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December 10, 1965     Cheney Free Press
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December 10, 1965

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Page 8 Cheney Free Press Frid,ay, December 10, 1965 NEW ARRIVAL  ............ schools for those who co,uld sary. nake t on their own, missg I hope the above Easle Savage Ba%e is secured in each care- Mr. arid Mrs. Vern,on IOatt le,sson,s would work &apos;a haxship t'i, on is ,he.pful to you. S gory, 12.6 and 7.0. Sharp is of Spokane are parents of a .................... on those students who condn't 60 not .hesi.ta to call 4.6 arid 5.0. d, aughter horn Dec. 2. The new make it to school, you ltave, further que.on TO Play Monlaa Bill Bayl,ess, who ws cap- arrival has two sisters .and is I-er, gth of School Year -- Sincerely, W. J. Rgg, rain of the Bastern junior war- the gra, n, ddaughter of Mr. arid The Echo, o,1 year Ls 180 days of B- sa|u u q['|"ra " sity in 1960-61, ad has re-Mrs. Haxry Bryceson. Quintet turned from Air Farce duty, src'ho04 fro- children and we are Salvage requir2,d to put forth reason Need of Children's will be the other post man. Savings Bonds Are able effort t make up any The 6-3 sopbomre is averag- Bastern v.asmn,gmn State inlg six points per game and Fine Yuletide Gifts  days rot,seed d'a to sn, o" clue- Outgrown Clothin , tire. College basketball coach Ernie three redounds in antly limited Says Cheney leader [ V .... Joe Stern, who h,as McKie has 4etermined f'onr action ....... Housing Provisions In the pl'ayig S.a'na Cl'aus to of the five startin,g pstios Home Games Next Week "U. S. Savrgs Roads sales ,, eve'nt that a sud, den storm needy families for r the Savages when hey Este,rn will 'eturn frown in the county a2rmtmted o  ', makes r;,a,ds hazard,gas or im- through St. Vincent d'e meet Western Mo,narm (3ol- Montara for two anes at $420,519 in October," vln- p,as,able b,:,fore bus students Salva,ge Bureau, las no eeg a I)on Saturday eve- home next week. On Mn@ay. leer commun'ty Savins Bads  * can be taken home frusta the rie.s about toys aafl d,ab. ning, Dee. 11. the Say, ages meet Noxthes ch'airman Edward Bez a- [  .,:cl,al. p,rov:o.n.s have been t U. S. Marine Crp,s The Savages will be after Nazarerm (3ol,ege fT'om Nhm- n, mmced here to4ay.   made for c,ring fo- these ehil- are taking care o{ that their .second win af the season pa, Iaho, and on Wecnesd;a "Toal sM,es vithn the sae L.: ' l, - . dTen in homes near the s,chool, lem. ' Radi'o stations will a'nn:ounee It's children's a, nd will be tryin, g :o even will go ,a,ainst We,stmos C(I- durirg the month are $5,015,- WINS GUERNSEY CALF--Allen Ashenbrenner, h:ieh ba runs are bein,g held is wrinkling the brow their re,cord. Eastern, 1-2, has lege of Santa Ba,rbara, Oa.'lf. 395..Showing an ,increase ove- son of Mr. and Mrs. Ashenbtenner of St. John, and every e,ff.ort will be made hard-working Salvage a 57-55 win over Portland Both flames will be 1reeed-ast year ,of 2.47 per cent," he recently became the winner of a registered State College, a 70-67 loss to ed by .un'ior vagsity coneels reported. "Sales for the Jarm- to contact are.nts to ntify director. W'hitworh College arnd a 65- startin,g at 6 p. m. On M,nday, ary thbough October period guernsey calf donated by Mr. and Mrs. Bob them that their chi.ldre, are Last yea]" Stern said 45 loss to Western Washing- Spokane Community Celege .of this year are $49,375,263 as Gibson of Deer Park. The award was made s:e and being c,a.rd for. youngsters between the t0a State. JV will play; On Wed,eiay, compared with $50,550,546 f,m" through the Inland I=mpire Guernsey Breed Early Dismissal In