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December 23, 1982     Cheney Free Press
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December 23, 1982

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Thursday, December 23, 1982 Cheney Free Press Page 3A cond graders ask Santa for Smurfs to Santa the second room Elementary would like and play to be a good a little Garfild. speed and and print n and a Pair of gloves going to Give choco lake crismis. last year you got me all the thas I want but this year I want a DOU house and a Smufette doll and Donkey Kong game and some work books, and That all I want. pleae triy to Bring all of the Thas Thit I want. I will put some Chocolate chip Brownies. Lissa im glad thet it's Christmas again Would you please bring me a criss cross crash and a Atari and Be- ware of a dog wen you come to my hese do come down the chmne But you can in my Dorre. We will leve my doore unlookes be quiet please and be good and Merry Christmas and Happ New year. Fred Christmas you for year and I hope you this year th Pac-man Some choco- a glass of gave you to fit down the Happy new Year. I want Frosty and Mrs. Merry christmas and Iw want an toy. Merry christmas. Tabitha I have been waiting and waiting for December to right you a letter I hope you get it. for Christmas I would like a ten speed and Atari with pac-man I'm pretty good at that. because my friend has pac- man. and I would all so like a print n press and a Battleship. and a E.T. Book: oh and for Chrismas I will leave you some Brownies. Aleta kI. Joe man a computer and a criss game get you I would like a smurf doll. a T.V. for our house. I would like a ring with a radio please. I wish I was up whin you come to Give us our presents. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Suenn !Please. and I and I want a a Merry Happy New I would like a pair of shoes with minature cleats, the game re- bound, and also I would like a football. Mery Christmas Santa and to Mrs. Santa clause. Greg "e olqC. _.A We wish to everyone the joy and happiness of this holy season. To our patrons, warm thanks. DbE Erection Emmett David Eggy Tim Steve Frank Please bring me a calculator how are your reindeer gave all my Love to Rudolph and I what a canera and A dukes oPspeed jumper and smurf Pen. and I will Live you cookies's. A Tablet and E.T. doll and a lopere Rabbit. and some bird food and some dog food and cat food. And some E.T. sticker. Eddie Santa would you please give me a GI JOE and a Toy airplane and some New close please, aria the Game Donkey Kong and have a Merry Christmas to you and I would like a Dukes of Hazzard speed Jumper and a sailboat. Tige I would like a G.I. JOe. Jeep and a digital watch to a bike to and starmaster for Atari to and criss cross crash to and Dukes of Hazzard speed Jumper. Todd I want a camera and a game watch, and a Big lego set and an Atari with pacman, and I want a wild mountain stomper set. and some wates and a remt ktol (re- mote control) truk. and a train set and a Big won and a Glue together three wheeler model, and a stuffied rain Deer. Mary crisms Brian for christmas i won't an a Arari and. A Dukes of Hassard speed jumper and. A electronie battle. ship and. I won't you to bring Rudolph Reindeer down the chimney with you please. Thad I want sum toys and I want to have a cama and a lagos and a sets and a star wars figure and I'm have fun in the shoe i hope that you are haveing fun to I love crismis. we get toys it is very fun. Jared I want a E.T. Doll and a smurf fet and a dress and some shoe's and some dress Boat's and Babby wet and cary and a belt to and Jomp rop and a woderbed and a ts. That has a E.T. on it and a Hat that has a E.T. Happy New Year. Melissa Will you please bring me a clock that talks to you. And a electronic football. And a Alexander star. And a missing link. camera and a digital watch and intelevision and the Fall Guy race track, and E.T. on Atari and a Donkey kong T. shirt. And a radio. And a calen- dar. Merry christmas and a Happy new year. Jason Win the snow fols I am going sleding at indian canyon with are friends But the most I like is win santa bring presins and I like to aecorate me tree t lle anta ana t like to open my presents to but the most I like is to get new toys. I love you santa. Jenny Wuat I wont for christmas is a radm and era jets. we are going to leave sum cookes out for you and for yor Reindeers I well leave sum sugar cubs? and a surprise? Mike Please bring me a doll. and a donkey Kong. Cheryl please bring a digital watch and dirtbike and please give me a race track cris cross crash and a battle ship and a Dukes of Hazzard jumper and a radia and a Atari i will leave out cookies. Jason would you please bring me a digitial watch a race track a radio a criss cross crashr a snack and Dukes of Hazzard jumpr and a atari with E.T. vidyo game and pac man and intelevision beware uv the dog. Travis Students inquire about deer The following letters to Santa Claus are from Vonna Nelson's second grade students at Medical Lake Elementary School: Dear Santa Claus have you got sick on Christmas? How many elvs do you have? How many raindeers do you have? What is your name? what are your raindeers names? What time do you get up? How many presets do your elvs make. do you no how many hosues thier is you no what I whant for chrismas I whant a new bike. James Hos is your rainDeers: is it cold up there? well if it is Be sure to dress up warm. are