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December 31, 2015     Cheney Free Press
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December 31, 2015

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OPINION CHENEY FREE PRESS Thursday, December 31,2015 ps to defeating terrorism--theirs and ours By NICOLAS J. S. DAVIES ..... Contributor . ' , ' France and Russia s military re- tiiiiiiiii!i i! !i iii!iliiii, iiiii! sponses to mass murders in Paris and ii i!!iiiil iiiii!i ] Egypt echo the U.S. response to mass murders in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania in 2001. Islamic State (IS) has welcomed this warlike response to its latest atrocities. A1 Qaeda similarly counted on an aggressive response to 9/11. The U.S. inva- sions and occupations /m of Afghanistan and Iraq and the concen .... tration camp at Guan- tanamo became the most valuable assets Nicolas J.S. in its.propaganda and Davi recruiting campaigns, now complemented by the terror of drone strikes and bombing campaigns in Syria and Iraq. By contrast, former Nuremberg prosecutor Benjamin Ferencz insisted in the aftermath of 9/11 that we must respond to terrorism as a heinous crime and not dignify it as an act of war. Those responsible must be identified, pursued, arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, with only as much military support as is strictly needed to bring them to justice. But their crimes must not be allowed to become a pretext for wreaking mis- directed vengeance on other countries and innocent lives. As Representative Barbara Lee told her colleagues before casting her brave and lonely dissenting vote, "Let us not become the evil we deplore." But Ferencz's and Lee's wise coun- sel fell on deaf ears. After 14 years of war, which our leaders launched and continue to justify as a response to ter- rorism: beginto rethink its covert support for ian officials for torture and other war such groups in Syria; and we remain crimes. closely allied with all their state spon- Publicly recommit to full compli- sors: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and ance with the United Nations Charter, other Arab monarchies, the Geneva Conventions and the rule Declaring an open-ended war on of law. "terror," "Muslim extremism" or "as- Redirect a potion of U.S. military The U.S. and its allies have con- sociated forces" forecloses many of the spending to sustainable development ducted over 120,000 air strikes against ways that wars are usually brought in war-torn countries. seven countries, exploding fundamen- to an end. We cannot meet "terror" If these steps seem "politically im- talist jihadism from its original base in at the negotiating table. The interna- possible," that is a measure of how far Afghanistan to an active presence in all tional military competition to destroy we have strayed from basic standards seven countries and beyond. IS will leave more cities in ruins, like of international behavior that we and U.S. invasions and occupations of Fallujah, Sirte and Kobane, but it will other countries are committed to. If Afghanistan and Iraq and "lead from not end the "war on terror." Even a we fail to take such steps and choose behind" wars in Libya, Syria and Ye- successful military campaign against instead to keep fighting an endless war, men have left swathes of each country IS, if such a thing is possible, will only we must accept our share of responsibil- in chaos and under militia rule, exactly hasten the next mutation of jihadism ity for the slaughter of innocent civilians the safe havens that the "war on terror" and draw more young Muslims intoand widespread chaos that are its defin- was supposed to eliminate, its ranks, ing features. Since 2001, U.S.-led wars have President Obama acknowledges As the late historian and former killed about 1.6 million people, or 500 that there is no military way out of U.S. Air Force bombardier Howard times the number of people killed by the this trap. Yet he soldiers on blindly as Zinn wrote in a letter to the New York original crimes of 9/11. Disproportion- if there are no non-military alternatives Times in 2007, "The terrorism of the ate use of force and geographic expan- either. But there are specific policies 'suicide bomber and the terrorism of sion of the conflict by our side has led to that our government can pursue if it aerial bombardment are indeed morally a proliferation of violence on all sides, is serious about ending this horrible equivalent. To say otherwise (as either War, occupation and chaos have cycle of violence: side might) is to give one moral supe- driven 59.5 million people from their Prioritize the Vienna negotiations riority over the other, and thus serve to homes, more than at any time since the for a political transition in Syria. perpetuate the horrors of our time." V rorld War II. Repeal the 2001 and 2002 autho- If, on the other hand, we can restore Since 2001, the U.S. has borrowed rizations for the use of military force, legitimacy and reason to our own and spent $3.3 trillion in additional which have served as blank checks for country's international behavior, then military, spending to pay for the larg- endless war. we can begin to regain the moral and est unilateral military build-up in his- Halt air and drone strikes, legal ground from which to defeat ter- tory, although less than half the extra Treat terrorism as a crime, not as rorism - theirs and ours. funding has been spent on our current an act of war. Nicolas J. S. Davies is the author oJ wars. Close Guantanamo. "Blood On Our Hands: the American Only a decade after U.S. sup- Stop fomenting chaos in other Invasion and Destruction oflraq" and o] port for fundamentalist jihadis in countries, from Syria to Venezuela. the chapter on "Obama At War" in "Grad- Afghanistan led to the worst mass Enforce U.S. laws prohibiting arms ing the 44th President: A Report Card on murders in U.S. history, our leaders sales to countries who commit war Barack Obama's First Term as a Progressive once again began recruiting, training crimes, abuse human rights or sponsor Leader." and arming jihadis to fight in Libya terrorism. Disclaimer: The views expressed in this and Syria. Only after IS invaded Iraq Enforce the command responsi- commentary do not necessarily reflect those in force in 2014 did our government bility of senior U.S. military and civil- of the Cheney Free Press. continued from page 4 cial nature of the season never today - were spent at my par- gatherings with Chevy Chaseher mother, has embraced the did. It would, in fact, intensify ents' house. And much to the in "Christmas Vacation." challenge and proudly picked chard offered gorgeous views when I met my wife. surprise of our children, Santa Over the course of a few up the Christmas Eve cel- of the snowy hills beyond and We eventually went from always seemed to remember years and the passing of myebration in which her beloved valley below, one get together to three, this stop as well. parents the focus of Christmas Nana once reveled. Grandpar- , One the last Okanogan ,, Chri, stmasEve was4hetra- ,With the passing, of ,,the narrowed and became cen- ents, parents, randkids,andl Christmases came in 1974 and dition with Melanie's parents, years other traditions worked tered largely at our house: ..... extended family now gather was bittersweet. A few days When children arrived, natu- their way into our days. Such We still, however, gatheredfor gabbing, gifts and grub in before we were to gather, my rally we did mornings at our as finding a time to catch on Christmas Eve at my moth- a new place. grandfather was rushed to a house as the little ones rose at special holiday movies likeer-in-law's place, until she was It's the start of what I hope local hospital after suffering a the crack-of-dawn, excited be- "It's a Wonderful Life." Orno longer able. With her recent is another long tradition sig- stroke. He'd pass away a few yond imagination to see what being sure to watch Ralphie's passing, now the time comesnaled when Lennon's lyrics weeks later. Santa had brought, quest for a Red Rider rifle in to begin the process of sharing again get stuck in my head. While the dynamics would Afternoons -- with turkey "A Christmas Story." And ofthe season's celebrations. Paul Delaney can be reached soon change when it came to dinner served on grandma'scourse there was the ultimate Our oldest daughter, more at pdelaney@cheneyfreepress. celebrating Christmas, the spe- special China that we still use tale of dysfunctional family than a chip off the block of com. Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Thursday G,.~:~ i:: ~i:~ ',~, :i .... Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy High/Low 18/3 14/3 16/5 17/10 25/13 Tuesday Wednesday ~,~ .... ~ Sunny Partly Cloudy 21/12 23/14 INLAND CENTER FOR CONTEMPORARY DENTISTRY CLINIC NATASHA JERNEGAN, CPA Jacob J. Ridl, D.D.S. 10414 W. 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