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December 18, 2008     Cheney Free Press
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December 18, 2008

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# Page 10 Free Press Thursday, December 2008 Industrial continued from page 1 Also as part of the rezoning, significant changes are being made to the BP zoning code'. Aside from more clearly defined appearance guidelines, Rodriguez said an adjustment procedure is written into the code in the event further changes or adjustment are needed. "Anything can be adjusted," she said. In an industrial park, Rodriguez said building heights are typi- cally 85 feet. In the Cheney industrial park, the heights will be only 45 feet. She added that chimneys, flagpoles and antennas could exceed that building height, but only by 10 feet and the new guidelines mandate their diam- eter be no more that 5 feet. Cell phone towers are not included in the new guidelines. "It's very important to focus on the purpose statement," Rodriguez said of the changes to the zone. Other aesthetic requirements address mechanical equipment on the top of buildings. The guidelines mandate that equipment be set back "Anything can be adjusted." Cheney 15 feet from edge of building, occupy no more than 10 percent of roof area and be no more than 10 feet high. Rodriguez pointed out building guidelines include the entrance to the park be more aesthetic, that building entrances be easily identified and facing the street. Building faqades can be more appealing with 15 percent of ground floor being windows with a faqade base on buildings. A building entrance from the sidewalk is to be 6 feet wide. Other guidelines surround the landscaping and signage in that they also are aesthetic and neither is in conflict with the immediate neighborhoods nor'the traffic on SR-904 or with Washington State Department of Transpor- planner Elisa Rodriguez tation. During public comment, Cheney Councilman Doug Nixon asked who is making decisions about the new requirements. Rodriguez explained the work the zone revision was not done in a "bubble." She said she is working with all applicable city depart- ments. David Teller can be "reached at dteller@chenev_fre Photo by John McCallum City officials are discussing standards and guidelines for potential ten- ants who may take up residency behind this sign in the Cheney Light Industrial and Research Park. continued from page 1 Campbell said the Police De- payment takes about 600 sets of prints a year. He added that it's not uncommon for any agency to have a set of submitted finger- prints returned because of leg- ibility problems. "Sometimes, they'll come back a couple of times before we get a good set of prints," Campbell said. The AFIS scanners do not take an ink impression. Instead they scan fingerprints similar to the way a photocopier scans a docu- ment that it is making copies of. The scanner won't even let the operator scan a different finger until it gets a good print. It also will not save the information until a complete set of legible prints is obtained. In the event the prints are re- quested by another agency they are forwarded electronically. In 2005, the price of an AFIS scanner was about $60,000, Camp- bell said due to their popularity, the price is now about $30,000. Getting one is not necessarily that easy as a lot of steps are re- quired. Campbell said the funding would likely come from the Law Enforcement Terrorist Preven- tion Program (LETPP), which is a federally funded grant used for technology related issues. Next is the compatibility di- Take precautions in heating your home Spokane area officials are re- minding residents of the dangers assodated with generators and other gas-powered devices during the winter season. Such devices should never be used indoors because they produce dangerous levels of carbon mon- oxide, an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that can cause serious injury or death. Residents who have propane heaters and furnaces should have them regularly maintained and in- spected at least once a year. Officials also advise residents to affix a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detec- tor on each level of the home. lemma. Campbell said the de- partment has to determine what connection format the AFIS uses, whether or not it will work with the current system and setting up a connection so it can transfer of effort, Campbell said it is worth to go through county purchasiflg it. He said LETPP has provided process channels. the computers that were installed Campbell stresses that a in Cheney patrol cars. They have also provided funding for the dis: patch console. He added that if the "Sometimes, they'll come back a couple of times before we get a good set of prints." Cheney Police Department Cmdr. Rick Campbell information. He speculated thecameras are installed downtown, department might have to add LETPP would likely have a hand another phone line. in funding that effort too. "There are a lot of hoops to There are local "hoops" the de- bring this thing on," Campbell partment needs to jump through said. too. Campbell said if the depart- Though it might seem like a lot ment goes through LETPP it has permanent solution is still a ways away. He added that it's too early to identify the fund- ing source, much less how to iategrate the scanner into the current system. Spokane International Air- port Police Chief Peter Troyer said Cheney would be getting their extra scanner on loan basis, though it is only a loan. He said all of the law enforce- ment agencies in the area share equipment and resources when the need arises. David Teller can be reached at German-American Christmas service Dec. 21 The German-American Society will celebrate its , ,a ual Ger, man Christmas Service on Sunday, Dec. 21,at St. Mark s Lutheran Church, 24th Avenue and Grand Boulevard in Spokane. The service begins at 3 p.m. and will be in German and English. Everyone is welcome to attend, with a coffee and Christmas cookie reception following at the Deutsches Haus, W. 23 Third Ave. in Spokane. When you come in for a service grooming, you can add a bath, blow dry & uaik appoint- ment at a discounted price of: Freshen up your pet before the holidays! Extended Hours Now available Mouday--Saturday iii!:i"~ HolidaySchddem~fa~" " " ~'~'li:~i~i Put an end to high-lxiced cable. Start saving today. In times like these, every bit of savings counts. And now you can save even more at a time when it matters most - today. Get the speed you need backed by our 100% all-digital, fiber optic network. It's all withinyour budget. Okay, take a deep breath and save. Faster Internet Better network Lowest price, Hurry, offer ends December 31. personal touch ! advanced communications *~nt~ln~ - Offer enck Decel~nb~- 31, 2008. N~ residonOal H~Sp~I I~ (HSI) ~ only. 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