIIIIIIIIii111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 A FREE PRESS Your window to the world. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 NOTICE NO. 82500458-3 SUPERIOR COURT, STATE OF WASHING- TON, COUNTY OF SPOKANE. IN THE MATTER OF THE SURRENDER of Baby Boy Vanderverl, A Minor. To all whom it may concern: You are hereby notified that there has been filed in this court a petition for the surrender of the above-named, praying also thai there be first an adjudication that the father's written surrender of such child is not required by law. You are notified that the written surrender of the above named by the mother of the above-named, such mother's name being P. Vanderverl has already been given.j You are further notified that your failure to contest the surrender of the above-named ol the hearing described in this notice may result in the relinquishment of your rights to custody and control of the above-named and the adoplion of the above-named. A hearing for such.purpose will be had on the 28th day of January, at the hour of 2:00 p.m., at the courtroom of presiding superior court, at Spokane, Washington, or to such other deportment of the court to which said molters may be then and there transferred, when and where all persons interested shall appear and shaw cause why such adjudica- tion should not be made, and why, if made, such petition should not be thereafter heard forthwith and lhe prayer therof be granted WITNESS, the Honorable GEORGE T. SHIELDS, Judge of said Superior Court, and the seal of said court hereunto affixed this 30th day of November, 1982. THOMAS R. FALLQUIS] County Clerk KATHLEEN M. SORRELS Deputy Clerk December 9-23, 1982 NOTICE OF SALE OF FOREST PRODUCTS VALUED AT NOT MORE THAN $20,000.00 N,ME: Chapman Lake Firewood. Notice is hereby given thal on Monday the 131h day of December, 1982, commencing at 10:00 a.m.,, m the office at-the Budget Dreclors Office, Spokane County Court- house, the following described forest pro- duels will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder. LEGAL DESCRIPTION: The Sale is composed of all dead and down ponderosa pine bounded by property lines comprising approximately 100 cords of firewood material on parts of the following Lots 1, 2, 3, W':, W%SE:L SE.';SEV, of Sec. 36, Twp. 22N., Range 41 (E)., W.M., Spokane County, Washington, comprising approximately: 470 acres. CASH OR iNSTALLMENT SALE Forest products will be sold on a cash or installment bosisL Minimum bid will be $500.00. On or before December 13, 1982, at 10 a.m., each bidder must make a minimum deposit of $50.00 in the form of cash, money order, certified check, cashier's check, or bid bond on Form No. RES 85-1901. (Said deposit shall constitule an opening bid at the appraised price.) On the day of sale, the purchaser must pay the balance between the bid deposit and the full bid price plus a $5.00 bill of sale fee, or shaft, under the installment plan, pay an additional amount, to bring the total amount deposited, exclus- ive of fees, to equal 10% of the full bid price based on the cruise estimate, provided that such deposit shall not be less than $5,000.00 or the total bid value, whichever is less. This additional payment may be by personal check. Purchaser must also furnish within ten (10) days of day of sole a payment for the share of the total deposit guaranteed by the bid bond, this payment shall be in the form of cash, certified check, cashier's check, or postal money order. Upon award of this sale, the respective deposits shall be returned to the unsuccessful bidders. All checks, money orders, etc,, are to be made payable to the Department of Natural Resources. BOND: Purchaser must" furnish (a cash bond on the day of sale) a bond of $100.00 to guarantee compliance with all terms of the bill of sale. Any sole which has been offered and for which no bids are received shall not be reoffered until it has been readvertised. If all sales cannot be offered within the specified time on the advertised date, the sale shall continue on the following day between the hours of ten o'clock a.m. and four o'clock p.m. LOGGING METHODS: Tractor equipment no larger than a D-4 or equivalent. Forest products must be removed prior to December 13, 1983. Located approximately 12 miles by road South of Cheney, ACCESSIBILITY: Via Private and Depart- ment of Natural Resources Access. A copy of the forest products bill of sale con'ract is posted at the County (Treasur- er's) office at the Spokane County Court- house and Northeast Area headquarters of the Department of Natural Resources located at Colville. Aclual material removed over 100 cord will be billed additional at the bid price set on the day of the sale. BRIAN J. BOYLE Commissioner of Public Lands December 9, 1982 SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION NO. 82202733-7 IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF SPOKANE. PIERCE K. HARBOTTLE and BERNICE M. HARBOTTLE, a marital community, Plaintiffs, vs. EDWARD L. KLAUS and MILDRED O. KLAUS, formerly a marital community; THE STATE OF WASHINGTON; and all other persons or parties unknown claiming any right, title, estate, lien, or interest in the real estate described in this complaint, Defendents. The State of Washington to Edward L. and Mildred O. Klaus, if living, and the unknown heirs at law or devisees of Edward L. and Mildred O. Klaus, if deceased, and all other persons or parties unknown claiming any right, title, estate, lien or interesl in the real estate described in the complaint herein, defendants: YOU, AND EACH OF YOU, are hereby summoned to appear within sixty (60) days after the date of the first publication of this summons, to wit, within sixty (60) days after the 9th day of December 1982, and defend the above-entitled action in the Spokane County Superior Court and answer the complaint of the plaintiffs and serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorneys for the plaintiffs at their office slated below; and, in case of your failure to do so, judgment will be rendered against you according to the demands of the complaint in this action which has been filed with the clerk of said court. The object of this action is to quiet title in plaintiffs to real estate in Spokane County, Washington, described as: Lots one(l) and two (2) in Block seventy- six (76), Park Water Addition, as per map thereof recorded in Volume 1 of Plats, Book P, page 48, in the office of the Spokane County Auditor, Spokane, Washington; against the claim of the defendants and any one of them. UNIVERSITY LEGAL ASSISTANCE Attorneys for Plaintiffs JEFFREY H. HARTJE Attorney at Law University Legal Assistance N. 1220 Dakota P.O. Box 3528 Spokane, Washington 99220 (509) 484-609] December 9-30, 1982 SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION NO: B2303610-1 SUPERIOR COURT, STATE OF WASHING- TON, COUNTY OF SPOKANE. In Re: The Marriage of: DOUGLAS THOMP- SON, Petitioner, and OK KANG THOMPSON, Respondent. TO: OK KANG THOMPSON, Respondent YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to appear within sixty (60) days after the date of the first publication of fhis Summons, to wit: Within sixty (60) days after the 18th day of November, 1982, and defend the Petition of the Petitioner and serve a copy of your answer upon the undersigned attorney for the Petitioner, at his office below stated; and in case of your failure to do so, Judgment will be rendered against you according to the demand of the Petition which has been 1 filed with the Cle- Court. The object for the disolution Petitioner and DATED this 11 DALE L. RAUGU Attorney N. 1903 Ash Spokane, (509) 326-4910 November SUPERIOR TON, SPOKANE Judgment Issued Date of sole:. Old National I national banking Inc., a Emerson and and wife" Melvin Mi[|er, h'usbond washington, Services. To: Judgment Robert W. Melvin C. Miller The Court has the real prol: judgment. A.M. on the Fr the South entran Courthouse Washington. The Sheriff haSl judgment. If property to contact the Civil Departmenl (This paragraph. of real property foreclosure of a The real follows: I. Lots 13, Addition to S: 2. Section portion of the as follows: corner Northwesterly Charles Road, of beginni Southerly degrees, South 51 thence North feet to the Spokane, (Note: the rectly above Assi, 3058.79 feet to the correct lega the true po* 3. Lot 4 County of #31413 -0404. 4. Lot 4, BI, Park Volume Spokane, Parcel and Nine Mile area 39, Medical ton Place, The judgment prior Jud Interest Attorney'S Fee: Miscellan Sheriff's Fee: Publication: Costs: TOTAL: You can by paying the p ai Failure to pay sale of the herein. IMPORTANT RIGHTS HAVE 61.12.093, YC BY THE DATE REDEEM THE AMOUNT OF ' AT THE RATE TO THE TIME WITH TAXES wHICH PURCHASE, AGAINST REDEEM THI REQUIRED ORDER TO SOLD IS yOU IS OCCUPIED YOU HAVE SION ANY, LARRY By BARRY J. Old NatiO Spokane WA 1 December 9-30, Business Directory EXPERIENCED WIBI DRILLING 15 Years Rotary -- All kinds since 1 NEW EQUIPMENT EXPERT OPERATORS Authorized to operate aU well eontrtio uipment by washington state ae00t. ZINKGRAPS WELL DRILLING WELL DIGGING DRILLING lind TEST HOLES Competitive Prices - Wintm" Rates in Eff:t 1-509- SPOKANE, WASHINGTON 1 -MI.TCF57 410 Rtst . Cheney EDDY'S Boot b Tack BOOT -- SHOE & SADDLE REPAIR \\; PENCE UNION BUILDING, E.W.U. Cheney, Wa,hinglon 99'.,,',04 509-235-8417 509-7477497 1 2, 3 BEDROOM 'APARTMENTS 235-6526 Garden Manor Apartments 720 W. First St. Utilize the Classified " Section in the Cheney Free Press 1, Gifts - Stationery . 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