the cf 6 a,nd 16 were given The three games were part Me.ical Lake Oleans, a the 10,month period l'ast year. club. Alien is 15 years e.ld, a freshman at St. V:t there have been a i:ew mas el,thm.g, s.x, of the Evergreen eofferenee AZU team, will meet the East- "Savings Ronds as Chrisrues John high school. He adds the new hewer times when s.tevm warnings s'hoe.s, d:rcss,,s, suits, tip-off tourn!ament held in Ta- ern JV. Both vars.ity games gifts will re,fleet on slales du.r- calf to his present herd of two calves and one have been ree:,ixed in adva:-'ce sweate,rs. coma $st week. Whtworth ,tart at 8 p.m. ing the las two mo.nhs <ff this cow, all purebred guernseys. Allen's brother and dcciicn has bce'n made t Tiffs year, the won the t,urn, ey; Eastern was year," the chairman said. Tom. won the same award two years ago, and get the Etude:is home b2ore at the salvage depot are fifth. FFA CHAPTER "M, any people are builc[ng a with the encouragement of their parents the [ro,ds be,come impas.sablc. I[ ren of yu.ngsters' Lettermen Are Starters HOLDS BANQUET fondly tradition of givi, ng Sav- boys are devloping a high quality guernsey early dis'missal should thus :tern, who is n.ot sern cKie will start his hree W. Edward Betz, (3heney i'ngs Bonds during Christmas herd. ] ke place, radio station wll whe,n it e,mes to needy ettermen, State, 6-8 banker, was made an hno,ra arid birthdays to hep firmnee make .ag,proprLate announce- dren, ho]es aTe,a guard amed to the l-Evvo Chpeer Farmer at the FFA college educations ov fr oth- me,nts to notify Iarents that bundle up their ti,pof ourament tem; 6-4 banquet ,held here ecently. ev worth-while goals requiring their youngsters will be arr'iv- IChe ey Schools P epa ed o uown clothing arid pot ma BLI Brite, arid 5-11 Following the din,ner the planned savings. ' n r r ing home early. This wo,ul.d and either delver them capta-gud t!h,ph Shaxp, ] Green Hands initilaton was "Free gift envelopes for FO Re gh Wee t h e A hen d all'ow parents to make arrang,e- bureau, E. 2901 Treat, State leals tle Sawges in I he'd and Mr. Packard, the ad- Sa,vins Bonds are avafla,bte at r u r meits foe babysitters if neces- KE 5-2491 for pickup. boh scor[rg alad leuns,[ visor, handed out officers your bank," he a.dvised. with a 14.3 scoring average I Pin`s. A movie concIuded the Some srmw is sure tO fall ,and it could come any time. With ad a 17.6 rebu'nd average. 'a,fair. Brook Completes ths ,in mind, Cheney School Supt. Bill Riggs axed his sta have DECLARED RATE .......j........'. Computer Training mae advarme preparations o ',as to be ready for any emer- gercy. Th schools' "Win,ter Bullettn" was mimeographed and 4 PER grade school building at their Data systems technician 3rd ha:haled .out to pupils but nasTaueh as te school child is so,me- meeting Dec. 15 at the high class Bruce T. Brooks, USN, times referred to as "th, a most cheerfu,lly unreliable cureT," school. Kyle Pugh, chairman son of Mr. arid Mrs. Barl M. AN N UM : of the board, sai, d the meeting Brols of Route 3, Cheey, The Free Press s publishing the bu|letin bel, ow so that parents i.s open to the public, has completed the empute,r will be sure to receive the information. FOR REGULAR SAVINGS ACCOUNTS peripheral maintermnce c'aurse Winter Bulletin TWENTY YEARS AGO af he Tactical Data Systems Dear Parents: 'ty roads supervisor, county -A (3henzy community Clhri,s- chol, Nova4 SChools Oo- WLntor  coming! In acept- sch'ool superintendent and dis- mas ceebration under the mard, VaHejo, Calif. in,g its responsibility o1" the trier superintcnden.ts, makes spon, sorship of the Chamber He received 'five mnths f o.f Commerce, will be held Sat- instruction in digital