the ells busy? is rodoff going to lead the sled? well Be sure to turn on his nose. i plese want a E.T. watch and a cliff hanger racing set and remote control car and a stomper wild set. Do you have a rocket sled? /Scot How are you and Mrs. Claus and Vickxn and Doner and Btixin and Dasher and Prancer and Coment and Cupud and Dancer doing. For chrismas I want a speak and spell and I want a E.T. doll. Keilie how are you doing and how is Rodof doing and all the other raindeers doing. And give the elfs a break in the summer. I wold like a E.T. watch and a E.T. ball and a Garfeild stuffed amenel. And have a nice Crisimteis happy Crismteis. Billy i Light and laughter be yours this Holiday Season. Jiffy Cleaners 708 1st Cheney are you ready for Christmaus. if you will let the elfs have the summer off. o well if you can't give them some of your food you get on the trip. if you don't I want give you any cookies, let's get on with it if you can give me an underwater bike. I was just fooling, what i relly want is an remot cantrolld air plane. Bill Next summer give your ells a break if you don't I'l tell Miss claus, and why do you give your raindeer such a workout, how cold is it at the north pole. how can your raindeer fly how meny toys do you have in your bag. do you have a slay rocket. Justin how are you Doing are you getting ready for Christmas. how are you raindeer Doing are you getting your raindeer ready for CHRISTMAS I hope you make evey one's wishes come true I want to know if I could have a Barbe pool. Merry How are you today santa? Is our elvs wroking hard on the boys and girls toys? Are you ready for Chrismis yet? Will you give the elvs the summer off? Do you not what I want for Chrismis. I want a under water bike to. How is mis sanaclas. Kimann How are you. How are you elfs doing. Next summer give your elfs a break. How is Miss Claus doing. Is it cold. I do not know becase I have not been there. How are your raindeers. How can your raindeers fly. I know they move there legs. But how can they fly. Is roodoff going to be at the front. Now ! this is what I want a Big Big Bear and a E.T. book. Christa I want to no how you raindeers can fly I no thay move thar legs but how do thay go up in the air and fly. One thing I want to tell you is Roodoff still with you I do no win you come to my home you will find cookis and milk. Now I want to tell you what I want for Christmas I want a E.T. neckless I want a E.T. doll I can't thank what I want so by now. Heather How are your Raindeers and Mrs. Claus? Are any of your elvs sick? Is it o.k. if I can get Cheery Ckudler, Angil cake, Lime Chifon, Oring blosom? And if you have a exstra niting kit pleas give me it? "School is fun" In summer, let the elvs have a brace, is it cold in the nort pole? it is hear. Amy Are the elfs staying bisy? I bet it's cold up ther you beter dress warm. How are your raindeer doing is Rudoff oing to lead the sled on Chrismas Eve. How are you feeling. Be sure to turn his nose. I want a E.T. Book and I want a Stadawy Shotcake doll and the one I want Blue berey muffin and Rasderey Tart and I want a fashines jeans Barbie and I want a pop up Chrismis Book and the name of it is the night before. Chrismis. Cathy May all the happiness of the Season be yours. Farmers Merchants Bank | Merry Have Yourself A real happy holiday season. Jerue Funeral Home Cheney Letters sent to N. Pole The following letters to Santa at the North Pole come from Nancy Wiiliamson's second graders at Robert Reid Lab School: I would like an Eskimo doll for Christmas, Thank-you Heidi Please can I have a football. Can I have a car. Strider Please Santa can I have a big horse with wheels and a Barbie house. Also, I would like a new hugh teddy bear, and a big bottle of Elmer's glue. Beth I Want a new remote Control car and I want a teddy bear, and I want a ride in yaur sled, Forrest I want a Ken for Christmas. Tracy Please can you give me a bear. Thank you. Nada I would like a Strawberry Short cake kissing doll because I have been good most ot the year. Becky I want some makeup on Christ- mas Day. Also, I would like a China doll. Autumn I want a big present. I want all kings of things, one Smurf and G.I. Joes. Nels Please give me stuffed clown. Elizabeth Please give me a watch. Thank you Joshua I want a big stuffed horse, a round little trampoline and a Ken doll. How are you? How is Rudolph and all the other reindeer? I would also like a big or little stuffed Rudolvh, some good horse, hook and a ruby necklace. I hope that you will bring me this stuff. Jesica I hope you bring me a lot of toys. I love you Santa Claus. We are studying about you bring me a Pac Man game. Have a Merry Christ- mas. Reggie I want a Tonka airplane and a Tonka truck. I would also like a 2xl. Please wrap them and bring them to me. Thank you, David Please bring me lots of toys for Christmas. Joshua P.S. And three weeks off. I am a girl. Could you manage a baseball bat and fishing rod? I would like a reading book. I have been good most of the time, except when people bother me. Amy P.S. Could you come to my Chris- mas Party? I would like to have a happy Christmas. Christie i :iiii : !!i:::: : ::::ii , ":::i::i:i::i:k !:i i i, i. Have yourself a grand and glo holiday. Dorner's Pizza 113 First St. 235-5114 If it is all right with you, I wish you would bring me a lot of D and D modules. Brendan We wish you a full share of the joys of the season. Ollie & Kay McCord Insulance, I1.