comput- td.e,nts in the Ch,e,ney school the decisi, on to close. We district, the board and admin- wouId appreciate yotr cooper- , urday afterrtoon, Dec. 22, in er progzmmi'rg, them'y, re- isatin, would take this p- align in listerfing or the no- TEN YEARS AGO the business section. Ircluded paJr nd mainten.n,ce, 'ad as- partu.mty, to review the pro- t!ce o close over the radio, Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Smith will be a free movie; other en- s.ocia.te.d digital data process- edures fOllowed when haz- r,athe than caring principals tertainiment and a st by ing equipme,n.ts, aous weather conditions ex- o bozrd members. azd sons Greg and Michael re- Santa Claus. The chamher is't, We wou,td call your tten- Schools Affected W:her it ttwned Tu,escy from P, oisan, eo.mmittee in cha,rge of ar- Mefls Education&] tJon o the foRowing points: is "Ch,eney Mont., whe,re they were called rangements includes W. H. Group Will Assist Reasons for clesure -- In Sc.h>o[s" by the death of Mrs. Smith's C'avr, Ed Lowry, Waiter Pow- fther, F. A. la.llry, el1 ,and Jack Gibon. Foreign Students order to protect (m, Schools" w'i.ll be closed, this in- we eiose "our schools when thee eludes a41 of the schools Gheney. Ious club is span- (3oy Smith, Northern Pacific soring a rS],e of (lri.stmas section foreman at Cheney A $150 "matching fund" rods our buses mus.t travel Cheney high school, Betz e.le- trees for the benefit of the brought to The Free Press of- sch, oiarship for interrmtiona.1 are bazardous or impasuabe, mortuary sc,h,ool, Four Lakes el- Ioy Seou. Sale hedquartem rice two buttercup plants whiCh students ,a Eastern WaShing- ,and When the tempealure is ementry, Garden Sp,rinegs ele- a'e in the former Fixit Shop he foun, d Lr ,loom bot a ton State Collge has been set extreme[y Iow. The district mentary, Sunset elementary buiding, me east of Cheney on Wed- up by the EWSC DI Psi operates 27 scheool buses over and Windsor elementary. Ao, esday. The blossoens m'ay be chapter (ff Phi Delta Kappa, a 360 square-mile area. Many the EWSC Ca'm, pu, s school and iterr=attnal fraterny f(rlof ottr roals are remote. The Amher emon,tary school wi'l Oamp Fire. will flov seen n The Free Press wi- men in education, possi'bl, e csequrces o a be ebbed when su.h an aa- theix yearly cuom of carol- dow. irg to the ck and shuti The estate ofFrank C. @lu- Orlaxtd B. Ki]lin, EWSC as, tMLd bus, loaded with CMl- notrcemen,t is made. din'rag as week. The n of Slan,gl.e, valaed at more sistant p,resov of idustrial daan:, are plamly evident. Low ,Attendance Problems-- otkier girls have been invited than $150,000 in real anal per- a.s n,d chapter president, Notificion of closure -- Many times parents }n lOp- to assist the Jiaycees n sack- sorrel poperty, was a.dmitod sad lfie group  math the lese ,'"titen to Spokane rdio uJated or close-in areas wode ing of the caSy azl tzats fox to ,probate ,ast week. Mr. Cau- first $150 contributed by a3' stutons such as IG-IQ n<l KR- Why shoois are csed. As the visit of Scrota Cat=s at the sen, 50, aTtl his hrohe" Wil- other pers0a iterested in as- EM if you think it is 1]kek. that they look out their windows, community Chrkas tree on ]am, 45, of R.osla ost thor sjtirg EWSC students from tle school might be e,losed, coadiUons and roads do not 1 street Dec. 17. lives in. Priest lake whe a other countries. The decision to clue selmls seem too 'bad. Because the is ttstally made early in the hack roa@s are pr>bably az Sweet revenge was enjoyed sdden storm sam'ped her Registered Jerseys mornin,g on the clay f csare, a,rdous, preventing bus opera- by tatern Wangta's v- fs?ain,.g boat. Ou tra,sportaion suvervisox, tmn, we keep the sclools ages Whe they trotumed he Are High Producers  suaation wWn Vhe cu,n- closed. If we were to ope Utah State Aggies 85-62 in a Prices 20 Years Ago basktl game at the etd- (From Gibson's adv.) David Eceles o Medical    . ? .  ..     T,      . . ... hotme Tuesday ni.hL Two Albert Corn Flake, ........ 8 Lake, ha,s .recently re(eived ''''''`'.1'4"]''.l1'-''4"1'`''1'`'` yes ago t Aggies eeated Gift Cake, 3 I'bs. $1.15 speel recognition from the[. Eaeen 98-47 a LoEan, Utah1. Apple Juice, qt ................. 22 AmericaJl Jersey ae Cltl, b ' Directors of the  Doughnuts, dozen ............ 30 for the $ollowin:g prcktction school district wLll o bids Odl Dutch Cleanser ..... 2/15c record or records covapleted for tte consLvu, oLin of the new Palmolive Soap .... 3 for 19 in Chi registered Je'se herd. Ths ,rodu, con evel far STEAK ox00. the 'average of al U.I, or00, s Ioney Olef's Jewel Jonquil, agepou, rtds4-01,of milkPrcluceda,d 700 potmds12'470 Low Priced Rubber Footwear Nylon Net 36" 15c of butterfat, the. mature equiv- F .ll ..,. IL ,.. a]et  1o  . Men's Insulated Pac ...... $5.87 Felt, asstd, colors 4" 1Oc Illl LII[ BILl. UL. 73'9 bueterf'at. Hoey Chiefs mm -m= .. I- ...,. Fern laxi, age 2-03, produced 9,090 lbs. ,of mik arid 535 lbs. Men's 3 ffelel Pa( ..... ._ $4 81 i_.,lI.J iAa.| |IIII. buttert, ,o  e.,, Kodel Sweat Shirts I=IUIU lTlt;Udl mivlili ent berg 11,408 mk and 671 ..... ^. ,a, , o .o, Men's Dress Zipper ....... 4.8 111 lh h;m .... YOC  -0, .o ,80 . Guaranteed not l0 stretch or sh --'v .lB, ,UI,I. .... .__" .......... m * "l_ alent,milk ared10,391528 fat;mikmatoevzd 663equivfat Men's 4 Buckle ......... $4,87 rapetru,t,/exas pinK ................. * $2.:8 A.- School Employees B0ys' I sulaled Pac ....... $4.87  5..Ib: bag ..................... . :aye Pick New Officers B0ys' npp...__ $ BrushedGWnSacetate & PaiamaSand vlon S .i , ,-   7 o, , ............. _3,87 :)Klnless franKs   _ ____ 'lChery. leld a* the Children's Wader B001 ..... $2.98 n.__. Ih r/ill y! [scl n Dec. 2, lhe to, owing Flannel _,%___Paiamas ,1 L IM, I11 ...................... " Iwere elected fr the year of ..... ] ]966: President, Mrs. Eln i[ "F | | n IIIeine,mann; vice presiden, Other quality footwear at slightly ,w -- --- --- , [Mrs. Evelm longue; sec. higher prices. Asstd. colors and stzes ..... $ tory, Mrs. Berneal Shepard; All flavors .......... 12 for 97c/; .r r. , e. Give him a gift YOU'LL enjoy! Assorted games & to, ' I Illlrl[ /'1 lll'Tlrtlr The ew officers wR take I'/I1 it/lllU'l I k: 1 iI/IL cLharge,at the Jaluaxy meeilag.  NOsHoRTIRON SPORTsLEEvESHIRTS $5.00 In EasY1911 Money Game i) jtlfflUlDDO 01/1310 t heTeaP'fiSiEhcieese LONG SLEEVE .................... $6.00 (Re-. 6/1.00'. 8 for 1.00 oo oo] district No. 360.  .. $1 , ,  ........   .................. .._=....__ ..... . .... _ ._ .. ._. Rad,o-TV Gudd Is  WHITE DRESS SHIRT ........ $5.00 t .,,11. ([., A newy oramzed cb has ., PLAID $6.98 I: ...................... "__ T, os PLAIN COLORS ............... $6.98 __ ... on oa un,  . Uuncan H,.o= o,o televisb, Ho,md Holaf, JValues to 2.50 "" " "   EWSC t e0 1  MEN'S "NO IRON" , = u=, i u lkm k, raio,television and advisor, take r41xe$ ......... 4 pKg$. :I.UU d.   TWILL WORK PANTS Known as the EWS,C d GREY. KHAKI . ................ $4.98 J . -::=:  Guild, it is ead d by We- .,, /   l 1  " nattme .seor Donald P. Oary, Just arrived. , n.  atn  oe Vy o,  " " 1HIPVV [] l V i,o,r, Dan E. Zimmen,n, is the vi preside'anSheiA''-' N.ew assortment of TOR ,,,=,.-,-==m=mm -----------==-- lCleuarrn, Mead, is secretax THKIFT STUKE ..... -  Sht & Sh Blous p re es PLENTY OF PARKING OPEN 9 TO 9 Let The Free Press do your "=r --' teed. Reasonable prices.